Hip-Hop Rumors: Is The Game Helping With The Rick Ross / GD’z Situation?



Illseed Exclusive Statement: “Just saw your question of me being behind [the Gangster Disciples] and a tip. I am not behind it. As I said in prior videos the streets have been mad across the country about misuse of my name and image along with other streets and cities images. I have had to hold people back from addressing it head on. I can’t hold this back without due respect being paid. Publish the requested huff post article and video to make the full position clear.”   Click here for the Huff Po piece he mentioned. ON TO THE RUMORS…
Here is the latest, because inquiring minds want to know.

I know everybody is tired of this whole thing with the GD’z and Rick Ross. Me too. But, its always nice to get a rumor where you hear somebody is trying to work it out. Nobody really knows what happened. Even people like Jo Jo Capone from that zone.

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Anyway, I’m hoping peace prevails. I see a lot of blood-curdling chit-chat out there. The Game may be blood, but I am hearing he is trying to help his rap cohort out. I don’t know any particulars. My source also told me that this may be a futile effort, if it indeed exists. The Game’s new album is supposedly very, very good. I have not heard it yet. I have to change that.

Where is Farrakhan in all of this!? He’s right there in the Chi?

Based on his Instagram, Rozay may never see the GDz again. I don’t know. Peep him at some event surrounding Django.

Whoaaaaaaaa – that was a bossy pic and so is this one.

Wasn’t Ross dating Kerry Washington? Oh no. That was….Elise Neal. LOL!

Illseed, Out.


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