Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Rihanna Poppin’ Off To Chris Brown?

What’s up everybody? Happy Friday! I’m glad we made it!

Anyway, Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together in 2012. Back together or came back to gather more BS for us to talk about? Anyway, I’ve had no doubt that this would eventually turn into one of the biggest fiascos of the upcoming year. And It looks like I was right. Seems like RiRi is sending CB a message.

So, was it her mistake getting back with CB and who is to blame?
  • Chris Brown and Rihanna are so over rated….They really make it seem as if there is no one else in the world to date.

    • maya

      The entire relationship is based on their narcissism.

  • They made a point, these rappers show no respect towards black women, but quick to run to another race and call her his wifey.

  • I have a daughter and i must say hip hop is clowning black women and pushing them towards promiscuous lifestyles in my opinion

    • n n

      how is hip hop clowning any female?? Sexuality and risky behavior has been around since the beginning of time.any. time something is dominated by black men it is deemed negative.

      • It has been around for centuries. but it would be hard to argue that if the popular message in hip hop was one of uplifting black women (and men) that there would be as many strippers and overall hoe’ish women in the black community raising the next generation. I can’t say i disagree with black men catching the negativity, but as a black man i feel we should be pointing the finger at ourselves before anyone else needs to.

      • Celz

        Real shyt when Hip Hop was majority positive and uplifted women and inteligence Corporate White America was against it. But now that we all about flossin (i.e. giving our money back to White People) and callin our Women hoes we get awards and record deals…

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Man, this bytches hoez cuz their mommas hoez…..their sisterz hoez…their friendz hoez….television, radio and magazines give a blueprint for hoez but that shyt primarily starts at home and in the neighborhood, schoolz and the church

      • i can’t argue with that because my daughters moms is a hoe lol. But i will say that all black men have a responsibility to our community. and if we are kings and “real” niggas as we all proclaim to be, then we should be the ones to uplift our women and encourage a change

      • $28825362

        You ever try to encourage a hoe… not a black woman but a HOE. Dogg it just don’t work

      • Not sure what’s funnier, your comment or screen name!

        I gave my son a fresh cut & said “Dayum! Now you look like Lou Cabrazi!” He was mad happy!

  • Mo J

    If black women didn’t show up to the video shoot and found other professions other than stripping, rappers would have nothing to talk about … black women need to talk to one another before trashing black men for speaking on the reality of the real world. Black women thinking there higher than black men is continous bullshit … they are the only women who do that shit … and u wonder why we dont want you

    • MiiUziWeighsATon


    • STP

      I was thinking some of that same ish…Basically if black women want black men to stop degrading them in the music, then they need to STOP supporting it all around…Stop showing up to the video shoots, stop dancing to it in clubs, stop buying the music, stop going to their concerts, etc…

      • Impossible, all people are not raised equally. Some women were not made to believe anything is wrong with this, who am I to try and change that in them.

      • STP

        True…But in this case, who’s responsibility is it to show/convince these chicks that it is wrong…The same women who are sitting around pointing the finger at men…Just like it is a black man’s responsibility to teach young black males that being a gansta/thug/hooligan isn’t all there is to life…regardless of how they were raised

      • Martin Raheem

        Y. Even though i can’t really relate to black/white position going on (or been going on) in the States, definitely this is the black women’s fault.Black Women definitely are to blame for how Black Men behave!

        All women period are responsible how men in general behave!

        It is Women’s fault 90% of the internet traffic is about pornography. (No i don’t have any real foundation for my 90% claim even though i suspect it’s close).

        If i decide to rape someone it sure a s s H# is the women’s fault!!

      • Martin Raheem

        and yes, if by (small chance) you did not get my drift I was being pretty ironic…

      • STP

        I think u are mistaking what I was saying…There is no way in hell I would blame women for how men treat them…But what I am saying is that instead of sitting around blaming men, maybe they should put a little extra energy into putting a stop to this…and I feel that the way to do that is to NOT SUPPORT IT and reach out to other women to do the same thing…Rappers are going to continue to degrade women as long as they can make money off of it…As soon as there’s a decrease in the ability to make money off of degrading women, label heads will look for another avenue to sale…In order for that to take place, one of the things that needs to be done is for women to boycott the music all around

    • $28825362

      Funny how the person that voted down didn’t leave a comment. LOL

    • Celz

      You have a point but that’s not the end all be all..

      You are basically saying the video is ok because some black women are stupid, are hoes, were sexually abused, or have emotional or mental issues. There will always be hoes and stupid women and there will also be women who do hoeish and stupid things for deeper reasons.

      2Chainz is educated and not in dire financial straights so he SHOULD have better judgement and respect and portray black women in a better light. He knows that underage kids have access to youtube and the radio and will here his music. And he knows music does effect a persons subconscious, especially teens, to an extent He DOESN’T have to do that because he can say whatever he wants in America and I respect that. Some of his songs off of TruRealigon I can rock wit.. His new shyt naw…

      Like almost all issues it’s what came first the chicken or the egg. If women didn’t support this ignorant shyt he would immediately stop producing it. If parents did a better job raising their kids it would have less of an appeal to them and/ or effect on them. And lastly if 2Chainz decided that projecting a positive stereotype was more important than making money he wouldn’t have to wait for women or parents to act.

      But most importantly if Black Men stopped supporting the shyt and considered it unacceptable he would change his shyt too..

      The realest shyt though is the same niggas callin Black Women big booty hoes and bitches calls a nigga with a White Girl a sell out lmao… If you don’t respect our Black Women how is a nigga a sell out if he chooses to marry a White Woman??

      +1 though I agree with what you said

      • You are so right and I appreciate your lack of ignorance. GOD BLESS!

