Freeway Ricky Ross vs Rick Ross

EXCLUSIVE: Freeway Rick Ross, Warner Brothers Going To Trial Over Rapper’s Name “Rick Ross”

(AllHipHop News) Lawyers for Warner Brothers and former drug kingpin/community activist Freeway Ricky Ross faced off in court yesterday (January 9), in downtown Los Angeles.

Both sides were in Superior Court, for a hearing in the ongoing battle over the name “Rick Ross.”

Judge Rita Miller finally set an August date for a trial by Jury, to hear the lawyers’ arguments regarding the case.

Freeway Ricky Ross told that he would be deposing some of the industry’s biggest executives in the case, all of whom are associated with the rapper Rick Ross.

“We will be deposing Sean Combs, Stephen Cooper, Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz,” Freeway Ricky Ross told today (January 9).

Freeway Ricky Ross claims that despite the ongoing court battle, Rick Ross is still flagrantly ripping off his image.

The rapper recently revealed the title of his upcoming sixth album will be titled Mastermind.

According to Freeway Ricky Ross, the rapper continues to subtly, or not so subtly associate himself with words, images and phrases that will fool fans – or search engines.

“He uses Mastermind that’s exactly how the Wall Street Journal described me and my life story,” Freeway Ricky Ross pointed out to

Rick Ross dropped a slick trailer for his new album Mastermind earlier this week.

It featured Curtis Mayfield’s classic “Gimme Your Love,” along with a shot of the cover from the soundtrack to the 1972 movie “Superfly.”

“This guy is literally trying to have people confuse him with me as an actual person,” Freeway Ricky Ross told “In every interview I mention ‘Superfly’ as the movie that pushed me into powder cocaine. I even said it in the VH1’s ‘Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and The Crack Generation,’ that was shown around the world. Then he comes out with this new video with the ‘Superfly’ movie cover as the centerpiece?”

Rick Ross the rapper, born William Leonard Roberts III, has been the subject of a trademark infringement lawsuit since June of 2010.

Freeway Ricky Ross is a former drug kingpin with a cult following, who served over 25 years in prison.

He was convicted of heading up a large-scale drug empire in the 1980s and nineties, that was infamously tied to President Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra Scandal.

The staggering amounts of drugs that Freeway Ricky Ross pushed around the country have been the subject of numerous documentaries and news articles, including the Pulitzer prize-winning series from the San Jose Mercury titled “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb.

Freeway Ricky Ross’ original $10 million lawsuit claimed that rapper Rick Ross used these sources to steal his image and turn it into a multi-million dollar brand.

That lawsuit was dismissed in November 2010, when a judge ruled that Freeway Ricky Ross could not have used his illegal activity to trademark the name “Rick Ross” in the first place.

Freeway Ricky Ross appealed the ruling, but lost another round in court on a technicality in March of 2012, when a judge ruled that he waited too long to file a new lawsuit.

In July of 2012 he was granted an appeal to file a case against Warner Music, the label that markets the rapper’s Maybach Music Group, which features artists like Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay, Triple C’s, Stalley and others

“The use of my name and image helps him in internet search globally. Its career launching high value to be believed to be the only hip hop artist on this list,” Freeway Rick Ross told “Initially it grounded his career in the confusion, now it helps clean up the inauthenticity that came out about being an officer. I don’t need my name and image diluted and confused that way without license. The use of the ‘Superfly’ movie in this new video is directly connected with me personally as said prior.”

A Jury will hear arguments from both sides in Los Angeles Superior Court, on August 27.

“We feel good about our case, and look forward to letting an LA jury make the decision,” Freeway Ricky Ross told

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  • disqus_sp2KfXS0zz


    • You sound stupid, I work with this man daily, stop looking at those italian movies and research, 50 don’t have anything to do with this man suing william poe poe. And we don’t work with the feds unless it’s income tax time to get our money.

  • Freeway Rick Ross need to sit his old ass down….He should be honored that a Rapper took on his image and is doing something positive with it instead of literally selling drugs, and killing people…..How do you fight for a negative title that only reminds people of how much of a poison to society you really are?

    • Product of Da Reagan Era

      The fake Rick Ross ain’t any better messing up the youth with his fairy tale rhymes. I despise the fake Rick Ross more because he promotes stuff that he wouldn’t want for his self or his kids, thats means he knows better. Imagine if someone took your name and life and made a dollar off of being you after you spent the majority of your life in prison to be you. The fake Rick Ross using people to his benefit that’s why crews like the GD’s on his ass. You wanna scream Larry Hoover then break bread with who and what he represents. If not, create your own identity.

