Harry Fraud

Producer Harry Fraud Talks Working with Mac Miller, Smoke DZA and Rick Ross

(AllHipHop News) Harry Fraud took a moment to speak with AllHipHop about his recently released mixtape “Adrift” as well as releasing some records he’s had in the vault with Mac Miller, establishing a relationship with Smoke DZA and linking with the biggest boss Rick Ross and MMG.

When it came to working with Mac Miller, Fraud says the two connected years ago. “We probably did a couple songs a year and a half to two years ago. His people around him reached out. They’re obviously fans of French’s music and we’re fans of their music,” Fraud continued “we never actually met in person, we just communicated through, email and phones.”

Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud released the “Rugby Thompson’ Album in 2012 to both critical and commercial success , Harry detailed their growing relationship and it leading to other projects..

“We clicked super easy, obviously now a year later, we’re really close friends, we’ve made a decent amount of music since then, that’s my bro, he made so much shit possible for me …for instance Smoke brought Currency to the studio to do the record for his album and that’s how me an Currency started to build and we got to do the EP.”

Next was a call from Rick Ross who brought Harry Fraud in to do some music for Self Made 2.

“French called me and put him on the phone and we talked very briefly, he said he wanted to do some music, and I was at his house the next day or two days later.”

Fraud told AHH one thing he was impressed by was Rozay’s work ethic

“Ross , he’s just on some music shit, he loves to make music, he’s really focused on the music. He’s not where he’s at for no reason …or just because he’s some kind of gimmick or something like that. He’s very focused.”

Watch the AHH Exclusive Interview with Harry Fraud here:

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  • AK

    one of the most talented producers in the game but he needs to start working with better artists, the curren$y and young roddy stuff was a good move he should go that direction more cause mac miller smoke dza and sometimes rawse is a waste of good beat

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Harry fraud gets down!!!!! Too bad he wasted the majority of them on french montana

    • Guest

      Without french he would not be where he’s at right now tho..

    • andone

      ur buggin… french gets wavy on them beats tho???

    • most of frech joints were remakes which means harry has alot of gass in the tank .. far from finished !!

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  • shelbypanayotou

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    • yo my next door neighbor sister best friend in law third navy seal said she got fired from that place cause they are downsizing ?? whats up with that ??

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    None of that sounds like paid work with exception to Self Made 2. It’s hard to get a check as a producer these days. You gotta endure all the free handouts in hopes of a paid returned favor. Keep grinding

    • andone

      u make a good point but even tho he isnt gettin top dollar for some he still makes a decent living off them beats… eventually he will have his publishing and royalties!

      • as a producer thats what its def about even more than so for an artist because producers can spread themselves much further than an artist can as far as songs and projects go …….

    • HITS!! at the end of the day wanna make big money you need a HIT! harry had some mediocre success but he needs a nigga in paris to really demand top dollar … but he still can get $$ its all about hustlin and knowing the market … plus if his paper work is right he still getting that long term paper which is what its really about … lil wayne came up doing the same thing … most of those collabs hes done over the years he didnt get any up front money for it but he made sure he got his points on the back end … its so many artist out here which = unlimited amount of revenue stream for producers and you also get paid off internet views now too …. skys the limit … just gotta be creative and know your market !!

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  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    he should be doing stuff with action bronson soon which im looking foreword to

  • 7yoyo7

    La musica de Harry Fraud!