Hip-Hop Rumors: Its A Wrap For Drake And The Weeknd!


What’s beef? Beef is when you from Canada and can’t sing — because Drake said so!

The word on the street, its all out “war” with these two dudes. They were about to take over America together. But, its over before it even really got started.

Here is a letter I got from an anonymous source.

What up Illseed, so word on road is that Drake’s OVO & The Weeknd’s XO are officially not messing with each other anymore. Rumors started circulating a while back about tension and a beef but now its been confirmed that Drake is no longer messing with Abel. As we all know Drizzy is responsible for The Weeknd’s early buzz and success, and after benefiting from the major co-sign it seems that Abel felt like he didnt need Drake anymore and signed with Universal Republic instead of being loyal and signing with OVO like it was planned to be. There is also more personal things that transpired between both artists that soured their relationship. The whole “No New Friends” slogan that OVO started is influenced by Abel’s disloyalty to the team. Drizzy even has a track called “No New Friends” (Ft.Rick Ross) on his upcoming album, which he played at his Club Paradise in Toronto last week. Seems like Drake is rolling with a new crew from Toronto called “Reps Up” and has even signed an artist named P.Reign. Word is the “Reps Up” are heavy in the streets of Toronto so whenever Drizzy is in his hometown he rolls everywhere  with them and doesnt need to hire any security. Seems like these guys are about to make some serious noise and they already have a huge buzz in Canada. Drake has also been screaming out “OVO/RepsUp” on numerous different footage from the All Star Weekend this year.


They should fight or throw bottles….whatever works.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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