Lauryn Hill Avoids Jail With $1 Million Deal With Sony

(AllHipHop News) Creative genius pays off and Lauryn Hill is proof as the singer had dodged jail with a new deal with Sony Music.

The singer/rapper’s will craft 5 songs for $1 million, which will pay off her debt to the IRS. On top of the million, the reclusive star will also get additional funds to record an entire album.

Hill owed $504,000 in taxes after not paying for three years, a charge she plead guilty to.

Lauryn Hill has not released a new album since 2002.

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68 Responses to “Lauryn Hill Avoids Jail With $1 Million Deal With Sony”

  1. BibatheDiva

    When you are talented, creativity pays. When you are fortunate, the whole universe will bend in your favor. I am grateful that Ms. Hill will not have to spend even a day away from her 6 children. I am hopeful that she will make quality, exciting, and soul-stirring music… again.

  2. Eric Emajor Jackson

    I have to agree with BibatheDiva, but I will say this…..she never wanted 2 do the deal…it was forced but….at least she was gd and patient enough to use them when she needed 2 rather than her doin it jus cus the fans wanted it.

  3. capa ceezy

    she got forced back into the crooked industry system that she has been trying to escape for more than a decade.. We’ll see how Sony handles it. Let’s hope Ms Hill takes this as a chance to continue her artistic expression without Sony taking anycreative control

    • I💫Glo

      ‘forced’? are u serious? lol she has been livin lovely off the industry all her life, noone forced her to sing or rap,noone ‘forced’ her not to pay taxes. she just likes to sit on two chairs at the same time; just how she likes to sit on any d* as long as its Marley.Ur defending a chick whos kids are brothers and cousins at the same time.Sheesh!

      • greenhouse records

        yes forced. Lauryn hasnt been active really since the late 90s. she most likely does spot dates, so how does she owe that much back taxes when she rarely performs and hasnt recorded or released any new music in over a decade. thaGOD83 explain it well in his post. Its like the real dope game. When the connect depends on you and you wanna get out, they say you owe them all kind of money to keep you in.

      • I💫Glo

        Lmao.u obviously do not understand first thing about coorporate buisness,royalties,ownership,profit or taxes. “Forced”,my ass, maybe if she wasnt raised on welfare she wouldnt feel self entitled. Shes a dumb bum n needs to be locked away.

  4. BossBeaux

    So basically your doing this shit for free half going to back taxes and the other half going to pay taxes on this million and her die hard fans will buy her album when she drops but good luck trying to pull the young crowd in if you dont have the likes of Chief Keef or Waka Flocka on a track do what you gotta do tho cant say I wouldn’t have don the same.

    • Celz

      That ridiculous ass comment had betta be anonymous.. Lmao at Lauryn Hill feat. Waka and Keef.. Have you even heard any of her music? She can out rap pretty much the WHOLE industry right now.. Common, Nas, and Jay Z would have to bring their A game..

      • BossBeaux

        First of all i copped her first album when it came out hands down one of the best albumsever made what i said and more importantly meant is with the digital age amd short attention spans of today’s youth she wont have widespread mainstream success because the only people listening to radio are yep you guessed it kids and they are not trying to hear anything that makes them cook a brain cell and think about something so who said she needed to do an album with Keef not this guy i simply ised an analogy to descrive the situation never seen a website where your opinion really gets people mad smh


    Sometimes the best music can come when an artist is under some pressure just look at Marvin Gaye’s “Here My Dear” dedicated to his ex wife for back alimony payment’s.

  6. southside4lyfe

    I’m happy for her and sad at the same time. But sometimes you have to force people with great talents and skills to do what they were meant to do and Lauryn your job is to make music not go crazy on us so if you going to wig out again just plead insanity and go play silly in the crazy house.

