Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy


We did it before and now its time to do it again!


Now, if you look at the results of the previous poll, a vast majority felt that Cassidy was very much alive. Check the stats on that by hitting that link. I think most people were waiting for Cass’ revenge. HERE IT IS….

Cassidy (Meek Mill Diss) “R.A.I.D.”

The crazy thing is I liked Meek’s diss, but it was more of a song than a diss…a dope song. But a dope diss? Not sure. I was caught up in the energy of it all. But, Cassidy, on the other hand, he brought a straight up DISS. And its 10 minutes long. And its fire. And the thing I like about this is that the song gets more and more intense as it goes along. BUT…the question is: DID CASS GO IN AND KILL MEEK MILL’S CAREER?

TAKE THE POLL! Its identical to the last one.

THE CRAZY THING IS….CASS MENTIONED MMG…and slick dissed Rozay. Wonder if this spills over into crews versus crew. Perhaps he means some of the Philly dudes that Meek runs with. Philly on fire!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • King Cold

    Pure Ether. Ain’t no comin back from that whupin’

    • Cass fugged him up, but Meek has no choice but to go down swinging, make no mistake, he’s going down though.

      If anything, Cass killed any hope of a battle, but Meek was ducking him anyway.

    • AK

      ether??? so nas rhymed the same bar over and over thoughout that diss? nah cass is tooooo weak to make a ether, cool diss but hes corny ass will never end no ones career and i bet meek will end his

      • Dointer

        What bar is rhymed over and over?

      • AK

        he rhymes the word back or some random word over and over every song multiple times

      • Tony G.

        I see ur stupid on this thread too smh

      • crucob

        I’m not gonna compare Raid to Ether, but yea, Nas did repeat himself in his diss, it was the hook. Cass only repeated himself at the very end, & it was only for emphasis. IJS

      • firehawk17

        you have smoked some crack or new drug if you think meek can even hang in a battle.. listen to the disses made you male groupie… its not even close..listen to the words how they are put together.

      • AK

        what are you talking about obviously cassidy is better but he aint as good as you think your the groupie defending him here, i can name 100 rappers that would eat cassidy alive

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  • Lmao @ the picture

  • Meek = 2013 Ja Rule

    • Bumpy Johnson

      ahahahahhahahahahahaha – i swear yall be killin me with these comments….but i cosign that nigga done

    • YungKizz

      not even close

    • Meek doesn’t sing on R&B duets, sorry.

  • hoeyuno

    This beef could be good for a cass come back….Shit is ill!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    na meek too real 4 cassidy he can comeback from that but meek can pull cassidy hoe card

    • So_Subby

      no one is listening to you, or cares. you like fake people who claim to be a thug because they say they are. u like meek because he made a song tupac back, get off his nuts and see that he lost point blank period.

  • Fukurpost

    Soon as meek drop DC3 people will be like Meeks back lol Cass and meek will do a song together and say they squash da beef for Philly lol this shit so WWE but hey it’s entertainment I’m entertain

  • best line talkin bout officer ricky

  • Fukurpost

    Funny how murder mook did the same thing to cass and cass was on smack talking about his watch, car and how much he get for shows but he never battle Mook lol

    • Adrian Barron

      real rap right there … and i phux with the boy CASS

    • Dointer

      Cass dissed Mook back in the day on that track with all the gunshots, and again killed it.

      • Fukurpost

        Yeah he did but he was talking about his watch, chain, how much money he was getting oh shit the same shit he said meek was doing lol oh and did he battle mook no he turned down 200k google da mook interview

  • terrifromphilly

    Cass hating on some old shit get a deal an i am from Philly haven’t heard shit yet from him he need a deal

    • Exactly Im from Chester….what he doing is some bullshit!!!!

  • Nobody career being ended.

  • water_ur_seeds

    waiting for 50 to join cass on dissing

  • Luxbattle

    Cass wins the battle just by picking the beats. Hah “But in jail was the only time i hung around the CO”. Calling him out for screaming all the time. This aint competitive, Cassidy is a real rapper and buried mill. “The streets know your people need to repo your rap book”. Calling him out on leasing cars, man no coming back from this. “never keep the safety on my weapon, i aint trying to keep my weapon safe”. Sorry for all the quotes, but he killed it. O shit on the meek shall inherit the earth.

