Signs The World Is Coming To An End: You Won’t Believe This Sick F**k

What is going on with Black People? We went and adopted the ways of people that’s not in line with our ancestry! DAMN! Peep this report from the NY Daily News. This happened in NEW YORK!


The baby-faced 23-year-old, called ‘deranged’ by family members, had the gory photo on his cell phone and has confessed to cutting up his mother’s corpse with a jigsaw, say sources.

Smirking schizophrenic Bashid McLean, holding his decapitated mother’s head like a trophy, posed for this stomach-turning photo.
The accused monster appears almost gleeful after the grisly death and dismemberment of Tanya Byrd, 52, whose body parts were stuffed into garbage bags and dumped in four South Bronx locations.

The alleged killer used a two-foot Black and Decker jigsaw to carve up the corpse. The photo of the gruesome aftermath was discovered by police on McLean’s cell phone.

The baby-faced McLean, 23, was arrested Tuesday after a dog-walker spied his mother’s leg protruding from a pile of garbage near the apartment where she was butchered.

Sources said he later confessed to the horrifying homicide.
McLean remains jailed after a Thursday court appearance. Family members said the deranged suspect had a history of violence.


In this pic, dude is holding his moms severed head.

  Bashid McLean, 23, in a picture from his cell phone, poses with what appears to be his mother’s severed head, say sources.

Here is his mother alive.


Scarier still is he had help….read more about it here.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Peeps are getting crazy!

    Must be the fluoride in the water?

    • fabbidavisjr

      Evil people come in all shapes sizes and nationalities.

      • That’s what makes me think it’s the water!

      • fabbidavisjr

        Haha there was sick people in the stone ages when they where boiling water.

      • Different kind of sick…these people today are chemTrail sick!

      • fabbidavisjr

        haha iono man. Hitler had no chem trails, slave masters, pharraohs in egypt, slave traders, you should read history. And I’m sure they leave a lot of the sick killers out of it. Some human beings just like to see people suffer.

  • SpaceAge2012

    That sh!t is crazy.Young men all over the world seem to be losin their minds these days. I saw a video of a 20yr old stabbing his father to death on wshh a few days ago followed by this same story.

  • Keith Brickz

    what u really meant to say was that black people have adopted the ways of white people you racist piece of shit… which is not the case at all you ignoramus…there are insane people of every race…if i wrote an article about a white kid that did a drive by shooting and i prefaced it by saying white people have adopted the ways of black people i dont think that would go over very well now would it? douchebag

    • Keith Brickz

      wanna act like white people are the only sick sadistic form of life on this planet… ridiculous… in the past year i have seen about 3 videos on worldstar of black guys arrested for having sex with pit bulls and then a couple of rumors ago that weirdo director impregnated his own children… OBVIOUSLY these arent things that ONLY white people do…pedofiles, rapists, murderers, serial killers are not classified by one race u jerk off…keep hiding behind ur hidden identity and spewing that racism cause u dont have the heart to do it with ur true identity revealed

      • DJ7

        “wanna act like white people are the only sick sadistic form of life on this planet …..ridiculous” Sit it down Brickz….. Who are you trynna convince homie? 3 Vids & a weirdo is all it took to make your mind up huh? Anything else or was that the tipping point for you? I’m sure everyone here is anticipating your reply….. can’t wait!!

      • Keith Brickz

        im not tryna convince anybody, i dont expect any of you to have sympathy at all for white people…i am simply calling illseed out on his bullshit and if you dont like it i could care less…how ironic that u cant handle when somebody pulls the race card on YOU…my mind has always been made up, im not a closed minded p.o.s. like illseed and a lot of the people that frequent this site

      • DJ7

        “my mind has always been made up, im not a closed minded p.o.s. like illseed and a lot of the people that frequent this site” Your own words SPEAKS VOLUMES about you kid…. STFU & take a seat while you’re behind!!

      • sakiru oresanwo

        So basically DJ_7 and Keith Brickz both agree there are sick f**ks in every race

      • Celz

        Slow down, he made a typo but you’re still losin the debate family

      • DJ7

        No need for me to debate this topic G, I KNOW what it is…..history outranks his story every time….as far as the typo thing….where did he clarify that at? He meant what he typed point ____.

      • Keith Brickz

        u getting ethered out here fam just cut it out my son

      • Keith Brickz

        it was a play on words to what you said to me you DUNCE…u said that the worldstar videos made up my mind (that evil doesnt have a race), i told u my mind has been made up about that…and that im not closed minded and dont single out individual races as being more evil than the other…u got a lot to learn kiddo

      • obaminator

        I agree with u, all races have good an bad, look at bashar assad in syria, hes not white yet hes worse than any white leader of today. Plus you got africans doing wild stuff like voodoo and killin kids etc, evil is evil there aint no colour in evil!

    • well i think he meant before africa was colonized, guess it was known as a great place, but ive heard they had many problems then also

    • Marchello Currence The Emcee

      Yeah I Definitely Caught That Too At The Beginning…

    • You mean drive by shootings like the the mob/ mafia started? There is a difference between being racist and politically incorrect. The media tells us how people of a certain “Race” act and we just go along with it.

  • maya

    SMH @ you throwing white people under the bus to compensate for your lack of wit and creativity.

