50 Cent and Game

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are 50 Cent And Game Reuniting?

What would you say if I told you that 50 Cent and Game were reuniting and putting G-Unit back together? As unrealistic as that sounds, it actually won’t take much to get them back together…this is all according to Game, of course, who has an album to sell!

In a recent interview with BET.com, Game reveals what it would take to get the group back together. Check out what he said below:

“It wouldn’t even taken $10 million for [G-Unit to get back together]. What 50’s gotta do is let go of his ego. I don’t hold grudges, man. I think I was mad for the time being when we were going through that and after that, I immediately graduated to a neutral ground where that could of happened but it’s 50 man. Once he calms his ego and realizes that there still could be the possibility of G-Unit reforming then you know, who knows? But I know you can’t put together G-Unit without Game and 50. 50 can do all the memories but if I’m missing, it’s just not complete. And if I try to do it but he’s not there, it’s not complete.”

Game, do you really think it is that easy? 50 hates you! And Young Buck is in jail! And Lloyd Banks is in limbo! And Tony Yayo, well, who knows where he is! Nonetheless, I do give Game props for not holding onto that grudge forever. You can do those things when you’re winning.

  • jrq3000

    Ummmm…. I don’t think 50 is the only one with an ego Game.

    • madeupname

      If you believe games story its like he started g unit and let 50, buck, banks and yayo appear on his g unit album. He comes off as crazy delusional tho i do think 50 and game made good music together (the two songs they did).

      • scullyson

        yeah Right ?…smh lol

      • Casor_Greener

        G-Unit was trash after game left. He sold more than everyone else on the imprint but 50.

  • Shut the fuk up. “Theres no G Unit without Game”. And he’s sayin it’s 50 with an ego. They made their name without Game. If anything it’s the absense Buck and the producers that prevent G Unit from being on top again. Listen to TOS compared to Beg For Mercy – Beg For Mercy is a post 2000 classic – TOS is shit. They were fine without Game. But in all honesty, reunion or not, none of them will ever be what they once were. Game & 50 are attention whores, Banks reached his peak, Bucks locked up and Yayo is Yayo. It’s time to move on.

    • Smile

      TOS, ain’t shit.

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  • 86Jordan

    He just dissed him on jesus piece, this bi polar nut. Money and ego make these idiots say anything. It’s war, peace and being a ganster…

    • fabbidavisjr

      Yeah I ain’t gone lie thou fifty and game on dre beats was the shit

      • Co-Sign!

        Won’t happen again though!

      • hoeyuno

        edogz… what is going on when it says your comment is awaiting moderation???

      • Probably you tried to post a link, without adding a space between http: etc. & the rest of the link.

        Or your talking ‘iSH about iLLseed!

        Flip side:
        War report doesn’t elevate them to GOAT status!

    • nothinlessdenSour


    • $27177313

      Lol. G-Unit never even dropped a group album with Game… I think Game is so crazy he believes he was one of the main featured artists on each of the 2 actual group album G-Unit releases or 3 if you count the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack. This guy must be on hallucinogens if he thinks 50 Cent needs him to drop another one

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  • scullyson

    Aint gonna happen..Fif got his hands in a multitude of investments. Game still on that bs. This is what you call a 100% RUMOR…Nothing more Nothing less…

  • King Cold

    Smh….Game wtf are u on? Talkin bout u don’t hold grudges??? Shit….. last I checked you’d been dissin g-unit since 05′. Then you talk peace. Then you diss them again. So don’t expect a reunion. They’ve been doin well without u. Beg for mercy and TOS were nice albums and you weren’t featured on either. Move on

    • daveofthematthews

      i kinda agree with some of what you say, but Been doing Well without him!??? how the hell do you come to that conclusion, only person doing well is 50 (And even that is outside of music) granted it was not Game leaving that caused the complete demise of G Unit but you gotta admit their downfall came around the same time Game bought out 300 Bars.

