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Nicki Minaj Says She’s “Lyrically Better Than Most Of The Male Rappers”

(AllHipHop News) YMCMB rapper Nicki Minaj made a pretty bold statement during an interview with MTV this week.

“I am lyrically better than most of the male rappers out there. Yes, I’m gonna say it. I don’t get the credit that I deserve.”

Nicki went on to speak about what she’s see as a lack of respect for her lyrical ability.

“I’ve put in my work lyrically, and people act like it doesn’t exist,” said the current American Idol judge.

This feeling of not being properly recognized may stem from Minaj not making MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list this year.

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Last year Minaj became the first female to be included in the annual countdown of top rappers according to the cable network, but the “Brain Trust” decided that Nicki wasn’t one of the 10 hottest emcees over the last 12 months.

She pointed out her inclusion at number four in 2012 on her song “Roman Reloaded” off her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded:

You in the booth, but I’m who you be channeling
Why they never bring your name up at the panel then?
Hottest MC’s, top five!
You need money, I got mine

Minaj believes her skills as a rapper are not properly compared to those of her male counterparts because Hip Hop is a male dominated industry.

“Men run the Hip Hop game. Let’s be honest,” said Nicki. “They’re the program directors. They wanna be able to rap stuff and say it. They’re not gonna recite a female. They just feel funny.”

While Nicki is still dropping videos from her Pink Friday Roman Reloaded- The Re-Up she released last November, the Trinidadian-born artist is currently back in the studio recording her third official LP rumored to be titled Pink Friday: The Pinkprint.

Watch the interview below and check out Nicki’s latest video “High School” featuring Lil Wayne.

What do you think? Is Nicki one of the best lyricists in the game right now?


    LOL #delusional

  • GregSki86

    Lmao #stupidhoe be trippin. It just seems like everyday this bitch be tryin to run out those 15 minutes

    We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People

  • Guest

    bitch? you crazy? u wrote a bar that literally whent like this waaaaaaaa aaaah gtfoh

    • exactly break down her bars add them up and it mostly making baby noises screaming and sh*t like that or stuff that doesn’t make sense like twinkle twinkle little star.

    • Sorry to be Frank

      It was more like “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

  • dominicancoke

    ! i mean i remember when foxy spit fire like dudes i remember when kim spit fire like dudes when remy spit fire like dudes when mc lyte n queen latifah spit fire like dudes you far from that you’re extremely bubble gum you the mc hammer of female mcs and all them female mcs i mentioned held the east coast down! you failed to even do that


  • Tony G.

    she sounds crazy saying it..but in reality when she’s not on that pop shit and actually spitting lyrics…she may be better than a lot of the dudes..not saying she’s great..just a lack of lyrical talent by most of the male rappers of this generation..bunch of clowns…just for her to feel comfortable enuff to express that thought lets u know how much BS it is out there…

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      I co-sign somewhat. Her pop shit is a hot mess. But when she takes her raps serious she can spit some hot verses. I’ve got an older mixtape of hers that’s all freestyles & that shit is tighter than any single I’ve ever heard. Considerin some of the wack ass rappers that’s out now her statement isn’t as bugged out as people might think. Don’t get me wrong she ain’t no fuckin legend or nuthin but on cuts like Monster she shows her potential. Like I said it says more about the state of 2days hip hop then anything.

      • RAP Music

        Yeah but people bring up shes better than 2 chains and other homos like that. Who cares, no one with any knowledge of rap thinks 2 Chains is on any level a good or interesting rapper. I heard the dude went to a really good college and is a very smart man, like surprisingly enough Rich Boy went to the the University of Alabama and got an engineering degree which you wouldnt guess by his pop songs. Tho lets get this paper is the sleeper of the decade, like southern rap or not that song is ill, heartfelt, with a point. Plus Polow Da Don is one of the best producers in recent memory. I wish i had half the talent Polow has.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Man that’s crazy u mention Let’s Get This Paper I just saw that video 2day 4 the first time in a long time that shit was my joint i agree witchu 100% I had that on my old mp3 Rich Boy will never make a colder song than that I don’t think.

    • GregSki86

      Too bad she just on that pop sh*t hence n*ggas will overlook her

    • Celz

      Her flow is raw but she isn’t saying a damn thing.. That’s why Pac can have a basic flow and be considered by many the GOAT.. His subject matter was so far above average. And when you are making sense or telling a story those multi-syllable rhyme patterns get exponentially harder..

