Hip-Hop Rumors: Could The Manny Pacquiao / Floyd Mayweather Still Happen?



That was one hell of a fight over the weekend! If you missed it, then you probably missed the biggest moment of the year for boxing. Anyway, I was watching and I was stunned. But, as soon as it happened – and Pac Man got ate up – I was almost immediately hit up with some rumors.

People from over there seemingly in Mayweather’s camp have said that they may still be able to make the fight with Manny, even though Pac Man got ate up.


You know, sometimes they try to buck convention in boxing. Not exactly, but kind of how Manny should have avenged his loss to Tim Bradley. But instead, he went and fought damn Marquez again.

BUT, more possible, I am getting is that Marquez AND Pacquiao have tentatively agreed to FIGHT AGAIN. A 5th fight! This is crazy! I’m not the biggest boxing fan, but as I know it, they typically fight three times and move on. This may transcend the fight with Mayweather at this point! But, on the business side, people are saying that boxing NEEDS Manny vs Floyd to “save” boxing. They are almost making it seem like Manny doesn’t have a choice.


This. Apparently, some Manny fans are crying foul that as he got hit, Marquez stepped on his foot to get the devastating KO in. I think he just got molly wopped myself, but it adds to the drama. Personally, Manny just needs to take some time and ponder what’s really good. Then decide, whether its Floyd or Marquez.

What do think? Do we need Manny vs Floyd now that Manny has lost big time?


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