      • King Cold

        Nahhhh. I disagree wit u. Buck yayo and banks sold even after game left. 50 even went multiplatinum wit curtis after the beef. So I don’t see how they fell off because of game. Banks got some hot mixtapes out not to mention beamers benz or bentley as a single went gold interscope even wanted to apologise for allowing them to leave the label. Yayo is yayo. Buck smoked his paper away. And 50 still makin hits down on me wit jeremih that track he had wit nicole (pussycat dolls) was a hit. New day was number one on itunes and so is his new track my life. So tell me how game destroyed them because where I’m from that’s called winning.

      • daveofthematthews

        Yeah you’re probably right man, think i was just having a dumb ass day, I still don’t think musically 50 has as much impact as he once did but then i would say that’s probably because he has more profitable venture’s to concentrate on, And i still do not think Buck, Yayo Or even Banks done anything special but each to their own. I used to like Game and G Unit and still do when they bring out good music. I probably should have not said my first comment and instead just put 300Bars was a dope song! because in my opinion it was and it was probably the song that showed Game was able to stand on his own and compete with all of his ex group mates

      • madeupname

        I dont think rap diss tracks have much influence on sales. Even on guys like Ja Rule, i really dont think his career went into the shitter primarily because 50’s disses ithink its more that what 50 was dissing him about was absolutely true and phony (the R&B aspect of a label called murder INC). G unit only seemed to work because like you said 50 cent had such hype and sucess with his first album especially that its like Eminem and d 12, just based on his success and name recognition you are gonna have a pretty good number of D 12 records sold despite them being f*cking horrible. Rap groups dont work anymore, not since Wu Tang and from what the other members say it was RZA making the money (which he should have, he was doing %100 productiona s well as rapping. I dont think there is enough money for a rap group to work right now, i mean there is realistically but every rapper needs to feel like a boss. Almost every album that has come out in years is like a group album, featuring like 6 different rappers on a 12 track album, what the shit is that about. I understand putting a R&B singer on the hook for the pop (well the more pop) tracks, because having rappers try to sign hooks is horrible. Eminem is like the worst offender, when he puts his gay ass singing voice on it almost ruins the track.

      • brotha_man

        yeah if a diss song is done the right way it can. when fif came out with wanksta Jay rule sales declined especially when rule made that “Blood in my eyes album or whatever it was called. the only reason it didnt effect BIG or PAC was because they had whole coast on their sides. if you diss somebody right…you can end their career. Game just a kiss and make-up type dude.

        but the rap group thing i agree as an artist there are already too many hands in the pot…..and on top of that, taxes.

  • Guest

    Game your a fakeass blood nigga on your show your always acting hard but never poved shite and 50 top running your mouth

  • Lamarr Lewis

    Game your a fakeass blood nigga on your show your always acting hard but never porved shite and 50 stop running your mouth

  • Negro Peligro

    Bitches hold grudges. Real men make money.

  • I can see it happening, 50 is trying to get back to rapping and The Game is pretty relevent right now. Though Game is saying he doesn’t hold grudges? Lmao? Tell that to 40 Glocc.

  • last one

    50 cent or 50 cents ppls that read the comments for him…. MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN WE NEED THE REAL UNIT BACK

  • next interview they gonna refer back to this and game gonna say ..what interview..fuck 50 and gunot lol

    • johnblacksad

      Thank you! Then the interview after that… well, you already know!

  • Rza

    This guys were absolutely crazy when they made music together, one of the greatest duo’s in rap history!

    • No, EPMD is one of the greatest!
      Das EFX, Run DMC, even Eric B & Rakim if they count!

      • johnblacksad

        Just would like to slide in M.O.P., early CNN, and i might as well add early Mobb Deep

      • >>Allows MOP & Mobb Deep…..hesitates on CNN.

      • hoeyuno

        the war report was a sick album(no reggaeton). and since were on new york I have always thought smoothe da hustler and trigga the gambla were super underated .red and meth??

    • hoeyuno

      Umm??????? Did Game pay you to say that??

    • trilltalk1

      duo’s nigga what you smoking?

