Jay-Z and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye West Dissing Jay-Z, Beyonce, And Justin Timberlake?


This could be tragic. I can only hope that Kanye West knows what he is doing. On the flip side, he may be the voice of truth again. At a recent stop, Kanye made several statements that were overt and covert jabs at Jay-Z, B and Justin Timberlake. Peep what the blogs are saying about a concert in London….
Of the new Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake song, Ye said:

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f–kin’ with that ‘Suit & Tie.'”

That was in a freestyle rap to “My Clique.” Maybe it was a slip of the tongue in the midst of a freestyle. Some have speculated that Yeezy isn’t pleased that Jay is going on a world tour with Timbo. I don’t know.

Then he sent a shot at Beyonce, who just signed on a lucrative deal with Pepsi to peddle their soft drink.

“Can I sell your drink for you, please? So you can help me put on a better show, please, corporations? Can you please support me, please? Me, Kanye West? I swear I’m a nice n—a now. I swear I’ll put the pink Polo back on.”

What the! And, guess what? There is video. Here it is.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • toreal

    This nigga ain’t been right since his mother died.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      nigga u aint never lied. dem big ass titties!

      • toreal


    • Richard Savage

      He wasnt right before she died… but the nigga makes GOOD music

    • IsiahZeke11

      WORD… Couldn’t say it any better dude!

  • Matt Swan

    I think Ye’s a pompus ass most of the time in the things he says and does, but every once in awhile his genius shows, and this is one of them. I don’t think this was as much as “Diss” as AHH makes it out to be, but rather Kanyes stating “I don’t like a song, but my boy Hov is cool”, or as other rappers like Nas has done, keep the sponsorships at bay, becuase you’re not doing anything for me or where I came from. You’re just interested in your bottom line and figure using my face will get other urban blacks to buy your stuff. When was the last time anyone from Louis V, prada, guicci, came to see you in your neighborhood, or even offered a pennny in a scholarship to a school? Yet we fall over these designer tags as if they give us status, but yet we live in homes unfit for the lowest of humans, kill each other over these clothes and for what? Ye in some ways said f**k em I’ll design my own ish, and is showing the way, but we are stuck on stupid looking up to Wayne, Ross, Baby, and others as the way to go rather than forging our own way, and making things right on our own. I think Ye has the right idea in this, but I know many are going to diss this on some BS, and miss his point all together

    • Calico Joe

      I see your angle, but change “we” to “some”. Not all of us look up to these rap dudes or wear these designers. Also Kanye has or had a shoe deal with Nike if I’m not mistaken, and at one point in time proclaimed to be the “Louis Vuitton Don”.

    • “Can I sell your drink for you, please? So you can help me put on a better show, please, corporations? Can you please support me, please? Me, Kanye West? I swear I’m a nice n—a now. I swear I’ll put the pink Polo back on.”… Kanye

      Personally,the lyrical structure is “premium, turncutter dingleberries”. He has a point though, about corporations not caring, you broke it down deeper.
      Kanye isn’t as crazy as he acts!

      We are perpetual consumers in the hood, so you can’t be mad at others filling that demand.

      Folks get money, but Benzes & $300 sweatsuits & roll up to the store, owned by a person in a $20 outfit to spend.

      Kinda sounds like Kanye’ had a breakdown, but he was n point, & it sounded pretty good.


      • Calico Joe

        But he charging $250 for a pair of Nikes

      • True, but we wouldn’t even buy them if he was charging $25.

        Think about it, who wears Kanye’s Nikes but a []?

        Them ‘chets ugly as Fugg!

        *Edit = Some of them

      • Calico Joe

        My point was how can he go against major corporations, when he’s supported by them. The other guy mentioned Louis Vuitton and other designers, and niggas killing behind it, when Mr. West was the poster boy for them. And of course we wouldn’t buy them shoes for $25, but whose to blame for that?

      • Yeah, he was definitely pushing LV on folks.

        Sounds like Kanye’s just bitter?

      • WandaInMyOpinion

        I am detecting high sodium content from Kanye..his hoe bag is endorsing Midori liquor and she doesn’t even drink…Sears clothes that she doesn’t even wear herself, Sketchers tennis shoes that she doesn’t even wear, when she is leaving the gym she has on Nike, Diet pills (quick trim), he cant be serious!!

      • Did you rock FUBU?Phat Farm? Cross Colors?

        Sprewell’s And1’s?

      • fabbidavisjr

        When Coca Cola was invented it was marketed only to white people. When Pepsi was invented it was marketed only to black people. Just some food for thought.

