Hip-Hop Rumors: What Old School Rapper Is Ripping Off Young Artists?


Do you even know who Father MC is? I barely do so I know you probably don’t. But, Father MC is one of the first people to put Mary J. Blige in the game back in the day. He had a hit record called “Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated” but rumors have it, he is not living by this creed.

Peep what HSK has on deck!


“Maybe it’s true that I set myself up.” ~Father MC, ‘Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated’
HSK Exclusive – Father MC seems to be working hard at cashing in over an illusion he’s said to be painting for rookie recording artists.
We’re told the “Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated” lyricist is scamming thousands of dollars out of each of the aspiring vocalists he bags — charging them seven-hundred dollars a recording session, while providing each of his alleged victims with the same musical production to lay their vocals on.
Sources tell us it all goes down at Killer Rabbit Studios in Studio City, California. But, before Father MC – whose real name is Timothy Brown – secures the scam, we’re told he claims to be living in Eddie Van Halen’s former Studio City home; says his Armenian girlfriend – Amy – is Kim Kardashian’s cousin; and keeps a quartet of designer toy dogs – for show – while exposing the animals to cruel and inhumane conditions.
Here’s the drop:

“Father MC is still ripping off them new jacks, selling the same music to his clients. He’s charging them seven-hundred bucks a session, and they’re not allowed to leave the studio with the finish song.
Father tells the new jacks he’s shopping their song for a record deal, and that he’ll get back to them. He never does. He’s pulling a fast one on these kids, with the help of his partner in crime, James Callahan.”
Is Father MC lacking a driver’s license over failing to provide child support — leading the reported rapper-turned scam artist to enlist an intern to drive him around LA in a black truck? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Chris…

We suspect aspiring singer Margaret Ann Garza to be one of Father MC’s victims. Here is a YouTube video – described as being produced by Father MC at Rabbits Studios – Garza uploaded in September 2012. Take a listen…


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • mosestobymcgeethree

    i believe he also was the first to put jodeci in a song and he was managed by diddy or had diddy as a dancer.

    • Papi Peligro

      He really was Father in MC.

  • Check out the video? There is no video….Good Job!

  • Is it an invisible video?

    • brotha_man

      manti te’o is the creator of the video

      • Chris

        I knew somebody was goin’ to say somethin’ about ole’ boy. LMBO.

      • johnblacksad

        lol… no shame in dude’s game… smh

    • PL

      Illseed is manti te’o’s girlfriend…

      • brotha_man


      • anonymous

        When is someone gone whoop this niggas ass already!

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  • $28825362

    No way this is Illseed if you “barely” know who Father MC is.

    Case closed.



      • brotha_man

        if you studied hiphop-ology u should know who father MC is…..SMH. this futhers my assumption that Illseed is a white guy

      • TO green

        Hey brotha man. I’m a white dude and this “””hip hop journalist””” sucking at what he does has nothing to do with him bein white. I mean he may very well be but not knowing Father MC is whackness not whiteness….all due respect…

      • Bumpy Johnson


      • Galactus

        nah illcoon is a shucking n jivin piccaninny smh

  • FaSho Money Prince

    AllHipHop.Com frontin like they don’t know who Father MC is… 1 hit wonder is still better than anyone wondering when they gone get a hit…

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      he had at least 2 big hits

  • Papi Peligro

    It ain’t Rev Run? Had to do it.

  • Mark Olford

    Diddy danced in his video back in the day….back ground dancer….and if this is true that would be hella foul….

  • Mitchell Patterson

    Diddy managed and produced Father MC when he worked for Andre Harrell at Uptown (pre-Bad Boy). Father MC’s success got Puff the VP gig at Uptown where signed Jodeci,Mary J and some other cats I can’t really remember. He was wack, but I can’t believe you “barely” know who he is and yet you’re allowed write about Hip Hop. …smh

  • 1SOFLO1

    Illseed don’t know who Father MC is, Wow! no comment.

  • DollasTX

    Father MC was a one hit wonder but he is credited for putting Jodeci, Puff, and MJB on … Jodeci made the single pop – killed that YOU SHOULD TREAT’EM RIGHT chorus – I don’t even remember the lyrics but I ain’t ever forgot the chorus …. Needless to say bumping Father MC back in the gap was the equivalent to supporting Drake now a days

  • “industry rule #4,080…record people are shadyyyYYYY!” TCQ

  • Yo! iLLseed:
    Chris Brown broke his right hand in the Frank Ocean….um, er, SITUATION, pics on 4UMF.

