Hip-Hop Rumors: Is The Game Helping With The Rick Ross / GD’z Situation?


Illseed Exclusive Statement: “Just saw your question of me being behind [the Gangster Disciples] and a tip. I am not behind it. As I said in prior videos the streets have been mad across the country about misuse of my name and image along with other streets and cities images. I have had to hold people back from addressing it head on. I can’t hold this back without due respect being paid. Publish the requested huff post article and video to make the full position clear.”

Here is the latest, because inquiring minds want to know.

I know everybody is tired of this whole thing with the GD’z and Rick Ross. Me too. But, its always nice to get a rumor where you hear somebody is trying to work it out. Nobody really knows what happened. Even people like Jo Jo Capone from that zone.

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Anyway, I’m hoping peace prevails. I see a lot of blood-curdling chit-chat out there. The Game may be blood, but I am hearing he is trying to help his rap cohort out. I don’t know any particulars. My source also told me that this may be a futile effort, if it indeed exists. The Game’s new album is supposedly very, very good. I have not heard it yet. I have to change that.

Where is Farrakhan in all of this!? He’s right there in the Chi?

Based on his Instagram, Rozay may never see the GDz again. I don’t know. Peep him at some event surrounding Django.

Whoaaaaaaaa – that was a bossy pic and so is this one.

Wasn’t Ross dating Kerry Washington? Oh no. That was….Elise Neal. LOL!

Illseed, Out.


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    The game vs Rick Ross

  • You make up some good stories LOL. No proof game said anything, but “you heard”?

    • i think this is why they label this the rumor section……

  • johnblacksad

    He knows Pablo, Noriega… the real Noriega, he owes him a hundred favors!

    I must be the only one on this board who never lost love for Rozay… i can’t help but like dude despite the fraudulent lie!

    ya’ll chill on the unlikes… LOL-N

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Nah bruh…I fukks wit Rozay…been a fan of HIS MUSIC since he began but I knew he was a fraudulent liar when he said he knew the real Noriega…I said to myself…oh boy, here we go again, another delusional lying ass nigga…but he can spit so I’m grossly entertained

    • ross wicky wicky wack!!!!! cosigning fake shit is lame doe

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    william needs all the help he can get but he will probably just do what he done when 50 was humiliating him and laugh it off its no big deal and put out music with everyones favorite rappers

    • keylon jackson

      50 humiliate who?????

      • Rick Fawlse

      • mischief

        more like Dick BALLS

      • Dee

        he did have ross bm out shopping and his kids at mayweather house

  • EzE

    Living a fake life can land you in some real life shit……smarten up Rozay…..but then again if he caves in the gangs in big cities are gonna extort rappers left and right….
    i can picture bloods wanting their percentage on wayne game etc lmao


    Its is now clear to me how & why people think a plane crash into the pentagon and in a empty field. If a person hear it enough they will think its true no matter how dumb it sounds. Lol

    I say this if you think this staged beef is real, your mom should had swallow you because you are a waste of life.

    Also let just say if it was real, ross making you GDS loser look real bad right about now.
    This niggah all out hollywood not paying you little niggas no mind. Lmao

    Quick somebody call amir mummahad, & officer mack.
    And show these GDS how you put a rapper on ice. Lol

    • Dayum! That was foul!

      Luckily, it went over these kids heads.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      who gonna attack ross with his crew ross is in the biggest gang in the world i hope that didn’t go over you head Message!

      • EL_BARK

        Last time i check. Two rappers were killed while alledglly being under fbi surveillance. Whats your point???
        Not to mention everybody knows you kill a rapper, odds are you get away with it. Judging by how many rapper been killed and how many muder were solved. By the way dont ask me that, ask the dudes in the video that.
        Also ross is not in the biggest gang in the world. There are far more cop then CO….

      • andone

        so ur saying the gd’s are selling theIr street cred out for money under the table… to a former C.O @ that… it doesnt add up>>>> rozay’s $$$ aint that long???

      • EL_BARK

        Where did i say that at??? Them
        Niggah aint no official GDS, smh.

      • andone

        not sure why u smh’d… i was simply asking u a question dude… u saying the beef was staged gave me that impression and thats how i perceived it @ least(wasnt trying to put words in ur mouth)… and im not sure if their official or not “either” but since lil larry didnt deny them im gonna go ahead and assume they are(N.C gd’s included)… logically speaking!!

      • EL_BARK

        Well all i gonna say if rappers get extorted all the time. & never have i heard of street niggas going at a rapper in this way. These guys in this video are not official. Just by them making a video, show doeaks volumes on how they conduct themselves. Strret dudes MO do not change. And i highly doubt real street cats would need to make a video with threats. If the Real GD’s wanted to get at ross they wiuldnt need a video. They would just do it……. These clowns actions are not consistent, with street cats. That how i know they are fake.
        Ross taking them lightly and ralking all that ish on the radio solidify my theroy. So know ross didnt pay the GDS, to staged a beef.
        I just think its staged by ross or a bunch if copy cats & looking for exposure. Why after every video these niggas promote some garbage track?