    • water_ur_seeds

      haha yeah all the beats where classic

      • word.. 50 might need to sign him… could boost both of their careers

    • Celz

      He called him out for the 360 deal too lol

    • You wrong about the CO part he was talking about Meek hanging with Ross peep the ab lib at the end of the line “HUH”

  • restless

    kill his career no murder him on wax yeah

    • Ras Tafari

      What career will he have after this? I can’t see anyone buying his shit or taking him serious as a street rapper from this point on. He’ll be lucky to sell his 2nd album at half of the current total 300k on the 1st one he just dropped. he can forget about having sales success with a 3rd album, 4th, and so on. Rappers’ album #’s today take a steep decline when they put out another album, unless you have a strong fanbase like Nas, Lupe, Kanye, Hov, or Em and Meek definitely don’t have that. He’s nowhere near the type of artists all of them are. All he got right now is people that’s riding the temporary wave he got and will forget about him once that shit die down. He isn’t a stabled artist and doesn’t put out substantial music that can sustain longevity. He’ll eventually turn into a Flo Rida artist, somebody that’ll rely on radio/club singles to go platinum (if he can even do that) to make money, but only sell 50k or below in albums.

  • kered gnuoy

    well damn…….Cass really did it to him. I mean I expected it but Damn. .

  • water_ur_seeds

    cass is better than meek, but shame he cant actually rhyme his lyrics lol

  • brotha_man

    *taps mic, clears throat* “Affirmative”

  • Intellect38

    Yes… Meek is CONCUSSED… he said “you look like an animal in the face, you remind me of the MUNKEE in Planet of the Apes”!!! FIRE!

  • reese mccloud

    it was ……ok. not even on the level of “ether” or “takeover”

  • Meek is on the diss record praising Cassidy… nuff said.

  • u could put my raps in a crack vial, that style you got not yours thats Peedi Crack style..n thats foul i told u to switch ya rap style a while back, let him get his style back..u not a loud pack u a black mild, you just wrap loud, n u wild wack cuz u rap wit another cat style

    • Celz

      Crazy shyt is dude low key has Peedi style

    • i ve been tellin folks for years he took peedi peedi style!

  • this shit was hard nobody put a diss like this one for a minute..meek shit had energy but no bars

  • YungKizz

    cass just ened meek mill career wid dis one

  • DeAngelo Camargo

    good shit



    • Steelmatic

      haha! Meek should bite that line, shit was clever.

    • bcz talented rappers careers are always deaded by the other powers that be , not because of their talent

      • DLOUPO

        So what was BIG, Jay, Nas, Pac excuse
        Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • big & pac were deaded. jay is a freemason, nas doesnt write his own lyrics.
        there is a cuple real people who make it thru but not many

      • viclegend

        nas true king, stop spreading nonsense fool

      • Prove Nas doesn’t write his own shit!!!

  • jay

    cmon yall think that killed meek career???? I mean its cass and he went it but it wasn’t no either!!!!! I am sure meek priorities were twisted because he made a song and not diss track.

    • hoeyuno

      no.. not ether and it had it’s moments but it woulda been better to compact all the punchlines into a 3 or 4 minute banger…ijs

  • “only time i hung around a CO was when i was in jail”….lol

  • fuknyourgirl2

    kilt# 300 death to mmg gdn till da world blow gs took away the doe now u get no money cass killed da flo now wat yall gone do?????ig ups is hiring

  • hollaatchaboynahmean123

    That Diss was FIRE! Lyrically killed Meek! This is the Hip Hop I love!

  • Tre C

    Meek fan will try to say this diss wasn’t that bad or pretend like it never happened. Cass clearly had the better diss record, does it lead to good music in the future though?

  • Southcidal

    Cass is a great battle rapper so I was expecting him to win the battle. But Meek makes hits. Meek needs to be focusing on his next radio street banger and not on battling.

    • yea bcz selling out & making songs for radio is whats important in hip hop

  • infinit221

    So it sounds like he wants to destroy Ross on wax too…should be interesting cause hate him or love him Ross is battle tested.

    • Yeah, but he lost!