  • how u don’t know who father mc is and you write for a hip hop site and how can you snitch on this guy with his real name but don’t say who the rapist is? Plus this is not a rip off, it’s call a REFERENCE TRACK if you know anything about R&B. why have a million tracks when u can have one and see who sound the best on it when shopping. if he’s not shopping which “YOU” don’t know. then that’s on him and hungry artist.

  • $18592567

    The writer of this article is not a hip hop expert.

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  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Haha, nah this definitely isn’t illseed. AHH probably sued the real one for his name or bought it out.

  • Let’s give ilseed the credit for telling the truth about barely knowing who father Mc is.

    Ilseed could have done a Rickey Rosey on us and lied to us but chose not to. BIG UP FOR TELLING THE TRUTH.


    I guessed it was Grandaddy I U from the pic… I was close !

  • Draus Dcs

    He calls himself PHAMBODY now. Jodeci and Mary J Blige both came out for the first time as guest appearances on his first two singles. Puffy was dancing in the video. He had a few hits back in the day but that was a LONG time ago. My boys didnt know their hip hop history and were awestruck at the fact that he was calling up big wigs on the phone and frontin. We actually slept at this dudes house. We’re probably the only ones who actually have music to show for it, but it SUCKS. He can’t produce worth a damn. He is tone def. I GOT the track he did for us if anybody wants to hear it. Even has his voice on it. He was hating on me hard cuz I actually make better beats than him. He was downplaying the music we came in with talking saying we need to pay him and stop making records in the basement. I was pissed off because at the time we were in DC recording at NIGHT FLIGHT and CUE where Platinum Albums were made. We actually FLEW to California and recorded with this clown. This was in 07 and we weren’t no broke dudes. I didnt want to fly there. I felt like he could have sent us some snippets and we could have picked a track and recorded it in DC, but he talked a slick game and was in a relationship with my boy’s sister at the time.

    I actually spazzed out on this dude. I probably came out of my pocket for about 200 dollars myself and I didnt even wanna spend THAT. My boy put up 2 stacks and I told him NOT to do it. This fool charged us 2500 before we even walked into the studio. I was HEATED, but my boys not knowing their hip hop history were just amped to be in the studio with a vet and paid the money. At THAT time, I had producers like Calvin Miller and Shawn Campbell from the Architecks coming over my house and knew we coulda got a better situation than washed up Phambody.

    DUDE is a scam artist. He will have somebody on the phone pretending he is the president of Koch or some record label saying “You got a deal!!!” and all he wants to do is have a production credit to make it happen. You will have to retain his service up front though. I was trying to tell my boys that if they actually had a deal, then the label would give them a budget and they could pay dude with the money from their budget. I actually said for that amount of money, I would pay to have him set up a face to face with a label head instead of having him mix down work we had already produced and recorded ourselves. He charged a friend of mine 7500 for 2 weeks of studio work on songs that were already produced and recorded by ME. Supposedly, He wanted to have an Engineer that does work on Timbo and Dre’s albums to mix my friend’s stuff down before he handed it in.

    Luckily, my friend was a hustler and had that type of money sittin around and made it back easily. It wasnt somebody’s life savings. After he mixed them down, he sent them back, but we never heard from him again. He supposedly took a trip out of the country and we aint heard from him since. We been plannin a flight back to Cali though……. We know where he lives in Studio City. Right off Ventura Blvd. We know he used to mess with Theresa Randall and stays in Pilar Fort’s house. We been in his house. Like I said, it wasnt MY money though. I tried to warn my boy that there are NO shortcuts. Especially shortcuts that involve washed up rappers with NO production credits tryna sell production for industry standard prices.

    • Roscoe Gray

      Yeah I knew this bitch ass nigga!!!!!!! He tried to get mne for the same.

