Shawty Lo

Hip-Hop Rumors: Oxygen To Cancel Shawty Lo’s Show

We went from “All In The Family” to “All My Baby Mamas.” DAMN! Archie won.

YEAP!!!! Good luck, Shawty, but I am hearing that the show “All My Baby Mamas” may not see the light of day. There are a lot of public, very outright forces that want it dead but there are also she very behind-the-scenes forces as well. They all strive for it to to be ended and I am hearing that Oxygen will soon cave on it. I find that interesting since “reality” TV has never seemed to have a cap on ratchetness. But now, it does. I personally think they need to work even harder to ban these damn shows….I should host a judge show for reality shows or something. Judge, jury and executioner.

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Here is Shawty Lo talking about his show, that may not come out.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Don Vida

    So there is Hope …

    • johnblacksad

      but look at your id name and avi tho…

      • Don Vida

        That’s rough, breaux.

  • Put some quality music out nigga quit bein trendy

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  • whats wong with a show about a man who takes care of his kids….he has 11 and he takes care of them

    • BrotherMan21

      Imagine being one of the 11 kids… I guess black people love single-parent households.

      • 357

        Might want to either move out your area or open your eyes more, blacks aren’t the only groups that have single parent households.

    • ONE

      Good point, some men cant take care of just one

  • crucob

    If they can this show b4 it even starts, I call BS. There’s more than a handful of “reality-based” shows, that are no better, that exploit & glorify ignorance & materialism to the fullest on tv. What message are they sending if not “all these other pieces of trash are acceptable but THIS isn’t”??? If they wanna draw the line here, I say all the other ones should’ve been cut too. It’s straight hypocrisy.

    • maybe they are realizing that this is one of the most ratchet shows they have ever attempted to make and it is furthering a negative stereotype of the black community. Hypocrisy it is not, a conscious it is.

      • DA BAY AREA


    • DollasTX

      why would you call BS? Using “other shows” as justification just muddy’s the waters even more. “They jumped out the window, so why can’t I?…” only gives a false justification to allowing the punk shyt to keep going even further.

      • crucob

        I’m calling BS because people are trying to condemn a man who has 11 kids, but he’s also providing for those kids & isn’t denying them, which is more than can be said about a lot of dudes who aren’t even trying to take care of the 1 or 2 they have. I’m saying that with all the ignorant self-degrading idiots they’ve made stars out of, why would you shoot down a man who’s actually trying to handle his business? I really hope if this show gets cut that people really start to take a look at all the other garbage that’s proliferating on tv now & cut that ish out too, THAT would be fair IMO .

      • DollasTX

        i’m a father and a damn good one so i aint condemning LOS for taking care of his kids … i think the point you are missing is the portrayal on television – the show wont be about HIM taking care of his 11 kids (though it’s subjective because they dont all live in that house and some of the mothers gripe is that their kids needs aren’t being met or catered to as some of the other kids needs are)

        the show is going to be more of a focus on THE BABY MAMA’S drama then his obligation to render aid and support to all of his children –

        on top of that … think about how good he really is taken care of his kids when they all live in different houses … on top of him having to be able to get out on the road to provide at the same time … it’s a damn task raising 4 kids in the same house let alone 11 different ones under 10 different roofs –

        hope you aint one of them naive niggahs that think they dont have to physically be there for their child as long as they buy them books and school clothes –

      • wickedjones

        Not to mention. Sister wives.. but i guess thats ok because u know.

  • andone

    “I personally think they need to work even harder to ban these damn shows”….

    now if only u felt the same way about fraud @ss rappers, maybe then ud be taken serious illseed…

    El-Oh is openly proud of being a family(im using the term loosely) man and deserves to be banned, yet a former correction officer who denies his past is worthy of daily coverage… SMH dude ur comment/post is beyond hypocritical!!!

    p.s: im also willin to bet that the so called “behind the scene forces” are more than likely religiously orientated as well!!

  • Jas1ne

    Shit lets petition to remove the others now!

    • SpaceAge2012

      Real talk! With Keef & Trinidad James in constant rotation I think we got enuff coonery on da air already.

  • hsc179

    I think a lot of baby mamas want this show banned because it would be them looking themselves in the mirror every time they watch it.I mean there are way worse shows with ratcheter activities going on in them but you care about a man with 10 bm’s and 11 kids that he takes care of having a reality show?Somethan bout that dont sound right to me.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its not about him taking care of the kids … and we already know the TAKING CARE OF PART will be a minor part of the show … the highlights will be the bickering and fighting between baby mamas and …. fights with baby mama and Lo … and you can already see from the trailor a major line between baby mammas and his new girlfriend …. who is only 18 thats the same age of 3 of his daughters i think … and we all know sooner or later the new girlfriend will be coming the NEW BABY MAMA #11 @ which point shawty lo prob have a newer younger girlfriend …………… that show will barely show any kinds of glimpse into a farther taking care of his kids ….. cause that dont generate ratings !!!!!!! fights yelling rachet ish creates RATINGS !!! you think oxygen took on the show cause they see a father holding down a 10 woman 11 kid family ?? and what can regular american learn from this ?? the only reason why shawty can maintain and not be like the other dead beat dads who have 10 kids is cause hes gained a 10million dollar deal with 50 cent ….. or better yet selling death in the street …. either way hes sacrificing others to take care of his mistakes and burdens that he put on himself …… hey it is what it is …. and after all that like i said i never wanted to see the show cancled but i def had my gripes about the show lol 😉

  • MadVillain

    everytime i see Shawty Lo my eyes just wander up to that fucced Lebron Hairline

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      MadVilliain – and that’s Way up.

