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AllHipHop Spotlight: O’hene Savànt

O’hene Savànt, born to a father he never knew and a drug addicted mother, had his childhood start off all too similar to many North Philadelphia youth. However, O’hene found his direction in life and a focus in Hip-Hop. He soon caught the attention of some pretty big names in the “Hip-Life” (Ghanaian hip-hop) movement, and was invited to produce a few commercially successful records and share the stage at Accra’s annual music festival. This is where he earned the name “Ohene,” which loosely translates into “chief by divine ordination.”

Having never been signed to any of the big three record companies, through sheer grassroots marketing, O’hene Savànt now has a significant international fan base which includes people of all walks of life from university professor Dr. Cornel West to poet laureate Nikki Giovanni to fellow musicians Mary Mary, Christopher “Play” Martin, DJ Premier, Big Daddy Kane, and Jeff Majors.

AllHipHop.com took a couple days to document O’hene doing what he loves to do best, music, watch this exclusive Spotlight on O’hene Savànt:

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  • without a doubt, the brother GOD Ohene Savant is THEE GREATEST all-around emcee i’ve ever heard, this is true now in 2013, just as it was true in 1999, when i first heard our brother rip the mic – his performance spurred me to get back on the block and tell my brother and fellow rap group members that “I just witnessed the greatest rapper ever” … mind you, I’ve been a fan of rap music/ Hip Hop culture since the earliest days of it’s inception – so for me – that was a GIANT statement …

  • ET Stone

    A true genius at his craft, Ohene Savant has a gift to share with the world…and the world will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Ohene Savant is amazing. He embodies all the elements of an Emcee. True Artist

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  • Black MC

    It’s difficult to put into words what this brother is doing for the culture. He is making rap music that us intellectuals can vibe too. This is truly some next level music.

  • No “mollies”, no “ratchetness”? No “bottle poppin”, no “gun play”? THANK YOU Ohene for giving us REAL music!

  • O’hene is innovating in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Abstract, yet accessible. Many claim to have a genreless, universal appeal. O’hene may be the first rapper to actually achieve this.