      • When Coca Cola was first invented…it had real cocaine in it, while Sigmund Freud, father of modern psychology? was sniffing more ‘Yak than a little bit.


        Both Pepsi & Coca Cola contain excitotoxins that stimulate the nerves ( Caffeine Sugar? High fructose corn syrup? ) like energy drinks and are harmful over the long term, (IE: Diabetes ) but plenty of other rappers, endorsed Malt Liquor.

        Remember the St. Ides Hip hop Commercials featuring rappers?

        >>In Ice Cube’s St. Ides Commercial’s Voice :
        “Drinka, drinka, drinka, then I Burp! The alcohol fills my bladder….”

      • fabbidavisjr

        Yeah soda is bad for you, it’s addictive most things that are addictive are bad for you. But my point was there origins, and I’m sure Kanye knows that Pepsi was a white owned company who markets to blacks. Still does with beyonce and nicki manja etc etc etc

      • Michael “hair on fire” Jackson

      • Lyve Wire

        KD does fine charging $95, while LBJs are $180. kanye, the self proclaimed ‘fashionista’ couldve made it happen by charging less, if he wanted to.

        looks like Kanye is just salty. if his woman was offered that Pepsi deal, would he make that comment? i doubt it.

        as far as that ‘suit and tie’ reference goes, he should be happy timbo took that ‘break’ from hip-hop. while kanye is a good producer, jay didnt use his beat for singles for the longest time. it was either tim or neptunes. maybe it was because of the frequent samples, and the royalties that mightve been required to pay; who knows. go back and look.

        my bad edogz, the first line was a reply to your post. the rest is non related.

      • That was the only line I didn’t understand…

        “KD does fine charging $95, while LBJs are $180.”..Those are sneakers?

      • Lyve Wire

        yea, also under nike.

      • Lyve Wire


    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      ** Not “We”, some of YALL stuck on stupid. I don’t follow those guys. And a lot of other people don’t either lol

    • WandaInMyOpinion

      ok but does kim kardashian not do the same..with her branding..she has water bottle with her face on them in a store in vegas…diet pills those cheap clothes at sears…I cant take him seriously
      I am detecting high sodium content from Kanye..his hoe bag is endorsing Midori liquor and she doesn’t even drink…Sears clothes that she doesn’t even wear herself, Sketchers tennis shoes that she doesn’t even wear, when she is leaving the gym she has on Nike, Diet pills (quick trim), he cant be serious!! he rants against anybody that’s not backing him like a spoiled a$$ brat

      • Dave

        Different discussion for a different debate. Kim has nothing to do with this story.

      • WandaInMyOpinion

        not really she is everything he is rallying against, he complains of loose women but he didn’t go and get a virtuous one, or at least classy…complaining about labels but she is on twitter bragging about jewelry, shoes, and bragging about buying a 6 month old a Balenciaga bag, he name drops all day in his songs…HYPOCRIT…and what major corporation did he have behind those ugly tennis shoes that were definitely overpriced

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Exactly, spot on.

      • RichyRich

        Kim is fair game. U can’t have it both wayz. Can’t talk about Beyonce & then expect ur hoe not 2 b brought in. If u criticize Beyonce for branding & u think u or ur woman should be exempt from the very same criticism, especially since his hoe is on his d*ck, yall must be on some real different shyt. Wandababy’s statements are not only valid but spit on point.

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      I see what you’re saying but ye is hypocritical about this sh*t especially when you
      sign 2 chains, big sean it’s clear he’s cashing in on trends yet he’ll then say f*ck industry ish.
      I’m all for progression but i miss the earnest college drop out days. He still kills it but lyrically he aint really saying nothing anymore most of the time. What’s the point of saying you don’t like a song out of nowhere especially one of your homies.

      When he does things like that it’s questionable to me because he’s trying to separate himself like he’s never done something to please the masses.

      I also agree with your last statement about these $$$ clothing lables but if someone with that much income has survived that environment then I’d hope he actively makes a genuine effort to help chi. I don’t know what good he does because it’s never promoted and even then some ahh heads would find a way to talk ish on it….

      People like Hov and ye could come together and help further awaken the youth to what devastation and utter collapse our country is very close to. They have the power of Bob marley, or John lennon. but no they’ll push watch the throne joking about illuminati, continue braggadocious ness about all the over abundance of luxuries they have. and senseless violence. Sh*t is getting real and people are just continuing to ignore it. A message like this could give a massive push to the youth. We’re slowly loosing our freedoms.