      • disqus_sp2KfXS0zz

        And so is freeway RR it was all good until 50 cent put that bug in his ear about getting money out of the fake RR i agree to get your money but on you own accord it should be done not when someone else suggests it the right thing to do because he wanna get back at a person through you. And i know what the media may say about fake RR but i know personally when he got that deal he help a lot of folks out in miami jeezy t.i talk dope but because no one dug up their past its ok to let them slide i guess jeezy no even from the atl he from florida

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        But so what if 50 put the bug in his ear. All he did was opened his eyes, it be like that sometime. It ain’t like the real Rick Ross was conspiring with 50 to try to damage to the fake Rick Ross. All he wanted was what was respectfully due to him. If he helping out rappers in Miami why not help out the nigga that just came home that you stole your style from.

      • Basically if Rapper Rick Ross was not cashing in then no one would be interested.

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        How do you think the fake Rick Ross would feel if the Real Rick Ross dropped a Maybach Clothing line? He probably wouldn’t like it especially since their names are very similar.

      • Well their are professional ways to go about it….I am VERY sure that rapper Rick Ross trademarked his material…Freeway Rick Ross doesn’t own rights to anything……If it’s really about a name then the following list of rappers should be sued as well:

        Foxy Brown

        Remy Ma

        Dr. Dre

        Ice Cube


        8 Ball



        Charli Baltimore


      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        The difference with them and freeway Rick Ross is that these people you naming are fictious characters. Freeway Rick Ross is a real person,this is his life he’s capitalizing off of. Also, you cant copyright a name. The fake Rick Ross stole his likeness…For example, you can call yourself Michael Jackson but you can’t rock a glitter glove and moonwalk also.

      • Yes you can copyright a name…The point is the drug dealer Rick Ross was a massive cancer in our communities…..Rapper Rick Ross can have a stage name, and tell a story….If anyone actually believe the story is the question….Obviously millions of people are entertained by rapper Rick Ross so they have some interest in the story…..Had Freeway Rick Ross found a way to tell his story and profit from it then he could say, yeah that’s my version and you stole it…But he doesn’t have a platform to tell his story so, who is to question if rapper Rick Ross is even telling the story correctly……Prove that rapper Rick Ross stole your life story word for word…And if so this is the perfect time to release an original story and profit from it the same way…..Rapper Rick Ross made Freeway even more famous in modern times so take the fame and profit on your own, don’t try to sue for sweat equity, and foot work that rapper Rick Ross put in.

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        No you cannot copyright a name…..The fake Rick Ross is a cancer too but he use the mic to do his dirt. He sells young kids dreams and brainwashes them to follow a path that will lead them to jail or the cemetery. The fake Rick Ross is actually a college educated former C.O. that knows what he is doing. He will make songs about selling bricks and poppin molly knowing damn well he would never do it himself. The real Rick Ross definitely messed up the black race with that crack shit but he was really living it at least. How does someone use a negative person identity to promote more negativity? If you want to see how he stole his likeness look at the Real Rick Ross wrap sheet. This is some straight CB4 shit…

      • But this applies to people who actually believe that rappers are telling the truth..Writers/Authors tell stories, and it’s their job to make it believable.


        The problem alot these dumbass kids think its real and emulate this shit.

      • Okay I can agree with you in this….Thanks

      • Wow. That the sums this shit up I totally agree, what makes it worse is that we allow others to accept this. Smh slap anyone who thinks stealin ur name and identity is ok

      • Exactly.

      • Mike Swiff

        Yo Product you are speaking the truth I love what your saying man we feel the same damn way!

    • PiffSpot

      Doing something positive? What music have you been listening to?

      • He is making a living by telling a story, Hollywood does it all the time, just like how you all spend your money to go see the latest Batman flick is the same way you should look at it.

      • PiffSpot

        But according to Rick Ross everything he is rapping about is real. He is rapping about a drug dealers life that he portrays to be his. There is nothing positive about Rick Ross or his music.

    • Sean Taylor

      Dior said

      goooooooooOOOOOOO NICKI

      • johnblacksad

        BWAHAHAHAHA… “you go girl” in my Dior voice

      • Rick Fawlse was never a CO, I have the video of him denying it on my youtube!



