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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Dissing Drake? Why?

Th Game is pretty much the loosest cannon to ever come about in Hip-Hop. Dude is wild and unpredictable. Now, you already know the word on the street…there have been rumors that he’s going to join YMCMB. He mentioned it on his last album and he actually had Baby on his recent album, Jesus Piece. But, Drake…is that another story? Drake recently proclaimed that its YMCMB to the DEATH.

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So, is this pic that The Game put on Instagram dissing Drake? I can’t see it as anything other than a diss.

drake_beef the game

I take that Game face and raise you one with the KOBE FACE

Which can only be combated with the classic SHAQ FACE!

What’s The Game doing?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Not sure how the Game pic was a diss, I didn’t get it!

    Drake > Game

    • mike malarkey

      yeah this is the good ole illseed reach

      • Knowing Game, he’s always dissing some one, for something.

        Who knows?
        Maybe it will be cleared up in a future Rumor?

    • Casor_Greener

      This is illshe trying to start beef to generate hits to her site. It’s what bloggers do

      • It’s not impossible that Game would fire E shots though.


        >>Hate to admit but :

        Drake’s music >> Game’s Music

      • DJ7

        Come on Black….you & I both know this is marketing 101 @ it’s finest…..No music… rumors……music on the way & all of a sudden….rumors out the azz

      • It is the “RUMORS” section.


        Game Mos Def marketing.

        More like positioning for feature?

        Drake beats Nas for a Grammy?
        Actually, so far, yes, haven’t heard Nas’ though.

        Any suggestions?

      • DJ7

        It’s not the Game I’m referring to….before the Drake joint dropped….no Drake related rumors… drops & the “non” rumors keep poring in….not only this site…. I’ve noticed it everywhere….smart business move, but I recognize when I’m being handled!!

      • Indeed, but it’s a fine line, don’t report it & be out dated / irrelevant & miss the next big scoop, or over-saturate with what may be irrelevant rumors.

        Flip Side – No rumors?

      • DJ7

        I overstand….. B.U.T. “WE” both know what’s really good…. Bills gotta get paid!!

      • johnblacksad

        If i may…

        if you had to listen to just one, i’d suggest you go with “STAY”… i loved the track… thought for a moment it was Pop’s Olu Dara on the trumpet…

        then, if you have time… go with “The World’s an addiction” feat Anthony Hamilton… another fav…

        then in no particular order… ‘Accident Murderers’ feat Rick Ro….nevermind… i’m sure you’ve heard ‘Daughters’ by now… then you also have ‘Back When’, ‘Reach Out’ feat that chick that sang for Burger King’s chicken sandwich (oh sh!t, here i go disrespectin legends again… smh), ‘Roses’, ‘Bye Baby’… etc.

        but listen to STAY tho… fav. track!

    • Celz

      He’s not better by much

      • Barely

      • Celz

        Most of the time you would say man that dude really ain’t as good as people think.. But Drake and Game are talented and they both can make way better music than what they are putting out.. smh

      • This is so true, and not just with them 2.

        Many artist are much better than what they put out!

        I gue$$ they have to cater to their audience.

      • Escobar

        When Drake gets on a mixtape, the mainstream front face gets pulled off, and he’s back to his roots. I’ll give you an example, search Number 15 by Nickelus F and Aubrey. He’s got his old delivery still, but the people don’t want to hear that.

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  • mike malarkey


  • FuckYou

    ill seed u a fool for this as well, u want it to be a diss so u can have somethin half real to talk bout

  • Not a diss its another way of saying started from the bottom. SMH FIRE THIS CLOWN ILLSEED.

    • cosign . . . how can this be viewed as a diss . . .

    • jimmys8

      This “illseed” person is just slow and needs to get slapped. Too dumb to knockout.

  • this not a is cool with drake.the guy who made this post is a fackin retard

  • PL

    “She’s wild and unpredictable.” I’m beginning to think that Reed Richards and Illseed are the same person.