    • IsiahZeke11

      No doubt Ye (whom I REALLY dig as an artist) makes some excellent points and I don’t even look at it as big diss either… I appreciate him trying to keep it real to a certain extent but coming from him now is EXTREME HYPOCRISY.. I mean a few years ago he had some Pepsi commercials and adds… Not to mention homie came in the game a certain way, then got all caught up in the materialism and bs he used to rail against, smdh!?!

    • Marchello Currence The Emcee

      I Think Jay Understands. But The Beyonce Rants, I Cant Say That Was Directed At Beyonce, illseed, You Gotta Chill On Those Assumptions Homie. That Could Of Been Directed At Alot Of Other People, Too General To Say…

    • churchboy2

      You would have a valid point if you weren’t talking about the guy who calls himself the Louis Vuitton Don, LOL!
      Or the guy who had a hit record (All Falls Down) confessing his shallowness with money and wanting to act “ballerific like its all terrific..”
      C’mon, Kanye wrote the book on giving into to corporate name-dropping in his songs… If it was Kweli or Mos or Monch then okay, but Kanye? Psssssshhht.

  • Calico Joe

    I think he’s mad at the fact he’s having a baby with a chick known for sleeping around. A situation like that will make any nigga go crazy.

  • VentKing11

    find it strange the way he dissed the Grammys yet I saw him pics of him accepting their awards a couple of weeks ago with a nice white suit and big smile…still my dude but just saying.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Same dude wearin skirts, gettin mad and throwin tantrums at mtv and the grammys for not givin him awards. He has his crew wearin suit and tie at freestyles just last year. His mom died (rip) over breast surgery after he makes a genius song like “all falls down” …kanye has always wanted to be excepted. Hes wanted everything hes got, now hes there and he realizes its all fake…and the suit and tie refrence is a metaphore, not a knock on the actual song

    • Dave

      At least you are one of the few that realizes that “Suit and Tie” was a metaphor, not a reference to the actual song. Nobody knows how to use critical thinking skills anymore.

  • Eli Pinilla

    ” first of all, whos your a&r? A moutain climber who plays the electic guitar? But he dnt know the meanin of dope when hes lookin for a suit and tie rap thats cleaner than a bar a soup….and im the dirtiest thing in sight”- gza genius

    • johnblacksad

      >>>> takes two steps back… it’s about to be a mudfight and i don’t wanna mess my balenciaga sneaks…

      • Eli Pinilla



    It might be the Henny again but he saying some real shit

  • Powblenmg

    Nigga wants Jay for himself, he like a woman. He just jealous he ain’t get that love for Kim K while JT and Jessica Alba gettin it.

  • It kinda sounds like he is attacking the industry, but he does it all the time then turn around and join forces all over again….I can’t respect a so called righteous rapper who make a song called “gold digger” then turn around and try to wife up Kim Kardashian…..Kanye lost some respect from his African American fan base and now he is loosing respect from some of his White fan base…..Kanye need to watch his mouth and make his music and have a seat, we don’t need him as a leader of anything………..As far as Jay-Z is concern it’s like I said before Jay-z used Foxy, R kelly, Kanye, and now Justin to keep his career a float……Jay used Kanye for “watch the throne” because Kanye was smoking hot at that time…Justin is about to be the next big thing all over again and Jay-Z wants in….Can’t knock the hustle it’s business baby…..I hate how rappers think that they will have the same people around them forever, life goes on the music business changes constantly and as much money and fame as Jay-z has, he still has to continue to improve and branch out……From Dam Dash, Tha Roc, Memphis Bleek, Foxy, Nas, and even his clothing line Jay keeps it moving.

    • ada

      justin timberlake won’t be shit.l
      he’s a wannabe MJJ, wanna be King of Pop.


    • timwest1000

      Once again, THIS from a person who literally kisses Nicki Minaj’s butt. She is just like what you are describing!

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  • Opposite Of Everyone

    despite the fact I can’t stand the mans music or personality, I think the suit and tie thing was basically a pun/punchline as he’d just been talm bout sponsorships and all that so it was really the symbolism of the “suit and tie” (corporate shit) that he was sayin he wasn’t into rather than the track in particular. Either way he’s a clown and a hypocrite amongst a million other shits.

    And for those of you who proclaim him a ‘genius’; all that making such a statement does is highlight and declare the limit of your own intelligence. In other words if something is beyond your own ability or comprehension then it must be genius..C’mon son.

