Freeway Ricky Ross, Rick Ross Heading To Court In January, Suge Knight Gets Involved

(AllHipHop News) Miami Hip-Hop star Rick Ross continues to face challenges in his career, after a hearing yesterday between former drug baron Freeway Ricky Ross and Warner Brothers Records.

Lawyers for both sides squared off in court yesterday (December 6), over a lawsuit over the name Rick Ross, and the alleged usage of the former drug barons image.

In March of 2012, Freeway Ricky Ross lost a $10 million trademark infringement case to the rapper, born William Leonard Roberts III, when a judge ruled that Freeway Ricky Ross had waited too long to file his complaint against the rapper, resulting in a dismissal of the case.

But Freeway Ricky Ross won an appeal in July of 2012, on the grounds that Freeway Rick was legally entitled to pursue a claim against Warner Brothers, since Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group are distributed by the label.

A new lawsuit was immediatley filed against Warner Brothers for false advertising, unjust enrichment, and unfair business practices, resulting in the hearing yesterday.

Yesterday, trial dates in the case were set for January and the case is slated to go to trial in early 2013.

According to Freeway Ricky Ross, he has received support from hip-hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, who actually showed up at one of the court hearings earlier this year, to reveal on record that he officially spoke to rapper Rick Ross about the case.

“The reality is I want justice done. I know that he took his name and image from my life and believe he is unfairly profiting off my story,” Freeway Ricky Ross told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. “At one point Suge Knight came down to the hearings earlier this year and specifically laid it out to all of us, including all the lawyers, that he spoke to William the rapper directly. Rozay (the rapper) said clearly he talked to people that were around me when I was dealing and studied me in taking on my image and name.”

Just yesterday, Rick Ross was forced to cancel two concerts in Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina, due to security concerns, after threats of gang violence on the Internet has appeared over recent weeks.

Members of various factions of the Gangster Disciples around the country have taken issues with Rick Ross’ usage of Larry Hoover’s name in his hit song “B.M.F.,” as well as his use usage of the gang’s six-point star.

“This guy (Rick Ross) just doesn’t have the right people around him to explain the streets, and then say that when you violate someone just address it as a man,” Freeway Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. “You need to say that it wasn’t intentional or nothing like that. It’s ok to apologize and make things right with a real agreement out of respect.”

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  • This is just funny….He wants”justice”…..and having Suge backing you is probably not going to help you with any “legal” issues #justsayin

    • steveakers

      What hes not saying suge backed him. Its smoking gun evidence you FAN. You have a neutral party that talked to the defendant and got an admission.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats what i was thinkin

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This is the real life Cb4

    • bigdoe6

      Man i so agree. Chris Rock predicted the future.

    • Hell Yeah!

      • hoeyuno

        we been saying this from the beginning… MC gusto(ross) about to lose that 5 mins. and go down the wall of shame wit Vanilla Ice, MC hammer, Shyne and the 2 kids from kris kross(i wore my pants backwards in gr.5 tho).

      • Gr 5? Dayum! I was about to get forcibly retired from the game about that time!

        Hit college & make the most of your future while you still have the opportunity!

      • hoeyuno

        I’m 31. still a youngin but too old to act like one my mother is native indian and in Canada natives get there education paid for(which I am extremely grateful for). I’m married with two brats and going to trade school at the moment. I shoulda done it when I was 20 or so but I was too busy gettin high and causin shit with the crew.

      • Good Look!

        Education is the key!

        Think about getting your CDL ( Commercial Driver’s License )
        It’s a good plan C fallback!

      • Shyne has no place on this list. he is a highly respected GANGSTA.

      • hoeyuno

        your entitled to your opinion. shynes latest antics have been anything but gangsta tho in my opinion.

      • Why because he voices his dislike for phonies glamorizing a life he lived and served hard time for and voices his opinion about an album he thought was trash. That was his opinion!!! Hip-Hop is a joke right now these clowns have destroyed the culture.

      • Hip-hop has been a joke ever since we lost biggie and tupac.

      • hoeyuno

        i agree man. But people forget rap has always been filled wit fake wannabees…NWA minus eazy was everyting but gangster. And I could care less about kendricks album. I feel synes been going at people just to be heard. he got put on and 2 years later took a charge and im not dissing him for that but he expects everyone to treat him like hes a straight up legend. which is debatable. I know in cars after 20 years there classics. So does that mean a 92 toyata corolla is a classic????

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea but he wasnt a fake…..he been shot when he was like 15, he opened fire first thing when beef popped off (like other rappers “say” they do..n most honorably didnt rat.


