Hip-Hop Rumors: Could The Manny Pacquiao / Floyd Mayweather Still Happen?


That was one hell of a fight over the weekend! If you missed it, then you probably missed the biggest moment of the year for boxing. Anyway, I was watching and I was stunned. But, as soon as it happened – and Pac Man got ate up – I was almost immediately hit up with some rumors.

People from over there seemingly in Mayweather’s camp have said that they may still be able to make the fight with Manny, even though Pac Man got ate up.


You know, sometimes they try to buck convention in boxing. Not exactly, but kind of how Manny should have avenged his loss to Tim Bradley. But instead, he went and fought damn Marquez again.

BUT, more possible, I am getting is that Marquez AND Pacquiao have tentatively agreed to FIGHT AGAIN. A 5th fight! This is crazy! I’m not the biggest boxing fan, but as I know it, they typically fight three times and move on. This may transcend the fight with Mayweather at this point! But, on the business side, people are saying that boxing NEEDS Manny vs Floyd to “save” boxing. They are almost making it seem like Manny doesn’t have a choice.


This. Apparently, some Manny fans are crying foul that as he got hit, Marquez stepped on his foot to get the devastating KO in. I think he just got molly wopped myself, but it adds to the drama. Personally, Manny just needs to take some time and ponder what’s really good. Then decide, whether its Floyd or Marquez.

What do think? Do we need Manny vs Floyd now that Manny has lost big time?


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Effin fools man. I dnt care whose fault it is, these dumb asses just lost the bigfest boxing match in history. Yea, they might still make around the same money, but it wont b the 2 best in the sport. And it would only be great if pac man somejow beat floyed and then the rematch would b the biggest just off the strength. But these greedy fucks just euind their own chances

    • Steelmatic

      Co-sign 100%. I’m glad Marquez knocked that block off, F both them man. Robbed fight fans and themselves. Their legacies will always be lacking, imo

      • agree with both of u.. they should both have a * next to there names for fuckin this fight up with lame bitch excuses on both sides for years

  • PacMan Vs Marquez 5

  • Listen Non-Boxing fans. The foot situation is expected when a south paw and a conventional fighter meet. the feet are placed in the same place all night long. check the videos on other south paw vs conventional where there was close inside fighting.
    bottom line. He KOed manny COLD and made his wife cry, seems like two birds with one stone to me.. no Floyed fight unless he wants to KOed again…. No Marquez 5 unless he wants to get KOed again….

    • Has to fight Marquez again…he has too, or retire!

      On SouthPaw vs Conventional
      Foot stepping & head butting is an all night thing, but who ever manages to keep their lead foot on the outside, all things being equal, wins, because the outside foot lines up the opponent’s chin with the power shot, while keeping the chin outside / away from opponent’s power shot.

      IE: Tee’ing off all night!

      • mike malarkey

        pacmans done. if i was marquez i wouldnt fight him

      • Why not?
        Who is the bigger payday?

        He can’t get the lion’s share of Floyd, like he can with Manny, and he can’t beat Floyd anymore than Manny can beat him. ( Decisions aside )

        Immediate Rematch win with Manny, Contract terms reversed, then follow up with Floyd = Richest route to retirement.

        Marquez is one, if not the only fighter who consistently has Manny’s #.

        Manny finished?

        Even more reason to grab the “EASY?” money, but I don’t buy that, I had Manny winning, and still very dangerous.

        Marquez didn’t get off lucky, but he did dodge a bullet.
        (Broke nose, concussion…it was on & popping in there!)

      • no broke nose or concussion….that’s lucky LoL
        plus he was down 0-2

      • I think his nose was broke and he had a concussion?

      • mike malarkey

        i dont think people wanna see marquez vs manny pt 5. only reason why people wanted to see 4 was because of it being no clear winner…. marquez is in charge now. mexican figthers always draw money and he can fight whoever he wants besides manny…i think manny lost the last fight against marquez and the one b4 that was a draw. so if manny beats him in the 5th fight then what? a 6th fight? or if manny does beat him the 5th fight marquez is done. id ride that wave of me beating manny and fight someone else……

      • Fight some one for less money?

        Pac vs May = More $$$ than Marquez vs May

        That’s Floyd’s choice, especially with Pac being damaged goods.
        ( Mentally if not physically. )

        Who is a bigger pay day than PacMan?

        Time to get cash in that lottery ticket!

        Money vs Heroes farewell?

        I’ll take the $$$ & I expect Marquez will too. He’s been getting jerked his whole career, time for him to do the jerking.

    • water_ur_seeds

      i was gonna say the same thing, southpaws and orthodox fighters step on each others feet all the time, in fact my old coach said to do it deliberately lol its not like headbutting or elbowing, its excepted AND expected…

      i heard before the fight manny had agreed with floyds team to a 45/55 split and random drug tests, so i reckon the fight will defo happen…

      i hope marquez walks away now, maybe a goodbye fight in mexico, its a legendary send off avenging the controversial pacquio defeats with devastating ko!

      manny was actually doing well to, they both where lol

      and the old illy was a boxing fan from what i remember, so this must be a ‘new’ illseed

    • scullyson

      Well said

  • mayweather doesnt need pacman. never has. never will.

