Freddie Gibbs Talks T.I.’s Gangsta, Rick Ross Shooting and Rift with Young Jeezy

(AllHipHop News) If you listen to just six bars of any Freddie Gibbs verse it becomes abundantly clear that he holds his tongue for no one and voiced his opinions recently on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI’s “The Morning Riot” show.

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The former Corporate Thugz Entertainment artist spoke on his former boss, Young Jeezy’s inability to help promote:

“I felt like I was wasting time pushing someone else’s brand when I could push my own and do my own thing. Because that’s was what he was concerned with, pushing Jeezy. So I gotta be concerned with pushing Gibbs.”]

Gangsta Gibbs also hints at financial improprieties on Jeezy’s part as an additional catalyst to his departure. “So since we not in the street,” the Baby Face Killa MC says  “you feel like you can play with my money on this Rap side and there ain’t gon’ be no repercussions?” Gibbs signed to the CTE label in 2011 after a string of critically acclaimed buzzworthy mixtapes such as 2009’s now-ironic The Labels Tryin’ To Kill Me  and 2010’s St8 Killa No Filla.

The Gary, Indiana native also took offense to T.I.’s recent comments in The Source about how gangsta rap is dying. Gibbs states he “totally disagrees” with T.I.’s statement and questions his true appreciation for the gangsta rap artform:

I think guys like him are supposed to be the staples of this gangsta rap. If you keep saying it’s dead, it’s dead, it’s dead, then you’re going to let it die. You grew up on it, so how you gonna say something’s dead when you grew up on it?

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While Jeezy and T.I. get their share of Gibbs vitriol, but it’s the Maybach Music Group head honcho who gets the brunt of his tirade. When asked about Rick Ross’ recent shooting, Gibbs jokingly asked “did he got shot at” before explaining his backhanded concern for Rozay’s health after the shooting:

“I really don’t want to see none of these guys get murdered because I don’t want to see them jump to legend status. It seems like when you die, all of a sudden, ‘He’s the greatest of all time.’ … I don’t think a bullet should buy you that — I think a bullet has buying a lot of guys street credibility and I don’t think a bullet should buy you that.”

Gibbs’ discontent with Ross dates back to a 2010 interview with Complex where he accused the God Forgives, I Don’t MC of “bold face lying on records.”

The unsigned free agent is gearing up for a productive 2013. In addition to his long-awaited collaborative album with Madlib, Cocaine Pinata, he also plans on releasing a mixtape entitled Eastside Slim and an album tentatively titled Necktie Party.

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  • firehawk17

    Gibbs is right…ross is a flat out liar and is thriving in success.. smh

    • keylon jackson

      who aint lying in this rap game? 50, ross, jay…… real niggas don’t have time for that, if you were a real drug dealer you wouldn’t have time to rap, cause really gangsters gettiong 15 yrs to life in jail these niggas just doing peanuts time,

      • ThatBostonMan

        TI isn’t lying. TI really had guns when he said he did, really was a drug dealer, really did have enemies out to kill him, really was on a hitlist. And despite what people like to think, he didn’t snitch on anyone yet everyone snitched on him which is why he kept going to jail.

        He got entrapped on the gun charge. And if your best friend or you are shot and you testify in court against the shooter that isn’t snitching. Be realistic, snitching is when you turn your comrades in to get a lesser sentence or when you turn traitor to your own side. You can’t snitch on your enemies, if someone is trying to kill you then you should use all means to stop them including the law as the weapon against them.

        There are no rules and no ethics when someone is trying to kill you other than don’t die.TI is supposed to not put the guy in jail who killed his best friend? He did the smart thing because what else is any sane person supposed to do in that situation?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        gangstas arent sane people. so ur whole point isnt valid…..whether someone killed your brother or best friend if you a gangsta u dont testify or snitch.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        ti didnt put the guy iin jail because ti never seen who the shooter was ti was on the floor ducking shots all ti said was he got into a fight with him but the guys own brother told on him

      • Bumpy Johnson

        No court puts someone to testify unless they know he has information that can help incarcerate someone…he help lock up dude with his testimony, go to a local college in your city and ask the law professor= can someone be called to testify even if what ever he knows will not at all help the case against a murderer.


    Been following gangsta Gibbs for years

  • trilltalk1

    Gnagsta Gibbs is a hell of an M.C the nigga can flat out rap. i hate him and Jeezy could not come to terms, but thats how this game go. i do agree about the bullet making you a legend.

    • 7yoyo7

      True, true…
      I’m glad that he left CTE though, he doesn’t need them to run his ESGN brand. Freddie Gibbs is also one of the few current MCs who can actually put up a real concert (unlike others….).

    • Q.

      Rappers keep signing up to these pyramid schemes, thinking the nature of the game is gon’ change. You ever notice that when a real or more skilled rapper signs with a major artist, they get pushed to the background? They do that on purpose. It’s called “buying out your competition” aka mergers and acquisitions. LOL …No reason why Gibbs can’t thrive INDEPENDENTLY.

