Snoop Lion: Singers Can Be Gay But Not Rappers

(AllHipHop News) There’s been a lot of talk about folks coming out of the closet lately. Football players, Magic Johnson’s son…and now rappers. Well, that last one wouldn’t be a good idea if you ask Snoop Dogg Lion.

During a recent run in with TMZ, the rap legend explained his theory on homosexuals in Hip-Hop. When asked whether Frank Ocean’s coming out had any impact in the game Snoop shed some light:

“Frank Ocean ain’t no rapper. He’s a singer. It’s acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world I don’t know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine.”

He continues, “It’s like a football team. You can’t be in a locker room full of motherf—-g tough-ass dudes, then all of a sudden say, ‘Hey, man, I like you.’ You know, that’s going to be tough.”

Can Hip-Hop get over its homophobia? Or do you agree with Snoop?


  • BrotherMan21

    I like tranny rappers

    • brotha_man

      you are a disgrace to the brotherhood

  • 7yoyo7

    Well rappers can be gay but to them the rap game would be a world of hurt I guess.

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  • maya

    There already ARE gay (or bisexual) rappers. Always have been. Part of being an entertainer is acting. You have to be the fantasy they want you to be.

    As far as being openly gay – sure it can happen. In the age of the internet, an artist doesn’t so much need a record label or other middle-men to find and reach a fan-base. Sure, he might not win over the bigots and females who only support rappers they can hope to sex one day – but so what? Just focus on your craft and the people who WILL support you.

    Having said that – Hip Hop is really not the powerful force that it used to be, anyway. It’s becoming a joke. So it really doesn’t even matter.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    there are gay rappers: drake

  • 2050AA

    Rap is not masculine as it homophobic. Men who are not comfortable in their sexuality think that because a man is gay that that man would automatically like them. Why is being gay considered taboo still, I don’t know. It’s ironic that in an art form which began expressing individuality is now condemning that very thing.

    • The Undisputed Leader

      Uh no. We gotta keep humanity going for god. If we support homosexuality then we’re showing that we are living for ourselves. Every man can find a woman and every woman can find a man, then they need to get married and have children.

      • 2050AA

        Well, first god is something that’s debatable , second, ask yourself why god created, and allowed homosexuality anyway? Why is it cool to deny them their happiness?

      • greenhouse records

        Its called free will. He allows Satan to test you. We will are pay for our sins.

      • 2050AA

        You can’t have free will when god punishes you for exercising free will.

      • outside of the god stuff he is right … if we all went homo … how would humans reproduce or survive ?? we’d extinct ourselves eventually with that way of living …

      • 2050AA

        The thing is Kevin, not everyone is gay. And not everyone will be gay. Men and women been gay for thousands of years. It’s something that isn’t going away.

      • theob2282

        you have the free will to go and throw a newborn baby off a bridge tomorrow if you want to, should you not be punished or held accountable for that?

      • theob2282

        Its called free will.

      • 2050AA

        Well, theo what’s your definition of free will?

      • The Undisputed Leader

        God ain’t debatable to me, you may not trust my judgment because you don’t know me but I’ve experienced so many things Spiritually that I would be an idiot to act like I don’t know that God is very real.

        I’m spiritually-guided, so my lifestyle is very strict but most people have free-will, I used to have free-will until I prayed for change. I think god just allows the people who choose to do wrong to be an example to people like myself, so that we can see for ourselves why we should follow god and not do what other people are doing.

        But see, I understand that everything is for a reason now, I didn’t use to. God always has the best plans possible for us, but people who lack faith and understanding in him may not have seen how this works, so they may get mad at what I say and try to dispute it. But I’m tellin’ you the truth.

      • 2050AA

        Well, William, the first thing I want to ask you is, how do you know god is real? How do you understand something with faith when the definition of faith is the belief in something without evidence? Faith is lack of knowledge and knowledge requires using our 5 senses in order to find truth. If faith is the belief of something without evidence and knowledge requires using our senses, to describe evidence, how is your god is real? He would allow you to use your 5 senses in order to aknowledge him. Yet you have to aquire faith in order to understand him. Doing away with the 5 senses your god gave you. So how is god real?

