Jay-Z and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jay-Z And Kanye West Putting Chief Keef Under Their Wing?

Here is some good rumors for the day. I got hit up on email from somebody claiming to know what’s going on. I think there may be some truth to this. Jay-Z and Kanye are rumored to be mentoring Chief Keef in some form or fashion. I don’t think its going to be like this:

But, I believe that these guys recognize what’s down the road if Keef doesn’t get reigned in and decided to do something about it. How cool is that? But, Jay name-checked him and Kanye took him to Paris so it makes some sense. Now, we just need to mentor some other artists that can lead us. Like even Kendrick could take some mentoring, I’m sure and artistically he’s better than Keef. God bless em.

Remember, it was rumored that 50 Cent wanted to “mentor” Keef that those efforts were apparently rejected. I think its a matter of psychology or something. You can’t be like “I’m going to mentor you, OK?”

“No, you aren’t mentoring me and you’re creepy.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Michael Thompson II

    This is nuts!

  • Mentoring is one thing, but in order for the mentoring to be effective the student must be willing to learn. I hope Keith becomes open to learning.

    If they’re truly going to mentor him I hope it works out. We see Chief Keef from the outside in and tend to forget that this kid was surrounded by violence and drugs and may not know any better. I’m not saying that giving in to those things are ok. Far from it.

    Maybe mentoring is all he needs to realise there is more to life than what he’s been exposed to.

  • tra mo

    Rip yummy

    • eastsidechi87th

      man you aint never lied…

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      Amen how soon people 4get R.I.P.

    • Dboy Corleone

      R.i.P yummy waddup 108 & Perry

    • Negro Peligro

      I say it all the time. at really no loyalty in that stuff. LOOK AT LIL JO JO. I heard they more mad at Rick Ross than getting back at Lil Jo Jo killers.

  • DollasTX

    mentor that niggah for what – that niggah music aint monumental enough to be checking for – white folks must have made a call to help mature one of they investments – the whole city need mentoring

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  • Oknas

    probably a business move

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  • same dude that said “F*ck Kanye.. him hopping on my song didnt make it more popular…”
    shit got agenda written all over it…

  • chundley

    Kendrick needs mentoring? The dude who turned in an album to Dre and Dre made no changes? The dude who everyone to a fault says is a nice, humble kid?


    • yeah, im not sure what the hell he was talking about there. Maybe he was trying to say that he needs a mentor to keep him on that same path and not to let the pressures of fame corrupt him. But i doubt that i kid that grew up in his circumstances that turned out the way that he did would have to worry about being corrupted.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i dont get it…didnt his shit go wood and he could not sell out shows…whats there to mentor…..kanye is a homo

  • Business is business

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    hell no jay z dont care about nothing but money he dont care about the hood or the ghetto or the ppl living in poverty jay sold out in 99 he was always a fuk boi he was never no dope boi he always was a punk thats y his 1st album didnt sell even tho it was a classic but that was in the real error fuk boys wasnt allowed back then as far as keef dude trash and he retarded he is lost just like his generation its sad white pppl did a good job of fukkin over blacks you know you won a war when ppl who u fuked over dont even notice theyre being fuked MESSAGE

    • It will take more than money to change the hood, lets start with the mentality / mindset of some people.

      People say that rappers don’t help the hood without realising that its never good to publicize everything you do for a community. If Jay was to donate 5 million I bet you there will be people saying that he should have donated more or he should have helped this or that borough. Some things are best kept as a secret. Peeps also need to stop looking for handouts and learn to improve things themselves.

      Oh and I forgot, there are tax breaks for people that donate to charity too, only a foolish rapper will not donate and take advantage of government tax breaks and I don’t consider Jay + a few other wealthy rappers to be foolish.

    • Tony G.