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO @ typos being trademarked by illseed…

      • Celz

        That’s how you no the article authentic and its theres

      • *theirs


      • Celz

        I think you ,missed the sarcasm..There’s more typos than that.. It’s like an illseed article you notice a new one every time you read it lol

      • I caught it, LOL~N, that’s how we authenticate the comments.

  • SHE? Wow.

  • PL

    STUPIDITY is not a disease…but if it was I’m pretty sure Illseed would have it…

  • Swaggout

    Hit ^ if you agree with me that illseed is a prize class clown!

  • Negro Peligro

    He just saying we from picking cotton to wearing furs.

  • Dante Rapper

    wow, I hardly ever comment but you really trying to insinuate something here now which is whack. Clearly The Game is insinuating from the picture that “we started from the bottom (picking cotton) now we here (making money and at the top bla bla bla)” – which makes sense to use Drake as that is the title of his new single track that you got all over this site. However if you’re trying to push the idea that both pictures depict slaves then yes I agree..but you should make that clear as your own opinion and not try to attribute it to Game.

  • brollya

    yo illseed, u should jus retire cuz u take mo l’s den a mufucka on yo own website

  • johnblacksad

    “Drake recently proclaimed that its YMCMB to the DEATH.”

    Yeah, i use to think that about Mobb Deep too…

  • PL

    WARNING!!! If somebody sends you a link to a rumor by Illseed. DON’T CLICK IT! It’s a link to a rumor by Illseed.

    • Escobar

      If you knew this warning, why’d you click on this one? Just wonderin’…

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Before even reading this I’m a just say this in the end game gone be re nig on his statements and make one saying “I’m open to do music with him”

  • i don’t know what it is. I don’t even get it if it’s supposed to be funny. Of course, Game is a cornball so…

  • DJ7

    Enough with the so called Drake rumors….we know when we’re being marketed to…at least the smart ones do!!

  • i’mreloaded!

    I don’t see the diss. Sorry.

  • London

    lol i like game….wasnt feeling that jesus piece though

  • Illseed get talk way too much shit bitch nigga..

  • Trauma562

    Where’s the diss illseed???? -___-

  • Global_Mission

    Game didn’t dis Drake, you just dissed ya self by writing this BS article!

  • LMAO you said “she” refering to Game LOL!!!!

  • The Wolf

    Coon picture.

  • anthony

    this is not a diss. trying to create a story

  • ComSense

    Fck This Website, Never loads properly. Stop worrying about putting Ads, and focus more on the Content!! #PatheticAsFQ


    Lmao damn illcoon, see it just aint me that call younon your BS????

  • trilltalk1

    lol can you say REACHING!

  • GregSki86

    Lmao illseed had sh*t else to report so he just throwing whatever he can put together in 10 minutes, smfh

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  • EQ

    smh…will the real illseed please stand up,please stand up

  • Dwayne Nvo


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  • What a gaytard. Say, this is not the original illseed.


    How can Gayme clown Drake for looking like the new Mr Softee when he used to be a male stripper..

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  • Peace

    not a diss, just a funny meme.

  • jimmys8

    Really? This is a reach. Illseed needs to get the spellchecker going then get fired. I have never seen someone post more bullshyt and then wonder why people think he is a retard. WTF is AHH doing with the rumor section? WSHH and MTO are more credible than this bullshyt being posted now. What’s next’s, Rihanna is gonna date Bigfoot? GTFOH

  • wtf. waste…. of… time!!!!!!

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Allhiphop has to be one of the worse hip-hop news sites around. A diss? Really guys?

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  • lol @ all the Drake fans getting emotional, coincidentally just like he does on records.

  • Slaughtr

    allhipflop again!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ha ha the game is a genius … this is def not a diss … the game knows the media like horing …. so he threw yall a steak and yall bit the bait LOL !!!!! smh lol

  • dd

    Who wrote this story? Retarded donkey that is brain dead? Did you forget black peoples slavery history?? The photo shows going from slavery days to being rich independent fellas…Editor is a MORON IDIOT