  • TruthSerum

    I’m against censorship so I dont know how I feel about this. On one hand, the show looks embarassing as hell so I’m glad it wont be seen but I dont want it to be because a bunch of self righteous censors made that choice for me. I’d rather they let the show go on the air and see it cancelled for low ratings or something. Freedom of Speech & Expression should be unlimited, a bunch of people picking and choosing what the rest of us get to watch doesnt sit well with me. How long before somebody cancels the shows you like because they were offended by it??

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      we are talking about cable tv … you cant get on cable tv and say sh#t f#ck like my big d*ck ……. certain ish cant be aired on tv because its open viewer ship … anyone can watch ……. thats why i said @ the end of the day …. shawty still got youtube ………. if he still wants to get it out there … shoot he might actuallly get more views off the internet ……….. the internet is the market for ratchet ish ….

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  • RichFromBX

    so people are upset that a show that could be potentially embarrassing to black people by reenforcing stereotypes has been canceled? Has anyone thought that maybe after gathering the footage the network realized the show wasn’t shaping up to what they had planned it to be on paper?

    If the purpose of this show was to demonstrate his taking responsibility for his children, being a proper father and working through the circumstances then I would be for it but because of shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Moms, Desperate Housewives you’re not going to get a serious perspective. Unless there are “characters”, fighting and stereotypes these types of shows don’t succeed so really what I hope happened here is that someone at the network took responsibility and wasn’t going to put anything like that out…

    I’m sorry but with a title like “All My Babies’ Mamas” you can’t help but think they were going down the road of those typically embarrassing “reality show”. If there was something serious behind the show you could’ve titled it differently…

    of course this is all speculation because no one has actually seen the show. I suppose because of that you could think the other direction as well and that show would cast a positive light but the “machine” won’t allow black people to be seen in a positive light but then again if this was to be serious from the start you could’ve got someone other than Shawty Lo. Unfortunately, he’s not the only person in this situation.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      thing is jersey shore is a beach party show … ratchet is expected !! … but this isnt labeled a family show … IT IS A FAMILY SHOW !! lol it doesnt have to be label it is exactly that … if this is entertainment why not just give that lady with 15 kids a show with the baby dad that claims 10 of the kids but happens to be in jail …. she says someone needs to pay for it … give her a show lol …. @least shawty is eating … sadily her blog looked like one of those feed the kids commercial 🙁 …..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    hey i had my issues with the show but i didnt want to see it get canceled … if anything a man with that size of a family NEEDS this show … if guys like jim jones, scrappy etc…. did the reality show thing strickly so wifey could have an income and get out they pocket shawty def could use this too …………….. hey it is what it is tho ….. even if they cancel it ……….. shawty still got youtube !! shoot the trailor was released on youtube and created the buzz ….

  • Ronlg1

    Yo, now cancel ALL of the “Real Housewives” shows, ALL of the “Bad girls” shows, ALL of the “Love and hip hop” shows, etc and we will call it even

  • Torrey Winston

    i dont know why they tryna dead this one…might as well be on tv. a bunch of dumb ass women fighting yelling ignorant as hell…damn that sound like housewives and love & hip hop. No hope for the black woman on tv. Oprah we need you lol

  • Biba Adams

    I think that this was probably going to be a hot mess, but not just because of the amount of kids Shawty Lo has, I grew up knowing men with a dozen children. I think it was a bad idea for the producers to give them nicknames like, “Fighter Baby Mama” and “Bourgie Baby Mama.” I think if it had been produced a little more tastefully, people would not have had such a backlash. As a Black woman and a single mother, I wasn’t opposed to the storyline, just that element of the depiction. I don’t think this was the biggest media threat to the image of African Americans… that honor belongs to nightly news broadcasts.

  • mxtralive

    just hope bet, vh1 or mtv dont pick it up now

  • bet ya he aint bigging up his haters now….

    • MadVillain

      lol, im actually shaking my head that i get this reference

  • I honestly don’t care about reality shows at all but something seems wrong if this dude can’t have his show with his multiple chicks but that sister wives gets a pass.

  • kered gnuoy

    damn all the mother’s of hos kids are ugly as sin.

  • DollasTX

    how about they do a show on the 11 kids and keep the baby mama’s and the sperm donor/check signer both to a minimum … show the ying/yang to having a semi-famous father with 10 brothers and sisters and the struggle they all endure as siblings …

  • King Cold

    Super duper coonery

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    NOT RIGHT!!!PERIOD….While they are going through hoops to get Shawty Lo’s show taking off Oxygen they should take the time and get Love&HipHop, Tyler Perry’s shows and a host more off the air. Shit BET too!!! Yo get them as well!!! They all dont portray African Americans in the best light always as well. This just AINT RIGHT!!!!!Qaadiru

    • Q.

      So are you defending this show…with El Hajj in your avi?

      • scullyson

        lol….isnt that an Oxymoron ?…smh

  • Q.

    One down…

  • I would of actually watched this, looked decent.

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