    • It’s not about the poison, it’s about the brand. Freeway is giving back to his community by helping the kids, started his own Sports Agency, he has two kids he took off the streets that’s in the N.F.L. draft this year., Literacy foundation, creating jobs for the kids in his community, speaking at black colleges, what he did was wrong, we all make mistakes but fat boy must pay homage. No one on earth will make money off my name and I have kids to feed. What you’re talking about white America do it everyday, you should be honored to have a man whom made mistakes in his life now give back to the community that he poisoned.

      • a Moss

        Blaming it on white people in 5…4…3…2…….

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    one guy selling poison to ingest – the other selling poison to hear – these poor pawns in the middle.

    • He is a story teller just like any other rapper.

      • steveakers

        Rozay is unlike anything Rap has ever seen (A pure fraud – Closest thing was CB4), and Freeway Rick is at the center of a important part of Black History. Regardless you both are ignorant people have right to their Intellectual property without Dilution or Damage. Learn your History!!! Note: Freeway Rick sold drugs last in like 1988 lol 30 years ago he is not a drug dealer today.

      • But the story can be told over and over…Unless Freeway trademarked his work and LEGALLY has rights to approve rappers/authors/artists telling his story then he has no claim.

      • steveakers

        Thats incorrect Personality rights and trademarks are entirely seperate. This is not a Trademark case. It is a publicity rights case, it is a good case or Hollywood reporter and Billboard wouldnt cover it…

      • TheBigCheeFa

        freeway ricky ross being a criminal shouldnt be something to be proud of and he’s not an important pawrt of black history

      • steveakers

        Patently ignorant it is the story at the epicenter of the War on Drugs and Iran Contra. It is arguably the most important American story of a generation. LEARN Your History. Let me speak in your language. “Blame Reagan for making me into a monster. Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra I ran contraband that they sponsored.”Jay-Z – Blue Magic Lyrics Thats about RICK ROSS ignoramus

      • Hector G

        its funny how people in rap are split so much it’s almost like republicans and democrats right now. some people care about the real story…other people couldn’t care and just absorb any music and don’t even ask basic questions. Somehow though, i think the people who just listen and dont care are all semi retarded immigrants that cant even speak english and then these frauds think they have a fan base. Same kinda dumbasses that like french montana and trinidad james and think theyre gonna blow into a superstars…people are just slow now.

      • tab58064

        Great point that I tried to mke before I read your post, but you made the point better than did though. These guys obviously don’t know the full story on Freeway Ricky Ross.

      • tab58064

        the thing about freeway rick ross story is that he has experienced the good and bad side of living the life of a criminal. He has 1st hand experience with the reality of where a life of crime ends for most people, so his story being told by him is an important part of not only black history, but American history also. Remember this dude was getting coke from suppliers who were connected to the CIA. His story is huge regardless of how you or anyone else feels about how he became famous.

      • he is still a criminal, that is how to describe him

      • tab58064

        and, so what if he is? And technically he’s no longer a criminal! He’s served his time and changed his life and more importantly, he’s working to prevent other young men from traveling down the same road tha he traveled down and ultimately landed him in prison for a good portion of his life!

      • CB4? Total cosign… Verbatum.

    • steveakers

      Your ignorant for your post GARY NOBLE

  • brotha_man

    man! rapper Rick Ross studied this dude. Still trying figure out if rick ross was one of the biggest dealers in Miami(according to his music), how is it that he has never ever been arrested not for just drugs but anything. Cause that life makes it hard to walk the straight and narrow, the Poe-Lease would have pick him up for something even if they found nothing. Im sure he would have be a foot soldier first,…..he never talks about police harrassing, but talks about being the biggest supplier/Dealer

    • hoeyuno

      For sure. And there has never been anyone.. A crackhead, a ex knucklehead who has came out and said “yeea will roberts was the man”…

    • he was a corrections officer before his rap days.

      • Norma Carter

        What I am trying to get people to realize is just because you work with the law means you are good. There are more bad cops then bad people. I know someone that is an detective and is the biggest drug dealer, so really what does any of the mean because he was an corrections officer

      • brotha_man

        it means a lot. the drug trade is huge especially in the prison system. you don’t think that someone trying to get time off would snitch o’l ricky out or Robert whatever his name is. or do an interview for fame saying: yeah I remember fat rob he was slanging in the pen when he worked as a CO, not everybody follows the code of silence. jealousy will make the bggest dealers fold. I have never met nor heard of a drug dealer that made it all the way with out falling. all it takes is one snitch, one bad move….even dirty cops would make a move to throw him of the chain. with all the dealers in Miami the Haitians, Jamacians, Cubans, black folks….Robert was left alone….sounds suspect to me…no murder on his head…..I don’t know about this one. but hey norma believe what you want it is a free country