      • The Undisputed Leader

        It’s very natural. The evidence is very miraculous. If it sounds like I’m speaking in code or something, that’s because God is not a human so I’m sure that you wouldn’t expect me to say I saw him or he talked to me or anything.

        I’ve been following spiritual guidance for quite a while now, basically, it’s when you become “one with the world” by following only your most natural movements, which is ultimately directed by your connection to God, it leads you into the path that is best for the person that you are.

        So, one day I had on MTV because they play music in the morning, and I was looking out the window, and I had thought to myself, it’s a beautiful day and at the same exact time, the song that was on tv said “it’s a beautiful day”, and I thought “wow that was crazy”, then I told myself that I was gonna go get my glass out the refrigerator, and at the same time, that same song said “get your glasses”.

        Now, that was just a little example. Just imagine if you were leading a life where you’re making actual movements by trusting your most natural movements instead of using your mind to make decisions on what to do and running into coincidence after coincidence like what I described. Plus my life is getting better and I gain understanding of so many things and progress in everything that I do by living like this.

        Living in this way takes practice but by following the guidance, you and god will build a personal relationship that only you and him will understand.

        Like, for example, I have certain numbers that mean things to me. So, sometimes, I might wanna get up and use the restroom but I’ll look at the clock and it’ll read 3:51 which means “don’t do nothin” and I’ll also receive guidance not to move as well and I’ll wonder why and right at that moment someone will walk right into the bathroom, so that proves to me that God always knows what’s going on.

        I hope this was of some help to you. I go through this type of stuff every single day, I’ve seen so many examples that I’ve forgot most of them. But I’m not delusional, trust me, I didn’t use to believe the shit after I would experience it and different stuff kept happening and that’s how my faith got to this point. Sometimes when I wake up, I still doubt the things that I’ve seen but then as long as I remember to trust my most natural movements and give up my self-control, I experience more. It never fails

      • 2050AA

        What do you mean by “natural movements?”

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Natural movements are exactly that, you have to be totally calm, maybe you can achieve this in a very quiet room with no TV or noise period. Just sit there, give up all power in your body and wait to see what you do without trying to do it. It takes practice to perfect and how to recognize what you are suppose to do but it’s for real. It’s worth it. I had actually been telling the people closest to me that I’ve been doing this and they didn’t understand and nobody could vouch for me until I found an article where a man explains exactly what I’m explaining.

    • theob2282

      Depends on your definition of masculine, and your definition of homophobic.

    • everyone is homophobic … i guess im chickenophic cause i dont like chicken … get off that … and just cause you gay the mic dont stop working the record button doesnt break … you can record songs about your stuggle no one is going to stop you … in fact there are already gay guys to trannies with rap videos out there …

      • 2050AA

        You can’t say everyone is homophobic Kevin. But I do agree with you in that you should get behind the mic and press record. No matter what it is.

      • I think he was just sayin that people get accused of bein homophobic so damn easy these days just cause they don’t wanna rally behind this whole more-than-obvious-to-anyone-actually-payin-attention gay agenda that’s been goin on. It’s just the fukked up times we live in, we’re expected to support and agree with any and everything whether we agree with it or not, at the risk of bein labeled shit like “homophobic” or a “hater”. I don’t hate gays and I give em the same respect I do anyone else, I personally just don’t agree with the shit and last time I checked I had that “right”. But people are so mf’in sensitive and defensive these days that the ONLY part that would even compute in their brains is that I don’t agree with it, and they would take that one lil part and turn it into a whole big ass issue that wouldn’t even exist had they not been so quick to jump to conclusions and just assume that I looked down on gays. Not sayin you’re like that but there’s all types of people out there who look for the smallest lil reasons to call someone homophobic…my fb news feed has been flooded with the bullshit for at least the past month now. LOL