  • I think everyone would like to see this and even though game keeps proposing this whenever he has an album to sell.. I think 50 is getting closer to this deal since hes starting to accept the fact his music popularity is at an all time low. I’d love to see buck on it but I don’t think 50 wants to acknowledge him since he completely fucked buck’s life and would probably feel bad if he saw buck face to face. 50 is a bit jealous of banks current rise in popularity so they’re bot talking. And 50 loves tony yayo even the yayo is the worst rapper alive cuz yayo probably empowers 50s self esteem? Anyways, a reunion would have to be 50 game and yayo, but that sounds like a bad mix. I mean, anything with yayo sounds like a bad mix lmao

  • Richard Savage

    Yeah G-Unit is as a dominant label is dead. However i totally disagree that there is no G-unit without Game. G-Unit was hot in the early 2000s wit just 50, Banks and Yayo. Now if they go back to those days of G-Unit then G-Unit can do some damage. But that requires 50 and Banks ending whatever issue they have with each other. I dont care what they say there is some type of issue between them that none of us know about. And Yayo is Yayo (the gangster hypeman) so all he has to do is show up. And buck…. well he can keep his disloyal ass in prison

  • Teron

    Just my opinion:

    First off, Sydney, 50 doesn’t “hate” game anymore. According to an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 states that he has no malice in his heart towards Game. However, he doesn’t try to patch friendships.

    Secondly: Let’s be real, The only reason why Game dissed 50 on Jesus Piece was because of the 2 year old diss 50 put out called My Life. The diss from Game sounded too fresh & coincidental because he was going @ Shyne neck, not 50. So I don’t think either side takes it as bad as the internet does.

    Lastly: These two need to finally talk. One minute Game is on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, next minute it’s 50. They only hear about each other through interviews. Whether you’re a Game fan or 50 fan, we all know Hip Hop would go crazy if these 2 collaborated together. One of the most Notorious Beefs since Pac & Big / Jay & Nas. Not comparing them to these titans, but you have to admit, Game & 50 was just as big.

    Feel free to refute or add to what I said.

    Just my thoughts.

    • andone

      legit comment @bt (i upped it btw)… and while i co-sign the 1st & 2nd… allow me to chime in on the lastly(since u invited)…

      1) fif gave homie a sec chance(off the strength of dre & jimmy plus the obvious $$$ that could have been made if the unit had remained, y buck included) so there wont be a third opportunity, that will take a miracle(for a # of reasons)!!

      2) granted sites/fans will deff eat it up… @ first,,, but trust these “hypebeasts”(young & old) will turn their backs once it becomes kosher and wont be buyin the music or hittin up the shows(domestically speaking) simply cuz thats the state of hip hop consumption/their fan base nowadays on the home front @ least (believe that)…

      3) and jay vs. nas beef was/is nowhere near the PAC/BIG situation in comparison, jus wanted to clarify that!!

      either way tho, to agree to disagree… so wit that being said ur post was on point/unbiased #nohate!!

      • Teron

        Good lookin out andone! I appreciate it homie! I up’d you back!!

        1. I agree that 50 gave him a second change. Might I add that they both have Egos and they both have that “I’m the boss” mentality. When’s the last time we’ve seen 2 bosses get together? Both have been known to go off on the deep end when it comes to beef. They love pushing the envelope. Let’s face, at the time, Beef sold!

        2. Co-sign 100 on that!! Yea Hip Hop goes through it’s phases, and you’re right, it’ll fade out just like everything else.

        3. True! I should’ve said that better. Jay & Nas wasn’t like Pac/BIG at all. I was only speaking from a standpoint that when Jay & Nas finally collaborated together. It was monumental. Even so much so that it’s still a crazy ass track when they rap together. I was thinking along those lines of that effect if Game & 50 collaborated to that effect. Let’s all hope there is never a beef like Pac/Big. There’s no reason why they should be dead smh. You can blame the media for that!!

        Great response homie!

    • Well said my nigga…ppl be reachin just to hate on Game…its wild

      • johnblacksad

        no reach here… it’s just obvious Game is dyin to see a G-Unit reunion happen but at the same time he just can’t let it show and appear like the b!tch in love in with you begging you to take her back… It’s not even that he got love for Fif like that, but the truth is a G-Unit reunion would definitely be a lil career boost for all parties involved… Game is doing ok with his career and a g-unit reunion won’t od nothing but help…. but like i said, at the same time he definitely can’t go head ans say that he wants/wishes for/dyin to see the reunion because Fif will ridicule him real bad…

        Talkin bout it would’nt even take $10 million… lyin azz n!gga… you know damn well for this amount Game would strip at King of Diamonds!