      • andone

        not sure if that was a typo in the 1st sentence, but extortion has happened in the rap game(mur inc. for ex)… and while we may have not seen this type of approach in the past, i’d jus like to point out youtube wasnt that big when pac, big L, mac dre, soulja slim, ect. got suffed by “street n!gg@s” as u say… to assume that gangs operate/exist without dumb asses in the mix is beyond me(esp when the gang is nation wide, bloods crips for ex), granted there are a FEW who know better but even then its 2012 my ninja, they jus dont make em like they used to either so it is wat it is… and all “theories” aside, until gd’s start calling other gd’s frauds, ima call it as i see it… also rozay has always tried to act/pretend like real shit dont phase him thats nothing new dude, so scratch that… bcuz when a n!gg@ u start beef wit embarrasses u for the world to see in retaliation and then u act like nothing happened, thats wat i call clown sh!t… so he can ignore/deny/downplay it in “interviews” all he wants, we have seen how non “gangster” that dude can be and im sure u did too c’mon son!!

      • So_Subby

        Big l died because people had a hit on his older brother and he looked like him

      • andone

        yeah ur right, he did get suffed out by “street n!gg@s” SMH/R.I.P… whether it was intentional or not my point is that it happens and ricky is deff no exception!!

      • Jiohdee El-Amin

        them niggas ARE real (Georgia) GD’s, Just not Chicago GD’s. GD Nation is coast to coast. I know the nigga that made the 1st video & it don’t get much realer than him. He been a real street nigga for real & is well-known throughOUt the A-town

      • EL_BARK

        I beg to differ. I still stand my stance. Them niggaz pump faking and aint doung nothing. If you cant understand that then that for you to figure out why. If dude was going to make a move, he wouldnt had made a video. If dude is ass thurl as you say, or deep in them street a viideo wouldnt had been needed. He just would had gave word to the streets. & the street would have talked. I dont care if a 1000s niggas vouch for them. I just say he got a 1000 cats fooled.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        fool a co is a cop cops are the catchers and cos is the babysitters wat u think life about my man co and cops are brothers actually co is worse co can kill you write fake story up and you family wont have nothing do you remember that kid who got killed on the island in the 4 building di you know he co was watching the whole time only if u from nyc now co can get u more time a new charge and everything like i said ross is a cop a co is a cop

      • EL_BARK

        Um so you telling me got dont kill people everyday also and write dome phony shet in the paper work.

        A co is just a baby sitter after you got jam up.
        A cop is the actual person that put you in the system and testify sgainst you in caught. Once you get your tomr a CO is just there to watch.

        Yes A CO is worst then a cop after the fact, once you in a prison.
        but a COP is bottom of the barrel scum. Yes CO aint shet either but, its depends what type if niggah you are. You never been lock up. Because any body knows a CO can be very benficial to you, once you behind them walls…….

        That is going to go over your head…… Smh Thats why ross played himsrlf from jump street by not just admitting he was a CO. Then after he lied about it, did he try to say or insinuate he was, part of some big criminal sydnicate.

        Say what you wont, a cop is far worst then a CO in my book anyday.
        Shet i even had bust it up with a few CO when i was book
        My damn self. Yes some are foul. But a lot just doing a 9-5 and had nothing to with why you doing a bid.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        fool a co is a cop i fuked up cos and cops b4 police officer correction officer same shyt one watches u.without riminals wouldnt be no jobs for both fields thats like saying a judge and the da is not cops lawyers are two faced they try to help the criminals and work with the da and the judge and that leads o a sentence where u are shipped to and watched by u said a co is a 9 to 5 so is a cop fool leave the streetz alone best advice I got 4 you i’m done

      • Illiam Elton

        ZING!Currently Souljah Slim Big L Biggie Pac Jam Master Jay and a plethora of other Hip Hop murders have gone unsolved.If the GD’s wanted Ross gone then why even warn him or leave any evidence for the cops to investigate you?You get in do your business and don’t say a word or leave a trace.All this internet thugging makes me just realize dudes are not who they say they are.I’ve been in quite a few situations where i had to do some questionable shit.But we didn’t send them a youtube video letting them know we were coming…New School

    • InTheNightKitchen

      I hear you but that last bit was unnecessary b!

    • Illiam Elton

      Wow lol but your ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

  • that whole beefs annoying, how did rick ross get her? and games album is very good, very surprising.. concept was done well.. and even tho rick ross has been called out numberous times lying hes still got a original flow and his lyrics is on point.. i just wont belive nothin he says ever but his lyrics still hit home 2 ppl

  • props to Game for putting out a dope album but I doubt hes trying to help Ross with the GD’s…

  • to quote Uncle Murda ” he’s not hiding,…he right outside”…

  • It is very possible he did know Noriega …he was a correctional officer at the facility here in miami were noriega was locked up for many years …out of all the lies people think he is telling this is proably true……Now whether he owes him a favor that could be a different story you now rappers exxxxxagggggerrrrattttteee!! a little

