Rick Ross and Jeezy

Hip-Hop Rumors: NEAR MISS? Jeezy and Ross Cross Paths In NYC!

Looks like a disaster was almost averted. Peep what MediaTakeOut said:

April 28, 2013: The last time that Jeezy and Ross were in the building together was the BET HIP HOP AWARDS – and the two turn’t up and had to have police called.
So when BOTH Jeezy and his crew and Rick Ross and his crew hit up NY’s hottest club Greenhouse last week after the NFL Draft – everyone thought it was gonna be a PROBLEM!!!
Tells an MTO insider, “Rick Ross, Wale, Busta Rhymes and DJ Khaled (all came together) and their crews [were seated] in the VIP and Jeezy and his people were on the floor near the DJ booth.”
Luckily the club’s DJ Scram Jones had to be the “pacifier,” playing neutral music all night that kept both parties happy. The insider added, “BOTH parties were asking Scram to play different songs and Scram felt immense pressure to appease them both. So he played Jeezy tracks and Rick Ross tracks back and fourth since Khaled wanted to hear his records and then the second Jeezy left, he played BMF.”


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RMfag

    Finally, Rick Ross with a shirt on.

    • james lockhart

      yo wtf is wrong with u u give new meaning to the word thirsty. Yo keep hitting dudes up wit all these gay ass comments u rarely get a response they just ignore ur ass. So what u do send messages to urself to need a life and help yo for real.. U on every page commenting nonsense sit ur dehhydrated ass down and hav a glass of water smh…

      • RMfag

        Ultimate Surrender


    Fishy ? They don’t want beef industry ass niggas
    They pretend well


    Ok y’all paste and copy mediatakeout

    • RMfag

      who doesnt?

  • Waited until Jeezy left to play BMF?


  • therealest1

    Does anyone else think Young Jeezy looks like JaMarcus Russell?

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      as a raider fan I ask you……….please don’t ever bring that name up outta no where. I have to be prepared to hear or see his name without going into a blind furry.

      • RMfag

        Jamarcus Russell, I sucked him off

    • you right tho lol i def see that shit

      • RMfag

        I would know

      • right. cause you are a homo. good talk

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  • Piotrek

    Omg ..

  • If it came from mediafakeout, it aint true. Come on now

  • plus37

    While u in nyc go to the gunit office and get gunplay chain back fat boy.

    • Guest

      He don’t want them problems again.

  • SINBAD1988

    Old fat nigga beef

  • RMfag

    Sounds like bish zhit: “Play my song! No, play mines!”

    Both of you dudes are wack and completely irrelevant.

  • tra mo

    I think Busta rhymes now a days is a dick rida

    • RMfag

      i dont the issue.
      everyone falls off sometimes.

      • ironically Busta has a song called “Legend of The Fall Offs” on his last dope album The Big Bang…its be over since!

      • You friends with a fag? This guy no one f*cks with he talks about f*cking men.

      • RMfag

        I thought Busta wasnt gay…..

    • dee

      busta is a miami nigga now he dont rep NY no more

  • they all sound like petty bitches, scram jones had to be the middle bitch lol.. DK khaled is head bitch

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  • bigmarz

    sounds boring they all in they late 30s and still club hoppin like youngins zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • RMfag

      You cant do that?

  • Apollo Showtime

    Why are these niggas at each others necks again?

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  • digitallife

    Ain’t nobody busting a grape in NYC especially if its not a life or death situation right now.

  • Delonte West

    I stopped reading after MTO…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    damn scram i feel for ya mane should of said F all of yall and played Gucci mane all night lol


    Every time I see that picture of them 2 together with Jay-Z, it always makes me think of Jay playing the role of Don King trying to promote them to have a fight/battle!!!!!!

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    If disaster was almost averted then they would’ve got into a fight but since they didnt get into a fight then disaster was averted, go back to school ya big dummy

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Khaled gotta request his own records, cause no one else does.

    • PliggaNease


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  • Russell Miller

    Thats halarious lol