Hip-Hop Rumors: Its A Wrap For Drake And The Weeknd!

What’s beef? Beef is when you from Canada and can’t sing — because Drake said so!

The word on the street, its all out “war” with these two dudes. They were about to take over America together. But, its over before it even really got started.

Here is a letter I got from an anonymous source.

What up Illseed, so word on road is that Drake’s OVO & The Weeknd’s XO are officially not messing with each other anymore. Rumors started circulating a while back about tension and a beef but now its been confirmed that Drake is no longer messing with Abel. As we all know Drizzy is responsible for The Weeknd’s early buzz and success, and after benefiting from the major co-sign it seems that Abel felt like he didnt need Drake anymore and signed with Universal Republic instead of being loyal and signing with OVO like it was planned to be. There is also more personal things that transpired between both artists that soured their relationship. The whole “No New Friends” slogan that OVO started is influenced by Abel’s disloyalty to the team. Drizzy even has a track called “No New Friends” (Ft.Rick Ross) on his upcoming album, which he played at his Club Paradise in Toronto last week. Seems like Drake is rolling with a new crew from Toronto called “Reps Up” and has even signed an artist named P.Reign. Word is the “Reps Up” are heavy in the streets of Toronto so whenever Drizzy is in his hometown he rolls everywhere  with them and doesnt need to hire any security. Seems like these guys are about to make some serious noise and they already have a huge buzz in Canada. Drake has also been screaming out “OVO/RepsUp” on numerous different footage from the All Star Weekend this year.


They should fight or throw bottles….whatever works.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TruthSerum

    I could care less if Drake turned out to be a serial killer there’s no way I can look at a beef between him & The Weekend as anything other then a laughable joke. 2 dudes who sing simpy “Baby I miss you please come back so I can rub your feet” music running around beefing with each other, it’s like that old school Rock Beef between Axl Rose and the dude from Poison, 2 dudes in tight spandex pants hating on each other, lol, No fan of either of these guys cares about a beef, there in the pop tart lane just stick to what your good at

    • Bumpy Johnson

      but them niggas P.Reign n them…i use to fkks with niggas from Toronto they told me stories bout P.Reigns hood called Galloway and how they use to do, n it wadnt no lame shit at all, niggas went hard ..but yea Drake still softer than my 1 year old son.

      • TruthSerum

        I’m sure Drake’s money has bought him some Grade A hood dudes, I expect nothing but the hardest take no prisoner type dudes to be spending his money…..But , as you said, that dont change what he is himself. His audience is made up of 16 year old girls dont nobody who listens to his music care how tough he is so any beef he has should remain in the background.

      • Granted Drake raps like he has a pink flamingo stuck in his throat, but even in NY, it’s the soldiers that are itching to earn their stripes that are gonna get it popping…..but in this case, even those dudes are gonna have a hard time handling beef for Drake.

        Now he may be untouchable while with them around him, but even if they weren’t, neither Drake, nor the Weekend could punch their way out of a wet paper bag, with scissors on their hands, so it isn’t an issue.

        It’s about IMAGE, and Drake is doing for Homo Thugz, what Top gun did for pilots.

        OVO vs XO is a game changer!
        (*Not sure how, or what game, or even what sport, but it sounds like some cool ‘chet to say! 🙂

      • Eli Pinilla

        The rza reference though

      • “Stick to walls like #4 the lizard”

      • Eli Pinilla

        “Enchant a few solar panels, blast off like Roman Candles”

      • “Stomp yo @$$ like Wahoo McDaniel” << Chief J StrongBow's Partner in WWF ( Too old school for you maybe? Back in the days of Bob Backlund, Iron Shiek, Larry Zabisco & Bruno Samartino…..speaking of which, do you remember when Larry nunchucked the 'chet outta Bruno?


      • Eli Pinilla

        “Im comin from the rack room era/ and breakin muthafuckas backs like ken pattera” gza

      • Okay, okay OKAY! >> Joe Pesci Voice

        So you know about Ken Pattera!