  • fdiesel

    Let’s see, she’s lyrically better than 2 Chains, Future, Chief Keef, Wacka, 50, Juicy J, Tyga,Soula Boy for starters. Most of these cats that are supposedly hot right now, she’s murdering them lyric wise. She’s still nuts though!

    • Eli Pinilla

      50?!?!?! Hell no!!!….and prolly not better than juicy j niether.

    • Dee

      50? ill listen to 50 all day before i listen to that sh*t she talking

    • firehawk17

      50? nigga your brain dead son… you must not have listened to 50 music new or old aint no comparison..who u like? rick ross?

    • MrNoName2K

      Wait, what??? Nikki Minaj better than 50??? Now you KNOW you wrong for that. Sorry coach, but you get 10 ARROWS DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN from me…

      • GregSki86

        cosign, I ain’t sayin’ 50 an elite MC but Nicki spitting better bars……

        “Where All my dogs at…Randy/ Get off my dick, bitch…Andy/…Go against me nowwwwwwww, I dare you…Bambi”

        “If you could turn back time…Cher/ you used to be here now you gone…Nair”

        I rest my case

      • Celz

        And what does that mean? Nothing bro.. I got hotter shyt than that real talk.. Lyrics is more than just some damn punchlines.. Punchlines is punchlines, Lyrics are the complete meaning of what you are saying.. I guess she’s better than Nas and Pac too..

    • RAP Music

      50 is pretty bad but hes more “lyrical” (that hurt to type) than nicki minaj. 50 for sure has a better flow than lyrics. Lyricism, at least as far as sales/to the shit public, is not very important. Like look at Jeezy, i love Jeezy but you cant say hes lyrical. But being lyrical in the super technical sense is overrated.

  • TruthSerum

    As much as I hate to admit it, if we are talking about current mainstream rappers, she probably is better lyrically then most of them. But thats not a salute to her as much as slap at the lac of competition……But Rhyme for Rhyme, yeah, she is better then cats who are big these days like 2Chains

  • Dwayne Nvo

    this bitch is overrated

    • tony greg

      todays music is GABAGE!

    • If you don’t believe that you are the best then who will?

    • “Overrated” can be translated to “Successful”. #hating

      • Jasmyn Anna

        What dictionary do you use?

    • Who’s better?

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Rappers are spitting lyrics?? I thought being the best lyricist today is…………….talking about how much money you’re getting?!?! Where the lyrics at???

    • Rappers back n the day used to do the same exact thing..Get real.

      • Not sure which back in the day you’re talkin about but majority the cats I came up on spoke on the struggle more than anything. Yeah you had artists like Slick Rick and Cool C/Steady B whose image was on some flossin shit, but even they spoke for the have-nots too…at least Slick Rick did, can’t really speak for Cool C/Steady B. And even with the flossin, they weren’t takin it to the levels of fukkery these new niggas are and you know it…that’s if you’re even old enough to remember all that. Get real.

  • Oknas

    shes better than souljah boy, cheif keef,

    • RAP Music

      Not bragging rights but agreed.

    • Celz

      Trinidad James, Future..

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn Miss Minaj been feelin herself a little too damn much these days..still dont think she could ever and would ever run with Foxy Brown

    • Foxy Brown is some where in Brooklyn still driving a 99 Range Rover, it’s funny you give props to artists who was never able to hold on to mainstream success, which is what Nicki is doing now so give her props.

      • MrNoName2K

        Look here youngster, Nikki Minaj is just todays generation of Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, all them femcees who helped create the image and style of what Nikki Minaj is today. Now go on and get back to listening to your Mindless Behavior… young tendah

      • So what’s the problem with Nicki being today Foxy and Kim? You need to stop acting like this is the 90’s it’s 2013 and your favorite rapper is old and burnt out.

      • MrNoName2K

        no one said there was a problem with it, you over there talkin bout she created her own style from ground zero when all she did was jack theirs and flipped it…lol yo i see that Nikki Minaj is clearly your “favorite rapper”…you probably think she in the G.O.A.T category…miss dior…smack yourself…thats a wrrrrrrrrrrrrrap

  • She is better than most f the trash ass aers, I mean rappers out ther. Where are the true MCs

  • Eli Pinilla

    Exzibt A-Z…” im a star, sheriff badge”

    ^^^^^str8 garbagness!!!