      • brotha_man

        I think like nas he wrote what he saw and learned as a CO…..but unlike nas, ricky wants ppl to believe that he is writing about his life. At least nas admitted to looking out project windows

      • Guest

        I never said he did sell drug I said its crazy to think just because he work as a CO that he didn’t. You don’t know what that man have done in his life time, nor do you know if he have anybodies over his head. If he did do you think he would bragg about it. In the drug business you are alone. When it come to going down unless you are a snitch and bring others down with you. You right thats how most drug dealers fall by letting other in there business. Cause when you alone only you know your business. I don’t know what this man have done and I can’t speak on nothing cause I never been there. On the other hand I do know that every one that takes the oath don’t stick by it.

      • Guest

        I never said he did sell drug I said its crazy to think just because he work as a CO that he didn’t. You don’t know what that man have done in his life time, nor do you know if he have anybodies over his head. If he did do you think he would bragg about it. In the drug business you are alone. When it come to going down unless you are a snitch and bring others down with you. You right thats how most drug dealers fall by letting other in there business. Cause when you alone only you know your business. I don’t know what this man have done and I can’t speak on nothing cause I never been there. On the other hand I do know that every one that takes the oath don’t stick by it.

      • Calico Joe

        So by your logic you’re saying that if you putting tons of dope on the streets and rapping bout it, It’s ok, but if you kill somebody don’t rap about it because you might face repercussions? Or jail time? When you have major drug dealers doing more time than murders? Think about what you’re saying.

      • Guest

        no what I am saying is dont no one knows what that man has done unless they been with him 24/7. People comment on other’s lives as if they know everything thats going on. Most of these comment on here is downing this man on a fact that they really dont know. We can debate back and forward and voice our opinion on what we think, but the fact is………he making his money and Im sure our opinion is not on his mind.

      • tab58064

        If he did or is doing all of the shit he raps about then he’d have to be a fool because surely he’d have been arrested by now. He’s a fraud and he’s been caught in so many lies about his life that it’s impossible for anyone who’s a logical thinker to believe anything he says about his activites in the street and drug game.

    • infinit221

      Studied? William has a beard so does Freeway Rick Ross, that’s about it. All this other stuff is an exaggeration. How many drug dealers are there in the world? Not hard to come up with your own story if you never lived it. And freeway is talking about him stealing superfly? Man, that’s some cornball shit to think someone is stealing your inspiration for selling dope to sell records. The judge is going to laugh him out the court room.

    • tab58064


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  • @brotha_man. Rick ross was a CO bro..not a drug dealer. Everything about this dude is a gimmick. Its sad that most people are aware of this and still support this fraud

    • Mike Swiff

      Tha illest you are my man, loving that other people feel the same way I feel about a con man.. Fake Rick Ross is nothing but a liar and any dude in the hood can tell stories about what we seen and heard and flip it like we did it. He is a LIAR and is not to be trusted.

    • disqus_sp2KfXS0zz

      shit people aware that 50 cent a snitch and still rocking with em thats the game now a days but i can say that RR came through on 3 different occasions when my record label through functions for the kids in the hoods just to give back and donate to his city CO or not that real nigga shit

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        Thats not real nigga shit because a real nigga would let the kids know his raps is for entertainment purposes only and that they should stay in school and out the game. He would tell them this because that is how he got to where he is today.

      • steveakers

        He cant because hes 1) not a real nigga and 2) didnt get there through redemption. He would have to tell the kids I was an officer and I just rap about other peoples lives without approval. That is an impossible message. Rap use to have people like Master P and Eazy E now this…

      • Guest

        Please tell me why do you all think because he was an PO or whatever law enforcement he was that he couldn’t sold drugs. Those are the ones that sell it the most.

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        because normally people don’t put themselves through college and get government jobs to be dope boys…..thats hustling backwards

      • Guest

        well you need to come to where I am from cause they do it every day. Are you serious to think that all police and laywers are on the up and up. It might be hustling backward but its a lot of them that is doing it, this is nothing that I am just guessing this is a known fact.

      • Norma Carter

        well you need to come to where I am from cause they do it every day. Are you serious to think that all police and laywers are on the up and up. It might be hustling backward but its a lot of them that is doing it, this is nothing that I am just guessing this is a known fact.

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        A lot of them are on the take for doing things providing inside information and possibly shaking down and robbing drug dealers.But I doubt they leave they legit 9 to 5 to go trap in the hood. Real street niggas would be afraid to get money with off-duty cops.