      • infinit221

        All Ross tracks after Mafia music had that oh shit factor…50 even said Ross was the better rapper. Ross went at TI, and TI backed down from that battle back in the day. Damn y’all forgot that track the “summers mine”? Jeezy never went at Ross on wax again. Its easy to clown William, its hard to make better music than his, real talk.

      • To me, Rawse is wack, but I’ll admit I’m biased.

        Makes better music than 50, TI & Jeezy?

        Maybe,but in reality, that isn’t that hard either, none of them are serious ; lyricist or MC’s. With that being said, I’ll co sign, but in pencil, because none of them dudes get any play in my ride.

        Fawlse has industry backing, maybe he is good, maybe they like his message….because private prisons need a spokesman & a commercial with a catchy jingle.

      • BigHomie337

        He don’t make better music than TI or Jeezy. 50 makes so much money outside of rap that he don’t really care bout music.

      • IDK? To me, they all make wack music for commercial release.


      • i been sayin that shit.. he got lyrics.. is he fake. uak dude a c.o n got exposed when he lied. but noone can front and say ross dont got lyrics n a nice lil swag on top of that. but then again half of everyones favorite artists are fake to, just not c.o type

      • there isnt worse music then someone whose music is all about lies & gimmicks .
        go head & bump ross’ music & u can look like a dumb ass for supporting some1 like that instead of people who make music from the heart

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        making a better record does not make you the winner of a lyrical battle. none of the people mentioned ever been in a true lyrical battle, just back & forth diss records.

      • not even ross smoked 50 lyrically.. 50 did all that funny shit.. thats not a battle. he went off on 50 lyrically. then banks stepped in with officer down..

      • u cant smoke some1 lyrically if your lyrics are all gimmicks & lies

      • Actually, the funny ‘chet is what won the battle, because it won the crowd.

        See: Loaded Lux Vs Calico

    • ross is a liar & that makes him a LOSER

  • yesanditcounts

    I don’t care about either of these dudes, both are wack ass hell as far as I am concerned.

  • Vsevolod Tkachenko


  • mrgibson

    This is just publicity for both of them…..rappers are so damn transparent these days lol.



    • cass had to go slow & simple so meeks ‘fans’ could understand. they support a fake sell out studio gangsta- its hard to get thru to people who are that backwards

  • Speak

    Cassidy is not a real emcee because he can’t make a good album. He is just a dude with punch lines and the last time I check the didn’t make you a real mc. So he can never dead anyone career, Cassidy is just another battle rapper like serious jones and mook. We all no dude turn b when mook came at him on some battling

    • mayb u shud spell it MC bcz it means master of ceremonies & a studio gangsta is not a master of anything but foolery

  • Speak

    When jay and nas didn’t it was real shit because both of them dudes are real emcees, with classic albums, the same with beans and kiss, but diss shit her is wack shit all day.

  • antron dorsey

    i liked the meek repo diss but this is dope but them beats almost killed it for me this is 2013

  • Sampson Emanuel

    That Cassidy track is garbage. How am I the only one who sees this?

    • Marco Phifer

      Cuz it’s all opinions n u are overwhelmingly outnumbered cass bodied him Meeks was like a 6 dis a 9.5

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  • Fan of Cass but folks are way overreacting to this joint..think Cass 5 to 7 years ago..this is subpar for him in my opinion. First two minutes just had me like meh…

    • when u going against some1 like meek, u have to dumb it down for meek’s ‘fans’ to understand it

  • Binary Star

    meek could survive this easy by putting out just one more unrelated hit record and pretending this never happened. if he gets caught up in an ongoing beef he’s not only gonna lose but he’ll also just become known as that guy that was battling cassidy. just look at 50 – ultimately he became that guy that was battling ja rule… once ja rule was done there was really no need for 50 anymore.


    we fux wit meek but long az he wit tha biggest fakest nigga in rap he vulnerable!! #CassKilledHim

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  • Roshizzle731

    Don’t you have to have a career to end somebody else career?

    • doesnt the person whose ‘career’ your ending need to have a ‘career’ for you to end it?

      • Roshizzle731

        One guy just dropped an “album” which most would consider a “career” and the other one? Who knows? Does Cassidy even have a “deal” right now? Signing with Carmelo didn’t work out too good for him did it.