    • But did you think of it?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Think of what? That metaphone is reatarded..your a rat, chucky cheese. I can do that too, dont make it a good line.

      • Celz

        I’ve came up with way better one liners than that come on.. Yall musta never heard any real emcees..

        Chino XL said “I’m outstanding in my field like a farmer” that destroys any line that has ever came out of the YMCMLMNOP Camp..

      • I swear these fans are just as delusional as the artists and come up with the most piss-poor defenses I ever heard in my life. My four year old daughter comes up with better lines than that on a regular basis just in regular conversation, and that’s no exaggeration. I suppose you think Wayne beatin the pu$$y up like Emmitt Till was “clever” too huh?

  • firehawk17

    well if we are talking lyrics yes it true she is lyrically better than most of dudes thats on popular radio…but her songs aren’t presented in the realm of rap… they are pop beats that she is rapping over.. now if she would do mixtapes and rap over beats or rap and stop that barbs pop bullshit maybe we can see it…but till then it will get overlooked..

  • she is wack and her hype man writes 4 her if she was on the mc list then the that wud b a joke she is not a mc

  • greeneyedbandit

    She really smellin herself now…lmao

  • She has earned her stripes, Give respects where respect is due.

    • MrNoName2K

      Oh no no no.. she gets her props and respect and all that but thats beside the point…no one said she wasnt holding her own because she is, just saying she kinda has her head up her own ass a weeeeeeeeee bit too far…

      • Well if you don’t believe that you are the best then who will?

      • Guest

        Dior…Nikki is not one of the best, even in her own mind lol. She knew she was gonna catch some flack for a dumbass comment like that

      • MrNoName2K

        Dior…Nikki is not even one of the best lol…shes a FAD

      • She murdered Jay, Kanye and Rick Ross on one track……Then she murdered Eminem on Roman’s Revenge….Name an artist that has done something like this; much less a female?

      • MrNoName2K

        Murdered Jay LMAO lol ok Dior now we all know your talkin that good ol bullshit..

      • Get the track and listen to it.

      • MrNoName2K

        Dior…smack yourself

      • Celz

        Jay is semi retired like Jordan on the Wizards.. Respect it but you don’t get NO props… Kanye ain’t been right since his momma died.. And Ross is a delusional doppelganger..

        She’s nice but Free, Lauryun Hill, Remy Ma, Jean Grae, Lady Luck.. I could really keep going.. Will all murder her easily..

      • All of the chicks you mentioned were either locked up, knocked up or is at home doing nothing…Stop giving credit to artists who come up short….Regardless if you like her music or not, she started from the ground up, and created a lane for herself, and now she is not only the ONLY female rapper in the game now, but she is now a household name.

      • MrNoName2K

        thanx to Lil Weezer

      • Celz

        “nicki minaj says shes lyrically better than” That’s what we are talking about.. The headline of the article.. All of your other thoughts and feelings are irrelevant.

        The statement is false, her lyrics hold no relevancy to any mature subject matter. She has slightly above average punch lines and an incredible flow. But flowing is much easier when the bars are disconnected and follow juvenile themes. Multi-syllable rhyme patterns with punch lines are alot harder to drop when you are talking about family related emotions or social issues. Get off the broads jock, she has a nice flow ok punches and everything else from her image to her delivery and subject matter is pathetic. She is a solid D.

      • MrNoName2K

        ^5 right here

      • Much like any other rapper out there.

      • MrNoName2K


    • RAP Music

      If she was so hell bent on being respected as a lyrical MC she wouldnt release 95% of her shit as pop music, cant have it both ways.

      • Hip-Hop artists are not selling records like they used to….You want her to keep it real, just to sell 5000 records? F you, if pop is the way to gain success then so be it.

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  • Chris

    “I’ll kick that hoe, PUNT.”

    -Nicki Minaj-


  • Mike Swiff


  • Blaq_Boi

    I can actually agree with this, since most male rappers are songstresses these days anyway. On the flip side, I still don’t get why female rappers still think of being better rappers than male rappers is the holy grail of rap recognition. Rappers are rappers (garbage is garbage in this case), regardless of gender. Until female rappers take themselves seriously enough to be great artists as leaders and not as subordinates, ain’t no soul gonna take em seriously unless their half naked.