    • EL_BARK

      Smh damn head. Surely the way he mention norega in the song. He was refering to the real rick ross and oliver north situation. Either way he was still frauding because he led you ti believe they had some type of business relationship. Even though even, well atleast i knew then this niggah was a gimmick.
      Also i might be wrong, but normally when navy seal, are sent on a mission to kill or capture you. You not held in a regular county jail. i am sure that norega was kept in a fed prison. Not some regular jail or state prison. .
      . & even it he was in a state jail. He was prolly on a max block and had very little contact with any CO….. We talking about wild man norega here
      Not some two bit hustler…….
      The fact he had money & power and was a dictator i will bet he wasnt lock up like a regular prisoner. I call bull shet. Even if you can prove it. I still call bull shet

      • Lyve Wire

        we know every rapper exaggerate though. why is so bad when william roberts do it? let them tell it, most rapper were ‘prior kingpins’. i feel what you’re saying, to a certain point.

    • shit man im wit you…. officer roberts might gave noriega an extra lunch tray, extra 10 mins on the phone, let him keep a couple beat mags under his bunk

    • Jiohdee El-Amin

      Lol! you do have an excellent point. I guess niggas never looked @ it that way. I guess Noriega could owe him 100 favors. I did a lil time, CO’s can be your BF or worst nightmare. We had CO’s that brought us phones & let us hustle contraband & we had some super hero CO’s thirsty for a promotion that would try to take ANYTHING they felt we shOUldn’t have. Some CO’s treat it like a job (they’re slick cool) & others like a career (they’re the assholes).

  • Darkfather504

    Ross they dating your paper not you LOL…. real talk this was going to come out at some point. you may have survived the lil issue with 50 but now heat is at your door..You sold your sole and it looks as if they’re coming to colllect

    • mischief

      its SOUL , illiterate asses such as yourself is what makes me lose hope in humanity … such a waste of a mind. kids stay in School and please learn the basic foundations of GRAMMAR or else your brain is going to become like the Sole of my shoe. Nothing but Shit that gets stepped on.

  • damayor

    funny ross aint thinking about these youtube gd bangers. i mean this is one nigga versus a whole nation and they still aint touched him yet..they haven’t even attempted or beat up a affiliate of mmg. young jeezy and 50 cent made more physical moves toward rick ross and mmg then these gd throw away gangstaz

    • Tony G.

      he’s at least thinking….thats why the rest of the tour was cancelled…even if they dont do anything they just took some stacks out his pocket

  • Bee Gees>>>>GD’z

  • PC

    Game is friends with JoJo capone in Chi (see Stop snitchin stop lyin’ DVD) , so its possible he reachin out on behalf of Rooss.

  • Negro Peligro

    No offense to someone who could potentially see me. But I think the GD’s is Illseeds new Skank Stacks.

  • Oknas

    if true game is always in someones business that wouldnt help him out. lol

  • PL

    “My source” = Some random ass ninja sent you a email speculating ish…

  • Mr.Get.Right.1.Day

    Ross isn’t worried?? Did you guys not see that a couple of his tour venues have been canceled?? I can care less, but I can agree that all the frauds in the Rap Game have to pay the piper eventually. I come from a Blood hood, and to see all these lames out here promoting something they’re not really apart of sickens me, they’re not there when the lil homies are getting killed!!! They def aren’t there to pay for the funerals, and with that said the realest nigga out right now has to be Derrick Rose!!! Why because he still pays for these little homies funerals from around his way whens the last time you heard of any of these so-called “Gangster” nukkas do that???

    • Calico Joe

      I seen a picture of Derrick Rose throwing up pitchforks. He might be affiliated.

  • gds don’t get along with bloods soo good lucc with that

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      gds are from chicago bloods are from la

      • Calico Joe

        What’s that suppose mean? It’s niggas from different gangs all over America.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        bloods never had beef with gds chicago never had beef with la if u not from la you not a real blood or crip if you not from chicago you not a gd or vicelord you just a fake gang banging something you dont know about know it might be some fake bloods beefin with real gds in chicago but no real bloods are beefin with gds they are miles away


    That nigga Ross betta succ fuzz the GD’z don’t play

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  • one of these GDz need to kill rick ross. seriously fake dudess need to be put to death. kill rick ross!!!!!! so we can laugh at his dead body!! drag that thing thru the streets and piss on his dead body!! shove a knife up his ass like they did gaddafi

  • whats the game going to do? he just as fake, he a blood and his brother a crip… yeah that adds up hahahahaa kill him to for wiping his ass on the bible.

  • Doe Boy

    how game gone help he a blood in niggaz sayin he aint a real blood…bloods vs GD war thats what that gone end up doin(cuz ross pay the blood to keep the GDs off his ass)…in aint none of these rapper gone do shit…but 17 in 18 yr old kids in the street gone fill it…jus so this nigga can keep his rep

  • GregSki86

    Game tryin to help out a fraud ass nigga make the west look weak. Roberts deserves what comes his way, live by the gun, die by the gun (or in Roberts terms: Live by a lie and get killed from it)