  • BossBeaux

    Here is the way i see things I dont think men in general would give a F if guys were up front about where they were coming from also the vast majority of men act like b!tches in the way they talk and interact with society as a whole which makes straight men be like WTF! If more gay men were masculine like say Omar off the wire they too would be respected because in a man’s world respect is earned off past actions not a given and lastly if there was a gay man in your presence wouldnt you question their intentions towards you if they been acting straight like they be flexing 304’s out but then a good while down the road you find out he playing for the pink team that sh!t aint coop im all for gay rights and everything but that community needs to focus on being honest first with them selves and then with thosearound them then and only then can we have a true dialogue about this subject matter

  • tha OG

    snoop is right!!!!!!!


    I am tired of people saying hip hop has homophobia everybody does not have to accept those fagz. That shit still aint cool regardless of how the media tries to spin it. Being gay aint cool.

    • BossBeaux

      Im glad somebody had the nuts to say that shit! If what they was doing was so right they wouldnt have to shove it in people’s face 24/7/365/366 on a leap year

    • Sean Taylor


    • MuthaFuka Jones


    • Mike Swiff

      LOL thats funny caue J-Smooth yo ass is FAT overweight and ther are plently of peoole that look at yo fat ass in disgust and want to know why yo ass is ordering chicken at KFC or burgers at McDonalds. So the hate you spread on others (fat ass) come back to you. At the end of the day were all here together, lets all get along.. By the way Im not fat nor gay but I think we can all live here without the so-call biblical lies you and others have grown up on as truth…GANGSTAH!

      • Dirtdog

        Amen. Hate and intolerance will always breed more sadness. All these so-called arguments that justify not giving gays the same rights as everyone else reminds me of the crackers (e.g.intolerant hateful white people) I grew up with. Either we are all citizens equal, or we are all subject to having our hard fought rights taken away. If you want to run the country by religion and “tradition”, then post up in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan and see how long you like it.


    Also Gay Rightz are some bullshit. Them homo’s aint nver had to drink from a water fountain marked gays. And marriage is only for men and women. If you dispute tht read Genesis Chapter 2.

    • CHI545

      i agree with this. but you don’t even have to bring god into it to see why dudes aint supposed to bang other dudes. its just not natural. thats why women have pussys to reproduce.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        True. But you should always bring god into every conversation. FYI: I’m a nigga, I’m not this dude you see in the profile pic, it’s an inside joke

      • Guest

        Bullshit, not everyone believes in your religions, nor does god have to be in every conversation. I swear hip hop fans are the most conservative mother fuckers around, under cover republicans lol.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Rap is a part of me but that shit don’t really influence my character, I barely listen to anything nowadays. God does not = religion. God = spirituality. There’s a difference. People that really don’t have any experience with spirituality always downgrade the importance of bringing it to other’s attention but I know for a fact that If people saw what I see, they’d be tryna spread the word to everyone about what God can do and what God can show you.

      • they dont feel you mane !! they are too caught up in thier own demons to even own up too it ……. im far from there myself but im on a path to righteousness …

      • The Undisputed Leader

        I was just a normal dude about four years ago. When people spoke about god, I had no understanding of it, it just sounded good but I couldn’t relate to it because I hadn’t experienced God’s power. So I understand the ones that don’t understand me. I’m here to help them.

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        “God” is a level of higher consciousness; not an invisible being ready to send you to hell is you didn’t worship him/her. The “God” you refer to is what keeps you on a leash.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        You’re jumping to conclusions, when referring to me. I’m not someone who doesn’t know what is what. I have strong understanding. Allow me to refer to god however I choose to because even though I know it is not a man or woman, I also know that there is a certain connection and that connection allows me to receive all the things that god has to offer us. So, I am not trying to figure out how to reach god or anything because I am already past that point and I am now acting out what I am guided by god to do.

