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Hip-Hop Rumors: Meeks Responds To Cassidy Diss, The Internet Got Jokes!

I ain’t gonna lie. When I heard the Meek Mill diss by Cassidy, this is how I felt:

 Happy Birthday to the GIF: The Internet's Greatest Treasure Turns 25


Well…moving on…its all out there. First things first, Meek Mill responded to Cass, but he was quite dismissive of the “R.A.I.D.” song that some are saying ethered him. I’m not sure all that happened, but I will say this Cassidy did a song worthy of a response. Hip-Hop dudes that’s engaged in this battle sh*t duel to the death or til they get tired! Now, Meek saying that we gonna forget about Cass in a few days? Hmmmm…no, he’s quite remembered for his battles. Remember that Freeway battle? Anyway, I hope we can take it like we dish it, because this Hip-Hop, baby! I know Meek has a lot more to lose at this point. Hoping he decides to respond because Cass just upped the ante in a major way. A non-response would mean that he fears Cass would get at him OR even get at the crew. Cass said enough about Ross and them to warrant a reply. No don’t quite think anybody wants that problem right now. Too much money on the line. Too much to lose. But, if Meek comes back, he will need to do it in a more scathing fashion.

Meek responds to R.A.I.D.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.49.56 AM

The internet speaks:

This pic…says a lot. Remember when Meek was signed to T.I.? That was clearly after this pic was taken.

Here they saying that Wale is reading poetry at Meek’s funeral.

This kinda funny with the pic.

Meek has moved on…though.





The ball is in Meek court, but I don’t know. That R.A.I.D. may stop the game.

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  • Dointer

    That Meek shall inherit the earth line is the final nail in the coffin.

    • $28825362

      Yea, that line made my raise my eye brows like damn.

  • 7yoyo7

    Cassidy’s track was dope.


  • Dointer

    It might be a bit far fetched to say Cass killed his career. I think its more the fact that he lyrically murdered him and has made him look like a damn fool.

  • AK

    cassidys flow really got people thinking he lyrical he weak af over here you would get laughed at for rhyming the same word over and over

    • Dointer

      Flow and being lyrical are two completely different things you dumb sh*t. Did you ever pay attention to the word/words that lead into the last word of each line. SMH

    • Bumpy Johnson

      u meeks friend or something…i find it hard to believe somoene thinks Cass is anything but super lyrical

    • Louie v gutta is dat u?

    • Tony G.

      ur getting laughed at over here for that dumb ass comment

      • mxtralive

        Right lol

      • DreamZ

        Lmao AK you getting laughed at for dressing like Fonsworth Bentley you faggot your dress code is weak fool

      • Bumpy Johnson


  • EzE

    I fuxs with Cass and i feel he can murk Meek lyrically but that 10 min. shit was mehhh…….. if this was 2003 that shit would be poppin globally but its 2013 and it sounded like some old shit….

    • Bumpy Johnson

      so wachu wana hear …the mans an MC…he do what MCs do….he a rapper not a screamer and take a pause and say weak line nigga.

      • deadass not everyone wants ppl to sound like 2chainz or meek or w.e wack southern artist u wanna put out there (i know meek aint souther but sounds it),..some ppl actually like listenin 2 lyrics and understanding whats being said lol

      • queta

        why do ppl gotta bring the south in shit that has nothing to do wit the south. meek sounds nothing like the south please stfu and speak when u kno what u talkin bout hatin ass lame up north niggas kill me.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        He does sound like one and his defense is that he dont got an “old type flow”

    • Tony G.

      it was Cass doing Cass over some classic hip hop shit…stop worry about “how it sounded” and focus on the lyrics…u sound like Meek in his tweets afterwards..smdh

      • DreamZ

        right Focus on the lyrics dummies wtf

    • Casor_Greener

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t even have time to listen to a 10 min song more than once. That joint was not that good. He should have condensed into a 4 min song.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        you have a short attention span huh!..

      • DreamZ

        right lmao I listened to it 4 times back to back

    • DreamZ

      That shit was flames point blank period. Ten minutes was sufficient instead of a back and forth with one beat per track he bodied him and the “OLD SHIT” sound a million times better than all this new gay shit yall attempt to call music

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    Meek best bet is 2 just leave it alone and accept the “L”, as far as battling he clearly knows Cassidy is no one 2 play with when It comes to that craft, he clearly says it @ the beginning of the song himself, Eminem can flip the same word over and over and make you look rediculous and so can Cass, Meek sticc 2 dreamchasing homie!!! cuz thats all you doing thinkin you can out battle cass!!