        >> Daps Eli

        You from the Boogie right?

        Wu-Tang again & again!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Born in queens raised in fl….yea man, was a big wrestlin fan comin up. But he was way b4 my time, I just know the history….im quoting wu tang for the rest of the day lol

      • The Wu` WU, WU!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Awa shit

      • dayleedumped

        if you surround your self with a bunch of g’z trust me they’ll be a battery in your back.. think about those kids growing up.. some of them were suckas and joined a gang and became thugged out. it can happen with anyone regardless.. people change you know that

    • LOL rub your feet music LMAO

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Ok, so he has a slogan “no new friends” but now hes rollin with a new crew called “reps up”!?!?!?! am I missin somethin here?!?!?!?

    • SEriously?

      yeah that Drake is a fake douchebag…

      • Kimberly Joseph

        Actually p. reign is apart of reps up and drake known dude since back in the day so…yeah

    • $31620369

      Drake has been repping Reps Up way before The Weeknd and XO. He mentions P. Reign in multiple songs, and he even has Reps Up tatted on his back

      • Ronin_84

        that’s not saying there isn’t some truth to weeknd stabbing drake in the back. look up jeremy rose, and how weeknd screwed him over.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Lol @ being heavy in the streets of Canada. FOH

    • YahMamma

      Toronto is the 4th largest City in North America idiot – bigger than Chicago, Philly, etc. ONLY NY & LA are larger – you don’t think in the continents largest city of immigrants there’s violence ? Think again.

      • DollasTX

        you said NORTH AMERICA like their isnt a “border” in between The United States and Canada …

      • Drew Emmerson

        What the hell does that mean ? There’s supposedly a border between you and Mexico, and we all know how that works..

      • Eli Pinilla

        Canadians always wanna claim usa lol yall wont even let us in the bitch unless we got like 700 credit scores and impecible records and shit

      • YahMamma

        Claim them ? Blah.. Canada may be America’s Hat – but the US is Canada’s underwear 🙂

      • Eli Pinilla

        That sounds like some shit canadians would say lol

      • you really wanna laugh.. get Drew to call you and talk all this crap in that funny ass Canadian accent… you gone be in TEARS!

      • mike malarkey


      • DollasTX

        point im making is … though the USA and CANADA are lumped under the same NO. AMERICAN umbrella – they are two separate countries

      • J. Smith

        The “4th” largest city, but only NY and LA are larger? That would make it 3rd homie. I’m not being funny, just pointing it out.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I was just typing this!!!!!! If I didnt click on your comment I woulda posted the exact same shit lol im assuimin its jacksonville though

      • J. Smith


      • Drew Emmerson

        Mexico = 1, NY =2, LA =3, TO = 4 – enuff already

      • J. Smith

        I was only saying that you named 3, instead of 4. Not really that serious. And you made it a point to capitalize ONLY. Didn’t make sense to me. That is all. Thanks for clarifying.

      • Conrad Bess

        Umm, Mexico City is the largest. Believe this is a typo on homie’s part.

      • J. Smith

        I was just pointing out the error, not disputing the validity of his claim.

      • KC The American Pimp

        DMX said it best, aint never been a real nigga to come out Toronto point blank period

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Man please miss me with that bullsh*t u talkin cornball. I’m not bout to have a pissing contest over the Internet about how trill Toronto is supposed to be because compared to any of the cities you just named yall are lightweight. Nobody said yall didn’t have violence but it ain’t poppin like that and you know it. How heavy in the streets can you be without guns?

      • EL_BARK

        According to the two source links I posted below, Toronto is among five Canadian cities that dominate North America’s personal safety ranking. Tied with Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary, Toronto is considered the 17th safest place in the world, more than 35 times safer than its closest American counterparts Chicago, Honolulu, Houston and San Francisco, according to the Mercer 2011 Quality of Living report.

