Hip-Hop Rumors: Black Rob Goes In On Diddy… And Jay-Z!

I’ll tell you! When these rappers get outside of the Matrix, they definitely let LOOSE how they feel. I can’t wait for Memphis Bleek to do one of these interviews! Before the beef, he’s working on a new album, Life Story 2. The interview is pretty good over all but he begins to go in around the 10 minute mark.

Here’s a tiny sample:

“The white people run it [Hip-Hop]. They don’t like n***as.”

“Jay and them n***as done sucked a lot of people dry. Jay-Z and Puffy – they suck a lot of people dry – they talents. They treat you like McDonald’s fries and s**t when they are cold. Don’t nobody want McDonald’s fries when they cold.”

That’s the drama to sum it up but here is the video.

Loving the Ice Cream Truck in the background.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Who doesn’t turn on Puffy shit?

  • lox

    Shut yo old irrelevant ass up..

  • Doing interviews on small apartment balconies in ATL AInt whoa! Chubby bald chicks looking like Amber Rose AINT WHOA! Dishing dirt on the boss when you going broke aint whoa! A nigga wanted to get signed to black rob aint whoa! What black rob smoking in dat blunt dat shits probally WHOA!

    • Keith Brickz


      • TALK_BOSS


    • $28825362

      People don’t understand that they think, “yo yo yo you gotta be loyal to yo crew”. They forget it’s a JOB. If you a car sales man and you had the top sale numbers in 2012 but you numbers fall below quota the first 6 months of 2013… guess what? That’s right you gone buddy. No one owes you shyt.

  • Big Daddy Scrumptious

    Black Rob sounds bitter…any real CEO will tell you that if talent isnt producing money they’re gone…simple as that. They become yesterdays news tomorrow.
    In that same regard, if the CEO isnt producing marketable and profitable talent, theyre done.

  • Swiftest Fox


  • Nobody forced him to go forth and back to jail.
    He would have had a great career if he wasn’t stupid.

    • chocboywonder

      no he wouldn’t….he was signed to Bad Boy. Name me one rapper one Bad Boy (past or present) that had a great career.

      • RMfag

        True but who told him to go to jail. Diddy screwed him then he screw himself.
        I tried to screw myself but Im too small. Mac Miller covers the screwing part well tho.

      • Shalove2


      • chocboywonder

        B.I.G. didn’t really have a great career….he might have been on his way to having one…but I’m pretty sure if he didnt died Puffy wouldn’t have allowed him to have one. Just because we know his name and the person has talent does not mean someone had a great career.

      • Faith.. Total.. 112.. Mase.. Might not of been decade long careers but they were still great careers

      • chocboywonder

        How are any of those people you named career any different from Blackrob’s?….because you know
        their names does not mean they had a great career…dude said great,
        all of them only had subpar careers.

      • How are they different? Since the HIp-Hop community is so infatuated w/ numbers lets talk sales.. Rob put out 2 albums with Bad Boy right? (Not Rhetorical) Life Story went platinum while The Rob Report didn’t even go gold. Between 2000-2010 he put out only those 2 albums while on Bad Boy. Faith had 3 albums on Bad Boy 2 Platinum & 1 Gold. Hit Singles? Bet you’ll hear “Love Like This” in the club or on radio still. 112: won a grammy, dropped 4 albums and are somewhere around 5x platinum as a group. Total: Singing the hook to Biggie’s “One More Chance”, a bigger song than “Whoa”. Dropped 2 albums also but hit Plat & Gold so sales where better. Had more features on other people’s singles. And Mase? Come on now are you saying at his prime Black Rob was as popping as Mase was? Even Carl Thomas had a cool career

      • Flea

        Puffy.. only Puffy. That’s the purpose of that label $ince day one.

      • NEWSKULL

        Take that… Take that…

  • Montezuma1

    Interviewer : What are you doing now? Black Rob: Not a damn thing.

    • DMV Native


      • NEWSKULL


  • $28825362

    Get t0 the 12:30 sec mark and I thought for sure the ice cream man was outside my crib. I went outside and…. nope

  • Montezuma1

    Cocaine is a helluva drug..

