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Gunplay’s Robbery and Assault Charges Dismissed

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group member Gunplay is no longer facing jail time for an alleged violent encounter with his accountant last April.

The armed robbery and aggravated assault charges against Gunplay have been dismissed by a Miami-Dade judge because the prosecution is unable to locate the victim in the case.

Gunplay (Richard Morales) was accused of attacking and robbing Turron Woodside in his Miami office. The incident was captured on Woodside’s surveillance video.

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In the video, a man, authorities say is Gunplay, can be seen physically attacking Woodside and garnishing a firearm before leaving with items said to be a cell phone and a gold chain.

Even with the video, the State Attorney’s office had to dropped the charges because they were unable to serve Woodside with a subpoena to testify in the case. Without Woodside authenticating the video the prosecution was not allowed to present the footage as evidence in court.

“Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt,” officials told TMZ. “Although the armed robbery is captured on the victim’s surveillance system, the victim, Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales.”

Gunplay turned himself in to police on October 10, 2012 after a warrant for his arrest had been issued in May of that year. Gunplay had recently been involved in a very publicized brawl at the BET Hip Hop Awards just weeks before reporting to police. The Triple C’s rapper was then placed on house arrest while awaiting trial.

Now officially a free man Gunplay says he’s ready to focus back on his rap career. “Today I am grateful and blessed that the case was dismissed … I plan on picking up where I left off with my music and making hits with my upcoming debut album,” he’s reported telling TMZ.

Gunplay released his most recent mixtape Cops & Robbers in January. His debut studio album, Medellin, is currently scheduled for release this year on Def Jam Records.

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You can watch the surveillance video courtesy of TMZ below.


    Ricky used his connection n hooked coke play
    Up wit one if them Sammy da bull plea deals

  • YaheardSyndicate

    And there you have it.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    You could tell he aint about shooting nobody or someone wouldve got shot. Its looks like at one point he fumbles the gun

  • DJ7

    Shaq Face…..

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  • Dointer

    Now he has no reason to not try get his chain back.

    • firehawk17

      he can’t get that chain back.. war cost money and he would be going against someone with a lot of it than he does..

  • Choppa

    Money talks

  • Tyfromthechi

    Man this whole thing was fake anyway defjam was trying to create a buzz for him and give him a goon image the whole music industry is faker then a $4 bill

    • andone


    • infinit221

      How is it fake when that man was on house arrest with a dang ankle bracelet?

      • the robbery was staged to fool some people & the accountant was in on it the whole time so they could all make a lil money off the publicity

      • infinit221

        Ah man, those were real charges in a real court of law. And you say he did what? Comments like that only come out when jealousy and hate overcome your better judgement…

      • he & the accountant know the law & that he cant be be found guilty on video evidence only, maybe they aere suprised it went this far but it was staged

  • infinit221

    Video evidence and still no conviction cause the victim wouldn’t “cooperate”? If thats not Gangsta I dont know what is…

    • Celz

      Gangsta is not being in that ignorant ass situation in the first place..

      • infinit221

        You have to look at who HE is…not what society says we should ALL be. Do I think being a street thug is something to look up to? No I don’t. But do I have the right to call overcoming the odds gangsta? yeah

      • Celz

        You got it twisted family.. Gunplay is either 1. A gangsta who works for a fake gangsta which is not gangsta or 2. A fake gangsta who works for a fake gangsta which is double not gangsta..

        Gunplay beating the case doesn’t make him a gangsta it makes the accountant not a snitch.. I’ll believe he’s gangsta when he does the niccas who got his chain like he did the accountant..

      • Dointer

        Co-sign that in capital letters.

      • infinit221

        Y’all keep talking bout Ross being fake…like I said before he’s the one involved with real beef, getting really shot at, and getting all the real hate from the internet to the GDs. If he wasn’t successful he wouldn’t be seeing half of this. Why can’t y’all get that?

