EXCLUSIVE: Afrika Bambaataa REFUTES Stabbing, Turns 56 Today

(AllHipHop News) Afrika Bambaataa, Hip-Hop Legend and music pioneer, was reportedly stabbed a few weeks back.

Members of the Zulu Nation have clarified that Afrika Bambaataa has recovered and also dispel rumors related to this event.

Ahmad Henderson, Africa Bambaataa’s manager, who was at the hospital, refuted the notion that he was stabbed.

“Ridiculous. There are too many rumors. Bam checked into the hospital for chest pains. And he came out fine. Three days later he was Radio City Music Hall. If he was stabbed how, was he on stage performing?”

“Afrika Bambaataa was not stabbed so we do not know where this is coming from,” added Mickey Bentson of The Mighty Zulu Nation, who was also at the hospital when Bam was treated.

“Yes he did go to the hospital because of chest pains bothering him and everything checked out alright,” Mickey Benston continued. “So when did he get stabbed? That’s a rumor, sorry that didn’t happen to Afrika Bambaataa.”

Ernie Paniccioli, Hip-Hop Photographer, refuted the claim that the stabbing was the rumored response to a date rape.

Earlier, The Star & Buc Wild Show alleged on air that the stabbing stemmed from a rumored date rape, in which Bam had drugged a man and attempted oral sex.

In the rumor, the man woke up and stabbed the legend.

Ernie Paniccioli told this is patently false.

“It is BS,” Paniccioli said, “to hell with anyone who defames a man who has devoted his life to Peace and dignity and who has been a beacon to generations of our youth.”

Brother Ernie goes further, suggesting that this attack on Afrika Bambaataa’s character may be in response to members of the Zulu Nation recently condemning Rick Ross for his date rape lyrics on UOENO .

Brother Ernie warns, “Never underestimate the Devil.”

Afrika Bambaataa is one of the pioneers of break beat deejaying and has spent his life spreading Hip-Hop throughout the world as the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Although Wikipedia lists his birthday as April 19th, sources say his actual birthday is April 17th, he turns 56 today.

Brother Ernie continues, “I have know Bam for 35 years on this Earth and can vouch for him as a man, as a human being and as a mighty leader and yes even as an Icon. I will defend him with every breath I have in me. I can bear witness to his spirit and his warmth and his leadership.”

Check out Afrika Bambaataa at Radio City Music Hall below:

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  • plus37

    Y did he get stab than tell us.

    • $28825362


  • hoeyuno

    Haha that was quick edogz!!!

  • Calico Joe

    If he didn’t get stabbed due to an attempted date rape. Then who stabbed him and what for?

    • n n

      Afrika bambata is from the streets I am from the south Bronx and when I was younger living on Washington avenue bambaata is a reformed that dude is straight thugged out he use to whip people’s ass for

  • hoeyuno

    The rumors swirrled this morning cause you told us this shit seed!! You need to really give us your gay rapper theory. Cause if I was bams ppls I’d b suge to vanilla ice’n your none existing ass.

    • Jeff Active Reynolds

      lmao you aint lyin

  • Chris

    No real details in this story, which must mean Illseed’s earlier rumor has some validity to it. Say it ain’t so, Afrika. SMH.

    • Chris

      Whoever down-voted me…why you mad, doe??

  • Eli Pinilla

    Why he get stabbed????? …..and illseed wasnt the one who put this rumor out…star talked about it on his internet show and kalil amani whos written some editorials recently for ahh is the only blogger I seen actually put afrikas name to the rumor…

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      That’s a damn shame I didn’t wanna believe this sh*t but it’s not lookin good.

    • It was others too.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I first learned it from u. But star and ol boy was poppin up during google searches the most

  • maya

    Maybe it’s none of our business???

    • Calico Joe

      But Rick Ross getting shot at and losing endorsements is???

      • maya

        I don’t really know or care about anything that has to do with Rick Ross. I’ve never listened to a whole record of his. I just hear about some song where he talks about slipping mollies to females. Whatever.

