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First Listen: Ray-J’s “I Hit It First” Disses Kimye And Appeals For New Sex Tape

(AllHipHop News) It would seem that Ray-J is trying to get under Kim Kardashian or Kanye West’s skin with his new song, “I Hit First.”

The song was slated for release on April 9th, but leaked to the internet today. The lyrics are highly suggestive.

“She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first,” the singer croon, “No matter where she goes or who she knows / She still belongs in my bed.”

There are also lyrics that reference Kim Kardashian’s past and her present relationship with Kanye West, which whom she is having a baby with.

“I had her head going North and her ass going South /But now baby chose to go West,” Ray-J continues in the song.

The video for the song reportedly has a look alike Kim Kardashian character. The song is below.

Ray-J and Kim Kardashian starred in a porno movie together called “Kim K Superstar.” By the end of the song, he’s appealing for Kim Kardashian to “make another movie” with him.

Neither Kim Kardashian or Kanye West have not spoken on the song at press time.

POLL: Is Ray-J being disrespectful?

  • NINJA koz Maccabee

    sounds like dat n.o. bounce music u a fool for diz one ray j bruh i hit it first lmfao cant hate da player ya dig he tore it off dat frames

  • CHI545

    although ray j is just looking for attention with this, I cant even hate
    on him because kanye fuckd up so hard impregnating/wifing this
    overrated industry groupie. kanye the one on songs with the hook goin “yo chick she so thirsty” now he stuck with kim kardashian. dude just lost a lot of respect messing with this chick

  • granky161

    This is petty. Ray J and Kim broke up years ago, she has moved on and it’s sad that he can’t. Every year Ray J proves why he is a joke.

    • BossBeaux

      Co-Sign !!! You can’t diss your ex unless you doing better clearly that aint the case here smh at petty ass ni99as!!!

      • lol thats a joke cause all kim has been doing is moving on ……………………. to the next negro lol ………….. hopefully shes found home tho especially since shes pregos lets cut down on the beautiful single mommas out there please!! lol 😉

      • auraseale

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      • BossBeaux

        No one cares!

  • don king

    the money team gon rape u haters, dont disrespect ray or the money team! lol

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  • $46937598

    We hit it first▲ Facebook – “Embody Illuminati”…….Tell a friend to tell a friend

  • Celz

    Shyt is disrespectful to himself… If Kanye wanted a virgin I’m sure he can find a square ass 20 year old somewhere.. But he doesn’t so he didn’t and obviously Ray J ain’t checkin for virgins either so what difference does it make????

    • CHI545

      we not talkin about wanting a virgin here. we talking about wifing a chick who did all kinds of freak shit on camera. bounced around from one athlete/celebrity to the next. married an athlete and then divorced his ass 3 months later.

      • CHI545

        how u gonna marry a dude and get divorced 3 months later?

      • Celz

        She be doin hoe activities, with hoes tendencies/ hoes is her friends, hoes is her enemies..

      • Celz

        Kanye is a sucka captain save a hoe.. But Ray J is an emotional jealous attention seeker for makin the song.. He should have named it “Why you save her?” Because the only factor in who hit it first was time, it had nothing to do with Ray J personally.. So he really has no grounds to brag

      • i hit it first just hits home alot harder as we see with these comments LOL !!!!!!!!!!! shoot we all know why kanye saved her we all know dudes like that lol … one week shes the neighborhood bicycle next week Mr. Simp wifed shorty up …… this week we all sittng back lol @ mr. simp all while shaking our heads cause @ the sametime we cant believe it he knows how she gets down lol but then again maybe thats why he wifed her up #homeslut #shesminenow lol #thatisuntilyougottowork lol!!

      • Celz

        Shyt is still lame though.. If you’re a real man, thug, gangsta, player, pimp, or whatever you wouldn’t be concerned. But he’s actin like a female here.. Kanye has already said in a song that Ray J’s movie with her made her famous. Everyone knows it..

        It’s high school girl shyt to bring up old news and it’s high school girl shyt to try and get fame off someone you slept with.. I just don’t know which one is worse… Either way Kanye is in love wit a hoe and Ray J is a hoe himself.

      • Men or a true man would not care to make a song about a piece of ass. I get it all the time. It is because Ray J is fighting to stay relevant. Once you make a reality show looking for women it is like dam sucker category then to make a song about thinking you are a g for hitting a bird yet you had a reality show wanting women when you are already famous just shows he has zero game. He talks too fking much and I just want to smack the sh*t out of him. He grew up in Carson I believe a middle class to rich suburb in Cali. If I claim to be a ladies man I don’t say it I walk it in silence the ladies know it when they see it. A good gimmick for trying to make a few dollars.

      • Celz

        True spit..But Carson aint no soft ass city like that though.. It’s a stones throw from some of the worst hoods in Cali and they have active blood, crip, ese and samoan sets..

    • lol @checkin for virgins lol

  • JerZeBoy

    I dont like kayne much, but Ray J is garbage….

  • 2050AA

    Why wait all this time to say all this? Is my ques. And why brag about it? At the end of the day, she’s where she’s at and he’s where he at. It doesn’t change anything. It just sounds like hate. I wouldn’t brag about putting my flag on that.