      • Guest

        Some will but not all. I am telling you I know a few, one is a homicide detective. He think people don’t know but they do.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Yeah they do. Their just the ones you don’t hear about. Hell I’ve known some that have put themselves thru college hustlin and gotten white collar jobs and kept it going on the side.

      • lisafordblog

        That’s not the issue. The issue is him stealing someone else’s idenitity.

      • trilltalk1

        because that nigga didn’t sell drugs thats why. the nigga life story been put on blast, and know where in that did it show he was moving multiple kilos. dude fraud, but these days it is ok to be fraud and kiss grown men in the mouth. smfh!

      • in Nigeria and rest of africa, we hv always know biggie, 2pac, dre. snoop. ice cube, ricky ross are never gangstars, they all make hit gangstar rap music, its all about entertainment

      • Shaquan Mccoy

        do u realize if u give up information to the LAW.. its on document….there are no papers…..Supreme himself said fif no snitch….stop wit the lies….

      • thanks man, u r a real nigga,show us the proof if he is a snitch

      • tab58064

        thats not always true. Judges seal informants files all the time and people snitch off the record all the time. There is no need for a record to be created when someone simply tells the cops this person is doing this or that at this time on this day or whatever and the cops decide to watch the activities that go on at that location and time. Happens all the time.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That’s if the Feds make it on the record. And the song Ghetto Quran had a lot of people in streets mad becaus it gave up to much info.

      • infinit221

        Man don’t sweat these trolls…bunch of haters that don’t know the man, and feel they got the authority to judge. Like I’ve said before on this post William does more “real” shit than almost any other artist out there and its no secret.

      • wtfbitcux

        i dont get how hes a snitch i get u dont like 50 and his music same here but just because u see rick ross(a rapper u like) as a person who beefed with 50cent and got exposed by him dont mean you should spread rumors. supreme was in jail before 50cent got shot do u really think a drug boss in south side jamaica needs to be snitched on to get caught americas fbi cia and police system is excellent they choose to turn a blind eye sometimes for “unknown reasons ^^”(u can watch the video about how freeway ricky exposed how the government was using him for money) a snich is someone who cooperates with the police for small time problems like “he shot him or he dealt a dime bag to him” and even after snitching the police need evidence to arrest that individual and will watch him until they have substantial proof of the snitches word…. ahh no more truth in this world anymore…. all these rappers are wack nowadays the only last real ones were in the 2000 era after that all bullshit

    • steveakers

      Agreed 1 Up

    • u r a fool, been a former co, doesnt not in any way relate to making hit music, why r u afro american always tryin to bring a nigga down

    • tab58064

      I agree with you. At some point rapper Ross needs to be held accountable by people in the rap community (fans and other artists). All these so-called “real niggaz” in rap have nothin’ to say about this issue at all. Biggie was made to quit using Biggie Smalls years ago because another artist had the name 1st, so sure a man who has a well know history and a story that’s his own and an image to go along with it should be able to demand that another person quit using his name and image to profit off it without permission!!

      • “Biggie Smalls” was a character out of the Uptown Saturday Night/Let’s Do It Again franchise…

      • buckwheat_savage

        Back in the early-mid nineties the was a song called “Nobody rides for free” by a relatively unknown rapper named Biggie Smalls. He came out with his record a few months before Notorius BIG dropped “Juicy”. Just droppin a little information for the bloggers…

  • count_210

    both of them niggas the police two cops fighting over a donut

  • Rick Ross is showing you how he spends your money. How many of you fans can afford a big mac?

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  • Mike Swiff

    Everyone on this site knows how I feel about Sloop Joe AKA Da Fake Rick Ross and wanna be Biggie (with the damn grunts on every song! smh) Nothin about this idiot is real and for anyone in Hip Hop to take Rick lightly you are a sucka also. The streets in Brooklyn have been talking dude is a FAKE.. This CO dude talking Fed talk, talking GD talk etc… William Leonard Roberts II you are a straight product of being a sucka and if you were a real dude on the streets lying and talking like you do you would be done yo! Rick Ross the rapper (or whatever he does) is a F’in FRAUD lil kids get that in your heads dude has not done NOTHING he screams on a song…NOTHIN! BIG UP TO SLOOPY JOE AND Maybach Music…(A bunch of wanna bee clownz) F outta here!! Freeway get yours my dude!!

    • Sounds like you have a personal issue…Biggie is dead get over it.