        But Bambaataa is not even making records now. He’s out of the spotlight. Do you want everybody in your business like that? If we are going to pry into his personal business, we should, at least, admit that we are being on some gossip bitch shit. That’s what all of these sites are about – gossip bitch shit. lol

        The point is, he doesn’t OWE us any explanation or information. Why are we sweating him?

      • Calico Joe

        You’re right about the gossip b*tch sh*t, and I agree that anyones’ personal business shouldn’t be public, but this sh*t here is sad if It’s true. This nigga is almost a senior citizen drugging dudes so he can top em off? That’s unbelievable. This situation is more severe than all the other rumors I read on any website or heard about anybody in the Hip Hop community. Sad day for hip hop.

      • maya

        But they already said it’s not true, and we don’t know otherwise. Why are we still digging? If he raped somebody, he’ll go to jail.

      • Calico Joe

        Who in their RIGHT mind would admit to doing some sh*t like that?

      • So why did he give an explanation?

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  • Eli Pinilla

    So the stabig was confirmed by the leader of x clan but it wasnt true? All this came outa chest pains??? Im just gonna leave this one alone lol I dont wanna beleive the shit anyways

    • Not confirmed…..he said he would call & get to the bottom of it after I made him aware.

      So far, looks like Bam is in the clear?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Thats how they put it out there before they swiched it up. Had SOMEBODY confirming the stabing.

  • AfricanSoul

    Am I the only one who read the statements that clearly refute that he was stabbed? So why are some cats on this board reading it the other way. You can say, you don’t believe the refutation, that is fine. But, read the damn news article right.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Cuz they switched it up, edited it….they initially had the keader of x clan confirm that he was stabbed…thats why u see comments that are questioning why he was stabbed

    • Calico Joe

      If you had read it earlier, it was a total different story. They switched this sh*t up big time.

  • AllHipHop planned all this out.. planned to put illseed story out this morning & not given up a name,, then later in the day releasing this story..

  • Bizness Mane

    Dam my nigga.. U nasty lol

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  • Eric Collapsar

    watched the video Bam is moving around just fine, voice is a little off but the man is doing the thing. Whoever started that rumor is a dumb milly filly. Stabbed, Bam is moving and grooving. the Zulu’s did recently go at another website about their content.

  • gomer_1

    He showing his fist cause he wants someone to fist him. Thats gay hip hop mafia hand signs

    • Guest


  • 56! Damn, rappers are getting into the senior range! I heard that Bam was gay…

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  • Calico Joe

    When I read this sh*t earlier it said he got stabbed. Now it saying he didn’t get stabbed? What the f*ck is going on with this site?

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  • I don’t know if the rumor is true or not. But I also don’t care.
    This site is getting too stupid by the day. If not for this man.
    What would this site be called?
    It was Bam who named the culture and organized it in the 70s.
    The Zulu nation is worldwide and Hip-Hop is hip-Hop because
    the Universal Zulu Nation developed the culture.
    Hip-Hop is about MCing, Graf, B-boying and DJing.
    For a long time I haven’t seen any of these things on this

    site. Even the rap promoted here cannot be considered

    • Eli Pinilla

      How u see bambaataa is how we see bambaataa. So its pains a ngga that much more that theres a possobility that something like this could be true. Him bein gay is one thing. But date raping a dude?? I feel like I did when I found out wrestling was fake and all of the wrestlers was drug addicts in real life. If he did that, and I pray he didnt, then everything he stood for dont mean shit. A part of hiphop dies if teres any truth to this. Because of how much of an impact he had on the culture…..

      • Bro…. stop talkin’. Move on to another subject. It’s heartbreaking to hear you sounding like a Stan. We have way more issues in HipHp that are real. Star and Buckwild just wanna be known in radio. Forget about it

      • Eli Pinilla

        Stop talking?!?!?! This is a comment section. This is what we do. We comment on multiple shit. Bam or anyone else. And if u saw how the story was originally posted and then how it was changed, u would see why people lookin at yall crazy. Dont try coming down on a commentor. If I had the “power” zulu is said to have, I’d be goin at the muthafuckas creating these rumors…”stan”? U just call me that foreal?!?!?! Lmao!!! Bam is hiphop, so I’ll take that….just pray this shit dont gwt no traction, cuz the shit we sayin here is nothing to the hell youll recieve from people who dont give 2 shits about bam, zulu, or hiphop. Callin him afrikan bambooty and shit……much respect regardless.