      YOU are exactly whats wrong with society…starting with ur dumb ass name…and then ur comment. There’s a difference betw selling out and maturing…U say he was never a dope boy..but there are many who actually KNOW Jay that refutes that. His first album sales have nothing to do with anything….the last part of ur shit makes even less sense…no need to comment any further

  • JerZeBoy

    No disrespect but what am I missing in this Keef cat??? He is real. Great!! Real dumb always getting in trouble. I see nothing that stands out about his song writing/lyrics or any other substance that I would invest in. Call me a hatter I guess….

    • Negro Peligro

      man that aint hate thats real talk

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he can appeal to street lifers at times….but rarely does he to over 20+ street lifers.

    • PliggaNease

      i wont call you a hater at all i co-sign with everything you said

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  • BulldogCG

    Yea, I am not sure they can help the boy lyrically, maybe they just trying to give him some persepctive. I mean the guy is from a pretty wild place, I imaging he has a sort of culture shock with all the attention and media. I might would look crazy sometimes too if cameras was on me half the time. With perspective and new ideas introduced though, he may get better on his own.

    • Why would they give a fugg?

      • BulldogCG

        I was thinking the same thing. But to me, Jay and Kanye both go deep into imagery and lyrics regarding the lies of america and how they negatively affect african american youth and youth period really. Maybe they just see the effects and the issue with gangs and violence in chigago (Kanye’s home), and the pull this kind of artist has with the youth today and feel it would be beneficial to the community to create a success story instead of watching the kid destroy his opportunity. Then again, maybe its all BS, no argument from me there.

      • Good point though, really! ^^

      • Weedras

        maybe they’re trying to pry him from the clutches of Iovine and i don’t think that would be a good move…

      • Iovine’s clutches are too strong…I mean, really…do you think Chief Keef actually read his contract?

      • Weedras

        lol! i doubt it… Iovine got connections to end any career i don’t care how far Jay and Kanye have come that man can put em into early retirement…

      • Weedras

        well he’s from Kanye’s city so i get that association…

      • Common too, but with Jay Z?
        Are they connected to Jimmy Iovine & Interscope?

  • “Mentoring” huh…..is that what they’re calling it these days?

  • plus37

    Kanye gonna put a thong and a leather skirt on him.

  • dee

    how does kendrick need mentoring he under dre illseed u need to study hiphop idk about u sometimes

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  • Nate-than

    Why don’t Kanye and Jay “mentor” someone worth mentoring?

    I’ve heard two songs by Keef and his lyrics are a 3/10 at best, didn’t really hear a flow, and the instrumentals sounded good but so generic. And he used a weird ass Jamaican accent half the time. What the hell? Hip hop needs a time out if two greats are going to waste their efforts on something we can see so clearly.

  • Orignal Clova

    folks…maybe i dunno

  • Guest

    kendrick is the last person from a fans perspective that i would think needs tutoriing.. i never seen a more humble, appreciative rapper

  • thisisafakename

    Dont get why they would care enough to “mentor” keef but thats a nice thing to do i guess. Listen to Jay, dont listen to Kayne cause he makes dumb ass decisions like marrying that hoe kim. Whats up with Jay tho, go out of his way to mentor a dude he has nothing to do with but wont throw Siegal a bone? Leaves dame in the cold. Sounds like a bullshit rumor.

  • thisisafakename

    Also maybe its cause im cynical and dont trust people but i have the feeling they trying to use Keef in some way. Who goes out and helps someone they dont know out of the blue for no reason? No one. Does Keef have some talent im not seeing? I dont get the interest.

  • you need to stop talking about this kid like he’s some kinda retard. ‘mentoring’ my ass, they are trying to stay relevant by using him on a track, kid has a cult following and represents the generation that doesn’t care about90s rappers anymore. He is helping them.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Chief Keef would be a damn fool to turn his back on all that damn money like he did 50…

  • Apollo Showtime

    This nigga ain’t even a good wack rapper tho. I think they’re just trying to dave him because after all the shit he’s popped in his own city. If he gets dropped and has to go back to the hood…It’s lights out for that nigga.

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  • Illcoon with more nonsense. How about I mentor you on your ability to write an article or come up with relevant material?

  • PliggaNease

    laugh at a dude who almost grown need mentoring……………

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