  • Draus Dcs

    I am a dude who actually met with this dude and did a song with him. He claims to be a producer with plugs to a record label and he will charge you an arm and a leg to do work with him. I LET him do it to my crew because they were dumb and goin against my word when I asked them to make him “Negotiate”, but they were so starstruck they bent to his terms. He scammed us out of about 10 racks and I let them do it because they were dumb enough to take him at his word and not listen to me when I said that money would be better spent promoting ourselves. He charged us 2500 for a track and I asked he didnt even have any beats to reference. Since our crew was startsruck and didn’t even know their history I let him do it, even though I knew it was a scam because I knew. felt like I was the only one who had common sense and since they were starstruck and the money didnt come all the way out of MY pocket, PHUKK IT, LET THEM LEARN the hard way because i had other options for us. We FLEW out to Cali and he didnt even have tracks on hand. He put together a piece of SHYT beat on a MPC and I was ready to whoop his a$$ IN THE STUDIO RIGHT THEN AND THERE but since we actually flew out to LA and were from the East Coast, I knew he would rat and didnt beat his azz. The money didnt come out of my pocket. He was askin for 2500 before we even set foot in the studio and heard anything and I was ready to turn around and catch a flight back home to the East Coast. The computer he had was crashing and he tried to turn the table on us and make it look like we were the ones at fault when really his mac was crashing. I was about to punch him in the mouth, but didnt want to be locked up in Cali. Afterwards, it took forever to get our music back and he was claiming he was going to shop it for a deal. I knew it was nonsense, but I also knew we would be better off spending our money on promotion instead of dealing with this washed up a##hole who was threathened by me because I was an engineer and could produce myself, so I KNEW it was a scam wholetime, but my crew was so starstruck they couldn’t see it. To top it off, He LATER scammed my boy out of $7500 claiming he would have an engineer mix tracks that I PRODUCED MYSELF. I Dont know why my man paid that much, but FATHER MC claimed he had a deal for my boy with Koch on the table and even had the president of the label on the phone acting like he had a deal for us. I knew it the whole time, but the money didnt come out of my pocket, so even though I spoke against it, I went along with it knowing it was a scam, but these dudes were so starstruck and Father MC talked such a good game to them (even though I KNEW and SAID it was BS).

    We almost whooped him in California. I almost swung on him for talking reckless and fakin. I dont know what possessed my man to put up that much money. I guess he though it would be an easy way in and that he would have a deal. I have the story available for anyone who wants to listen. I know first hand that Timothy Brown is a SCAM artist. At least he didnt get MY money, but he got my homeboy. I wish my homeboy had done his homework and listened to me, cuz I tried to warn him.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its snakes all in the industry some times you gotta learn the hard way

  • Sidney erm Illseed. (sorry).
    we know you are not familiar with Hip-Hop

    culture and its history. Thou shall be forgiven.

    Go and ask a friend who is familiar with
    Hip-Hop and ask this friend to teach you
    about the golden age of 1988 and the 10
    years after. Once you get to the year 1990
    you should also find out about Father MC.
    Around the time MC Hammer was hot.

    He was hot until KRS one kicked those
    PM Dawn guys off stage and all kinds
    of rappers in the same avenue stopped

    selling records.

    He was managed by a young P.Diddy who
    just started his job as an intern for Andre
    Harrel at Uptown Records.

  • johnblacksad

    “Rap is like a ghost town, real mystic
    Like these folks never existed
    They the reason that rap became addictive
    Play their CD or wax and get lifted
    I recommend when your kid turn ten
    Let him hear Spice 1, made plenty noise
    Positive K, FATHER MC, the Skinny Boys…
    Where are they now?”


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  • dominicancoke

    Diddy use to be a back up dancer for father MC check the treat em how they wanna be treated video feat a young unknown kc and jo jo i guess father MC tought diddy how to scam his artist

  • sakiru oresanwo

    A scam artist you can mention names and locations but a rapist you leave people guessing {shakes head in slow motion, gets up from chair,sends this post and walks away}

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    illseed you killing AHH credibility i would excpect media take out or tmz to say some bs like that

  • Draus Dcs

    He also had those “I Beeped You, Why you aint call me back” and “I wanna hit you wit a 69” singles after those. He had a song on the “Who’s the Man” soundtrack too (Pimp or Die). Diddy wasn’t in the “Treat Him like they wanna be Treated” video. He was in the “If you Do for me” video ft. Mary J Blige (which was the actually decent song). He had about as much popularity as Chubb Rock. Nowadays Father MC calls himself PHAMBODY

  • Tall Shon or T.S

    I am sorry but why are these people being scammed by Father MC. This nigga hasnt done shit in years so why in the hell are they paying 700 per studio session for this nigga. LOL come on.. Father MC… lol


    What kind of yellow journalism expose is this!!

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    a girl I know over here in england ended up having a kid by him after him bein on tour…don’t know if he’s ever seen the child…

  • MildManneredReporter

    lmao sydney we know this is you stop fronting

  • Fresh Dope

    Only 1 wacker than an ‘Editor’ who doesn’t know FATHER MC (helped launch Diddy, Mary J Blige, Jodeci) is SEAN MERRICK aka JACKY ‘Wackass’ JASPER of HSK who is the BIGGEST SNITCH, stretching liars & sour grape haters into ‘News’?! Karma gonna GET HIM! Trying to throw all his old friends, ICE-T, MARC LIVE, KOOL KEITH & more ‘under a bus’ for his worthless traffic of chickenheads & dimwits! What a ‘life’, LOSER! R.I.P. SNITCH

  • dy

    Why is this surprising? If you remember his videos ripped off Bobby Brown

  • heavyboy

    Riding shotgun for failing to pay child support? Maybe he should change his name to “NOT A GOOD FATHER” MC***