  • I guess he’s talking about BIG and Pac and 50 and I totally agree. It should be about the body of work. Pac is a legend for his work not a bullet. Big on the other hand is Nice as hell on the Mic but didn’t have the body of work that would truly consider him a my opinion. But by the way he carried himself and his story and grind he has legend status. 50 needs more material to be a legend the shot 9 times don’t cut it no more.

    • I agree with you my dude 100%, the only thing I may disagree with a bit is the 50 cent claim, dude is a legend cause he broke so much ground from record sales to performing in places no one had ever performed at, and also taking his hustle to other lanes and blowing shtt open… plus you have to give it to the dude his battels/beefs will hold a spot in hiphop history…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Power of the Dollar then get rich or die trying and all’em mixtapes make him a legend to me. when he first came out he was the only person i can listen to witout skippin a track….Game would’ve been up there if he didnt flop heavy for the last two albums n his bipolarness n kissin young nigga ass..

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        for u to solve a murder u will need as gun or confession or a witness without that u cant prove shyt yeah asnybody can say i got iinto a fight b4 but to say i seen him shoot at me is something different in all actuality ti would be lying if he said he seen who was shooting ti was on the tour bus the guys was in a van it was dark and they was using choppers ti had to get down when them choppers start bustin and u aint strapped u better lay down

      • Bumpy Johnson

        a key to help solve a case is MOTIVE. TI gave the motive to the cops. whether or not it was enough it still helped.

      • WORD!!! I Still bump all his old joints till this day!!

  • brotha_man

    glad to see him keeping it real. when they say gangsta rap is dead are they speaking for the average fan not wanting to hear it anymore. or that rappers view pop rap as a way to make money, so they just don’t rap that way anymore. cuz I was in the gym yesterday listening to geto boys, big mike, and 8ball & MJG coming out hard album. scarface would never put pink on an album…I know that much

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he wouldnt wear small pink shirts neither.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        fool the only reason ti went to court becasuse he was ti iif ti was a nobody he wouldnt to have to go to court thisd dude own blood brother snitched on him and testified on his own brother without that dude would still be free all ti said was that was the guy i got into a fight with he didnt say he shot at him because they didnt know or see who was shooting u cant argue with facts

      • Bumpy Johnson

        thats just helping the case saying that….no court would waste their time with useless testimony. Technically TI helped convict dude even though he wasnt as bad as the dude brother.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        ti said i got into a fight with this guy the dude brother told the cops his brother killed ti friend if dude brother would have never turned his on brother in the guy would still be free and thats a fact a fight is a fight an yes they will make u come to court for no reason tiwasnt the witness his brother was the witness ti gave his testimony and all he said was i got into a fight with dude ti never seen who was shooting at him u can argue all u want but facts is facts ti wasnt the witness his brother was the guy brother said my brother did the shooting and killed ti friend thats what got dude locked up all ti said that was the guy i got into a fight with which everybody knew remember the shootin happend in 2006 they guy never got locked up until 2008 they been knew ho ti got into a fight with at the club thats on camera but the killing they couldnt prove without his brother stop it u make no sense for murder to be found guilty on trial u have to either confess or by witness or gun even if they got the gun without a witness they cant charge u with murder unless they have proof i’m done

      • Bumpy Johnson

        it is what it is…never take the stand, n dont do 222 TIPS commercial…if you do those things just call yourself a law abiding citizen which is cool to be……so how you think TI got that small sentencing, because he had money.? w.e the case ain no point of arguing bout this this long.

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  • sa

    if u cant make a hit record your going to find ya self dissin other rappers for attention, i bet if he was signed to MMG he still get dropped. he proly blame meek mill or wale lol

    • Calico Joe

      That’s bogus my man, dude better than the whole MMG roster. And what do you consider a hit record? A song on the radio?

  • fuknyourgirl2

    tru words from a real gangsta shout out to gi to da nap gangsta run da city 7414….

  • Fukurpost

    Lol y’all keep just following gibbs because just like gibbs y’all and him want be going anywhere lol dude suck I bet if ross said join MMG and u can drop a album this year he be on ross nuts like yeah am loving MMG ross let u be urself… All that gangsta shit he talking would go out the window for that bread the root of all evil

  • i’mreloaded!

    Gibbs is fire and I hope he blows up because his mixtapes go hard. I just don’t see it happenin because he needs dat machine behind him and he hasn’t made anything radio friendly. I am a true fan of Gibbs and I love his music, but you hafta promote your own brand by gettin on radio, videos, and doing shows. Good luck brotha.

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i dont care for gangsta rap i jut want to hear real shyt

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    if u going to rap about 1 side rap about the other

  • DBG 1300-1500 4 life

    One time for Gibbs….one time for Kink……