Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Philly Rappers Fight! Chris And Rihanna Reunite! Azealia Banks’ Plight!


I heard about the infighting in Philly between some of the more popular rappers, but now they are YouTube-ing it. I’m not feeling this. Philly is already in need of more respect, Meek Mill aside. Anyway, Tone Trump is one of the bigger figures in the underground scene, but he’s also Young Jeezy’s artist. Louie V Gutta is Meek Mill’s artist. In a supreme act of silly, these guys got into an actual fight that played out on twitter. In a face to face confrontation in Philly, Tone reportedly said, “”I bet y’all n*ggas won’t turn up.” The dare seemingly came back in the form of violence and he allegedly lost his chain too.


Chris and Rihanna reunited at the Staple Center the other day. This whole thing is getting sillier and sillier. But I guess it is my job to speak on it. It all basically has fueled new rumors that the pair are now back together. It also helps shoot down the rumor that CB’s ex-gal Karrueche is going to get him back now. Looks like Chris is going to be the winner in all of this. By the way, Chris has threatened to leave music and the planet on his instagram. Not a bad idea.

Rihanna & Chris Brown Spend Christmas Together At Lakers Game (Pics)


LOL! Azealia Banks is also speaking of retiring. This is funny to me since she just started it. She hope to drop a pair of albums in 2013 and stop rapping. She called rap “tacky and unladylike” as her reasons in a recent interview. But, the cool thing is she’s thinking about going back to school and venturing off into contemporary jazz. Contemporary Jazz’s only comment was the following:

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  • shout out to philly!!!das what I’m talkin bout,…f all the back and fourth ,..when you see them N8ggas …swing out!!!!!!

    • DreamZ

      another Father-less coward this guy has a Man-Gina

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Man until Cuzz show a video where he fought cuzzo one on one, this dont prove shit, when its a group of clowns against one, who you think 98 % of the time is gonna win, go ask Gun play when he ran in2 50 Cent ha! ha!

  • You showed somebody getting jumped……And not even the whole clip. Prob got your ass whooped right after. Chris and Rihanna are ike and tina with less the talent, and Azealia is a nut job.

    • hoeyuno

      I woulda went with bobby and whitney ha ha

  • DrumKlass302

    How tone trump man just backs up nigga in the black aka millions that nigga a bitch

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    them fools were talking bout this on twitter the other day saying they robbed his chain and beat the shit outta him then they put this out and i dont see no chain or no ass beating tone comes off better than they do

  • Azealia came out talking all that crap about people… now nobody wants to work with her so she’s ready to retire…. what a dumbass….

  • LOL~N @ Turn Up & Contempt Jazz comment.

  • 4 sum reason after I saw da video of tone trump I popped n da dreamchasers 2 (jordan shrug)

  • Darren Myt Collins

    niggaz is weak….theres is nothing tough, about stepping to one dude with your homeboys and jumpin him. And all that twitter sh*t talking is weak to. What factory is producing these type dudes…somebody needs to blow it up. Listen to that song by tupac….”YOU AIN’T SH*T without your homeboys” This mob mentality has made some punk ass dudes for real….bunch of fatherless dudes that don’t know how to be men, raised by now they mixing testosterone with a estrogen based mindstate. Back in the day it was always females jumpin each other…dudes would scrap 1 on 1, now its the dudes jumpin each other…. Back in the day…there would dudes that would beat yo ass in front of nobody with nothing to prove.

    • DreamZ

      Right they jumped cuz on some fag shit yall call that Turning up??? GTFOH to many niggas with Man-Ginas

    • preach kid. i was thinkin the same thing. always said that 4 yrs

  • Why do y’all call getting jumped by a bunch of lil skinny Somali looking fucks getting beat up? fight that man head up and stop being so damn stupid PIGS WATCH YOU TUBE TOO ! Any state can pre-sue charges if their is creditable evidence of a crime (assault) without the victims consent or testimony JACKASS

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    that song was extra wack sauce. Philly LOST for this corny fight and the song

    • EL_BARK

      And what city you from again???? Smh
      Bet you wouldnt last a week in philly.

    • EL_BARK

      By the way tone trump not from philly, but i know from the other board.
      U dont know shet. & louie V moved around and live in a few cities growing up.
      So how is this a loss for philly? Exactly

  • agree with DARREN MYT COLLINS! dude wack, think because Meek is on lockdown in philly by the judge that it’s his time to show Meek he got his back. Nigga that’s wack. I be damn I fight for a nigga that don’t give a damn about me.

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  • Solo Dolo

    thats a funny ass pic of tone trump…even tho he was really blockin a punch. but waitin on a dude with a bunch of ya boys and a cam….lame as hell

  • SpaceAge2012

    C’mon son! 1st off dude snuck Tone & then they jumped him that shit wasn’t a straight up fade.2nd niggas need 2 get off Breezy’s dick already & let that man & his girl live & 3rd I’m glad my baby girl Azealia finally realize that women in da music industry 2day r not being signed 4 their talent but rather 2 be used as tools 2 promote promiscuity & spread a materialistic ideology 2 young girls who look up 2 em,which keeps em dumbed down bein treated as sexual objects & whores while they confirm it by referrin 2 themselves as “Bad Bitches” daily,thinkin life is all about bein a “Barbie”

  • nUW JERZ

    haaaa Lame, how you fighting in women jeans. You’d think people would smarten up, you can’t become successful if you F’in up, ESPECIALLY ON CAM!!! Betta WAKE UP before you get put in a position where you sleeping PERMANENTLY!!!

  • Fake ass east coast rappers cant read and cant even jump a nigga right. They looked like p@@@@@@ out there swing like that.