    • he had to get his paper work right so he could capitolize $$ off the situation lol …

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  • Lamonte Johnson

    Kim Kardashian might be a hoe (and i only say hoe cuz she got pregnant by anotha nigga while still in a marriage with another man) but slick dissing is even hoe’r

  • Yes it is a little disrespectful and petty BUT come on lets not hate on him to hard because you know the song is nice and besides Kanye got a MARRIED woman prego

  • toreal

    Something tells me Ray J still jacks off thinking about Kim.

    • TruthSerum

      Cut Ray J Some slack, you now how hard it must be for him to live with the fact that his sextape turned her into a superstar while he struggles to maintain relevance?? Barely anybody remembers who Ray J is other then the fact that he’s Brandys lil brother, then everytime he turns on the TV he sees Kim or one of her sisters on a new reality show, it probably eats him alive inside lol

      • u cant be serious … lol … even if he was just brandys lil bro that aint a bad position to be in … IJS … lol

      • TruthSerum

        Maybe financially, but contrary to what some might feel most folks dont feel good about being percieved publicly as a failed hasbeen/never was musician who’s sister and ex-girlfriend are 100x’s more famous then you are. All you need to do is listen to one Ray J interview to realize how big this douche’s ego is, you know seeing Kim more famous then him off that sextape he leaked bothers him lol he made her a superstar and the only attention he gets now is when he talks about her or they ask about his sister lol dude is like the Jamie Spears of the black community

      • How is Brandy that famous she hasnt had anything good since the 90’s. One Wish and Sexy can I was not that long ago

      • toreal


    • @least hes in the footage !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol #ihadtosayit lol

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  • 86Jordan

    Who’s lamer the ni**a that made this BS or the lame that bumps it? Fab said he was a rich lame and Fab was right.

  • 86Jordan

    For the record Damon Thomas or some other ni**a we don’t even know hit it first, not lame J

  • Lamar Star

    Everytime this nigga gets a little less relative he does something to spark controversy. Shit’s working though

  • Blaq_Boi

    So Kim was a virgin before you Ray J??????? It’s ok, I’ll wait.

  • therealest1

    A lame no name living off his successful older sister’s name needing attention to stay relevant shit.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Kim got everybody loving her dam its amazing what a bubble booty can do to the mind.

  • dominicancoke

    Ray j? lol dudes been finished before his fake thug rant against fabolous om the breakfast club

  • People can say whatever they want about Kim Kardashian… As for Ray J, my nig should feel stupid, afterall, it was his sex video with her that really got her poppin’… He hardly parlayed the publicity into what she has. And another thing! She ain’t an industry groupie anymore! She has groupies now. Helluvem. So, like it or not, the bitch is a mainstay/mogul/superstar… And her star ain’t fadin’ yet. Damn shame. True. But say I’m lyin’ ! Kanye winnin’… Because he in them guts now. And the chick seems happy with him. So, who cares who hit it first?

    • you really think she “parlayed the sextape into a career” lol …. so when kim goes on interviews does she have that listed on her resume ?? does she be sure to play that video like “remember me?” lol …im not saying the tape didnt help her but she didnt do no karin stephens lol

      • True otherwise superhead wouldn’t be broke still trying to make Wayne her next baby daddy looking like a super bird.

  • K.B

    They say the Truth hurts right??…If you agreed then whats wrong with sayin the truth….

  • BillyBobJohn


  • you can always tell when a nigga got too much time on his hands… successful people are usually too busy to care…. dat nigga Ray-J life must suck….

  • ostermalm

    Ray J is capable of good music, this is a hit for sure! I love his old records on This Ain’t a Game

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  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    This sh*t is just sorry the only time dis n*gga is in the news is if it’s somethin about Kim or gettin into some other dumb sh*t he don’t even qualify as an artist anymore the music is barely bein put out & when it is it’s not poppin he needs 2 throw in the towel b4 the ref does.

  • nustradamous


  • Ray J is the biggest lame next to yung berg. He always does lame sh*t. Music wise or in real life. Everytime he opens his mouth it isn’t believable. He tries too hard to be something he is not and that is gangster or cool. He is better just being a suburb prep boy. His lane is a diggy simmons lane not 2pac. Why would a real man make a song about a bird if she is a bird you don’t brag about hitting it? You would be like it is just a f*ck. Boys do that sh*t. That shows he is jealous, mad and insecure. It makes Kanye look even better at the end because real G’s don’t talk like that. This song just digs himself deeper into weak lame boy category. Ray J if you read this stop. You are looking mad desperate and weak. Make a regular chill song speak less and fall back. Oh yeah I could see if you were on the top music charts or relevant now and making more money that Kim I have to give her props she turned herself into a million dollar brand and you make 3 card molly street corner moves for change.

  • chosenxeno

    I hit it! I hit! I hit! I hit! I HIT IT FIRST! lolololololol I’m feelin it. Seriously, I’,m feelin’ it haahaha. This is a smash!!!!!

  • Raheem Classick

    Her husband hit it first, I believe Kim was married before she hooked up with Ray-J

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  • Tien Nguyen

    aint nothing wrong ith ray the man is just expressing his feelings this is great

  • Kanye need to knock that lil nigga upside his head!

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