    • Calico Joe

      I agree

    • ThatBostonMan

      He;s not a genius at all, but there should be no praise to artists who are pimping products which do harm. Pepsi does harm, it’s disaterous to human health in the same way cigarettes were. So if we are gonna be honest about this, he’s right. Business is fine and all, but selling Pepsi doesn’t help the world, hiphop, children, the country, or anything except Pepsi.

      Kanye is absolutely right to propose the question.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        yeah but kanyes got his own sponsorhips right ? sponsorships he’s not likely to be giving up anytime soon… he also wears suits and ties so it’s a bit rich coming from him…

      • Lyve Wire

        dude far from a genius.

        as far as pepsi goes, they do alot through different programs, like give scholarships, grants, etc. very few products are ‘good’ for you. its all about moderation. now if watching beyonce makes you want to have 3 cans instead of 1, then that a whole different issue.

        and its not like they’re charging fans $250 for a shoe, during a recession.. lol.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    i think he is just saying he doesn’t wear suit and ties. In other words he doesn’t like business people who are commonly rendered to “suit and ties” rap fans use to not take everything so literal. it’s called a punchline.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      exactly my point. except he does wear suit and ties.

  • wet nap

    Ironic since he is dating the biggest media whore ever…..

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  • ThatBostonMan

    I’m feeling what Kanye is saying here. He’s right and I’m a Jay Z fan. We should be asking ourselves why is Beyonce with poison Pepsi? How does a business collab with Pepsi help the black community, hiphop community or anything related to it? It’s not cool to sell cigarettes to children, it should not be good for Beyonce to sell Pepsi and not expect anyone to look down on that. It’s selling out in a direct form and I love Beyonce.

    • Lance

      But nobody was saying stuff about Beyonce and Pepsi a decade ago when they first started working together so…

  • Lamar Star

    This is probably the realest shit he’s done since he put out college dropout, and said that George Bush dosent care about black people

  • water_ur_seeds

    this was a diss???

  • Just bc you speak the truth or how you feel does not mean that you are going against a person, but i guess its your job to make something big out of nothing.

  • $18916246

    Pressure…..Kanye’s walking off the deep end it seems…I hope he can swim with the sharks in murky waters….Beyonce is just doing business…do we stop wearing Timberland after the racist memo they put out…countless corporations have long profited off of black entertainment in all sorts of ways…but now Beyonce’s the poor example? Typical crabs in a barrel talk…when did the bottom become the top?….the n*gga minded collective is broken, defeated,and never satisfied. Kanye is in a bad place mentally in my opinion trying to stay ghetto fabolous…running around with a socialite turned porn star…who’s about to in my estimate take dude to the cleaners. I hope he’s ok, cause he is correct in the music business money makes hits…that include…car accidents, plane crashes, drug overdoses, violant assaults…terminal illness…yeah and criminal convictions, which ever fits his daily vices….which makes what ever happens next believable and acceptable. Looks like he didn’t sign up for this huh?

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  • hoeyuno

    Maybe there was some truth in Bayonce being a biznatch to kim k.

  • James Powell

    The Man got some spit on his mind and he need to get it out some how and thats it

  • Guest

    Kanye was talking about big business and how he’s not really with the whole premise of them then he made the suit and tie comment it was in reference to that Jay is comfortable in the corporate world he isn’t and didn’t he say years back him and JT and like the modern day MJ and Prince… I dont buy he diss

  • Guest

    No diss by any stretch all Kanye was saying is that the corporate world is a lane Jay is comfortable and can maneuver which led to the suit and tie reference.. Why would Kanye diss the man who gave him this platform Kanye is smarter then that

    • DJ7

      Dame gave him that platform B, not Jay…. He thought Ye was corny!!

  • trixnkix637

    ‘Ye is dissing corporations and the belief that you need to submit to them to make money and get fame. He says I’m down with Hov but not that Suit & Tie. He isn’t dissing the song or anyone associated with it. It’s a play on words for corporations. Do I believe him? Noo.. But he isn’t cocky/crazy enough to diss the top 3 ppl in popular music. Calm down & stop taking his shit out of context.

  • hereKaliKitty2014


  • Negro Peligro

    That wasn’t a diss at all.

  • Negro Peligro

    That wasn’t a diss at all. He saying he not going corporate. That shot a B was a corny stretch on your part.

    • Swaggout

      As usual with illcoon!

  • “And every rapper always talkin bout f*ckin somebody else b!tch” Lol word.