  • restless

    meek better come with it..he can be in the studio replying instead of on twitter crying

    • Bumpy Johnson

      The man is done…he is wack, he is losing this, his team is losing period……fkkin weak ass nigga , tryna act like cass style is old …cass style is CLASSIC…meek style is weak as his self and his character.

      • brotha_man

        like cass said “You can hardly rap, all you do is make party tracksNiggas know Meek sound so weak on a slow beat
        You blew up fast, but now you got a slow leak
        All you gon’ hear about is how Cass’ aired you out”

  • Dreams and nightmares(intro alone) > all of cassidys albums and mixtapes combined

    • Bumpy Johnson

      WTF …open your ears…3 minutes of any of the 10 minute diss is better than anything meek ever had.

  • Banksy

    Notice the only people defending Meek are kids and people who have no respect for what true Hip Hop is. Hip Hop is marketed towards children so of course they don’t understand what a battle should be about…..Lyrics! Not counting another mans money and worrying about who has what. That’s straight hoe shit. A real nigga never cares about another niggas pockets. Meek lost and Cass won. That’s it

    • Casor_Greener

      You sound like a child.

    • patriot_CA


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      and watch a bunch of them say the exact same thing meek said “nodoby going to play that diss in thier car” …. lol get your own opinion and stop repeating what meek just said !!!!!!! lol

    • AK

      well i would have to hear meeks round 2 diss to judge that, cassidy is better then meek of coarse but i feel he’s mad overrated

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      meek didnt loose yet he didnt respond i love hip hop but hip hop is not about a battle rap meek mill really from the street and went thru a struggle cass is a hater

      • JohnnyQuesst

        You’re slow

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Hip Hop is about Skill tho.

    • cee773

      Thats the same shit cassidy was on when he was on top and Gille and Mook was at his head counting money and talking about cars and how much he get for A show now meek on top and talking that money shit to cass its hoe shit? but you cant blame nobody but cassidy for that, the nigga shit got repossessed and now meek got more money than cassidy, thats his fault he couldnt control his finances a rookie nigga got more money than A 10 year vet Cassidy dont want to put the 100k because he simply cant afford it meek knew it was, and is a strong possibility he would lose the battle but he pulled cassidy card because even if he lost he still won the 200k(cass 100k & meek 100K) was supposed to go to the philly schools thats why cassidy dont wanna put the bag up the nigga broke.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      preach nigga preace.

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  • right now its still a no-decision…10 points to griffindor…

  • Yatay

    Ten min. Couldn’t even listen to that ding dong shit,cass ya corny ass hell

  • Tony G.

    I’d never put this on the Ether level…but definitely better than that Repo BS that Meek dropped and lyrically better than anything he can come up with….he may try to pull some gimmick out his azz…but for now Cass has done exactly what I expected him to do…and Meek did exactly what was expected…ran to Twitter and talked trash…thats some clown ish right there.

    • $28825362

      Yea, I don’t know why people are calling this Ether. Did he get at Meek? Hell yea. Will Meek fall back now and not respond? Hell yea. LOL. But was it Nas Ether? Hell no. It’s like watching them Vince Carter ducks back in the day that gave you the stink face. You knew he was hot… but Jordan… not.

  • All Meek has to do it make a video of him listening to Cassidy’s track and laughing his ass off. Cassidy’s flow was garbage, and old. Anybody who actually gets insulted by punchlines shouldn’t even be rapping. Lyrics won’t get you no where these days when you have a corny outdated flow. Let Cassidy make a hit song dissing meek then maybe people will take him serious. Any old ass lame can make a song with some catchy lyrics dissing somebody.

  • Negro Peligro

    He was done.

  • The pic with the braids & Cass = Nail in Coffin!


    The Gif was mad funny too!

    • Chris

      Real talk. Cass is lookin’ fly and flashy, all iced out. Meek lookin’ like he just spent 8 hours walking around Philly pickin’ up soda cans. SMH.

      • Hahahahaha! No Diggity…..No Doubt!

      • Mad African

        ahahaha i was thinkin da same thing!

