Ice-T and Coco

Coco Does Her First “Peep Show” In Las Vegas For Reality Series With Rapper Ice-T

(AllHipHop News) Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin made her list Las Vegas debut in her first “Peepshow” on Monday (December 3), at Planet Hollywood.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Coco made her entrance from the ceiling of the Peepshow Theater, where she performed during an adult burlesque show.

Coco was joined onstage by 12 topless dancers and even poured pink paint all over an audience member, who was handcuffed to a bed as she danced.

The audience went into a frenzy, when Coco’s bra burst open to expose her 39DD bosom, as she danced near a bathtub during an acrobatic scene that included a white boa constrictor.

Husband Ice-T was reportedly in New York filming an episode of his hit TV series “Law & Order: SVU,” when the burlesque show went down.

According to The Sun, the entire burlesque show was taped for an upcoming episode of “Ice Loves Coco,” which will air January 7 on E!

Coco Austin Will be dancing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, until March.

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  • Ice T on some Pimp ‘chet!….as usual!

    • johnblacksad

      [Verse One: Ice-T]
      Let’s start this off with facts
      You got on some nice shoes but you walkin
      You got on a nice coat but you’re outside
      Now, if you’re ready to accept that mistake you made and upgrade
      Hiding up your game in form
      I can let you come over here with me and get real real warm
      They say: if you knew better, you’d choose better
      And you think wrong, you act wrong
      You can’t swing a slow bat at a fast pitch
      The problem with most of you women, y’all so used to loosin
      You can’t even figure out when you won
      Now first, you gotta admit you don’t know everything
      If you did – you’d be living on the side of the mountains
      Somewhere in Seattle like Bill Gates
      And I don’t know everything that’s true
      But I definitely do know more than you
      One thing is you got style, cause you caught my eye
      Two is you got class, that’s what makes you fly
      Three is you’re intelligent cause you’re listening to me talk
      And four is you’re very very sexy, i can see that in the way you walk
      But all that ain’t worth nothing if you don’t get it together and move something
      Now, this game is played in ones and twos, that means soloists and crews
      And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, is team up with you
      But you have to learn how to take some instructions, boo
      Please believe this, and listen to me

      [Hook: Corte X2]
      Girl, if you do what I tell you to
      You can have this whole world if you wanted to
      But it ain’t going to be easy
      Just listen to a player, and please believe me!

      Yeah, strong pimpin chet…

      • Whoah!

        That was some fly spit!

  • johnblacksad

    I kick my vocals, I loc’ yo, coast to coast or local
    Uhh! I’ll make ’em go coo-coo for my Coco
    Puffin’ stuff, aiyyo Ice, you’re up
    Let these n!ggaz know that n!ggaz wanna give a fcuk

  • Sex sells, and CoCo is living proof.

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