Kid Rock Calls Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s Tour Ticket Prices “Garbage”

(AllHipHop News) Ticket prices for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s Legends of the Summer tour have been reported to be as high as $275. Kid Rock thinks that is downright thievery.

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In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the always verbose entertainer claims that current ticket prices, Legends of the Summer specifically are “highway robbery”. Rock attributed the high ticket prices in the industry partly to entertainer’s astronomical asking prices.

Rock recently made headlines by making over 90% of the tickets for his upcoming summer tour $20. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Rock spoke on his new business model and how it required some financial sacrifices from the 42 year old rocker/rapper:

“I said to them, ‘Look, I’ll go in as your partner. Don’t guarantee me a dime; if nobody shows up, I’ll lose money.’ It costs us $125,000 to show up with our crew and whatnot,” he explains. “I also said, ‘But I want to share beer, parking, hot dogs. Let’s put the money in a pot at the end of the night and figure out, based on the numbers, what I’ll get paid.’ Even if it sells out, I’ll take a pay cut.”

The concert will also offer free sandwiches and coffee at certain markets.

Rock asserts it costs upwards of $125,000 to put on each show and if attendance for the tour is not spectacular it could be a disastrous financial move.

Kid Rock will be joined by Kool and the Gang and Uncle Kracker on the tour’s first leg and then ZZ Top (in replacement of Kool and the Gang) for the second leg. The tour begins June 28th is Bristow, VA.

Check out part of Kid Rock’s interview on CNN with Piers Morgan below:

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    Kid Rock and … Kool and The Gang? Wtf?!?

  • Laika jon

    People cannot afford those tickets. I know, I cant, people are broke and hungry . you think people wanna pay 275 dollars for a freggin ticket

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      somebody is buying those concerts will sell out for sure … no second guessiing in my kid rock voice … but real talk thats why they charge so much cause they no its gonna sell …. and if it dont they will discount the tickets and @ that point they will sale out … lol

  • Laika jon

    What is in the world. thats how much people spend in groceries.

  • andone

    i agree.

  • dominicancoke

    Jay z too rich even if i could afford the tickets i aint giving dude a dime ima just steal his music online like i do to all these artist and like you all do too

  • dominicancoke

    Rip boston marathon victims here we go again

    • YungKizz

      yeah i heard bout dat crazy sh**

  • water_ur_seeds

    jay and timberlake lost their minds charging people that money??? that must be for the most expensive tickets surely??? how much are the cheapest seats??? i wouldnt wanna see jay these days, unless its just him performing his classic material upto blueprint or black album…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      checking ticketmaster dot com … the cheapest ticket is $40.00

  • YungKizz

    $275 lol wow no way no how im spendin that much

  • MrNoName2K

    Im with KR on this one…that $275 shit dont make no damn sense

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      well im sure those arent nose bleed prices they probably include alot of stuff ontop of just a seat … thats how they jack up the prices …. like maybe a meet and great … vouchers for drinks etc….. not making up excuses but adding some substance to the ticket price ….. i still wouldnt pay it tho lol …………………….. if i did i def be going by myself cause if i take chick @ that price and things aint going right man id be PISSED !! lol lol lol lol

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  • Bizness Mane

    If u cant afford it, then it’s not for u.. There’s a ton of people who can afford to go.

    • andone

      thats not the point tho… i myself have paid upwards of $200+ for individual concert/sports/comedy tickets(not including the overpriced food/drinks/parking/merch) and while i did have the time of my life on each occasion, it didnt change the fact that i was overcharged jus bcuz i was able to “afford it”… if u pay attention to wat kid is sayin hes lettin u know exactly that, its been obvious for quite some time now… basically its the rich gettin richer and the poor gettin poorer in a nut shell, “bizness mane”!

  • For $20? I’d bring Reggie Miller & a case of cheap beer & kick it with Kid Rock.

    He seems like the type of dude to headline a stadium……& drink beer in the parking lot with fans.

    • andone

      im not even a fan of his like that but for $20, i would as well… way too many artists think they are above the rest so when somebody like kid speaks up and keeps it 100, i respect that… confederate flag aside dude comes off very humble/honest and id bet homie would take a pull off that reggie while sippin on the keystone, then match it @ the same time no matter ur ethnicity!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol ha ha salute kid rock def a real dude

      • Accidental Racist?

        LOL~N , Kid Rock would be the type of dude to rock that flag & honestly not mean anything racist, etc.

        I’d probably have more fun hanging with him @ $20 a ticket, drinking cheap beer in the parking lot, tailgate party, etc., than with Jay Z at $300 a ticket+.

        Fugg around & end the night playing an Air Guitar with a spliff!

      • andone

        Lmao… Ur a lil late bruh but I feel u on that, not to mention id prob have a better chance wit kids female fans than justin timberlakes stuck up groupies too… @ one time he was actually considered a rapper and his tracks were not bad either, I can vibe to that especially @ that price!

