Chief Keef's Manager Defends Troubled Rapper, Says He's Had A "Wake-up Call"

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Chief Keef has faced serious circumstances in his short music career. The 17-year-old is currently serving a 60-day sentence in juvenile detention on a gun charge. The presiding judge ruled that Keef had violated his probation after appearing in taped interview for Pitchfork at a gun range.

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Keef’s recent incarceration and violent imagery in his lyrics have led to a lot of criticism toward the “Love Sosa” rapper, especially in the wake of the overwhelming violence in his hometown.

Keef’s manager, Dro Manuel, recently defended his client in an interview with The Best of Both Offices, saying he felt putting the burden of what’s happening in Chicago on the young rapper was unfair, and that people have a misconception of the real Chief Keef.

Manuel insists Keef is not a bad person, but just an entertainer who’s speaking on real life topics.

“He’s not the first to put reality-based lyrics [in his music], as far as like talking about what’s going on in the inner-city for real,” said Manuel. “I think that it’s kinda messed up that they wanna blame him for all the murders, all the crime and all this other stuff that’s going on in Chicago.”

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While Manuel defends Keef against the idea that he’s in any way responsible for the high murder rate in Chicago, he does say that there is blame to go around- mostly on city officials and the media.

“Chicago hasn’t paid attention to Englewood [Chief Keef’s neighborhood] since they thought they were getting the Olympics. That’s when they brought it out to the public like, ‘there’s all these murders happening in Englewood everyday,’ and that kinda backfired on them…after that, they haven’t brought it back up until Chief Keef.”

Manuel went on to say that he feels other Chi-town emcees haven’t spoken out enough about the lack of attention to the violent areas of the city, after the failed Olympic bid.

“And all of the other rappers that come from Chicago, they know that. They act like they don’t know that, but they know that. These problems have gone on here for a long time.”

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Manuel also believes that Keef’s recent legal problems are mostly the fault of other people. When asked if he thought Pitchfork is responsible for Keef getting locked up he replied, “Pitchfork and whoever set that interview up, not saying any names, but yeah. I think so.”

Manuel said that he is confident Chief Keef will leave the detention center a changed man.

“I got a message from him that he’s had a wake-up call. This is a wake-up call for him,” he revealed. “I think he’s gonna come out a different person. I think he’s gonna come out with some new music, a new attitude…”

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  • johnblacksad

    i wish the kid good luck… hope he wisens up

    • “They got me rotting with the time that I’m serving, telling you what happened, at the same time they’re throwing, 4 of us packed in a cell, like slaves, oh well, that same Mudda Chucka got us living in his hell”..Chuck D “Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos

      The “53 Brothers, bruised, battered and scarred, but hard”….represent the 53 brothers who wrote the first black encyclopedia.

      60 days?

      That dude will be home before your battery dies.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Why is everybody actin like he got 5 years in a maximum security state jail.

  • he is still wack ye ppl that know him and r related 2 him wud say he is a gd person blah blah if he is a gd person why is he in a gang? if he is a gd person why was he in a pic with his mum and she is throwin up gang signs? i dont know who there tryin 2 fool but they dont fool me

    • Hard to relate to a person and where they come from unless you actually lived the same life. Problems are a hell of a lot deeper in Chicago then Chief Keef. I can’t even name 3 songs by the kid, just saying.

    • dayleedumped

      nah they didnt mean gd as GOOD.. they meant GD as GANGSTA DISCIPLES.LOL you got it all twisted

      • Bumpy Johnson

        chief keef is a black disciple and is from a faction that kills gangsta disciples.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i actually just read the article…he is not wrong for wha the is saying tho…and the city of chicago should look at chief keef actually as a turning point because now they are gettin attention…do yall know that chicago isnt as bad as it was in the early 2000s…but now the media is makin it look worse than ever….if it wasnt for drill music no one would even care….think bout it. when u think Chicago u think its the most murderous city right….but really Detroit and New Orleans are way worse. but no rappers exposing their truth so no coverage thus no one cares.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dude garbage. He will be in and out of jail until he learns his lesson.

  • A probation violation makes him “troubled”… Ok… Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith…that was troubled.

  • disqus_9T2rBsSJoO

    Free Sosa!! I know ya be thinkin he just some black kid who settin a bad example for everyone and @#!*% but you dont live his life you have no idea what he had gone through, what he has seen, and what he has had to do to survive in Chicago. Life there is hard, trust me I know, I live there. You be walkin out the house and gotta be afraid of bein shot at. It’s not his falut that he grew up in a violent enviroment any more than it is mine.You may know his name but you’ll never know his full story, so dont judge him by his actions til you have walked a mile in his shoes.

    • we’ve been on this earth for 100s of years and in 2013 keef is the first one ever to go thru real struggle ?? are you serious in 2013 where the president is black … GTFOH !!

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  • the violence and ignorance are what made him popular in the first place..without that, he has no music career (keep it real, what else is he going to rap about?), and he’s back in the hood broke again..which will lead him right back to being with the same crowd and doing the same dumb shit..tough situation. much luck to the young brother tho, he will need it

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  • Nobody changes that quickly, unless he wasn’t real to begin with.

  • 2012Industry1

    My Issue is with this manager saying that it’s someone else’s fault about anything with Keef! Don’t shift responsibility, own it, then change it! That’s this cat’s problem now! Being something you not, then crying when you get pointed out for what you’re betraying! I just wish a lot more “rappers” get called out and suffered for the fake portrayal they’re putting out! NO< i'm not talking about just Ross….99% of Hip Hop in the last 10 years!

  • Dadon850

    That manager is part of the problem. It’s everyone else fault for Keef’s problems and all the murders in Chi too?? Keef need some real mentors around him or he’ll be another dead rapper that won’t be remembered.

    • Celz

      How the hell is the person who set up an INTERVIEW responsible for your PROBATION VIOLATION. Like people don’t get it.. You pull a gun on cops, you get convicted (surprised he’s still breathing), YOU LOSE SOME OF YOUR RIGHTS, so an interview that is LEGAL, VIOLATES your probabtion, the interview didn’t break ANY LAWS, it’s not someone else’s responsibility to know the terms of your probation… His management should of known but it’s Keef’s responsibility he signed off on the terms himself..

      • cause they are cosigning his behavior by paying him like a ball player … cheef is grown but its the same thing with kids … if kids do bad ish and you keep showering them with gifts they will never understand responsibility of thier actions because bad or good they keep getting rewarded … woman love them and white folk$ pay them !!!!!!!!!! if that were you wouldnt you keep saying everything folks wanna hear but keep doing what you want to do ….. IJS ……

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  • #excuses

  • @the end of the day .. pac had a wake up call in jail too … who doesnt have a wake up call while in jail … its about what you do when you get out … will that wake up call still exist ….?? things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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