Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Reality Show? With A Sexy TWIST!

Cam’ron has always been one of the more interesting people in Hip-Hop. Now, I am hearing that Cam may be and I do mean maybe returning to reality TV. Wait….he was never in reality TV! From what I understand, Cam has always been against reality TV, but that may change if the networks have their choice. I’m hearing they are dumping a lot of paper at Cam do a show that accentuates the relationship he has with this girlfriend/fiancee. Now, here’s why (the rumor continues at the bottom):


Good googly moogly!


SO…these pics have gone around and they seem like a lot of fun. You know the reality TV folks. They can make a show out of anything. Cam passed on the TV shows before and Jim Jones went on to be a star in a whole different way. There you have it….wanna see came in a reality TV setting?

Joe Budden is a genius. He been doing that for the longest.

“They keep us talking….” ahhhh forget it!

Illseed, Out.


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48 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Reality Show? With A Sexy TWIST!”

    • cromthelaughinggod

      How old are you 16? The purpose in life is to find you a Queen someday. Procreate and continue your family line. Only morons say dumb sh*t like you said. If you want to be a pimp go on the corner. If you find a good lady keep her a whore is a whore that is a different story. You think like a child.

      • Ronald Booher

        Procreate? What kind of scientologist weirdo are you? The point of life?…lying in a woman? Pathetic! I bet it made you feel good for a few seconds to talk down on someone and you even convinced 7 idiots to hit a thumbs up button, but I would take self respect over likes and pseudo maturity any day.

      • pwid presents

        Booher you on this site too lol. Str8 hiphop junkie like the rest of us

      • cromthelaughinggod

        There are quite many grown men on here. From your comment tells me you are not one of them. I am a father, if being a father and continuing my family line which on my fathers side is non existent is weird. Maybe you are living on the wrong planet. Dead ass. I am not concerned with downing people or looking for thumbs up you are new on this site. 18 grown mature men understood that not idiots as you called them. I have been on here for years. People know I don’t give a fk about that. Your comment was purely childish and ignorant and yet you trying to say I have “pseudo” maturity. Please my man you lost respect when you called camron whipped for being a man and getting a black Queen. Your words are void from now on because this is your perspective. I support building family not destroying. Again you show your ignorance by your response. This is not Worldstarhiphop take that bs back to that site. Brothers build(teach and add on) on this website. If you want to build like civilized people we can do that if you want to be a troll then find another to entertain. Peace!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i think he was refering to your choice of vocabulary as being weird lol

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        IJS….niggaz want a true lady…but wit whore skillset…which means she’s had to have practiced to acquire that skill….which means ya true lady a jump on the low to mid end of the whore scope….so why not just wife the whores too….lmao

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you acting like him being whipped is far fetched tho lol …………. we all know you get whipped pimped stepped on etc.. before you finally meet that special one ………………………………

  1. Thee_One1

    it happens to the best of them….you going to have to settle eventually or stay one of those old ass pimps looking like a lame

    • DreamZ

      YOU TYPE VERY STUPID. How do a brainiac look Einstein? Another immature child sneaking in his moms room to get on websites and make assanine comments, Go stand in a corner child

  2. mrgibson

    He looks like he’s got a keeper….chocolate jawns are the best man…..she looks good too. Cats keep harping on looks man, looks fade bruh… have to have something besides that to sweeten the package. If looks were everything all these “bad” video vixens would be wifed up early…and we clearly see that that IS NOT the case ya dig

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the only keeper is her thinking cam is a keeper …. cam will have another new joint soon …. sad ladies fall for these entertainers …. sadly i wish some of the females entertainers like the Real Gabriel was into reguarlar guys ……. from broke to rich chicks they all into rich guys who are into changing chicks every 6months to a year just cause they can lol #cantknockthehustletho

  3. Abrasive Angel

    This is going to end like Joe Budden’s relationship. He putting her in the spotlight way too much and she is going to bounce on him with the quickness once she starts getting offers to do things solo.

  4. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Her face needs to go on a diet…..shyt fat ass hell….she ain’t really got chinky eyes her fat cheeks squishing her eyes

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