      • its not about religiion its a way of living … and most are living wrong which is why they encounter turmoil ….. can be as big as molesting children to as small as smoking cigarettes daily ……… 😉

      • TruthSerum

        You cant bring god into every conversation, when you do that your forcing your religion onto people and thats a whole different kind of discrimination. I agree with guest, hip hop fans these days are neck and neck with republicans for the most uptight, conservative group of people.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        So many people think like you but listen, God is real, it’s something that people try to avoid and don’t search hard enough for. Spirituality is the key to all of our problems. I’m not talking about reading a bible and tryna figure out how to act, I’m talkin’ about connecting to the spirit and experiencing some shit that would be nearly unbelievable to someone who hasn’t already experienced what I’m talking about.

        I’m talking about being guided by the spirit. Not Christianity or any religion, just pure spiritual connection to gain an understanding of life and to guide you to amazing things that you’ve never even dreamed of, as well as becoming a better, more knowledgeable and kind-hearted person, plus learning just how real god is through amazing personal experiences, no opinion, straight fact.

      • TruthSerum

        Dude nothing you just said is based on facts that you can prove its just something you believe. If thats what you feel more power to you but bringing stuff like that into a debate or conversation debunks your argument because you cant prove or disprove it.

        Like I agreed with your original point about “Gays never being forced to drink from seperate water fountains”, but then you bring up the bible and it makes me look at everything you said funny because I dont believe a word in that book is based on anything other then somebodies opinion.

        So just leave stuff like that out the debate and stick to things that are relevant to the conversation

      • hes actually speaking truth but screw the word bible … if you take that word off that book and just read it for what it is … this world would def be the bomb and i dont mean the bad bomb either lol 😉

      • The Undisputed Leader

        God is so real that I connected to the actual spirit of God (The invisible being that exists) and followed his pure guidance that took control of me, literally, and I learned all of these different lessons that changed me, then when I opened the bible finally, so many of the things in the bible was what I had already learned from his spiritual guidance. True Shit

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        “God is so real that I connected to the actual spirit of God”

        The “God” within self; right?

      • The Undisputed Leader

        I know I’m not God. I’m “one with the world”. The things that I experience are not things that I expect, therefore I know that the spirit of god affects me but is not only with me but any and everywhere.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        I can prove it but I’ve learned from experience that if you want me to give you the facts about this, you have to be willing to listen 100%. I’ve tried so many times but people just ain’t hearin’ me, then they don’t even pursue it themselves, so basically they want me to convince them while they’re fighting it and not attempting to see for themselves. So You tell me, how do you expect to get there/expect me to help you get there under those conditions?

      • DollasTX

        The Afrikan “metu neter” which is what every RELIGIOUS book derives from – speaks against homosexuality as well

      • DollasTX

        GOD doesn’t equate into religion – tradition and beliefs are what equate to religion – and GOD being the omnipotent and the all knowing makes him the foundation of everything MORAL

      • lol @ im a nigga lol

      • The Undisputed Leader

        lol, real shit. If some of these people thought that I was really white, they would overlook what I’m saying to them. It sounds crazy but I’ve watched niggaz really do shit like that.

      • Genesis is the OLD TESTAMENT, which is the old way of thinking, but still left in because you shouldn’t ignore history. When did Jesus ever say shit like you can’t be gay and must marry only one person and all that other bullshit? Give me multiple wives. None of y’all ever seen God so stop trying to put shit in His mouth.

    • kylars

      I love when people pick and choose excerpts from the bible to justify their hateful ways… i guarantee there are plenty of things you do that the bible clearly tells you is a sin… also, fundamentally, discrimination against people for their sexual orientation is not very different from racial discrimination at all…

      • being gay is a race ?? lol

      • worse than Muslims that be telling me I shouldn’t eat pork while they are drinking a beer.

    • Emily

      First, you should learn how to have correct grammar, even when texting. Second, you should really watch your mouth, those VERY unkind words may come back to haunt you.