      • A brother will get mad cheeks at a Kid Rock concert!

        Bah’Leed Dat!

      • andone

        Hahaahaaa word… Sh!t the way they drink even a grandpa can get lucky in dat b!tch!

      • Worth the $20 alone!

      • andone

        No doubt… But my main point was that somtimes it takes more money than is really needed jus to enjoy urself and that’s not cool regardless of ur financial status… I commend kid for takin a stance for the fans and not @ss kissin the big wigs… Dats wats really good!

      • All the time…..then again, a fishing trip / bbq is fun…IMO.

  • Chris Brock

    I’d rather see Prince for that much at least you gone get your money’s worth cause these fools will probably be late and will probably perform for an hour each. Then on top of that if it’s a big venue, which it probably will be, for that price, in the section where you need a telescope to even see them niggas eyes……I’d rather wait for the HBO special

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  • JonDGAF

    They say they love their fans yet they charge out the ass for tickets… hungry is what it is

  • Mike9130

    But he gonna scalp 1000 tickets though

    • andone

      And take a pay cut… The guy is not sugar coating, its clear that he will do wat he has to in order to be fair and make ppl happy all while making a decent living off his music… Don’t undermind this mans intentions like that!

    • Bman22

      It’s corny and irresponsible of you to make that assumption.

      • Mike9130

        What assumption dumb ass? He said that himself if you watched the damn video.

      • Bman22

        Aight. You got me, Internet gangsta.

  • I looked on ticketmaster’s site and thought I saw that tickets start at somewhere around $40. So whats the big deal? Y’all mad about the cost of front row seats? Sh*t its simple economics, supply and demand, you want front row seats you gotta have front row money. Sh*t am I tripping?

    • andone

      no ur not… In most case’s u get wat u paid for, however the experience can still be overall way more affordable after all production/overhead/profits are accounted for… That fact of the matter is theres a lot of ppl who are gettin ripped off bcuz they want to see their favorite artist and performers like jay-z(but not limited to) aren’t losing any sleep over it… also since u brought it up, its not very feasible for the average concert goer in this economy… Why rip us off?

      • I kinda feel you, I don’t think they’re ripping anyone off though. More so TRYING to rip people off, because no one HAS to buy a single one of those overpriced tickets. They can do like me, see those prices and say f*ck that and decide to hit the movies with the Misses instead

  • H. U. S.

    Kid Rock so damn cool, don’t it look like he spilled some beer or some sh*t on that white beater; in the picture with Jay Z?

    What Kid Rock is saying is true, the price to get into that show…in the economy’s current condition is garbage! The performance goes anywhere from $50-1500(if you cop the VIP tickets), for the price of one VIP ticket; 75 people could be watching Kid Rock and others perform! Just sayin…

    • Yeah, and looking like he ain’t even know (U.N.E.O. ) or would care if he did!

  • I’m sure those prices was Jay-Z’s arrogant idea.

  • Bman22

    Jay used to be my favorite in the game, but over the past year or two, I’ve grown to not care too much for dude. The more money he gets the more disconnected he becomes. He comes off as corny on the regular lately. The sad part is that those tickets will sell out at those prices. And that will only further fuel his greed.

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Jay-Z & Justin want ur grocery money for the month “da phuck dey need groceries…for the month they can eat hot sauce all in they Ramens ya bissh!!”

  • Saw Jay-Z once… Costed like two bills. Sat next to Patrick Willis. Shit is totally checked off my bucket list now! It would take a lot for me to cough that up again. Certainly more than JT.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    checking ticketmaster dot com … the cheapest ticket is $40.00

  • Kid Rock would know Garbage because he looks like he rolls around in it.

  • Mike Swiff

    Kid Rock is correct I love Hov but I can buy all his cd’s and it wouldnt cost $300 dollars. damn shame!

  • Kid Rock has gone platinum, and the other artist on the venue have been successful, which means they all have fans and for $20 even dudes that don’t like their music might show up for the chicks and a cheap night of partying. This might change the game a bit, watch others fallow suit. The comedian CK Louise cut out the ticket vendors or some shtt, and did his own shtt selling out shows for like $5 tickets, doing his own recording, and selling the dvds through his company and he got paid!!!!!

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  • Reblogged this on Terry Gotham and commented:
    Kid Rock speaks for the working man who just wants to go out and catch a show. Free coffee, cheap drinks & cheap food. I may need to add Kid Rock to my summer viewing list.

  • Joey

    ZZ Top > Kid Rock

  • Yvonne Whitflied

    funny he talks about Jay-z and Justin, when Elton John ticket were
    $300,Barbara Streisand was $300,Paul McCartney was$288,Rolling Stone
    $137, and it goes on, where was Kidd Rock when these stars had their
    concerts. Please get off your high horse.

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  • Michael Hudak

    Hell for $20 I’ll even go…and I dont really like those shows.


    Rip Chris kelly of Kriss kross