      • KtruHeaterz

        No to mention this negroe is damn near 40, smh.

    • Interesting that you consider this trashing black men when they are simply having a conversation about how they feel watching this interesting video. Saying that black women think we are higher than black men is a little odd. Do I work harder than most of ya’ll, YES, but it’s due to that fact that I feel I have to compensate for being a female. Is it personal, NO I just know where I want to go in life. Have I ever ran the street’s, did drugs, do I smoke drink, NO. That is my personal preference and I would never say I am better or above anyone I just try to make the best of the life I was dealt with like other black women. I am successful and opinionated and that is what where some men (not just black one) have an issue. I can not relate to black men I do not date them much.

    • Martin Raheem

      Ye. Its all the black women’s fault (in my 2Chainz voice). Because some big booty h# show up for the video shoot, because they represent all black women – and women period – and it happens to be their profession, it’s the women’s fault (in my 2Chainz vice). Because i can’t even spell English grammar right, it’s the women’s fault (in my 2Chainz voice).

      Irony of the story is what I think (only by speculation of what I’ve read by gossip on the net or whaevva) is that 2Chainz is a really intelligent and gifted dude.

      So why all these dumb ass lyrics in hip hop general today?

      It sells cuz dumb a# people like you and me favor and support it before artist’s that actually have some kind of message (in my 2Chainz voice).

  • Oknas

    who really cares tho…. Like seriously? lol

  • Soulgasm

    It’s sad that our world has come to a point where people are trying to decipher celebrity’s tweets. smh…

  • fabian

    if i see one more article about these ducks, i will set my browser to block this page

  • Negro Peligro

    I have never looked at a black woman and compared her with a woman in 2 Chains video when I saw her in the street. Unless she was dressed like a woman in a 2 Chains video.

  • Negro Peligro

    They mad at 2 Chainz. The let their daughters make money by washing cars in their bikinis.

  • $28825362

    Why don’t these women gather up all the women in the video and talk to them. The females ENJOY being put on display. It’s the same reason female now wear yoga pants when they not going to yoga. If females did not want to be viewed this way then they wouldn’t show up to do the videos. They would reject it and find another job. It’s easy money, so the WOMEN do the job. If you don’t like it don’t buy the albums, don’t go to the concerts, oh and talk to your kids about it. But that won’t work.. why? Well did it work when your Mommy talked to you?? Didn’t think so…

  • Q.

    LOL Niggas keep falling for the same bait.
    Who buys this minstrel music?…Black males or Black females?

    Here’s an idea: Go after the labels and networks who produce, distribute and broadcast the images that keep degrading the Black woman.

  • Keith Brickz

    tell those hoes to be quiet!

    • hoeyuno

      ha ha

  • dan

    a big booty white girl is not excluded from this so hey all i want for my birthday is a big booty gurl

  • Freebe Jackson

    Black women are in rappers videos? I usually see Hispanic chicks or mixed raced chicks… rappers aint checking for you black chicks no more

  • hoeyuno

    I think somethings you keep to yourself and not share with ppls on twitter. Im sure rihanna does shit to annoy breezy but hes not on twitter airing it out. For every beautiful woman there is a man sick of her shit…. Those woman in the vid are thinking too hard about a dumb video. And the one with the baby on her lap and her tits hanging out would jump at the opportunity to be in a video like that.

    • “For every beautiful woman there is a man sick of her shit.” >> True Playa ‘chet!

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  • daveofthematthews

    I think it’s crazy so many girls of any color are portrayed in a rather poor way in many modern day music videos but i guess the Record labels are not stupid and know who they are targeting when they allow them, I would say the most sad thing is that there are girls that really do live up to that image in real life just as there are lady’s that would not allow themselves to be portrayed in that same way.

  • scullyson

    And the saga continues..smh


    I think those bitches are reading too much into that song. Its a strip club song if you don’t like it don’t listen.

  • dayleedumped

    honestly the black community is so big, theres hoes in every ethnics and race. but only the black community has a bigger platform to show it that everybody gets to see. And with that said only the black race has a chance to be able to show that much skin in videos. No other races do that, definitely no white people or asian people. I’m not saying theres anything bad about it, but theres only a group of people that is getting fingers pointed to, because theres only one group that people actually see visually.

  • Rav

    flat booty hoes mad and need love too i guess

  • MsPoysin

    the color of the person really doesn’t matter. every race has their ratchets but the problem comes when people date someone of another race and feel they are better than another race. We are all human good women in all races get dogged and dog dudes as well. The self hate in the black community is so foolish. Sisters complain because they usually won’t date out their race, which they should.

  • MsPoysin

    Calling women b$%&hs and hoes and all that speaks to a man’s character as well. If you feel that someone is ratchet you shouldn’t have the energy to watch them, date them, sex them , etc,,,remember she could end up as your baby mama. Have some standards on who you deal with.

  • J. Smith

    It’s amazing, when you’re in a relationship and you ask a Black woman not to dress like a whore, party like a whore, dance like a whore, drink like a whore etc. she portrays you as controlling, says you’re judging her, and GETS AN ATTITUDE. And when you accept Black women who dress like whores, party like whores, dance like whores, drink like whores etc. They portray you as objectifying, say you perpetuate a stereotype, call you disrespectful, say you don’t love them, and GET AN ATTITUDE. SMH The truth is, Black women have no respect for Black men, therefore no matter what we do, they’ll find something wrong with it. You leave me no choice, but to call you bitch! And if I have to deal with an attitude from a bitch, I prefer a big booty bitch. I’m just saying…

  • plsDontreply

    stripper hoes>college educated black women

  • plsDontreply

    Further note. They are sitting in a junky azz apartment…

  • messias3

    males like loose females … it’s natural … 420 vision

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