    • crocodilebunb

      lol sounds like you desperately want a dick in your asshole. The bible is a load of bullshit tho its just holding back society catch up to the 21st century

    • Hate is hate no matter what it is against, let’s just get that clear. You’re hate and using the Bible as a tool for hate is completely insipid. What on earth does people being gay and wanting to get married have to do with the rest of us? They are human as well they should have the same human freedoms. Just to throw this out there in case if people forgot… People were getting married before Christianity came into existence. So right there over rules anything we have to say about it. Then at the same time you’re insipid if you think gay people have never been lynched, hung, or punished for being different. People harp on the Bible saying same sex is marriage. One thing is for certain is that the Bible says God does not approve of hate or hateful acts towards others: that is the context of the Bible. Get real bruh.

    • The book of Genesis was written by bunch of Jews in the desert, 20 minutes before a Roman legionnaire cut their heads off, lol. The bible holds no weight in 2013.

      • KC The American Pimp

        you must be a faggot then

  • CHI545

    i think snoop is right..besides lupe and the barely any other rappers like him, what do rappers talk about nowadays besides guns, drugs, money and bitches. not to bash them at all because they still make good music, im just stating a fact. so what we gonna have some openly gay fruity ass rapper talkin bout dont get out of line with him or get shot. or watch out for your boyfriend or he will steal him.that shit will never happen

    • OMAR !! lol

    • Dirtdog

      If a guy is still rapping about guns, drugs, money, and bitches at 30 he is either a fraud trying to act like a 20-year old, a sociopath, a drug addict, or a sex addict.

  • CHI545

    magic said in interview he accepts his son as homosexual and loves his son no matter what. we all know behind closed doors when the camera’s not rolling that nigga shakin his head in damn shame like dammit my son a faggot

  • Dadon850

    Rick Rozay is a tranny. Y’all listen to him.

    • mitch mcfuzzle

      no doubt he has titties bigger than bowling balls

  • Guest

    Look at the comments on any random hip hop site like the ignorant ones below me, of course it’ll never be accepted when the average hip hop fan is a 15yr old homophobbe, or a religious nut who uses an archaic book that’s been written, re-written and mistranslated so much over the years you’d have to be completely vapid to actually accept it as truth, but then again anyone that believes in a book that condones rape as long as money changes hands yet uses it to condemn others and deny their freedom of choice has no business commenting on anything period. Let the downvotes begin!

    • theob2282

      Is everyone who believes in God a religious nut?..And if not, what are the other ones?

  • kristin

    ALL female rappers in the industry are gay, or at least pretend to be. The gay society made Nicki Minaj and Gaga famous because they thought they were gay, or at least representing their “struggle”. I find it crazy how people have to defend being straight now. Being gay is frowned on by a straight male because the thought of a mans hairy balls in their mouth is disgusting to them. Gay people act like this is a problem. MY problem with the gay ent. circle is how they stick together regardless of how whack or unoriginal the music is. They support and defend each other w/a vengeance. Its all crazy. They will team up and make a gay artist popular even though he is mediocre in talent. When a gay rapper comes out and exploits his gayness like Frank Ocean did, (mark my words, there will be a gay rapper create the drama of coming out), there will be a slew of gays and down lows and confused bi-curious people supporting him and defending him in the media and on the internet, even if his music sucks!!!!!Remember I said that.

  • RichFromBX

    discrimination is discrimination – you can’t say it’s wrong one place and okay in another. Yes, there’s never been a “no gays water fountain” but they have been beaten, hung and dragged through dirt roads by the back of pickup truck.

    Personally, I don’t get it but to each their own and who am I to stand in front of the happiness of two consenting adults causing no harm to anyone else…

    • Loco

      I’m ok with “who am I to stand in front of the happiness of two consenting adults” its allright. I have nothing against gays, but i don’t agree with “discrimination is discrimination”, in my opinion, fighting against racism is not the same thing like fighting for gay rights.