  • AK

    reminded me of 300 bars but cass still rhymes with the same rhyme every bar hes flow just trick people , its not no ether nas never rhymed the same word over again 3 times

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    i really want officer ricky to say something so cass can get him too

    • officer ricky is in hiding. not bcz real gangstaz move in silence, but bcz he is not a real gangsta & he cant do anything to stop real gangstaz from coming after him

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  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Cassidy is a rapper, he doesn’t want problems outside of the many times did he say, lets keep this in the booth…

    • he already got 1 murder charges & beat that. he isnt p*ssy like MMG artists are. go on twitter , thats where u can find meek


    Im not a Cassidy fan but he snatched the young boi up with his left hand and slapped him across the face with the right. It’s not ” Ether” but it didn’t have to be to body Meek . Is it a career killer? No but Meek definetly took a helluva loss on this one

  • Tony G.

    This kinda reminds me of KRS vs. Nelly..where u know there was no chance in hell of Nelly beating him in a battle but becuz he had a big enuff machine behind him in the industry he appeared to win the battle…I doubt if this will kill Meeks career becuz MMG is(for whatever reason) poppin right now…but there’s nothing Meek can do lyrically thats gonna be better than this

    • Exactly

    • MMG isnt popping right now or at anytime. just bcz the media acts like they are. ive never heard a MMG song outside of BET & MTV & once in awhile on some pop radio station that super white people listen to

  • Richard Savage

    No he cant kill Meeks career cuz its way too many MMG dick ryders out here

    • he cant kill meeks career bcz meek doesnt have a career…. how many albums has he sold? how much respect does he have? not much if any. 1 hit wonders jus last a lil longer nowdays thats all

  • Richard Savage

    But he did kill him… a Ruff Ryders vs MMG beef tho??? MMG aint THAT brave lol… it aint about sells or who got the most money… its about niggas and bitches… power and money… ryders and punks in the words of the late great Tupac Shakur

  • dayleedumped

    his career aint dead thats forsure

  • dre8791

    “You look like a animal in the face.” LMMFAO!

  • im not feeling it lol

  • his career aint dead but if meek dont come back with something nice thats not mixtape shit ill never check fo rhim agian.. i respect a man who goes into battle and loses than doesnt go into battle at all… many rappers lost battles be a man take the L.. or come w fire and get that rally goin off

    • does it count as battling if he is hating on twitter all day in response?

  • GreeneBoy

    Cassidy still got hott bars after all this time. Good for you, Cass

  • GreeneBoy

    nigga said “you look like a animal in the face” lmao lmao

  • it sucks that 1 hit wonders last so long nowadays… ugggg meek is guna comeback & kill cass….on twitter…….

  • meekdead

    lmao meek got murdered

  • Meek blaming twitter critics LOL Twitter is worldwide foh you trash Meek Meals


    Cass did that. Freeway is somewhere grinnin right now

  • firehawk17

    this is what meek was asking for with all that talk… had to know cass was gonna come with that ether for him.. Meek can’t hang with the bars at all…hopefully he’ll stop now.

  • Schooly B

    Cas took shit to Nas, Game, and KRS levels on this track. Shit went so hard he should’ve had that “YOU. GOING TO JAIL NOW!!!” Audio clip in there just to drive point home. This track is the equivalent of that punch lol.

  • u not a loud pack, u a black n mild u just wrap/rap loud” boom.

  • openbar

    I feel bad for Meek Millz! That was a cold diss. I aint lying

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    yeah a whole 10 minutes and listened to it all with out skipping a beat, literally. strait Fire Meek better come with some heat or retire….. Meeks last attempt was 6 minutes but no one could really recite a part of it, where as Cass painted a mental picture.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Meek looking like bubbles from the wire in that pic with him n Cassidy

  • TheMechanic

    Kill MMG we dont like fake niggas rapping about moving work. Fake niggas thats the shit i dont like

  • mademan3000

    This shit SUXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!


    Man O’ Man LMAO!!! RIP Meek Mills!!

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    Lyrically there was no battle…Meek or MMG won’t respond because it’s not good business for them..


  • Kiwis ksk

    Yall some haters. Oh man, u dudes is prolly some has been just like Cassidy is. Are u serious, Meek career ain’t even start yet cuz. He shining and cass will never put out his light. Y’all haters just mad cuz ur homo ass favorite rapper been dead. Haha, Philly stand Up.