  • Negro Peligro

    Being myself. You know what I’m saying leave your hotel room unlock I’m going in.

  • RMfag

    Oh please! I sucked more rappers dry than Diddy and Jay-z combined. I sucked them long, hard and dry!
    Baba Ba Ba Baaaaaaa…….. Fellatio!

  • Negro Peligro

    No respect for thieves. That ain’t hard. 7 years steal.

  • DeeZilla

    All this is the blame game which alot of artist do when they do not become “successful” off a big label backing. READ YOUR OWN CONTRACTS WITH A DICTIONARY….. for all you artist read about the 80/20 rule.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Undisclosed location? looks like an apartment balcony somewhere in Jersey with an ice cream truck, plane flyover and cars driving through the parking lot…Not hard to disclose where u are, just no address…so look for the nigga on the balcony, lmao.

    • Eddy Mihigo

      When being smart goes wrong… ‘Undisclosed’ means exactly what you said stoopid! I’d like you to disclose where he is? lol

  • Stay Phokus

    im closing down the studio

  • JerZeBoy

    Im not a fan of Diddy, but Rob was getting locked up and not grinding. What people dont understand is record companies dont lose. If you aint selling, there are millions of hungrier talent out there that will……

    • Preach on NJALLDAY, some peeps don’t understand the concept of business.

      • JerZeBoy

        You already know homie!

    • I agree, these dudes act like because of a few hit records that they should always have a hand out….Like you are a grown ass man, if you have to look to another just to get paid then you are not a man. Step up and do you, Jay-z and Diddy are winners because they chose to be winners.

      • JerZeBoy

        Exactly! you cant stay luke warm because someone else will fill ur spot in a second !

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  • I don’t understand what he thinks his purpose of being signed to the label would’ve been if not to sell records. Career faded quickly and you went to jail… what could Diddy do with you still signed to the label?

  • GZA said this in Protect Ya Neck and then Mos Def said this about 8- 10 years ago, called out Cohen from Def Jam. Its a pimp game

    • “Steve Rifkin must have been sniffin’ ….”

      Good interview though!

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  • dayleedumped

    you gotta get yours while the getting is good.. on the way to the top some people gonna get stepped on. but realize the same people you meet on the way up, will be the same people you meet on the way down

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      what if you never come down like BR said on some clive davis, puffy or jayz ish ………. lol

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  • Danielle Smith

    Big thanks to Black Rob for the interview. He’s an amazing guy. Say what you want but I know him personally and he is good people. Everyone sins differently and everyone has a past. He’s moved on and still dope. I wish him much success. Diddy picked streets dudes that he knew didn’t know better at the time. He is wiser now and still better then half these half ass rappers on the radio today.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hey @ the end of the day awesome interview with BR !!

    • Jason Galindo

      We’re not talking about him on a personal level sweetheart, we’re talking about him being ignorant to how the music business works. You don’t need a record label to make it big and grow a fan base. That’s how most of these “half ass rappers” made it where they are. Kendrick, Wiz Miller, Mac Miller, Curren$y, Macklemore… all these dudes made it big without record label backing by releasing music to the world for free and showing their fans love. At the end of the day, if you aren’t where you think you should be financially/artistically then there is only one person to blame. It’s ho shit to blame someone else for your short comings. Maybe I’m wrong though, what’s the last release Rob had?

      • umm all those dudes had major support systems just as good as a major.kendrick had Top Dog who already had Jay Rock and was dealing w/ majors,Wiz kinda got the same story.he was actually signed while ppl thought he was indie grinding.Currency was signed to Wayne and had a single that was pretty big while on YM.Mac Miller is Wiz;s camp so he had that same support and Wiz had blew up so it wasn’t that hard

      • Jason Galindo

        Horse shit! TDE is not a major label. Curren$y didn’t release any of his great mixtapes while affiliated with Wayne. Mac Miller is not in Khalifa’s camp either, they just happen to be from the same area and have collaborated with each other. I can name a hundred artists that have a huge following without any record label backing. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the first artists in 55 years to have their first 2 singles reach #1 on Billboards hot 100, and they did it without a record label. Black Rob is blaming other people for not being successful. Don’t take up for that man. Best way to be successful, give your fans what they want and don’t go to jail.