  • hoeyuno

    of course week mill responds by twitter instead of jumping in the booth! lame.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      He doesnt have the ability to respond

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!!.

  • counting all that money aint gonna make that feeling in the pit of his stomach go away….

  • mxtralive

    LOL @ The pic that say tell cass i was only playin! Meek you only hope we forget about the 10mins diss in 50 dayz lol… For the sake of your career, mmg & your fans leave it alone bruh.

  • brotha_man

    Don’t make me put you on that Summer Jam screen
    In them dirty ass jeans and the sneakers with the wings on it
    Your first album and that compilation flopped
    Cause you tell a bunch of lies and you exaggerate a lot
    Stop saying you was making guap hustling, cause you wasn’t
    You never had keys, like a combination lock

  • Yea Meek feelings are hurtin right now. He need his whole team and some more. He bettrr get MMG Def Jam Obama somebody. Meek need help.

  • And Cass said he had the Ruff Rydaz wit em. MMG dont want it with them.

  • meek got etherd 4 sure

  • mike malarkey

    now cass gotta follow up with sum real songs to get back hot

    • mxtralive

      Right! We know cass can flow had a couple hot joints that got radio play, but can he make a hot album ehhh if so he need to follow up now

    • queta

      he aint gonna ever be that hot again cuz all niggas wana listen to and support is lame gay lyin ass fruad rappers

  • GuestwithacapG

    Niggas say Cass flow is old. Get outta here with that. Jadakiss flow ain’t changed and he still is considered a monster on the Mic. Right now a lot of dudes are rapping like Houston dudes was rappin years ago but yall think it is some new 2013 flow. Foh. Cass could rap circles around 95% of these new rappers.

  • meek played himself just like the 2010’s wayne these pop rappers dont want it with real emcees.

  • Super_Hero

    Remember when 50 said next yr we won’t hear about Rick Ross. instead the next yr we didn’t hear from Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo and 50 was doing straight to DVD movies.

    • highgeorgebush

      THANK YOU everyone always on 50s dick while his best songs were “in da club”, “candy shop”, “jus a lil bit”, “disco inferno” you dont hear ross singing candy shop today do you?

  • Adrian Barron

    CASS way better than MEEK lylrically (even MEEK know that) but putting CASS’ history IN perspective he need’s to rewind and battle MOOK then shoot the fair one with GILLIE 1st then that would add a little more validity to how he manipulated MEEK into this back and forth – give him points for playing CHESS on MEEKS checkerboard doe

  • bigdoe6

    Meek knows he aint better than Cass. He should gracefully bow out. If Iron Soloman was man enough to do it with Mook, then Meek can do it with Cass. I’m happy a for a guy like Meek who was able to use his talent to support his fam and buy all the things he rap about. But this is a rap battle, and clearly he picked the wrong battle.

  • those pics got me rollin esp the last one lmao

  • Lyve Wire

    this is about MMG? no need to read the comments. i already know what the ‘people think’. i like cass and meek, but i have to think this- where was all of this ‘cass support’ when he dropped his last few albums? futhermore, while cass hit meek with a few good bars, he also repeated himself multiple times. but i guess when you’re rapping for 10 minutes, its hard not to get repetitve…..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    meek def need to get that eye of the tiger back cause he sounding like old as jayz right now talking about atleast you back on the radio lol … hip hop n rnb radio …lol condom style altho yes it is wack but its top 40 son !! lol 😉

  • Rap started with battle raps. I missed those days waking up to G-Unit beefing with somebody. After 07 when people started following into that dance swag shyt everythings corrupt now.

  • King Cold

    It looks like its time to take that L and keep it movin meeky. First y’all tried to go to war wit 50 and ya boss took a fat L. Then y’all get into wit jeezy. Then gunplay gets jumped at the same award show y’all whole crew is at.MMG gets dropped from warner bros. 50 is now rockin gunplay’s chain on his new video. And now you’re gettin ate up by cassidy? Smh y’all lookin like the 2013 murder inc but less hits and sales

  • meek should just offer cass a verse on DC3 squash everything and keep it moving,…..every track he’s getting beat on worse and worse, at some point officer roberts gonna throw that white towel in the ring

  • meek be dresssing up in michael jacksons old jackets n shit, HA

  • Cass a better MC hands down. Meek just rap loud.