  • Young Goku

    I don’t see what the big deal is, It seems like Kanye is starting to get fed up with the shit in the game with the corporations & what not, He’s speaking his mind & saying he don’t want to really deal with that shit anymore, But in a subliminal way, He’s saying he’s lost his og to this shit & all, He’s at the point where he wants to do right by his people and himself, He’s just trynna find a slick way to get out, Cause he know them folks will pull the plug on him like they did Pac, MJ,& Pimp C, He’s finally realizing he’s made some bad decisions, Can’t knock him for that, I just hope the old Kanye will come back from this, Leave that mainstream shettt alone & bring that soulful sound back!

  • Dave

    None of you seem to be smart enough to connect that when he said he’s got love for Hov but he “ain’t down with the Suit and Tie”, he was talking about all of the actual corporate “suits” he referred to during the rant that he has no respect for. Critical thinking people. It’s not that hard.

  • This is just Kanye insecure ass tryna get attention with shock lyrics. He’s getting really close to being washed.

    • GregSki86

      The n*gga already on that “washed” line, his rants pushing him way the f*ck over

  • Kanye is pulling a Kat Williams… Moving on.

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  • What’s today’s excuse? He’s a genius? He’s different? His skirt got ruined at the dry cleaners? Kim a little big right now so he’s not getting enough room on the mattress? They ran out of blouses at the store? The barber used the #2 instead of the #3 clip-on? Wendy’s stopped making chili? The promoters only provided cheap toilet paper? Pusha-T wasted his advance money….again? Louie ran out of them patent leather size 16’s heels he wanted? The korean lady at the pedicure spot cut too much dry skin off the bottom of his feet? Jay-z didn’t call him that day to thank him and call him lil brother? Khloe visited and ate all his twinkies? Brother in law Lamar needed another loan? Did he find out diamonds don’t come in purple? Is he mad they cancelled his favorite soap? He asked for no salt and they still put salt in his food? The seatbelt on the private jet wasn’t custom branded? His Rolls said it had 28 gallons of gas but really had 27.8? He was searching youtube for “Single ladies” and the results were all taylor swift videos? He looked in the dictionary for “Genius” and “Amazing” and his name wasn’t in the definition? They came out with a new lip balm but it was in a flavor he doesn’t like? He bumped into Reggie Bush, LilWayne, Fab, Ray J, and half the other dudes that slept with Kim? Or is he just an attention craver?

    I mean come on ppl..this dude is rich as fkkkkkk and throwing tantrums like he’s got problems..all the time..

    • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

      “Khloe visited and ate all his twinkies?” LMMFAO!! YOUR COMEDIC MAN 😀

    • Lyve Wire


    • churchboy2

      You got jokes, Fam. But this was the best one:

      “He was searching youtube for “Single ladies” and the results were all taylor swift videos?”

  • Daniel C

    he jus mad cuz Jay isnt goin on a world tour wit him…he missin out on mad bank!…hater!

  • 5789007

    Kanye needs to loosen up his tennis skirt he lost his fuckin marbles. Like these lil so called rants he doin reminds me of when bitches vent to their home girls about man problems

  • GregSki86

    F*ck this n*gga.

  • can only hope Kanye knows what he’s doing??? you talking bout the guy thats having a baby girl with the queen of sextapes, right?

  • BoldSpice

    Dudes up in arms over Jay Z, had he dissed any southern rapper with the same lyrics and/or metaphors, bitch ni99as would have been hollering Ether part 2.

  • Gianna

    Umm, I hope he’s okay

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  • Whydid Youblockme

    his B1TCHA$$ is JUST MAD bcz Jay & Bey are distancing themselves from him since he’s taken up with that self-absorbed attention-hungry fake wh0re who’s carrying his bast@rd seed in her polluted womb. he lost cred the minit he started fk’ing with that b1tch AND THEN showed up on her reality show!!!! kanye’s sickening a$$ is THRU
    SMH ……

  • suge380

    I think its more of a shot at Timberlake “don’t fcuk with that suit and tie”. Yep, he made at him for some reason, or just trippin cuz they aint kissing KK azz the way he kissed Beyonce’s.

  • Marchello Currence The Emcee

    If You Ask Me, Its A Commercial Record, Jay Didnt Really Say Anything Outstanding, Which All Emcees Reach Towards, But Jay Styled On It, But You Have To See The Genius In It Too, Justin Timberlake’s Fans Can Digest Jay-Z In The Form He Put It In, So I Do Understand. I Think Kanye May Feel Its Not A “Jay-Z Standard” Record, I Think Its A Justin Timberlake Record.

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