      • RichFromBX

        it’s not the same, just like racism isn’t the same as gender based discrimination or religious based discrimination but it’s all discrimination and you (you in the general sense) can’t say it’s not okay to discriminate here but it is here – rights are rights and freedoms are freedoms, when you get to point where you okay one type of discrimination you’re opening the door for it to be okayed in other places…

      • what right do you want tho lol yall have your rights … even as far as marriage goes these days …. not every state is on board yet but there are enuff states for most folks to travel a few miles over a border to get married if need be ….. and like i said above YALL GET GREAT JOBS !! its a known fact that gay folk run the entertainment and fashion industries … IJS what rights are yall fighting for ???? thats really holding yall back ?????? lol

      • RichFromBX

        why are you assuming everyone who isn’t saying “fvck homos” is gay themselves – you realize there are straight dudes out there that don’t hate gay dudes right? we actually don’t mind gay people – their lifestyle doesn’t negatively impact mine so why hate?…actually, dudes that have the biggest issues with gay men are usually suppressing their own gay feelings…

      • atle fjeldstad

        It`s pretty much the same..

        If you take away religious based,gender based and ethnic based, it`s all discrimination!

        It`s called devide and concour people..
        Don`t belive all that, we are different BS.

      • true but yall divided yourselves i didnt have choice on wether or not i was going to be black … and not saying you had a choice to be gay … but @ the sametime you did have a choice to let it be known that your gay … and dont come back with that rah rah nonsense talking about why should i hide who i am ……………………… my answer would be why does the whole world have to know who you are ….. DO YOU !! amongst those who are capitable with the things you like in life …. i like short thick black woman …. so that what i go after .. but i dont need to let the whole world know this … and i dont waist my time hollering @ anything outside of what i like ………….. IJS do you …. Yall are good .. imo yall only struggle in life is coming out of the closet TO YOUR FAMILY, the rest of the world could careless ….. after that Marriage is your only hold back in society and like i said thats even changes cause states are allowing gay marriages ….

    • who hasnt tho ?? ijs and alot of times its thier fault … tricking guys into thinking they are really girls … or flaming in front of a group of hetero males … which imo is like a white guy walking into a bar full of black folks and saying HEY NIGGERS ! and expecting nothing to happen …. not saying thier arent innocent cases … but honestly think there are more case of gay guys tricking hetero males and getting themselves in some BS than it is innocent gays getting into trouble …. the world well america is pretty open to gay people these days accross the board …… gay guys even get great jobs … thier major conflict is fitting in … but your gay why you trying to fit in with hetero males …. especially if your not wanted … there aint no hetero hate groups out there running around looking for gay guys to beat up …………. im just saying yall face pretty much the same trials and tribulations most folks meet on a day to day bases …. that is as long as you staying in your lane …. meaning if you gay dont be trying to push up on hetero males …….. its cool to talk work with etc…. but when you try to actually make a move your riding in the danger zone …… lol

      • RichFromBX

        your english needs an oil change…

      • Agreed…aside from the marriage thing, where exactly is this huge oppression of gay people that warrants THIS much attention to it?? Aside from the marriage issue, where’s all the inequality and injustice they claim to be fightin against? They can get any job they’re qualified for, live in any neighborhood they want, eat in any restaurant they want, so on and so forth. They’re not gettin stopped, harassed and brutalized by police on a consistent basis, and they’re not bein bred/programmed to serve the prison-industrial complex…which is why it really fukkin irks me when people try and compare the gay “struggle” to Civil Rights. Don’t get me wrong I agree that if they wanna get married that’s on them, but far as inequalities go I’d have to say that’s about the only strong leg they really have to stand on. What, do they need a gay POTUS to finally feel like they made it? Sure seemed to be enough for us Black folks to get “one of ours” up in there, shut us RIGHT the hell up. LOL

  • The Undisputed Leader

    Most people are lost and don’t know how to think in this situation. Pray about it. Ask God Questions. Ask God For Guidance in your life so that he’ll lead you to the true answers and purposes. You’ll see what really matters once you do that, until then yall goan be fightin’ over worthless opinions.

  • Ronny Dæili

    There was a rapper who raped his fans.. Who was it?