    • Joseph Thomas


    • Ronlg1

      I have a question…If they made a movie about Freeway Rick Ross, do you not think that he will get paid off of that? Do you not think that they need PERMISSION to use his likeness, persona, life story, etc? This is the SAME thing…it’s not like he just calls himself “Freeway” and raps….no, he uses his GOVERNMENT name, the guy is STILL alive. he uses his look, his persona AND what does he rap about….”moving a million worth of coke a week”…Who did that? Most surely not William Roberts. So to answer you in full, he is not just paying him because he used his name. He should be paying him because Rick Ross’ whole career is an unauthorized movie about Freeway Rick Ross, hell, he didn’t even “change the names and faces to protect the innocent”

      • Dadon850

        Ronig1, you said perfectly what I was about to say. What about stealing a mans life story, image and even appearance these folks don’t understand??

      • Hahahahahaah!

        he didn’t even “change the names and faces to protect the innocent”

        * To protect the guilty! LOL

  • Hector G

    we see you officer rick….your fans are people that are either ignorant or for some reason think it’s cool to work in a jail, steal a currently living former drug kingpin’s persona, be completely talentless and have 10x less money than you’re competition.

    • TruthSerum

      It’s not any cooler to be a real life drug dealer and destroy millions of lives, lol. The Real Rick Ross & The Fake Rick Ross should both kill themselves. The real for being a piece of trash and the fake for being a desperate loser who imitates a piece of trash

      • ROFLMAO… Really wish I could put it better than this!!!!

      • But the Real RIck Ross is also a snitch as well, at least the fake one refused to snitch.

      • You bugging! Well, technically, your not, but giving up dirty cops doesn’t count, I mean it does, but not when they screwing you. IMHO!

      • bunzallday

        i think airing out dirty cops or politicians is the only exception to the no snitching rule if your hands are dirty in the game.. cuz they extorting and blackmailing you.. but you dont rat out your partners/ associates and even competition.. you just have to out grind them.. there’s principals to this shit..

      • Agreed, and he didn’t break any of those principles, but in reality, there are no principals in that dirty game.

        Think a ninja won’t snitch after getting caught with a 1/4oz of hard & hammer in a school zone……looking at 15-30yrs, for $300?

        If you don’t know the rules of the game, you should learn them before putting on the uniform!

      • Hector G

        bud….the real rick ross goes to school to teach kids about the pitfalls of dope and william roberts III never had a drug business and writes raps glamourizing drugs in a completely false, non realistic way….rappers that have been involved in that life get a pass cause they are writing about their actual experiences.

    • nothinlessdenSour

      no what how much money he got, he got 10x more than you so u really cant nothing about his money

      • Hector G

        only person comparing an entertainers money to a person commenting on a blog site that you can’t see is you and that is completely useless….jus cause yer broke dosent mean everyone on here is. Trust me if you gave me rick ross’s money and told me i’d have to become an overweight, fake, rapper…..you can keep the money..im good

      • Wayne Boogie

        we having church up in here? preach that gospel. Chuck D said it back in the 80’s No Sell Out

      • Hector G

        this is a hip hop blog dumbass……if you were looking for the wall street journal you came to the wrong place idiot.

    • hoeyuno

      his fans are 16 year old boys from the burbs who wanna be gangsters. Im gonna sue ross as a fan for all the lies I have had to hear him say about how great he is….Monkeyyyyyys(in ricks extra chromosome voice)

      • Bumpy Johnson

        down south there is alot of grown men jammin him

    • JB

      good post , but on the real , rapper rick ross makes dam good music

      • Hector G

        and then you woke up

      • Wayne Boogie

        hot beat and catchy hook dont make it good music. straight out of locash sounded just like straight out of compton lyrics beat and all. we laffed but truth was mc gusto stole his image and lied to make money off people sound familiar?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      yo some of yall comments killlllllll me…….i fucks with them but they fukkin enteraining

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  • Joseph Thomas


  • CanYouAllHearMe

    when rick ross was locked up william was working in a prison doing strip searches and it was big news i wouldn’t be surprised if william done his homework on him then and thought he aint ever getting out lol

  • dayleedumped

    i was wondering when all the bullshit was gonna catch up to him, you can only fake the funk for so long…. im guessing ross watched the movie CB4 and stole that idea too

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Well then all these other Italian mafia niggas need to start suing all the others rappers that stole their name and images. The whole rap game will be bankrupt. The director of “scarface the movie” should sue the rapper scarface for using that name.

    • Got that right.