      • They don’t have to be a major label.their a fully functioning indie label with a fully functioning team w/ connects.Wasn’t Currensy in Sqaud up?they had some hot mixtapes w/ Wayne but besides that he had the “Where the Cash At” single that got play on radio and video stations which means millions of ppl were exposed to him at some point.Yes mac is in Wiz’s camp they are part of Rostrum records together.fact.macklemore is an exception.IDK his full story, but Seattle is the home of the biggest indie acts ever.he had some type of connects to get on Ellen.

      • Jason Galindo

        We’re talking about major labels, these indie artist make a name for themselves and then get scooped up. Wiz, Mac, Jay Rock weren’t born famous, they didn’t just come out of nowhere and get put on by a top dog in the industry. There are hundreds of artist that make big names for themselves, and most eventually sign to a label, and have to continue self promoting. If you go out to rob people and wind up with some time, how are you going to blame someone else for not being the number 1 artist in the States? Macklemore isn’t an “exception” because every other artist has the ability to do what he and Ryan Lewis have done, they just choose to take the easy route and sign to a label that ultimately only backs an artist while they have worth. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have spent years honing their talent, working hard, making great music, and showing fans love. Macklemore has never blamed his lack of success or his past alcohol and drug abuse on anyone else like the ignorant Black Rob is. Any real Curren$y fan knows “Where the Cash At?” is that mainstream garbage that Wayne has been pushing lately and that’s why Curren$y isn’t affiliated with YMCMB anymore, not to mention Curren$y had nothing to do with Squad Up. And all of this aside, Black Rob is blaming his lack of success entirely on someone else because he isn’t man enough to take responsibility for his actions.

  • digitallife

    I see a ton of varying arguments here…The reality of what he’s trying to say but can’t properly articulate is that as an artist ages in the game they need certain types of promotional pushes. When a new artist comes along everyone is like who is that so sites write about them and put up videos just to get readers. Hip-hop’s life span went from 5-10 years to 6 months to 3 years for the majority of artists because labels figured it’s a wiser investment on the first album since they have to spend less to promote it. On the second and third albums they expect the same result and when they don’t get it just give up and move to the next artist. Guys like LL, Busta, Nas, Mos, 50cent, and many others have openly complained about this. We live in the factory line hip-hop era where the investment is on the new and shiny artist fresh off the line. Anyone else notice how Luda had to resort to getting his music on soundtracks just to get promotion, and he’s been a hell of a success story for the boys.

    • Jason Galindo

      I guess your time frame point was over my head, or perhaps it just didn’t make sense (not properly articulated). These guys signing deals with the record labels are doing it to make a quick buck without generating a decent fan base first and doing real work on their own. It is part of the record labels job to promote the artist, but if you aren’t out their promoting your name, brand and sound, dropping new mixtapes, doing impromptu shows, releasing free singles, and showing love to the fans, then why would you expect to do well in an industry driven entirely by your fans?? If you don’t show me love, I’ll find an artist that will, and more often than not that new artist is releasing free music that is better than the last guy anyway. I haven’t checked for Black Rob in years, and now he wants to come out of the wood work and act like it is someone else’s fault that he isn’t doing as well as he could be? That shit is lame.

      • digitallife

        An artist does not have the eloquence nor the time to create relationships with station programmers. That’s why there are divisions exclusively set up for this. The industry created this monster because it was in their benefit to not have the artists spending time doing that instead they want them doing appearances. I never saw Madonna have to negotiate with mtv..that was her labels job. Meanwhile you have rappers having to negotiate with MTV to get a video played themselves. That’s the difference here.