    • That’s why out of respect, iLLseed didn’t name his name.

    • hoeyuno


  • Tre C

    Where is he? The denial needs to come from him, not the camp. His silence speaks volumes

  • thisisafakename

    EIther he has a big stab wound or he doesnt. Cant hide that shit. Not hard to confirm/deny.

  • you didn’t actually expect him to admit now , did u? ..

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  • Paradise Gray

    I’m Not the “Leader” of X Clan. I NEVER confirmed anything!

    • What’s up Paradise!

      I missed the early article, apparently it was edited?, What did it say?

      Sometimes “Architect” gets misplaced with “Leader”, but when the thread first posted ( That’s when I hit you up ) knowing you were one of the few people with direct access to Bam…. I figured you would set the record str8.

      You already know, based on your co-sign, I feel bad about doubting Bam, I even formally apologize now, publicly, but can / will you go on record?

      AHH / 4UMF Exclusive?

      Maybe drop Brother Jay’s “Prison” in the write up? ( If I do it for $chool ‘Em $aturdays, you know “Fire & Earth” by X Clan gets a feature…#IJS )

      • Paradise Gray

        Hit me up. Lets make it happen.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Thats how they had the story up first….either “the” leader or “a” leader of xclan confirmed stabing

      • I think they were reaching for that one, but if anyone has the scoop, Paradise does…& he doubts it?

      • Paradise Gray

        My statement is:

        I do not comment on rumors or participate in the character assassination of people that I have the utmost respect for.

        I have known Africa Bambaataa for over 40 years. He helped to save my life with hip-hop and I have always known him to have the most respect and integrity for all people worldwide..

        Paradise Gray X Clan

      • Eli Pinilla

        Thats whats up man. All of us here, we came up off the shit yall started. We got the upmost respect for Bam and the X Clan. Yall are legends to us…..talkin about yall on here is like us talkin bout legendary sports figures and such. I feel like im responding to derick jeter. So we aint tryin to creat rumors, we just commenting on them. Im not a nerd, or some kid that lives in my moms basement. Im a real dude who apreciates real music like the kind youve created. But, because theres so much behind it and the way they are handling this situation in regards to pr control. We cant help but be torn as fans……I hope its not true and try to show the upmost respect to all of you legends. Thanks for all youve done for hiphop. And thanks for responding.

      • Sounds good enough for me.

      • The issue is put to rest as far as I’m concerned.

      • J.Erick

        Lmaoooo Yall sum faggot muthafukkas taking up for that old fag. Ni99as been knew about bambooty for tha longest.. lol lol hell naw

      • The issue was a date rape, not his sexuality.
        Absent a victim, ‘Bam has earned the benefit of the doubt. As far as his sexuality, I’ll leave that too you to worry about.

      • Triple7_skylakegreat

        For real


        yeahright hahah

      • Well “REST” is such a strong word!

  • What I believe is that anybody… even the so-called old-school rapper who the frauds are claiming is a PART of this fake Bam story — should stab THEMSELVES.

  • my homie stabbed him for rapping him

    • kristin

      But he didnt rape him so whats the problem. Rapping him is legal.

      • Kyle Meta4ce

        How are you going to rap somebody? Rapping a nigga? What, they cyphered? Learn to spell, man.

  • Peter Ruiz

    Afrika Bang Booty? i knew it was him!!! homo ass rappers!!!!!!!!!! :O

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  • J.Erick

    I didnt even hear about this story, but ppl in the Bronx been new that bam was homo

  • Ramona Sincere Love

    who ever made this rumor is the one who got stabbed for slipping some young man a Micky and getting to familiar with his genitalia…..

  • JaeNy

    most people in nyc known for a while hes gay.

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