    • PacMan does need Marquez though!

  • Vanna Huot

    Pacman deserves to get his ass beat. That’s what happen when you support Mitt Romney.

  • Money May and Pacquaio became PPV superstars the same exact year..before that both were fighting on HBO exclusively. Marquez landed the punch of a lifetime, he himself was one good punch away from facing the same fate. Hats off to both men regardless, them two mofo’s left everything in that ring. Both pacquaio and mayweather are on the decline,who knows how that fight will transpire but if you solely think Mayweather is doing the same Marquez just did because he’s a counter puncher don’t count your chickens before they hatch, as we just saw one punch can change everything in boxing. One thing I will say is I will not be betting no that fight, at this point in their careers who knows what the end result will be.


    Foot my ass . Pac got cocky threw the two jabs to back him up. And like anybody who watching pac know he always been acceptable to a right counter punch. Foot or no foot,
    Marquez still would had landed that punch. Cause he threw it right at the perfect time.
    Mayweather & pac man is going to be like roy & hopkins. If they do fight, its not the same
    Pac man is clearly off the juice and has decline greatly in the last year.

    Treach voice from “first time felon” movie ” i hit hard dont I ” ? Lol

    • water_ur_seeds

      gwarn bro!

      i think manny looked the best since the hatton fight imo, he lacked effort on all the fights after that, but he looked revitalized over the weekend, but like you said, marquez throw a beautfuly timed punch *batman style KAPOW* GOODNIGHT NURSE lol

      but the money/pacman fight lost alot of expectations after pacmans hatton fight, both of them where scared to lose, especially floyd, and bob arum is twat, so they all couldnt set aside differences… they would of made like 60MILLION EACH!

  • Davin Marcion

    how bout marquez vs bradley? let floyd and pac fall back since they don’t like to fight

    • Steelmatic

      Yep, if I was Marquez, I would go destroy Bradley and add another title to the legacy and then call it a career.

    • Celz

      I understand getting all the money you are worth. Because Mayweather and Pac worked hard to be able to generate that much cash and they deserve it.

      But to lose out on $40 Million + arguing over $5 Million or so and some drug tests doesn’t make sense at all..

  • i want to see Floyd versus the top contender. Pacman missed his payday. Bring on Marquez

    • Yea its me

      Umm…Floyd already embarrassed the hell out of Marquez a few years ago. No need for that fight again.

  • everyone can blame floyd for killin boxing. u never would of seen ALI, tyson, holyfield, lewis ect turn down the biggest fight in boxing for bullshit reasons…RIP boxing bec floyd was scared now this fight wont have the meaning it would of had a year ago.. smmfh RIP BOXING

    • also forget the steppin on the food prob accidental split second thing..pacman got rocked hard and that was it

      • hey since we are blaming floyd, can we blame arum for the stadium and cut excuse can we also blame manny because i remember when they where in there prime floyd said 50/50 just do the drug test and your boy said no because he was afraid of needles, which i find funny because he had 2 or 3 tattoos at the time. so cut the bullshit all 3 of them are to blame pacquiao for being a complete dumbfuck and not standing up to bob arum and arum and floyd for being greedy bitchs plain and simple.

        PS. YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING 2009-2010 this was the not 2011-2012

  • greeneyedbandit

    This fight was personal for Marquez……that was the best fight i seen in a long time! beautiful knockout!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      maywheater hid and ran, that simple – good view of the foot step too.

  • gomer_1

    You know boxing fell off when the only big fights they can make are middle aged men.

  • STP

    So my question is…Why did Manny fight Marquez for a 4th time…who did that benefit??? If it benefited Marquez, then why shouldn’t he give Manny a chance to redeem himself???

    On I side note…Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but according to my eyes Manny was winning the fight up until the moment he took that brief nap…

  • Negro Peligro

    That nigga Pac Man look like he got hit with a Tesla Coil.

  • AK

    that stepping on the foot thing is irrelevant cause if it was just that he would of got up instead of being out cold for 3 mins how dumb can you be to blame that…

    and no the fight with mayweather has lost a lot of money and meaning now unless he avenges his loss to marquez with a KO himself. Hopefully Pacman can pull it off and not go the Roy jones route cause he is a good fighter still he was winning the fight he just got caught slipping in the last second.

    As far as Mayweather he needs to fight Broner, but broner is scared of floyd so it might not happen, i just want floyd to put him in his place.

  • gomer_1

    Bradley will destroy marquez

  • Andy Barnes

    people step on my foot all the time in the club but it don’t knock me out lol

  • disqus_AJWqId87aZ

    Pacquiao was asked:
    Anonymous: Hey, is it true that your loss was deliberate to lure Mayweather out and fight you?
    MP: No, no, My loss was real. I really slept.

    Classy and humble even in loss.