    • brotha_man

      illseed is the raping rapper

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  • Lamonte Johnson

    Fact is the world has accepted lots of gay rappers. Most just don’t open up to the fact there homo sexuals

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  • GDOT


  • Gay Rumor number xxxx.

    AHH needs clicks for money.
    Anything gay pays the bill.

    What if Hip-Hop topics could
    do the job?

  • first off, what you choose to do in the bedroom is your biz.. it has no place in my face, cause i don’t need to see don’t care!, but don’t you EVER compare gay rights to the black struggle, or any race struggle at all!. economics, mental conditioning, and suppression over 200 with that then tell me about your problems…. you can hide the fact your gay, you can blend in with normal people, but my black face ,and skin can’t hide who i am..and if they black, and gay..first fight for your right to be a black man, latino or native american..ask to be treated with respected for your race, before you stand up for your right to have sex with who ever you want…just sayin

  • theob2282

    I’m lost…how does bringing up God, “forcing your religion onto people”?… He didn’t say any specific name, deity, or religion….was just curious what one had to do with the other..?

  • PliggaNease

    im just tired of hearing about gay people period…………

    • Sean Taylor


  • CupcakeKissezz


    • tru but gay rappers gonna rap about gay activities … just like heteros do … imo humble opinion i dont even want to hear it … change station lol …. and i already do alot of that already when i here some unknown rapper rapping like ace hood or some fake jeezy sounding mofo lol ….. now if this person truelly focuses on just life outside of sexual activities …. i might be able to dig thier music … but if they are going thru the relationship woes of being gay i doubt thats something i can ride out too lol

  • in order for hip hop to get over homophobia … the listeners have to become gay … point blank period … no hetero male is going to want to hear or see that ish … as a hetero male its hard to even stomach a lil kim tape so image what gay music would be like to a hetero male … its not a phobia its just not an heteros cup of tea … with woman this one is different because most women … well like women … its not the same with guys … its like watching tv most guys dont flip from football to the lifetime channel … its something we arent interested in … so why would you want to see it … the only true way hip hop will go gay … is the same way the tv and radio went gay and thats by force …. we will have to be force feed the music via mainstream … we would have to have no say … which is aint like we ever had any say any way … so when ever the industry is ready for hip hop to go gay … it will happen reguardless what anyone has to say about it …………………………… #changedgears lol

    • The sad sad truth. The industry been set those wheels in motion though for the takeover to begin, they just know they gotta be slick about it and make it a gradual change cuz it’ll be too much resistance if they try and do it outright and all at once. That’s why we’re startin to see Hip-Hop “fashion” become more and more feminine with the skinny jeans and the jeggings, blouses, etc. They gotta phase the look in first, once the image is burned into people’s heads it’ll be easier to slowly but surely start implementin all the other shit. I feel what you said in another post though about the subject matter of a gay rapper, I might could rock with his shit if he’s kickin some real life shit such as what it’s like bein treated different cuz he’s different from everyone else, or maybe even about how hard it was to come out to his people and how they reacted. BUT…all it would take is me hearin ONE line about pickin up another dude, and he’d lose me completely. And it ain’t got a thing to do with phobia…I’m the type of music fan who likes to envision the lyrics to a song in my head like a movie or tv show, and two men pickin each other up at the club and goin home together is the last–let me reiterate, the LAST thing I’m tryin to envision. LOL

  • disqus_TKlgBM5EjJ

    To base your hatred of gays due to god is wrong. Not everyone believes in god or your version of god. In America we have the freedom to choose a religion there for the god argument is irrelevant. Some above actually referred to straights as normal people? Hate to break it to you all but gays are normal too. Gays have always been around in the human race as well as other species. BTW, Snoop never said you can’t be gay and rap… this title is false.

  • Trying to get the greater culture of hip-hop to accept male homosexuality is like gettin’ the KKK to make a charitable donation to the NAACP.

