Future Continues Billboard Dominance, Plans To Work With JLo

(AllHipHop News) Future’s ascension from being a burgeoning artist complaining about being snubbed by Drake to being the go-to guy in Hip-Hop and R&B in less than two years is shocking. The once unknown member of Outkast affiliate Dungeon Family now is apart of 16 songs on six different Billboard charts.

This week alone, the singer/rapper aficionado Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” single with Future and Drake is #4 on the Rap Songs chart, his duet with Rihanna on “Loveeee Song” is #6 on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B chart and his own single “Neva End” featuring Kelly Rowland sits at #6 on R&B/HipHop Airplay Charts.

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Garnering this level of success came from networking and smart collaborations, a tried and true method he continues with a planned collaboration with one of the biggest names in music.

Picture 22

The Freebandz Record CEO is not only penning songs for the former American Idol judge’s first album in over two years but also producing and will be featured on the album. Future has also been logging in time in the studio with other acts such as Monica, Shakira, Usher and his rumored girlfriend Ciara. Future recently released the mixtape FBG: The Movie and plans on collaborating with Kanye West, Rihanna, Timbaland and more for his follow up to Pluto and Pluto 3D, entitled Future Hendrix.

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Here is the complete list of the 16 charting songs Future has graced and their respective chart status as well as his appearance in Lil Wayne’s latest music video for the song “Love Me”.

Other Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Chart

Neva End is #17
Loveeee Song is #18
Love Me is #6
Rap Songs Chart
Love Me #4
Neva End #13
R&B Hip Hop Digital Songs Chart
Love Me #5
Bugatii #15
Loveeee Song #21
Neva End #26
R&B Hip Hop Airplay Chart
Neva End #6
Love Me #7
Loveeeee Song #10
Bugatti #30
Karate Chop #39
Digital Songs
Love Me #18
Buggati #5
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    This nigga still suxx azz

    • Tommy Strong

      Hater mad is music hotter than your favorite MC

  • Get your money man. But anyone remember when hip hop had distinct styles and in house production teams that were catered to fit that specific labels rappers. RZA, Beats by The Pound, Mannie Fresh, Organized Noize, Hit Men. How the hell is it now that everybody just think a certain writer or producer hot. Hip,Pop is what it is now

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      RZA turned his back on us….. but you do have a great point

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  • Chaka Zulu

    U guys spend to much time hating I bet most of you living in your moms basement with shit else to do but hate CUZZ u not motivated to get your on shit or life straight so hate on others who doing it who cares what rap was when r here now unless u got a time machine in your mothers basement and can go back and save hip hop I guess do me a favor stfu

  • dee

    I dont understand his talent like where is the original singers hiphop fans dont know what they had when nate dogg was around smh

  • Mike Swiff

    (snoring!) More horrible singing/rapping whatever the fcuk this idiot does!!! just shows how bad hip hop is right now. IM waiting on a hip hop classic of crickets chirpping! (keeping in the Souf yo watch yo mouf!) Future…you have no future in the music biz, didnt Tpain kills this $hit? smh…..(back to bed!) yawn.

  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    dudes hate wayy too much….. future, drake, meek, 50, the list goes on

    but be co-signing the most ridic rappers of all time