  • It your dudes believe everything you hear, so what if Rick Ross is fake how many Rappers do you know tell the real deal besides getting shot 9 times but was only shot 3 times maybe 4?? What I know his music is good, out of 100 only 10 of them is real and it be the ones you thought was soft. Anybody can rap abt shit they saw or hear it’s easy but it takes talent 2 make it believeable. P.S stop hating that shit is 4 bitches if you hate the music cool but when you start talking abt his looks, and colthes lol got check yourself

    • Exactly….All rappers tell stories about what they wish the could do…None of them live the lives that they rap about…People are attacking Rapper Rick Ross on the strength of 50 cent….Don’t let 50 cent brainwash you into thinking that having a REAL job before, after, or during being a rapper consider to be a bad thing.


        Doesnt it become a bad thing when you deny ever having the real job before you started rapping?

      • Yes, It’s a terrible thing because Hip-Hop fans are under the impression that having a REAL job is uncool…You have to kill, rob and steal to be a respected rapper…Dam shame huh?

      • Calico Joe

        He’s talking about Rick Ross. You’re defending the same person you’re criticising.

      • Yes I am aware…..I just flipped it with some reverse psychology.

      • artcryme99

        “all rappers?”……BULLSHET….Chuck D aint fake….these other cats portray fakeness because they idolize fakeness

      • First of all you can’t mix 80’s rappers with modern day rappers…That’s mixing apples and oranges….Back in the 80’s it was a different movement…Hip-Hop has clearly changed.

      • brotha_man

        true dat there aint no Queen latifah’s, MC lytes, etc anymore. Nikki would have got ran of the stage with her gimmicks or been eating by the female mc’s that had respect of the hood as well as the movement. That goes for rick ross as well NWA and geto boys would have made him prove himself and that’s when gang life was life….real life. not just rappers closing their eyes, wearing red and calling themselves bloods. brothas, sistas, mama, daddy, and grandma were dying over gang life.

      • I agree.

    • Calico Joe

      All rappers lie, true. But not all rappers lie about being ex C.O.’s and steal someone else’s identity for fame. Also his original rap name was some other shit when he was rapping with them slip n slide cats. Ain’t no hating, that nigga just got fake written all over him.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    william roberts is a disgrace to the hip hop culture and he cant keep getting a pass cause some kids like his music

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  • Mike9130

    I guess after spending a long time in jail, you don’t mind wasting time. Pointless.

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  • AK

    I met the Real Rick Ross at a show hes a real dude, what rawse did with his name was just disrespectful its a battle of lawyers now

  • You have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Freebe Jackson

    I hate when people try and compare rappers and movies…..Actors are just that……so until rappers get in these interviews and say these stories and raps are just fake and for your entertainment and i live nothing like this, you can not compare the two. Its not just entertainment if your trying to convince people that it’s real….a scary house at an amusement park is just entertainment.. but when you bring specialist and equipment out to a supposed haunted house and try and convince people that ghost are in the house it becomes more then a haunted house at Great Adventure

  • H60DSTA

    The fake RR just need to pay homage if he’s a “street nigga” like he say he is. The fake RR made millions off someone else name and life. If yall don’t understand that then yall dont understand this street life…it’s rules to the game. That nigga faker than a $3bill

  • So Ice cube is a gangster? Dr Dre is a Gangster? they both were portraying it in their music. Im just saying that Rap is entertainment and should be seen as such. And since when is being from the hood and doing grimey ish…a required attribute for being real.

    wake up!!!! people both Rick Ross real and fake are poisoning to our black communities. also the thug game/drug game is for lames anyways.


      Yeah. It the difference is Cube and Dre were their own man. Ain’t no nigga in Compton running around saying they stole his name and likeness though.

  • H60DSTA

    That’s your opinion and your entitled to it but the fact remains: The fake RR is making millions off of another man’s name. That is called Fraud / impersonation ijs.

  • No Rapper is real period. They are all paid to be actors.
    Freeway Ricky is the real deal but he would never step
    on the mic. Gangsters don’t rap. And even though Ricky
    used to be a kingpin. He is just a small fish to the figures

    above him. He was still a small change distributor
    compared to the ones who supplied him and let him play
    the game. Real gangsters don’t wear Tims and hoodies.
    They wear suits and tie and never make their hands dirty.