    • johnblacksad

      Pac/Big & Jay/Nas… that was beef… Game/50 is just a pastrami strip

      • trilltalk1

        game homie got shot in front of hot 97. my nigga that is not pastrami that is beef. no one was shot in nas and jay war of words that was pastrami. i’m just saying doe.

  • dayleedumped

    i think a clicks and groups are the new shit now a days.. good music, ymcmb, mgm, taylors… if game and fifty got back together and gunit .. would anyone seriously be mad about that?? id enjoy it

  • hoeyuno

    I swear Game has a magic 8 ball that tells him what ranDUMB shit to say day to day.

    • johnblacksad

      randumb! dayum…. nice with the linguistic

  • Suava

    i know i would like to see it

  • madeupname

    Thats what i cant figure out. They dropped 1 official group album, a bunch of group material but really one album you would call official and as a group and it had nothing to do with Game mostly because he wasnt and is not in G unit. As far as 50 says no one is, even guys like yayo and Banks seem to have no contact (cause 50 basically kicked them out for not selling). Game knows it would help his status with aftermath, and his career (i think would. who knows with 50 he doesnt have the buzz he did at all). As much as i liked the two or three “group” songs on games first album featuring 50 cent, that doesnt mean they were in a group or that we need more music.

    • $27177313

      deleted my post since it was under moderation? But yeah Game is delusional

      • brotha_man

        they been doing that to me lately…i think they mad that I said illseed and syd was white

      • They are not White!

        >> Deletes Brotha_man’s post again!

      • hoeyuno

        yea that happens to me all the time. its prob s program that deletes spam or something…

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Every time this nigga drop or boutta drop a album he get to talking that g unit reunion shit. Mufuckin rappers never cease to suprise me

  • brotha_man

    if game trust fif.smh. What this dude did to buck was lo-down…….fif has no boundries ….i mean he took ross baby mama shopping.

  • 50 dont hate Game lol do your homework nigga…50 just did an interview on bigboi radio saying he has no malice towards Game..Game is responding on jesus piece to the MY LIFE track by 50…A G-unit reunion would be dope and certainly possible…Sydney Lace get your shit together lol

  • Shotgun_Packa

    People are mistaken his words. Yeah he wasn’t really in the group but he made them more relevant when the documentary dropped. Yeah g-unit dead but game say if he put his fame alongside 50 cent, it will be enough to bring the label back as a whole. I would like to see it happen.

    • trilltalk1

      more relevant what? man g-unit was the shit before game homie. why you think iovine and dre talk 50 into signing the nigga. 50 was plat banks was plat and buck was plat hell the g-unit album was plat before the game.

      • Shotgun_Packa


      • Nicer Day

        “even out sold 50 CENT’S THE MASSACRE” yeah you don’t know wtf you is talking about…Game has not have a platinum albums since he left G-Unit and the Massacre sold 2x more than the documentary

      • Shotgun_Packa

        The Massacre is the second studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, released March 3, 2005 on Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records in the United States. Its initially planned release was pushed five days ahead to avoid Internet leakage. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling over 1.14 million copies in its first week. The Documentary debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 586,000 units in the first week. The Recording Industry Association of America certified the album two times platinum in March 2005 and it sold over five million copies worldwide…. UMMM SO WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??? THE MASSACRE DIDNT REACH 5 MILLION YET DUMMY.

      • Shotgun_Packa

        Doctor’s Advocate The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling over 358,000 copies in its first week. The album would go on as The Game’s second number one album in a row.[1] The album also charted at number one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and at number one on the Top Rap Albums chart. The album sold 358,000 copies in its first week and as of March 2007 has sold 969,000 copies in the United States according to Nielsen Soundscan. THAT WAS SOUNDSCAN 2007. 5 YEARS LATER UMM YEAH HE WENT PLATINUM WITH DOCTOR’S ADVOCATE TOO.