  • Mr.Bigstuff

    I don’t agree with homosexuality my opinion is don’t ask don’t tell. At the end of the day its no ones business what people do in there bedroom. Just don’t bring your SINFUL LIFE around me!!


    in all reality …. why would i care if someone chooses to do them …. a gay rapper isnt gonna change my life …. remember the phrase …””DO YOU”” well … how r u gonna turn around and hate on someone doing what they like to do …. so what if Kanye is gay …. my life is still what I make it …. its not like a gay rapper is gonna be the first tragedy to Hiphop …. violence is …. Hiphop brings people together …. people …. people …. it brings people together …. regardless of your personal choices in life … be u addicted to porn …. or u do too much coke … or enjoy anal sex …. it doesnt matter …. Hiphop is what matters …. like if Rick Ross came out and said “Yes … I used to work as a Correctional Officer … thats a job i had”” well he’s still a pig …. but so what …. changes nothing under my roof …. thats on him …. stop hating …. its like racism …. its not aloud in Hiphop …. thats not how we get down ….

  • Tony G.

    I’ll agree to disagree with this….cuz the fact is..there are probably a shit load of gay rappers out there anyway..Im secure in my manhood so if one of the rappers that I like turned out to be gay….then so be it…I don’t have to support his lifestyle to support the music..I mean many people say MC Lyte is gay…if ur a fan would u stop listening to her…hell no…is there a double standard if its a gay guy instead of a gay girl? Gay is gay…what these rappers do in their bedrooms has no bearing on my if I like the music I like the music..thats all that matters to me.

    • Good point fam…my heart dropped hearin all the rumors about Guru after his death, but I’m still a die hard fan to this day regardless cuz his music was a huge part of my teenage years plus gay or not, there was no denyin the music was good and what he spoke was still authentic.

  • Mike Swiff

    Snoop Niggah is stupid and a weedhead, first dude said in another interview He supports gay marriage in this nigga is talking slick about gays in hip hop as if they’re not already in the industry…Here is a hint (IM in the industry) and yes ya favorite hip hop artist (some of them very popular) are GAY. SO Snoop stop trying to cover up the truth, put the weed down and get your name and mind right dawg! lol I love this! LMFAO

    • Black Exodus

      91 comments and counting…the Homosexual agenda has finally arrived
      with full force. Now invading Hip Hop without the Closet. I hear there
      are famous, popular Rappers that are gay….come out then! Stop faking
      the funk! Come out and let the world know who you are! Stop lying to the
      people and yourself! Let the fans see if they are ready for a Gay Rap
      Star. Let the New Gay Rap star shine and tell the masses that being Gay
      is normal and won’t affect anything! Let them tell the kids that being Gay is the healthy alternative to being Straight. The President, the Media and
      corporate interest support sodomy and the homosexual agenda. Nothing to fear
      but fear itself!

  • $11625525

    If the day comes when two men, who were born with male organs only, can make a child together without the intervention of science, then I will say homosexuality is normal.

    Other than that, it goes against nature, it’s a lifestyle with no procreative qualities.

  • Ravi Singh

    if there was a gay rapper they would have to know them damn boundaries! they would be stupid as f*** to try and step to a real dude. that could be major problems right there.

  • Pop Hop… already as gay as it gets….so a gay rapper is really saying what???? True Hip Hop it wouldnt work because it has a value system…

  • Dan_Tebasco

    I remember a interview Allhiphop did with Snoop a couple years ago where he talked about him knowing some gay in the closet rappers but wasn’t gonna snitch them out, and everyone thought it was Dre…


  • ether44mag

    i calmed down my homophobia now as long as its not in my face hey do you….BUT a gay rapper would be blasphemous cause rappin is about guiding, motivation and testosterone…u listen to rap to uplift your spirits RIGHT OR WRONG and no guy suckin dicks every week end gonna tell me how to do shit! hahaha i leave them alone but stay away from hiphop

  • read the book “Hiding in Hip-Hop” and be suprised at how many closet rappers there are; even Pac, as well as Suge, said Dre was gay & look how much music Snoop has made w/ him. Christians need 2 cut that out, stop tryna be ppl’s judge and jury

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