    • EL_BARK

      Man you watch to many movies if you think that the typical gangster
      Wear a suit & a tie. If you ask me a real gangster has to get his dirty.
      Leaving somebody else to do your dirty work, will only lead to your downfall.
      You cant tell on yourelf. Just remember that.
      This not 1960. And all those fat white gid father all get tooken down cause they dont get their hands dirty and somebody eventually flip on them.

      • No. The average drug dealer does not make big money. He can just sustain himself and spend more on luxury goods. Probably like a reversed Robin Hood. Selling drugs in their own neighborhood and squeezing the last jiuce out of people’s wallets, then donate it back to big enterprise. As long as the small distributor is showing of his money, he encourages others to follow in his footsteps because youngsters are watching, if a slightly older guy is able to sport a bigger car than their daddy or even their teachers in school. So they drop out of school to pursue the same thing.
        first guy will go to jail and the youngsters step up one place on the ladder. Filling the void the first guy left behind. but will they ever make it to the top? They will have a run of a few month to a few years and then face jail time. The jail system in the US largely benefits from that. Prison is big business. and we have idiots boasting with a criminal record. Waste the best years of your life and you can start from zero once you’re out. Great. Probably become frustrated and start doing drugs.Joining back into the cycle on the bottom.
        While nobody touches the manufacturer, the international distributors, the businessmen, lawyers, bankers and politicians who coordinate all operations. Keeping drugs illegal to keep the scheme alive.
        it’s like in a casino. The bank always wins. The gamblers will will a couple of times but loose for most of the time. To keep their face they will only talk about the wins. Never about the losses.
        Fake gangstas in rap are actually smart for doing what they do. Officer
        Ricky never had to do any of the shit he is rapping about and he can still put more money in his accounts every month than Freeway Ricky Ross has in his pockets since he’s a free man.

      • EL_BARK

        I know all the above. Our economic system revolves around drugs.
        But i was saying their are a lot of gangster, that dont wear suits.
        Ie killers & extorters. The extorters make bread & they dont risk their freedoms… They just tax the dealers who sell drugs.
        Ie gangster.

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  • Bigg King

    lol at this loser give it up rick ross ain’t cuttin no cheques no you or the fagg1t a$$ g’ds

  • YaheardSyndicate

    It has to be so frustrating to see some one profit off of your own name, when you are trying to help kids not make the mistakes you made. If Rapper Rick Ross was really a gangster, he would understand that and switch up the name, just so the dude who really lived it could do the good in the community he feels compelled to do after the damage he did… Instead though, the REAL Rick Ross has to hear someone who never lived the lifestyle, promoting the same old drug dealing like a broken record. Its sad.

  • Darkfather504

    Rick Ross has nice beats but your persona is a rip off and that’s what hold me back for fully embracing his music. Be authentic!!! If theRealRickRoss wins Maybach Music Group maybe Mita Music Group

  • Reblogged this on The Music Business Revisionist.

  • the problem people have is kids these days are dumber than dog shit and really believes the real noreaga owes him favors. people really believed that shit lmao! i’ve actually read a magazine interview on him where they asked if he knew freeway ricky ross. he said he never heard of him. him and his homie was throwing around names and they chose that. remember he was called the tethlon don before his new stage name.

  • Smoke_A_Holic

    So the fact that Rozay didn’t really sell drugs is a bad thing?!…COME ON MAN!!!!!!

  • bham-Jeff co.

    Damn Ross just Pay the Real Rick Ross off what you owe him cause you ji like did steal this dudes whole identity.

  • RapFan

    I’m not quite sure why this dude is fixated on suing Rozay… If he sincerely believe that his identity was stolen sololy base on the name Rick Ross, then why is he not also suing Freeway? I can understand that Freeway might not have as much paper as Rozay but common sense needs to be in play here. Imagine for a moment, if Rozay initially came out under a different name but rapper the same materials would this dude still go ahead with the lawsuit? Whether you like Rozay or not, you just have to wonder for a moment why isn’t Freeway from philly / state property isn’t being sue?

  • H.

    R.I.P. Pill’s time at MMG

  • if i give my homeboy 500k who is really in the streets and he flips that into 2 million dollars and gives me back 1 million and keeps the rest,…guesss what “I made a couple million dollars last year selling weight”…..William Roberts is a Bawse, Ricky Ross should of took Williams initial offering and kept it moving, now you suing N8ggas going to court deposition,…how the biggest dope boy in LA turned into Tameka Raymond???? Dont nobody owe Freeway a favor,……call it in, have them hit that boy head,….he gon come up wit your money……

  • Kix Knowledge

    I HIGHLY doubt people confuse him with the real Freeway Ricky Ross. and it’s not the name and likeness of Freeway Ricky Ross that got him fame or hits in internet searches. most people (the majority of the population) that listen to him had no idea who Freeway Ricky Ross was until he started crying about this artist biting him. Only an ignorant jury would agree that judgment should be ruled in favor of Freeway

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  • Synista

    Officer Ricky lies so much i think he actually believes his own lies,i would go as far as to say he is convinced that he is everything he projects! I see why he is always sporting shades,probably too scared to look anyone in the eyes directly for fear they will see through his soul.