      • Shotgun_Packa

        As of September 2011, the album has sold 965,000 copies.[3] Upon its release, LAX received generally favorable reviews from most music critics, with music critics praising the album’s production. OMG I THINK LAX WENT PLATINUM TOO. IMD ONE DUDE. DAMN YOU MUST LIVE IN WISCONSIN OR SOMETHING.

  • dunk

    would be cool but get the faaaark outta here game lol i cant blame 50 when he says NOOO .. and u better hope his upcoming album isnt better than this bullshit bro or else your probably done..

  • $18592567

    G-Unit is tupac spelled backwards…

  • Coop4rilla

    game was on g unit records. He was never apart of g unit. Young buck was never apart of G unit, he was on g unit records. G unit made mad ass mixtapes way before buck and game came to the scene. Please do your homework.

    • trilltalk1

      buck was on the first g-unit album cause yayo was on lock so he was apart of that group.

    • Irvin Findlay

      young was in g-unit! he was on beg for mercy g-unit should’ve been 50 banks and buck with yayo as the hypeman

  • johnblacksad

    No shame in this Game! This n!gga will do whatever it takes to try to be relevant… whether its strippin, makin peace with n!ggaz he insulted after he had already made peace with them before for havin insulted them previously…etc

    I’d say he’s a b!tch azz n!gga who can’t make his mind up… but i don’t even think he’s an idiot like that… he’s well aware of what he’s doin, he just wants to make it bad… and he will do anything for it.
    I understand that’s his choice to put his pride and honor aside for money& fame but end of the day… his actions are those of a b!tch n!gga

    • trilltalk1

      trill ass talk right there my man

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  • Pac

    Game is unstable, he doesn’t know what he wants. this minute he wants peace, the next he wants war… bottom line is : GAME CAN’T BE TRUSTED

  • D_Ably

    Whos more delusional, the gimpy bi-polar rapper or the gimpy bloggers who report everythink he says like its gonna happen?

  • how is banks in limbo..he just had a #2 album and 5 singles from his album in late 2010 an released 3 platinum mixtapes on datpiff…just cause worldstar has a grudge against gunit cuz 50 fired the creator of that website doesnt mean they aint workin

  • Alf Capone

    ehhh………who cares if they reunite?

  • Why is this brought up once a month? 50 aint going to let it go especially when Game just dissed him again…….

  • I love how they sound when they make music together…But this back and force business is effecting both their careers in a bad way…They are both fake as hell- every time they both have music they both stir up some FAKE ass beef or stories to follow.

  • ir porbaly will happen in tha future but i dont think game will be apart of it he has dissed them so much and even has a new song dissin dem


    This nigga is really Bi-…………Polar……lol

  • Game talk like he was the pillar of G-Unit. Gtfoh! Blood of Christ drop the same day this fool talk about a reunion. Are you coming or going?!

  • illseed & sydney lace are crackers white as the driven snow a glass of milk has more shade then they do!!! ALL of their articles are brain wash B S propaganda to misinform the youth. Illseed love anything to do with homos and sydney lace munches carpet they are taking hip hop down a rainbow road of fake gangsters homo thugs and WHITE influence!! AHK MURDER OVER AND OUT

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  • king

    That game doesn’t know what side of the fence he wants stand

  • JaffarR

    If Game REALLY wanted to reunite with 50, he’d actually offer his hand out in friendship and truce PERSONALLY to 50 instead of just saying that he wants to get back together on random interviews and all that. That just shows how non-serious he really is. It sounds like he’s just saying these things to get his name buzzing around the hiphop world again now that his album just dropped… C’mon Game stop with the bullshit “I don’t hold grudges” anymore. You’ve been dissing G-Unit for more than 6 years now. You came out with an entire mixtape series dedicated to how much you hate them. You launched t-shirts! Your album is decent, but JESUS CHRIST!

  • d-nyce-

    The Game is bipolar. One second he is beefing with them, the next second he wants to reunite. I don’t blame 50 for not taking him seriously. They already reconciled once, why do it twice?

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  • RZA

    Game & 50 had the best chemistry, these guys would shake hip-hop if a re-union were to happen. Game & 50 Cent > MMG, YMCMB, Coke Boys (Ciroc Music, Bad Boys, etc.) I mean the two were unstoppable at one point.

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