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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne To Be A Father Again?

I have my suspicions on this one. I’m not sure I believe it! Not saying that Wayne is not capable of having more kids, but would he? The latest on the block is that Lil Wayne may have another baby on the way and guess who they are saying the child’s mother may be? is reporting definitely that is the R&B singer Nivea. She’s already got a kid by Wayne and a pair from The Dream. Get her an endorsement deal on some pampers! Niv is reportedly going to drop the lil weezy in September. But, damn…I’m not sure I believe it.

That’s Nivea on the right in the green.

Wayne has to know how to strap up!

He had a condom deal, for goodness sake!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Carlos

    wayne to be a father again, why? did he stop being a father at some point.

  • Dadon850

    I wonder how Wayes kids are going to feel when they find out he’s gay.

    • sibilladart53hy

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    • hoeyuno

      Kids aint stupid. They see there dad in leopard skin pants and a neon ggreen fanny pack.. o yea not to mention kissing his “dad”. …… i wonder if weezys kids call baby grandpa????

  • JusNathaniel

    wayne needs to be smart and get the snip.. these hoes be thirsty for his seeds

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    i thought it would be supahead for sure!
    but then I remembered that she is great at swallowing kids

    • Jack Bouquet

      hell nah! LMAO!

  • therealest1

    Got a shitload of kids to feed like Benny from Total Recall shit. I think this fool either already or is going to have 5 kids to feed like Benny had to.

  • DJ7

    Try harder……WE know the lil gremlin has a cd out…..still not coppin that bullsh*t!!

  • Escobar

    Truthfully? This would be bad if Wayne was always on spotlight for being a bad father, but he isn’t. So the more the merrier for him. Congratulations, big homie.

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  • Choppa

    If he is about to have another kid, then good. He can support them and seems to be a good dad. Shiddd, half the muhfuckas who talk shit bout tha lil nigga parenting skills dont take care of they kids at all, or think being a good dad is to have matching j’s.

    • Respect to that comment Choppa.

    • SirEsquire510

      Are you still wearing baggy suits that are a throwback to the Dick Tracy era? Solid comment, though.

  • Nene

    He needs to get married to this woman. Why keep making babies out of wedlock? We living in the last days. Atleast she was married at one time. Wayne just want to lay and play.

  • Nene

    Then we wonder why God created std’s.

    • Matt Swan

      you stupid lmfao!! But if that’s true, then wayne is a walking talking std

  • SirEsquire510

    illseed, you’re a dumbass. Do YOU understand the concept of being a father?? It doesn’t end upon having a child. Therefore, Wayne IS already a father (to how many other gremlins he’s fathered) and won’t stop being their father, thus the headline should read that Wayne is to have another child or something of the sort. Not that he is going to be a father again.

  • Eazy E?

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