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  • tab58064

    I really wish that the real Rick Ross would get a win over rapper Rick Ross because he has benefitted off of the use of real Rick Ross’ name, life-story, likeness, and image. I hate the way the rap community has left this brother out in the cold by allowing rapper Rick Ross to get away with fucking-over one of the realest who ever did it in real life!

  • TheMechanic


  • TheMechanic


  • BulldogCG

    I know people hate that Ross is fake and making money off of it, I kind of do to, but i also recognize that most of america does the same, so why hate on this blalck man for getting hold of the game? Also, its just entertainment. Maybe this is our cue to treat it that way, and stop with the need for all rappers to “keep it real,” If they was real in the streets thats where they would be, not rapping in a booth. Most people look at their music as entertainment, hip hop heads look at it as life and death, with the history I understand why, its given so many an opportunity that would not have one otherwise. However now we can all be what we want to be, harder in some instances sure, but possible, why expect reality from our entertainers instead of just entertainment? That being said the real Freeway has a right to be upset, he was involved in some real upper level conspiracy shit that hurt his people, it should not be capatalized off, but that is his guilt, Whites been captilizing off tragedy since forever , so I understand the real Ross’ anger, but not the bloggers, we should respect a black man that found a lane and try to do the same. If we want to change the images people grab hold to then we as consumers should purchase and talk about different things, but as long as we pay money to hear this coonery, we shouldnt be surprised we get coonery in return, man up and take responsibility, our society is messed up and we ask for sensationalism, so we get it. Sensible people just change the channel, but obviously that is the minority.

  • DollasTX

    Rappers been using other people’s nicknames as their own …hate him or love him but ROSS aint no different than 50Cent, Scarface, Jim Jones,WillieD, FatCats, especially Freeway from State Prop. just to name a few that embellish, lie, and/or glorify so If you gone bring one to justice than bring them all to justice.

    Freeway Rick should have sued any and every rapper using his name … not just the one that didn’t show love or support when you came home. That way it’s a more respectful claim, as opposed to picking and choosing make any and ALL pay what they weigh.

    i hope The Real Freeway Rick wins … so he can run off with his little sack and finally,stfu!

  • Bless Graphics

    William is a clone. How would you feel if you woke up one day and some fat nigga is making millions rapping your life story, using your full name but not paying you no homage. You would be pissed like the real Rick Ross. I wouldn’t be able to sleep good knowing there’s someone profiting off my legacy whether it was good or bad.

  • CB4 wasn’t about a kid expressing himself through clothing, style, and fictional spit-erature… It was about the smooth hi-jack of a real person’s persona by another, in order to cultivate a similar, if not exact, reputation… And we don’t even have to describe the premise of the movie with that much sophistication. The Rapper Rick Ross would be fine in my book if his design was to narrate, as it is one thing to create fictional stories as a means to express a creative mind… It’s another thing to hi-jack a persona and portray it to a T. This is a simple argument. It doesn’t take a 3rd grader to do this much arithmetic.This whole shi* is a no go.

    • Can’t lie though… I like the guy. He seem aiight to me.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this fraud should of just paid the real rick ross. he could of got some inside info to write in his lyrics Basically profiting off the content of the stories which the real rick ross is not allowed to do.

  • pennaitor

    I support everyday RICK ROSS, not freeway rick ross. He has manage to use his brain and the little talent he had to make himself some business. The Madingoes on this site still poising themselves from the inside thinking bad about Rick Ross. If I could just achieve half of what he has made in my entire life?????

  • Smoothazbrutha

    The rapper AZ (Nas’s sidekick from back in the day), had to break off a little something to former NYC Drug King Pin AZ (maybe you will remember him portrayed by Wood Harris in “Paid In Full”), who was doing it big in Harlem back in the 80’s with two other well known cats, because the use of his name, and image. It was settled out of court. Rick Ross needs to settle this thing, hit Freeway with $5 Million and some residuals on the back end for the use of the name.

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