      • Jason Galindo

        You don’t have to negotiate with anyone to get a video on YouTube. Truly talented and intelligent artists understand this. Make good music that your fans like, film a music video for youtube, book gigs. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are doing amazing in the industry right now without a record label backing them. Black Rob wants to blame others for his shortcomings. Maybe Black Rob shouldn’t be robbing people and having to do jail time, then he could continue making music and stay in the spotlight.

      • digitallife

        That makes no sense bro..Macklemore to me when he’s been around 10 plus years. Look at one common denominator amongst any artist still in the game ten years later that is still relevant. They all have promotion budgets..look at the label Black Rob is on..what’s the common denominator there? One album and done for 99% of the artists signed there historically. How can your product compete on youtube? youtube isn’t for artists who’ve sold 5 timex platinum with a single. Sorry but Coca-Cola and Pepsi remain kings because they spend millions promoting their brand.

      • Jason Galindo

        You’re completely ignorant @digitallife. First of all Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been around for at the very least 4 years. Black Rob is blaming his lack of success wholly on other parties instead of saying “I could have done more to promote myself. I could have made better/more music. I could have not robbed that guy and got sent to jail.” It’s no secret that once an artist has no worth, a major label wants nothing to do with them. Black Rob just got cocky and thought he would never be one of those artists. Artists that last longer than 10 years do so because they understand that if you don’t show your fans love, they wont support you. If you make bad business decisions and squander your money, you won’t have any. If you have to stop making music because you have to serve some time, your career will be hindered. Black Rob is calling out the industry because he wants people to know the inner workings, he’s doing so because he’s butt hurt that things didn’t work out in his favor. If he was a platinum selling artist in 2013, the only thing you would be hearing from him is how “blessed” he feels. SMH, your Soda analogy doesn’t hold water because 1) Black Rob didn’t ever promote himself! and 2) Black Rob didn’t do anything that his record label could promote! Jack-ass

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    “Jay and them n***as done sucked a lot of people dry. Jay-Z and Puffy –
    they suck a lot of people dry – they talents. They treat you like
    McDonald’s fries and s**t when they are cold. Don’t nobody want
    McDonald’s fries when they cold.” – Black Rob

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol @ cold fries

  • People have been saying this for years but jay a diddy make you famous.Maybe not rich but famous.

    • Choppaliss

      well if i made you famous , arent u suppose to cash in ? ……… cant babysit niggas, Jay n Diddy did their part so the artist need to put in that work

  • thats the game.xou play it our you leave it.The only banging Black Rob song was woa.They were banging that every where,every coast.

    • Dani Lovenotes

      If you think Whoa was his only ill song, you don’t know hip hop.

      • DollasTX

        can i rub my fingers thru your HEAD

      • Dani Lovenotes


  • DMV Native

    So lemme get this straight…Its Diddy’s fault that Black Rob couldn’t make a song as hot as “Whoa”? Its Jay’s fault that artists like Beanie Sigel could make a couple good songs here and there, but not really make a great ALBUM? What exactly do you want the label heads to do in these situations?
    “I know your songs suck, but don’t worry about it. I’m just gonna keep you on the label, and keep paying studio fees, and advancing you money despite the fact that you probably won’t be able to pay me back…because thats the way every successfull business in the history of business has run”

    …And what does Rob mean by, “The stuff that I say would never get played on mainstream”? What does he say that Rick Ross doesn’t say? Or that Biggie, Pac, Ice Cube, or NWA haven’t already said for that matter?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      beans made great albums and BR made joints better than whoa … the difference is BR never had a song go more commercial than Whoa …. and Beans albums never went platinum ….. and thats it ……. its kind of sad that guys like jayz or puff looked at someone like beans or young guns or freeway or BR and see them as cold …. when today the hottest mceez in the game a la Rick Ross, 2chainz ect…. ARE GOLD ARTIST !!!! and guys like Rick Ross act like he done went Diamond with every album and took the game to new heights and he has yet to do anything bigger than the guys before him …. if anything you can give guys like Ross props for making Gold artist valuable again …. its crazy ….

      • $18916246

        Ditto this sentiment!