  7. thaGOD83

    i said this a while ago, the new game, is the TAX game…peep this….nas/lauryn hill are one in the same…TALENTED, laid back, non confrontational, dont need the extra hype, and prefer to live quiet lives, separate of the evil game called the INDUSTRY that they must play in order to display their talents to the masses….BUT the prob is….both of them dont want to be JAYZ/BEYONCE so they dont get the endorsements, creditials (like nas “life is good” not winning a grammy over that trash ye/jay shit) and NAS to this day hasnt one a grammy…the same guy who came out at the age of 17 and changed the game…

    …now back to the taxes….the tax game is way for THEM to control all of these rappers,athletes……bottom line, you are going to PLAY the game, and you cant retire (how many rappers have retired only to come back) you cant go and hide on an island (they will follow you there and take pics like they do brad pitt when he wants to get a way) and you cant live a lowkey life like nas/kelis and lauryn tried to do…she want out of the industry and cant leave, so TAXES is the new way to get you back out that damn house, and back being the puppet you consciously, sub consciously signed up for..

    so when you dont come out of retirement, dont do the touring, product placement, etc…you wake up in the morn to a TAX headline…the average 9-5 sell out will side with uncle sam because they pay taxes, and since you “make more” they hate on you for not paying…MY question is, what if they do pay, and have paid taxes? can we the public prove it, or do we label them as dumb…WHY dont the “game players” the kanyes, rihannas, will smiths, get hit with tax bills, because they play their parts… People like chris tucker, hill, nas, think they can lay low after making a few millions and gaining fame….look at the chris tucker interview, they asked him why he is returning to comedy after his hiatus, he said “UNCLE SAM” and folks didnt peep that…

    well peep this…who was just on tour NAS/LAURYN HILL…..nas is a fence straddler sad to say….he wants to be recognized for being great, but he doesnt want to play the game hard like jay z, so while jay gets magazine covers, internationally recognized for selling out his soul for riches, like nas put in ether, nas gets NOTHING….

    but they got nas and them back,,,all they wanted was lauryn to do what she signed up for, and NOW she is back…she aint broke, dumb, crazy….she is really hoping acting crazy will get her booted for not being useful, and it was smart..look, act crazy , show up to concerts looking crazy, so that a demand wont arise for you to have to record, tour again…i respect that, but its too late…..she won too many grammys, sold too many records, she and nas are TOO powerful to be regular people, THEY feel that with the fame, power, that celebs acquire, they may expose secrets, or help people…so leaving is not an OPTION….to anyone reading this…stay AWAY from the industry, gangs, mafia, frats,sororities…anything that requires a sacrifice oath, or even if you have to get “beat up/jumped” to be “down” get away…you will never be the same when you give your soul up for popularity, sex, riches hence the only reason someone would want to join a crew, mob, society….

    look at rick ross, 50, etc…they used them now its over for them in the recording industry…obama will be exposed once his job is done….once your used, you have to be discredited…you can name a million sellouts this happens too…they dont trust you, so they will make sure the public dont…. its all a game, and you have to realize that in order to be the victor,….. THESE people pay their taxes like you and i …dont believe the hype

  8. chuck b

    this doesn’t mean she avoids jail idiots!

    she still has a sentencing hearing coming up (was postponed bc she didn’t payback 500G which she told judge she would n previous hearing). she could still go2 jail…

  9. Homegrown Chicks

    I hate this is how she had to come back…but I’m glad to know she’s back on deck!! Urban music bout to have some problems!!!

  10. shayleshay

    Thats god at work right there. Just in time before incarceration. On the other hand $1mi for 5 tracks? They bet not suck. Dats a hookup, in other peoples eyes creative genius pays off I guess. Even though I wouldnt call it genius.


    She’ll be broke in NO TIME!! Once the deal ends or the tax man comes for his money on her earnings, she’ll be in the same position! Artist only get in that position when they don’t trust anyone. Learn how to handle the paperwork yourself or hire someone you trust. #My2Cents

  12. Joshua

    I’m lost. Why wouldn’t her husband just pay the fine if she’s broke??? Isn’t he extremely wealthy? If she wants to come back to music it should be because she’s ready. While this is a good opportunity I’m wondering if the music will be of good quality if her heart’s not in it. They said 5 songs. They didn’t say 5 classics. I’m hoping she still has the passion for it and doesn’t just put out any old thing. Still one of my favorite artists. Sad that this is how she has to come back.


      her husband? I hope u don’t mean that Marley dude, cause that nigga been left her ass and left her with all 5 or 6 kids lol

  13. Tann01

    5 songs:

    1. F*ck da IRS
    2. IRS ain’t sh*t

    3. IRS can kiss my azz
    4. IRS who??

    5. I don’t have an uncle named sam

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