    • Keith Brickz

      thank you, i knew i wasnt the only one that saw it like that

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Even though the statement is offensive, ill-idiot didn’t specify which race he was referring to

      • Keith Brickz

        oh please, you’re not that naive

      • sakiru oresanwo

        I’m not but we can at least give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not that much of a cretin

      • benefit of the doubt? nah lets not.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        LOL, oh well, guess we can continue going HAM on creep-seed then


    Think about dending illcoon naw fuk that lol

  • Q.

    Damn, Chuck…guess you gotta change your name now, Akh. LOL

  • Galactus

    This post says it was posted by chuck creekmur… yo illseed is that u??!!

    • Uh, Oh!


      Nah, but if I didn’t know better…..

  • Q.

    REAL SPILL…I’m always skeptical about these types of stories–you never know who’s behind what. With that said, considering the depraved state of our nation, when the human consciousness/thought vibratory level can be dumbed down to that of a BEAST, any human being is capable of performing acts of barbarity such as this. But, you know…this is what American pop culture promotes to the youth these days…right?:

    “I’m a motherfukckin MONSTER!” (“Monster”)

    “I’m a motherfukckin Martian! I’m a gotdamn GOBLIN!” (“Martians vs. Goblins”)

    “I had a 3-way with a WEREWOLF and a VAMPIRE” (Twilight Saga)

    “I’m in love with a ZOMBIE” (Warm Bodies)

    Etcetera, etcetera…

    Subconscious social programming sh!t.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      What has pop culture gotta do with this my dude?for all you know the kid could’ve been into rock and other genres.

      • Dude was on them Pysch drugs, like the other Looneys!

      • Q.

        REWIIIND: “…considering the depraved state of our nation, when the human consciousness/thought vibratory level can be dumbed down to that of a
        BEAST, any human being is capable of performing acts of barbarity such
        as this.”

        Pop culture (incl. Rock & other genres) = Subconscious programming

      • sakiru oresanwo

        People have been barbaric way before pop culture though, drug influence in my opinion is a more believable factor than music

      • Q.

        Drugs may have been a factor, of course. The point is that we see such barbarity occur more frequently as mass consciousness has been dulled down. People functioning on a low thoughtwave pattern (literally) are more susceptible to the influences of subliminal suggestion issued via entertainment (TV, FILM, RADIO, PRINT, VIDEO GAMES, MUSIC), especially in a chemically altered state… And mofos would not subject their minds to suspect drugs to begin with, unless they were already lacking upstairs… See what I’m saying?

        What this mofo did was unnatural, actually worse than what any animal would do.

    • “I’m a motherfukckin Martian! I’m a gotdamn GOBLIN!” (“Martians vs. Goblins”)

      The only Weezy, Tyler, Game track that goes ham!

    • Ah man…don’t go into vibrations….start with baby food for these youngins!

      • Q.

        LOL I give people here the benefit of the doubt at first…
        It’s 2013 though–I believe in accelerated learning!

  • TruthSerum

    If you go back and do your research you’ll find crazy sadistic people of all races throughout history. so your attempt at throwing white people under the bus just shows how truly ignorant about the world you really are.

    There are serial killers and child molestors all over the world of all races, look up Philip Onyancha from Kenya or Luis Gravito from Columbia for examples of Blacks & Latinos with Body counts higher then Ted Bundy.

    Even in America, There have probably been lots of African American Psychopaths. You forget that up until 30 years ago the police didnt really give a damn about investigating crimes in the black community, so it’s quite possible a black man could have killed 50 of his own people and gotten away with it due to the police not caring enough to look for him. What your seeing the last 10 years isnt a new trend, its heightened awareness. These things have always been going on.

    White people dont have a patent on insanity…….It’s available to everyone

    • Were the people you mentioned on Pysch drugs?

      Just curious.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC


  • this site is garbage


  • Celz

    Fucc this site.. Like really this time

  • alliswell

    sad story RIP Tanya Byrd.

  • Marchello Currence The Emcee

    Sad Thing Is, Dude Look Like His Mom, Sick Kid, The Signs That He Needed Help Was Probably Overlooked, Now Its Too Late…

  • not in line with our ancestry??? have you seen hotel rwanda? hacking to people to death with machetes is the norm over there.. man ill seed always thinks he knows something. but naaaaaaah he dont know shit ignorant ahole

    • bunzallday

      the norm? ur a fool… over there its at least for a cause… whether u agree wit it or not… this kid right here has no cause for this, dunno if its drugs or anything but he’s crazy.. Lanza also had no cause.. most murders done in the united states have no cause to it.. its either for money, on the influence of heavy drugs and alcohol, or women…. or a man if a woman did the killing…

      • im a fool because they hack people to death over there.. yeah ok… whatever… you should try to get a clue

      • bunzallday

        Not a fool cuz you said they hack people over there.. people get hacked everywhere even in the great USA.. but a fool cuz u said it was the norm..

      • man, it is the norm, cause they are poor and dont all have guns, do some research for christ sakes im not making it up. just like a week ago at a mine in africa 13 people were shot and hacked up, so get a clue

      • bunzallday

        And you’re basing this off of one movie you saw about one country in the entire whole of Africa ..the movie may be true but it doeant justify the opinion that its the norm in Africa to jack up people

      • nah F the movie, google dat ish mofuca!!! ish is real!!! you are ignorant for not knowing!!!!

      • yuuup, that what the funk i thought…