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  • BKALLDAY718393

    She’s down with young money, say no more. Like when little wayne said, I’m not 2pac, i’m the new pac. GTFOH, garbage

  • Josh Sykes

    She couldn’t see Left-Eye in her prime

  • Josh Sykes

    Please bitch eminem did that song with you just to own your wack ass to make a point

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  • 30millionrappers

    get serious she look like crusty the clowns daughter , everything about that lesbo hoe is fake. she used to lick remy ma booty hole. she str8 up pop star i dont even consider her hip hop


    She is better these Clowns out here today…but that ain’t nothing to brag about.


    she should just convert to acting while people are even remotely still interested in her

  • RAP Music

    Shes better than whats that homos name…. lil flip. Ill treat you like milk, do nothing but spoil you (or something like that)

  • you gotta believe you’re no. 1 but at the same time have some type of sence with it… If she writes alll her stuff then much props – she’s not a slouch although Im not a huge of her type of music – I alway had a feeling she got help writing though, could be wrong – check my music il4m on youtube/google or reverbnation/iL4m

  • Haile Toure

    maybe she mean the kiddie rappers

  • justyouraverage

    I agree an I don’t like her music but shes different all the male rappers minus a few are exactly the same

  • Nicki_fan_4_life

    I think she has a point. Nicki has been featured on a lot of songs with guys and she has held up extremely well. Her verses on “Bedrock,” “All I Do Is Win (Remix),”, “Hello Good Morning,” “My Chick Bad” and “Monster” were pretty spectacular I thought. She has gotten a lot of recognitition in this male dominated industry, and she was in MTV’s top 10 MC’s list (not just female MC’s) for a few years until this last time around, when she was just given an honorable mention.

    • Celz

      ^^^ This nicca is 13

      • TALK_BOSS


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  • Brian Artis

    How do the lyrics to that starships song go again??

    • Claus H. Luíz

      “Starships were meant to flyyyyyyy!
      Hands up and touch the skyyyyyyy!
      Let’s do this one last tiiime!”

      Whoa! Them lyrics nearly blew my mind.

  • ari

    she has potential to be considered one of the best but you can’t cater for the pop crowd, dressing in those clown get ups and still want to call yourself a MC, it ain’t happening nicki!.
    she has to put the work in, grind out a bunch of REAL rap tracks, none of that bubblegum bs she’s been doing recently.

  • Celz

    I just came here to laugh my ass off..

  • Celz

    Niccas think lyrics is punchlines and flow.. That’s part of it but not the whole game.. Why you think all them And 1 mixtape ballers ain’t makin millions in the NBA? Their complete game is hot garbage.. What’s the point of havin an excellent flow and decent punchlines (which is an honest evaluation of Minaj) if you aren’t saying anything? Captivating teens does not qualify as the best lyrically.. On Young Money maybe but I guess you missed Nas new album right?

  • Why are these people getting so much attention…

    • Cuz their labels make sure to cut that check to sites like AHH.

  • youngplaya

    It might be the outrageous outfits that’s throwing people off. The girl can spit though. She went in on that Kanye album. But Who’s this imaginary rap GOD you guys are comparing her too? Who are all these supposedly awesome lyricist?

  • Steve Harvey

    That’s a damn lie

  • klove

    Lauren Hill was a female that could hang with the big boys….real lyrics.

    You see I loved hard once, but the love wasn’t returned
    I found out the man I’d die for, he wasn’t even concerned
    And time it turned,
    He tried to burn me like a perm
    Though my eyes saw the deception, My heart wouldn’t let me learn
    From um, some, dumb woman, was I,
    And everytime he’d lie, he would cry and inside I’d die.
    My heart must have died a thousand deaths
    Compared myself to Toni Braxton thought I’d never catch my breath
    Nothing left, he stole the heart beating from my chest
    I tried to call the cops, that type of thief you can’t arrest
    Pain suppressed, will lead to cardiac arrest
    Diamonds deserve diamonds, but he convinced me I was worth less
    when my peoples would protest,
    I told them mind their business, cause my s*** was complex
    More than just the sex
    I was blessed, but couldn’t feel it like when I was caressed
    I’d spend nights clutching my breasts overwhelmed by God’s test
    I was God’s best contemplating death with a Gillette
    But no man is ever worth the paradise MANIFEST

    • Celz

      That’s lyrics my nicca.. Not a meaningless collection of “My swag is so big” lines..

  • klove

    Nicki Minaj is hot garbage

  • Jasmyn Anna

    She is a talentless plastic barbie doll.

  • Someone should have slapped the taste from her. Trying to sellout the true artform of hiphop.

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