      • DMV Native

        I bought (not downloaded) all of Beans albums, so don’t think I’m saying this from a biased perspective. I’m a Sigel fan. But I can tell you first hand none of his albums were “great” or classics. The Truth, The Reason, and The B. Coming were all good. The Solution was decent. But he’s never put out an album I’d compare to Jay or Kanye’s.
        The fact of the matter is you’re expecting a business owner/label head to act out of a business mind if you’re really thinking Jay or Diddy should’ve handled these artists any differently. Beans biggest issue was he couldn’t keep himself out of jail/trouble. I still think he’s lyrically an elite rapper…but that doesn’t make you a great artist. Rob was solid, but if you can’t make a song as successfull as Whoa in a “what have you done for me lately” industry, why would you expect a label to keep you around? How specifically is it Diddy or Jay’s fault for these artists not selling? What kind of push did Drake have with his mixtapes BEFORE signing with Wayne? His biggest buzz came from YouTube beofe he was signed…

      • DMV Native

        actually I didn’t buy Beans last album, but that was because it wasn’t good lol


        Word fam, but what’s even crazier is that no one has mentioned that Jay didn’t want Beans to leave the Roc. People forgot that from his own mouth Beans said he was tryna get out of his contract and Jay told him I don’t want you to leave. Even further from Beans’ mouth again Jay said what do you need money? I will give you money. Beans played himself as well as letting 50 play him. Look at him now.

    • Darrel Hawkins

      well for one thing he dont talk bout movin MAJOR KEYS down the interstate meanwhile he was a police officer…so yeah hes real….ross…aint real sorry to break it to ya

      • DMV Native

        The argument isn’t about whether Ross is real or not, its about specificaly what does Ross SAY on his records that allow him to go mainstream that Black Rob doesn’t? Its like Rob is blaming his song topics on why he’s not hot, when its all drug/gangster talk at the end of the day whether its real or not…

    • Herb_Bane

      thank you !!!

  • DollasTX

    niggah where you been at for the last LIFETIME – this is the music industry NORM

    business NORM – period, point, blank

    “out with the old, in with the new”

    “they’ll have a new niggah in the morning”

    aint excusing a mogul’s business practices – but the game cut throat

    dont bitch and moan and complain about it now

    especially when you glorify how cut throat the streets are …

    adapt or get gone

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      and thats why that street money aint like it used to be because of them cut throat wanna robb instead of work for it ass negros … Respect to BR tho but i cant cosign that ish ….. of couse they dont wanna deal wit niggaz … real black folks dont even wanna deal wit niggaz …. GET IT TOGETHER SON!! lol

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  • DollasTX

    “you know what the white people dont like, they dont like NIGGAHS – they dont like NIGGAHS … mf’s that wanna rob people and beat people up – they dont like that”

    “(my son) HE RAP, but he dont rap like me- he rap about beef patties and bags of potato chips, candy and stuff like that – thats how he rap – he rap fat boy shyt cuz him and his mans is fat boys – they rap about the lunch room and shyt”


  • $18916246

    Black Rob make a alot of good points here…he need to know that progressive black people hate n*ggas, despise n*ggas. Who really trying to be n*gga personified and truly understands the outcome. That shit is for the birds. Black people are in a constant struggle trying to stay ahead and a n*gga mindset then personified, meaning you on the bottom and wanna stay there is nothing to push to other black people. Black people don’t need to own up to or need to aspire to being better n*ggas.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      “Black people don’t need to own up to or need to aspire to being better n*ggas” LOL !! gotta luv this line TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU but i tell you i swear its so many trying thier hardest because its so many people actually getting a check to poke they ass out and paint thier faces blacker …… RATCHET SALES someone said lol

  • Mike Swiff

    Crack head Black Rob? enough said! NEXT!!!

