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Hip-Hop Rumors: No More Mood Musik Mixtapes For Joe Budden?

Hot off the presses. I got this straight from the boss Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. He hosted a conversation with Joe Budden at the Apple Store this evening in New York. Welllllll….some stuff came out of that conversation and it was revealed that Joe Budden isn’t likely to revive his Mood Muzik mixtape series. You know MM is one of the dopest series ever for a rapper and it really kept Joe hot in the streets until things settled down at the label. No more of them? Its not looking good! (Continued below.)

Joe also documented how he averted a beef with Lil Wayne and YMCMB. That lead to the situation where Wayne appears on the new album, No Love Lost, with “Put It Down.” Cool beans. It would be cool to get a new Mood Muzik, but Joe said that all of his songs these days are Mood Muzik. So, cop that album!


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  • Cool beans

  • Eli Pinilla

    I dnt have a problem with mixtapes, just cant stand when rappers make better music for their tapes than they actual albums….

    • BossBeaux

      I see where you coming from with that but at the same token the labels don’t let the artsy really me themselves on the album but on the Mixtape they can go in like how they want feel me

      • andone

        not only that but alot of the mixtape tracks were made for the album, however in the end the samples are either too expensive or they dont get cleared @ all… leavin no choice besides to put it out for free!

      • Eli Pinilla

        I get what yall sayin completly. The samles cant be cleared or too expensive to want to clear. Im talkin bout when the songs can be pushed but they arent. Or when the over all quality isnt as good. Wether it be beats or lyrics. Mood music was better than padded room for example. Clipse had clasdics with we got it for chaep mixtape series, but hell hath no fury was still a classic. Same with kendrick lamar and his recent album….rappers like joe budden and jadakiss unfortunatly suffer from the great mixtape average album syndrome

      • andone

        thats why i co-signed the other comment and added in my 2cents… but i do agree wit ur first post too, jus wanted to expand on the subject!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        if kendrick can pull it off .. joey can too .. just gotta get ya creative juices flowin …. but imo i think joey getting too comfortable house is too big lol ….. he needs to find himself back in that dormant space where he has nothing too lose so he can go all they way in and come up with those hits again like “focus” and “pump it up” … he got access to producers he just needs to get in that zone!!

      • Lyve Wire

        the ‘fans’ know what he’s capable of. but the labels wont back him financially because his ‘fans’ dont support his efforts. never ending cycle, thats caused by, quite frankly, the ‘hip-hop heads’.

      • I like Joe’s album.I don’t think the mixtape was better just had a few more underground songs

    • less politics w/ mixtapes and easier to use beats not for retail..Studio albums require 3 singles and more commercial songs

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah like the song joe did with weezy to squash thier issues … lol waste .. he was better off beefing with those guys ……….

      • nah that song is doing real good for Joe.That shit getting hella play

    • gunnstarr slaughterhouse

    • PliggaNease

      truuuuuuuuuuuuuue just shows you how f@#ked the machine is

  • He tweaked he should’ve just called his album Mood Music wateva, and shut people da fuk up. Proly would’ve gotten mo sales too

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      mood music is joeys brand he slipped up on this one lol someone fire his manager lol

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  • ladynamor

    I think hes corny and full of it personally.

  • ScreamLOX

    Joe Budden, was hot around mm4 but now i cant F with him

  • Choppa

    Beard fucked his flow up lol

  • Yeah you are so great that you are going to pull the plug on releasing mixtape music….OMG what will we do without Joe Buddens? lol

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    joe slippin mane capitalize off that brand !!

  • gunnstarr

    well i hated this new mix tape..fucking awful so he may need to re think that

  • Darren Myt Collins

    I wish everybody would stop making mixtapes. They are not mixtapes anyway, its crazy how the defintion of things change. Back in the day a mixtape was hosted by a dj, and it would be a collection of unheard or new material from a collection of different artist. Then they would mix and scratch and mis match vocals to different beats. Now they are just albums that are unnofficial. I can’t keep up with them..its too much…it has dimished the value of hip hop music. No other genre does this but hip hop….imagine if Taylor swift dropped a mixtape? Her shyt is selling by the millions, her music as value to her consumers…..but anyway…..whatever

    • PliggaNease

      respect………….this guy gets it

  • nickyriz

    he should come out with a album called the last mood…. joe please fire your manger

  • Negro Peligro

    JOE BUDDEN BEEN ARSE SINCE RIGHT AFTER PUMP IT UP. It was like Pump it arse. Jay took his song. Then BUDDEN was garbage and got a You Tube account and killing unborn fetuses over twitter. THIS NIGGA HERE.

    • Tony G.

      If u think Pump It Up is his best song, ur arse and need to kill urself

  • KingChandler

    Joe said that on twitter a while back, Royce also said that he won’t be doing any more Bar Exams, said if he does another mixtape it will be the beginning of a brand new series.

  • Mike Swiff


  • Slaughtr

    Fck mixtapes the shyt they call mixtapes are not mixtapes most bite other niggaz beats that’s called bite tapes.Another thing tapes are gone and the use of a real dj are ignored.I want to see artist hold their own without a fckn million features so what you have is unsigned album makers or Ep’s for that matter so stick to the gunz and be real hip hop artist.

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