Azie Faison and Freeway Ricky Ross: Seeds in the Game

EXCLUSIVE: Street Legends Azie Faison and “Freeway” Ricky Ross Link For Mixtape “Seeds of The Game: The Next Generation”

(AllHipHop News) Two of America’s urban street legends who inspired dozens of rappers are teaming together to release a brand-new mixtape series.

Azie Faison And Freeway Ricky Ross are working on a new mixtape titled “Seeds in the Game: The Next Generation,” which will feature rappers from the streets of the East and West Coasts.

Azie Faison is a reformed street hustler from Harlem who earned almost $100,000 per week during the crack era of the 1980’s. His life inspired the movie “Paid In Full.”

Faison, wrote the screenplay for the flick, which was financed by Jay Z and Damon Dash for Roc-A-Fella Films and is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“I wrote ‘Paid In Full’ not to lure other any other youth into the game of death (drug culture), but instead to show them that all that glitters is not gold and
that everyone must seek God first,” Azie Faison told

Rappers like AZ, Nas, Meek Mill, DJ Kay Slay, Curren$y, and Cam’ron have all paid homage to Faison in various songs.

Freeway Ricky Ross is a legendary former drug baron from Los Angeles who earned as much as $1 million per day from the crack trade. His life has inspired artists like Rick Ross and “Philadelphia” Freeway.

Azie Faison just launched his own record label Divine Evidence, which is being distributed by Chatto Music Group/Ingrooves Fontana.

Since the success of “Paid In Full,” Faison chronicled his run in the drug game with his two associates Richard Porter and Alberto “Alpo” Martinez in the DVD documentary “Game Over” and its companion book, which was released through Simon & Schuster.

Faison is working on a new film titled “Mobstyle.”

More details on the Azie Faison and Freeway Ricky Ross mixtape “Seeds in the Game: The Next Generation,” will be released next week.

  • cmon son

    real gangstas about to capitalize off their wicked ways, but nobody will buy, everybody rather listen to studio gangsters singing in their rap songs about the clubs, almost as if everybody forgot how to do gangsta rap. Old school samples and story telling from a different perspective. Usually but not always when rappers say i this, i that, its not true but when they say stuff like “I used to know this cat” etc. The song comes to life.

    • It’s all good to have the stories, but if they aren’t being told right then it’s not going to click. You saying every rapper is a “studio gangster” is an assumption, be like me saying every one that comments on this web site is an internet gangster. You need the stories, the flow, the right beat…and a bit of promotion (which is free now a days), no one cares about a bunch of bum rappers who sound like a$$. Azie & Freeway Rick aren’t rapping on this, they went out and got some young talent they hope to make a buck off of, who may or not be these “studio gangsters” you speak of.

  • “Cop dis!/Drop that!/Whatchu sayin’, Black?!!/Cop dis, drop that!/The REAL IS THE REAL! Actual Facts!/N, all dem COPY CATS can take a Back-seat/Move yo’ feet, Charlie!/Cause ain’t no body wantin’ 2 party w/ those copy catz, Charlie!/Sorry!?Cop dis-Drop that!-Cop dis!! Drop that!…”

    • Richie_Ochoa


  • Eli Pinilla

    Mobb stylez was classic… nggz dnt know bout thst shit

    • Ya’ Heard!

      That’s what made rappers want to be drug dealers!

      On some drop an album, buy up all the copies, pay taxes on them & now you have clean $$$.

      They had that much bread! The C-11 squad brought them down!

      Album cover, hammers over coffin, yanking dude out of it, was some real live 90’z ‘chet!

    • Case dismissed was raw. These cats were really doing what they were talking about, clapping niggas, hustling etc.

  • cmon son

    what im saying is gangsta rap ant the same its water down gangsta rap unless its underground, and these two cats have a few stories to tell but it wont mean shit if they come out with a compilation using unknown rappers and wack beats to represent them considering they will probably be writing the music, i get what they are trying to do with putting themselves together creating a powerhouse image of real gangstas using unknown artist to make money off of, but that image doesnt work anymore, that time has past thanks to rappers who take real gangstas names and use it for themselves starting a fad and making a joke of it. Real gangstas play the back roll, studio gangsters do what real gangstas tell them to. Maybe they should just focus on one or two artist to tell their stories for them, But if the kids rather listen to little wayne or whatever then i guess it wont work regardless.

  • Definitely checking for this!

    Paid In Full was supposed to be the Black Titanic, not a showcase for Dame Dash’s rappers, & Part 2 ” Street Dreams : Harsh Realities” interviews Alpo! Check for it!

    Ricky Ro$$’ connect was Fox War Stories’ Oliver North, through Danello Blandon, Iran Contra / Sandinistas!

    The gap between what they tell us & what is really going on is enormous!

  • Somebody need to hurry up and make that Wayne Perry movie!

    • Eli Pinilla

      wayne perry was a muthafuckin monster

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats a real nigga fo reaaal.. took the charges like a G, held it down like a G…..ima message that nigga.

  • $18592567

    Azie is a SNITCH… The movie got it all wrong. In real life Azie got shot and told on the dudes that did it and they got life. #FACTS

    • So alpo is a stand up dude as well. He sold everyone out. Stop with your bs!

      • $18592567

        I ain’t even mention Alpo…