    • “Black rob joined the mob, Aint no replacing him” Notorious Big Sooooooooo eat dick hating ass nigga

      • Doe Boy

        i was jus bout to post that

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  • Mike Bones


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  • bisolabliss

    For all you who were mentioning Rob’s jail stints…they reason why he was hustling and got caught and sent up north in the first place was because Puffy wasn’t breaking him off the bread he was due to begin with…

    • DMV Native

      contractually, what bread was he due? If you’re the type of artist to sign a deal without having a lawyer look it over and explain it to you first, then in my opinion, you shouldn’t have the right to complain about getting jerked out of money by your label. Especially when Bad Boy gave him a platform that may not have existed otherwise. There was a moment (though brief) when he and G-Dep were 2 of the hottest rappers out. I guess Diddy doesn’t get credit for that though…

      • I feel what you’re sayin, real shit…but at the same time you gotta put yourself in the frame of mind of a Black Rob or any other street cat just tryin to better his circumstances, esp. in the mid to late ’90s. A nigga like Puff comes along, shows him how much “better” he can make Rob’s life (guarantee he stressed how Rob would be able to take care of his family, ANY man’s weak spot). KNOWS Rob’s just a street dude and has no idea about the music business, so he keeps kickin that good game and assures him that “everything’s taken care of, my lawyers will take care of everything for you” Rob bein anxious to get on and most likely confused to all hell by all the legalese in his contract, signed that shit without even lookin at it (like countless artists still do everyday, despite all the music business info right at their fingertips, info that wasn’t as readily available when Rob got signed). It wasn’t cuz he was stupid, had nothin to do with that…naive, absolutely…but not stupid. Just like everyone else that’s ever flown the Bad Boy flag, they were young, green to the game and genuinely believed Puff had their best interest in mind cuz he convinced em he did. Til them checks started comin up short and they realized Puff was hittin em over the head for his video appearances and for his cars bein in their videos, both of which HE pushed for in the first damn place. Til they found themselves forced to be in Sean John ads and not gettin a dime for em. All that so-called fame and fortune Big had, yet he was allegedly on the block servin again and sellin bootlegs of his own album shortly before his death. When the OGs say they got pimped by the industry, they mean that literally…ESPECIALLY when it comes to Bad Boy. Puff played them niggas til they were burnt out (G. Dep, Black Rob), busted (G. Dep, Black Rob, Shyne) or dead (Biggie). Peep Mark Curry’s book Dancing With the Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip-Hop, fam put the whole shit out there…and with the type of shit he was speakin on, if it was false Puff woulda BEEN had a libel suit on Mark’s head. I’m sure there might be bits and pieces that were embellished or whatever, but for the most part his side of the story’s very believable. The Bad Boy Curse ain’t no punk…

      • Durvel Wilson

        i Think the Bad Boy curse is a myth. Who besides Biggie was really that big or talented. Most of the artist that became famous with Bad Boy wouldn’t have even gotten famous without Diddy being right next to them in a video or talking on the tracks. Really think back to the artist that were down with Bad Boy, they really weren’t that good. Most of them probably got what they earned but who really stayed hot. Even N.F.L players go broke when they’re done playing. So rappers go broke when they stops selling. Just Like I’ll go broke if I don’t go to work tomorrow.

      • DotMan

        Hey, I rate Rob highly musically, but back then he was stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, and he did stupid sh1t. Its this sense of denial that keeps prisons and morgues full of young black men (and boys). You gotta be man enough to call it when you see it.

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  • ostermalm

    This nigga should get his head examined. He’s delirious.

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  • hoeyuno

    Like wow!!!

  • Herb_Bane

    It’s called the music BUSINESS not the music “i think you’re such an awesome person, and like you so much that i’m gonna bend over backwards to keep gettin you checks and chase behind you to take care of your business when you obviously don’t care about it, and keep rockin wit you long after you’ve become irrelevant and your own fans don’t give 2 spiddles of piss about you”

    • omegawon


  • $18916246

    1 minute

  • $18916246

    2 minutes

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  • DotMan

    I don’t like ni66as neither. Perhaps the message you should give to youngers is don’t be a ni66a. Be a man.

  • Tony Snow

    Gucci Mane needs tu sign dis nigga to BRICK SQUAD….dem both REAL NIGGAZ…..I think tha shyt would du sum…..

  • onehunnidt

    what is the song playing at the begining of this?