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EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Young Chris On Rising Tension Between Cassidy and Meek Mill

(AllHipHop News) The East Coast is buzzing about the rising tension between Philadelphia Hip Hop artists Meek Mill and Cassidy after the pair traded diss songs titled “Repo” and “R.A.I.D.“, respectively.

While neither rapper has dropped anything new since the songs hit the Internet in December, both Cassidy has continued to address the situation in various interviews, while Meek has remained virtually silent since the release of his song “Repo.”

During a recent interview, Philly rapper Young Chris, who is featured on Meek’s hit single “Welcome to My House Party” discussed the beef between the two acts he has known for over a decade.

“Their both friends of mine , so of course I don’t agree with it. I feel like, its cool for hip hop to battle, but when it gets serious its a bad look for us,” Young Chris explained to, claiming the entire feud was bad for the local rap scene. 

“It’s bulls**t what they’re going through it right now, they should be doing s**t together,” Young Chris said. “But in due time , I think it’ll all change hopefully.”

Young Chris is looking forward to his new album Alive, which is slated for release this Spring on Division 1/Universal Motown.

Check out the interview with Young Chris below:

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  • Sparky Flinstone

    I like Young Chris

  • SpaceAge2012

    Chris knows that shit aint serious between them 2 dudes.Every1 knows that rap beef shit 2day is just a promotional tool artists use 2 create a buzz in da streets when no1’s talkin bout them & they plan 2 release a new project.

  • moneycash

    I guess Young Chriss and Neef Buck need to get on the same page… Neef went in on Meek

  • Celz

    What the hell happened to Neef?? State Prop was the dopest group back in they hey day..

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  • Jame Shivar

    I know what happened to Chris! Jay-z stole his st
    yle! So he had to fall back and recreate what a sucka stole from him!

    • ajaychitown

      really dude? How jay Z gone still the man style and Jay been doing it for over a decade before Chris. I guess hataz gone be hataz smh

      • bisolabliss

        your response clearly proves you don’t know shit about what you jumped into… show me a record pre-state property where jay was rapping with that style… he switched up when SP came on board (aka he jacked young chris flow)

      • MikeyRon

        Jay did steal Chris out of breath flow!

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    Same beat, length of bars, etc.

  • Globalhiphopbattles Page Globa

    Young gunnna’s

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