      • Tann01

        “you don’t think in the continents largest city of immigrants there’s violence ?”

        You sound proud to say that. Why do people take pride in how violent their city is? smh

    • dayleedumped

      theres people heave in every street of the world.. stop being ignorant. there are always people that are doing shit that would get them locked up all accross the world.. it dont take a genious to know that.. heavy in the streets can be as simple as selling drugs.. and selling drugs come with territory.. and territory comes with…

  • Sean Power

    This has be the worst rumor ever where did guy get all his info cut and past from twitter ?

    P.Reign has been down with drake before the weekend

  • The dot

    P reign and drake have known each other for years and years..Way before he was even a rapper..there fams know eachother…

    Drake was rolling with Reps Up before the cash money deal..Reign n the galloway boys got into some trouble with the law….drake even put up lawyer money for p…P reign is shouted out on drakes songs like …”still fly”…Drake and Reps up are nothing new together…P has been back on his ish after his hood got shot up last summer with 23 people shot at a galloway bbq.

  • The_truth161

    RUMORS WILL ALWAYS JUST BE RUMORS… smh… disapointing

  • southside4lyfe

    We can’t have 2 Canadians taking over rap. Canadians don’t even like americans.

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  • The Weeknd sounds like a smart man….Drake is an artist, signed to a artist(Wayne) , signed to another nig( Baby)..nig money go thru 4 hands before u see a dime, smart play….Drake gettin big head tho…bodygaurds dont make u hard…”no new nigs” but changed crews 2 or 3 times already…Where J Prince

  • brasko310

    So let me get this straight, Drake is upset weeknd signed directly with a major label rather then with him lol, why would you want to be signed to a guy who is under someone else who is under someone else??? You lose money that way. Any man who gets upset for another man trying to get money and make a living is a fool. drake you lost on this one

  • Beanis Segal said he’ll smack fire outta Drake… crickets… DMX said he’ll have his dog shit on dude’s dinner plate… silence… But if ur gay, a woman, or an R&B singer and you dare get outta pocket… he sending them Toronto goons to come see you.


    how is that a slogan ive been saying that since the 90’s next niggaz gonna claim it is wat it is lol

  • dayleedumped

    Weeknd didnt wanna hear a diss from pusha T saying ‘ you sign to one nigga that signs to another nigga, thats sign to another nigga, and guess what, he under another nigga”

  • David Perez

    idk who started this drake and abel beef shit… no one has came out stating that they are no longer friends, last saturday from the UMF drake texted abel … these are all rumors, now keep going …

  • Harriet__Tubman

    Who cares if The Weeknd didnt wanna sign with OVO…I heard OVO is under Young Money. Young Money is under Cash Money and Cash Money is under Universal. The Weeknd prolly didnt want everybody in his pockets, smart move for him. But Drake is as dumb as they come. Hes STILL signed to 2 labels under a parent label. Dumbass…

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  • i met the reps up guys years ago.they are a real crew from toronto.i remember p reign giving his demo in like 05 and than a few years later i had met there manager and had him in my house playing him some of my songs and beats.the reps up are very known in toronto.

  • P-Reign is the brother that Drake speaks about paying to help beat his case on Take Care’s Over My Dead Body. OVO/Reps Up has always been a clique, but are more so commonly referred to as OVO. This weekend bullshit stems from exactly what you said. The Weeknd played Drake out after he put effort into dude.

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  • Ronin_84

    so Abel is disloyal to first his producer Rose, by stealing credit for his music, then stabs Drake in the back. Damn. He’s just a little bitch that can’t be trusted by anyone. Who else will he stab in the back?

  • JIKN


  • denzel capellan

    I feel bad for ppl who think ovo is under young money it’s not ovo is in a deal with Warner bros so whoever signs to ovo isn’t signing to young money drake on the other hand is directly signed to young money which in term is under cash money and universal

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