EXCLUSIVE: Turk Reunites With Lil Wayne On Track "Zip It"; Discusses New Mixtape "Blame It on The System"

Young Turk


(AllHipHop News) New Orleans rappers Turk has linked up with former Hot Boy group member Lil Wayne on the new track “Zip It.”

The dark track features Lil Wayne and Turk trading rhymes about the street life.

“Zip It” is taken from Turk’s upcoming mixtape with Drumma Boy titled “Blame It on The System.”

“[It’s] my new mixtape, or should I say ‘DuctTape’ because I’m bout to kidnap and rape the game and make em ‘get naked,'” Turk told AllHipHop.com.

Despite serving almost 9 years for weapons violations, Turk said he had no plans on changing the content of his music, which also focused on the street life prior to his incarceration.

“I try to tell them just what it is and what it ain’t. I’m gonna be straight up with em like six o’clock,” Turk told AllHipHop.com. “But gang life, drug life, any kind of life that’s not pleasing in God’s eyesight, you gonna have to suffer for it. I don’t want to sound all ‘holier than thou,’ but you gotta respect the laws, because Everthing is governed by law. ”

A release date for “Blame It on The System” was not available as of press time.