      • he set up a robbery video with an accountant because they thought they could fool some people into buying his music & they all make a lil money off it. he was never getting convicted off a video alone we learned that from r kelly

    • Tony G.

      Beating the case doenst make him gangsta….Pulling out a gun and not using it doesnt make u makes u pussy…and if he’d done that to the wrong person he’d be sketched in chalk…the accountant is more gangsta for not snitching than this clown ass

      • infinit221

        I would agree with you but I don’t know their circumstance. The lawyer was probably doing shady shit and Gunplay got at him over it. Thats probably why you haven’t heard from the lawyer. Either way he got off even though there’s video evidence of the crime

    • its not gangster to fake a robbery on video to try to make some people think your so crazy that you really play with guns when its all really just a gimic

  • chevy_weight_champ

    I guess cuzz got scared and pulled a state property move like in the movie when ol boy who was suppose 2 testify against beans ha!

  • The American justice system has problems. Why do you need a witness for a crime in order to convict somebody of a crime when you have a video of the crime being committed, and know who the person committing the crime is? That does not make sense. Witness, or not witness, there is irrefutable evidence that the crime was committed by Gunplay.

    • Could have been footage for an upcoming video?

      • Yeah… pretty much can’t prove what the video was really for without some sort of written or verbal consent.

      • And cross examination?

      • Found yo ass. I told you so!

      • Not really, the debate was about bail, to which I said No bail unless an Arthur hearing…he got bail, but had an Arthur hearing?

        That’s a technicallity, so you can shine on the “I Told you so!” on this one, because you damn sure did call it 100% all the way, down to the dismissal.

    • Celz

      I’d rather Gunplay go free than the pigs have another way to frame innocent people.. An maybe dude deserved it.. That doesn’t make it right; but if dude deserved it Gunplay, no matter how much I don’t like him, doesn’t deserve life..

      • andone

        yeah but we dont deserve gp music either, hell they would have been doin the whole world good by puttin this clown in his place… while i dont wish him life, a few years wouldnt hurt society either tho… but when u got ppl killin each other over a piece of candy and gettin sentenced to assault this isnt that shocking… i had a feeling dude wasnt gonna get the book, and the fact that this surfaced right after his deal wit d.jam was announced it seemed like he had an even better chance @ beating it!

      • Celz

        I can’t stand Gunplay’s ignorant ass image just as much as you but he doesn’t deserve to go to jail for it.. Gunplay is a small time player and if he got killed/ went to jail/ or saw the light he would be replaced instantly..

        And anyone who is foolish enough to let dude influence them is a lost cause anyway.. You can’t win a war by killing one soldier or even one general.. The problem has much deeper roots than this clown..

      • andone

        dude obviously committed a crime… not sayin to lock him up and throw away the key but a reality check might jus serve him right?

      • Celz

        Trust me I wouldn’t feel bad if the nicca got locked.. But we don’t know what that situation was.. Dude might have been doing his own illegal shyt and really been savin his own ass.. If Gunplay would have really gave him the business then the hospital records would have been enough to build a case..

        Either court or street justice we can’t call it.. I mean how many accountants you know of have clients named Gunplay? Dude might have his own dirt..

        Honestly I’m more happy the cops decided to follow the damn law to the letter for once..

      • andone

        whether it was justified or not, dude deff got lucky without a doubt… and if ur signed to a proper situation theres no reason to pull that move, it speaks volumes of the mans character(for better or worse)… even well off he still chooses the bullsh!t as if he has something to prove… i cant condone that!

    • if they could just convict people because they looked like people on video it would be very easy to set someone up

  • they can’t find him cuz they merked him lol

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  • Listen man, offer that man the handling of a few more artists income and he’s good..

  • firehawk17

    this is when money is talking… no way in hell he should have walked with video evidence.

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  • i cant believe i always thought gunplay was a joke who just acted crazy to try to sell records, but i can see this dude is legit & really plays with guns no joke at all! what a scarey guy!!!!

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