    • steveakers

      The reality is a black guy using a dead white man from 40 years ago is not meant to actually create market confusion. Al Capone is not the same age or right color. The Rick Ross had intent to be someone else. In addition they dont rap specifically about the white guys lives like this guy has done.

      • *Al Pacino

      • The ‘dead White guys’ you refer to have relatives and fellow mafia members that could oppose reference to their gangster’s name/image if it was legal

      • jazzoh

        They could maybe they don’t care but if they did would they be wrong ?

    • He paid for the samples!

    • hilarious

    • Good point

    • Wayne Boogie

      much as i loved brad lordan, i kinda felt that too, and he sampled the movie so maybe he got in good and thats why his name been ringing bells the last few decades. and your point is very valid

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  • BilderbergSuperstar

    this guy should have never been relevant…he is a made up artist..like Tyga

    • If this fraud should get kicked out of the industry, than so will everybody else.

    • But the bottom line he makes good music and enough people fx with him for that reason right or wrong. People kept F’n R. Kelly after he peed o that girl because he followed up with a dope album. People are weird. Not saying it’s right but consumers like what they like. It is what is.

      • BilderbergSuperstar

        Your right but, thats what makes it so wack..

      • People like what they like. art is in the eyes/ears of the beholder. Warhol: “Art is what you can get away with”

        There is a similar convo underway now about Trinidad James. Most of my educated and/or culturally (but not necessarily informed) friends can’t stand him.

        But I fx T.J ’cause I like the music. Simple as that.

      • Wayne Boogie

        and thats why rap is not in the streets anymore and its controlled by the industry. its not a culture anymore its a business

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Battle of the BEARDS!

  • CBass

    This pitiful excuse for a man, sounds absolutely corny when he attempts to be “sinister”. 10 stacks. He wont see, hear, or feel a thing.

  • Darren Myt Collins

    The streets seemed to be closing in on Ross right now……

  • But the bigger picture would be we are slowly killing off something that provided for some many people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Now that the internet is here and artist can basically do for themselves, there seems to be a push to destroy the culture…. and we are doing it.

    So no more concert and now the crabs are happy that another black man is pulled into a barrel of misery.

  • AK

    rawse has a new song called black coffins and he had the nerve to swear to god that he saw 100 people killed and he wouldnt lie, thats like a spit in the face I cant fux with anyone that supports this fat slob

    • MC Gusto is done and take 5-0 and the rest of the crap with him, music after 1998 is now shit.

  • Freeway man..let it go bro..let it go..the irony is if he really cared about that name he’d be suing the other freeway..but since ain’t no bread there he’s suing the bigger named artist. He could’ve also put a stop to the use of the name while he was locked up, watched sever documentaries on him and he has always remained lawyered up so why didn’t he back then? He’s not going to win this case regardless, you got convicted on rico statutes and now want to dictate to the court and the public what’s right or wrong? GTFOH I respect his backstory and all but just go enjoy what life you do have left out here as a free man.

    • jazzoh

      Free way didn’t use his exact name and talk about knowing noreaga etc you are exactly right freeway is not as prominent in the game who pays lawyers to address issues where there is no chance of recouping free ain’t rocking a bald head and a beard he has a beard but makes clear it’s connected to his religious beliefs it’s clear that rozay should break bread out of Respect just say I was influenced and impressed by your story and cut the check and Scorcese did a movie about the Mob which there have been many more but if you include a specific person likeness life story etc that person got paid or took it to court if Rozay was real shouldn’t even need lawyers and court

  • RichFromBX

    if only one of those claims were real, what would’ve been accomplished? all if would’ve done was ruin it for everyone else and perpetuate the stereotypes…some innocent people there just to want to show and would’ve got hurt or worse and for what??

    maybe the real mafia needs to go after martin scorsese for making money off of mob movies when he’s never been in the mafia and writing movies like he has been…

    • Wayne Boogie

      trudat but what if they were behind him making the movies. open your eyes cuz, the industry been controlling things along time. we just now seeing how foul things are

  • they all got matching beards & hairstyles lol

  • Slaughtr

    Don’t be suprised if somebody peels Leonard’s cap back his fakin has proved deadly in the streets.

  • baller187

    rick ross (rozay= RICH, RICK ROSS, SUGE KNIGHT broke and out of the game, its all about mooney niggas and these broke niggas r trying to come up

  • where’s your source bruh? for a story of this nature, there should be one included

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  • Cm Cole

    That star that is on the Black Barmitzvah Album Cover is The Jewish Star The star of David worn by Jewish people.

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