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Fear of God Clothing Line Debuts Summer 2013 Collection in L.A.


When Kanye West first wore a kilt during his performances for the Watch the Throne tour, the Hip-Hop world was up in arms about Kanye’s new style. From the fans to fellow rappers, Kanye had everyone talking about his unique sense of style that many fans didn’t quite understand.  Last night (May 1) AllHipHop met the clothing company behind the hype, as Fear of God was on display at Four Two Four on the infamous Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  For those unfamiliar with Fairfax Avenue’s fashion district, the famous street is home to a handful of stand out brands including Diamond Supply Co., Pink Dolphin, The Hundreds, Hall of Fame and many others.

If the goal was to shut down Fairfax Avenue, mission accomplished. As Hennessy V.S. filled attendees cups and the sounds of DJ Izzo (Freddie Gibbs’ DJ) could be heard from the street, Fear of God Los Angeles designer, Jerry Lorenzo, hosted a showing of his Fear of God 2013 Summer collection.  Known for being a head promoter at Greystone Manor’s infamous Sunday night, Jerry premiered his Summer 2013 Collection in the heart of Fairfax Avenue to a packed house.

To date Fear of God threads have been spotted on Kanye West, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Hit-Boy, and Matt Kemp (L.A. Dodgers.) Street wear heavy-weights are giving the new line recognition as well, as fellow Fairfax retail resident Nicky Diamond of Diamond Supply Co. stopped by the in-store event to show support. Karrueche Tran, Greystone Sundays resident DJ Orator, and Hit-Boy’s HS87 crew members K. Roosevelt and Oktane of Audio Push were also in the building.

The LA based clothing company, inspired by the late 80′s and early 90′s fashion scene, has exploded into fashion world with high-end clothing items designed to be worn daily.  The line ranges from flannel tops and pull-over hoodies to sweatshirts and drop crotch sweatpants, that many Hip-Hop fans will liken to the kilts and long tank tops Kanye and ASAP Rocky have been pictured wearing recently.

For more on Fear of God LA check out or stop by the store at 424 Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, and check out the pics from the event below:

  • bigdoe6

    Polo is better. This sucks. Just cause Kanye wear some garments doesn’t make me question my fashion sense. Never followed trends and i won’t be following this crap. Good day.

    • DJ7

      Polo was/is a trend, was it not? Mostly white kids only could afford that brand….I knew cats back in the day would get white girls to boost Polo shirts for them to parade around the less fortunate as if they had a come up

      • RMfag

        Did they cum up?

      • justmathoughts

        we’ve been wearin polo heavy in philly since 99, i wouldnt consider it a trend

      • DJ7

        ’99…..I speaking on the early 80’s B…you 15-20 yrs in the future so again, @ 1 point POLO WAS/IS A TREND….I know you don’t think Polo just came out in ’98 back in ’99 then?

      • justmathoughts

        naa i didnt say it came out then, i said we’ve been wearing it heavy since then (well thats when i started wearing it, i was 11) but in my opinion, something trendy is just a fad, fads dont stand the test of time, so by saying that polo has been a well known establishment since the 80s is just reiterating my comment that polo is not just a trend

      • Michael Callan

        worlds bigger then the kats u know from around yo way theres no way around this shit not being gay

      • DJ7

        WTF are you talking about, I’m Universal so every hood is my hood duke!! Besides, I’m talking about the 80’s not the 00’s….you know, when MOST brothas didn’t have good jobs or dope money to flaunt yet….feel me now? If not, then you just wanted to add your 2 cents to which you coulda kept in your pocket…..

  • justmathoughts

    almost every piece of clothing i see is cut like women clothes

    • RMfag

      I dont see the issue. Downvote if you agree.

  • Mob BanCster


  • If you dress like that as a straight man in this decade, you should have a healthy “Fear of God”

  • plus37

    Clothing line for fagggggots

  • andone

    two brands im messin wit heavy right now are JSLV for my west coast label and MIGHTY HEALTHY for my east coast line, both fairly new to the scene… and flight club for the kicks, check em out yall!

  • Kst8ofmind

    Botti bwoyz business.

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  • hoeyuno

    Not really feelin the sleevless flannel. But what the fucc do I know about fashion.. I’m in dickies shorts and white t still.

    • hoeyuno

      O lawd!!! Missed the black tank top mini skirt in the middle. This mofo jack his lil sisters wardrobe and get all his homies to try that shit on???

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  • Ay yall remember that episode o the Boondocks?

  • $11625525

    It’s okay, ply them with Hennessy, it’ll all look much better whilst they’re tipsy/drunk.

  • Michael Callan

    fag shit wake up thay gan a force feed us this gay shit plz dont bite

  • Abrasive Angel

    Here we go again with pushing the gangstalicious style in hip hop. I swear The Boondocks was so prophetic.

    • Abrasive Angel

      I’ll stick with Fohat Apparel.

  • Dave Williams

    homosexual clothing is taking over first skinny jeans now skirts smh

    • D.j. West

      it’s a kilt you uneduated, homophobic dumbass

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  • AfricanSoul

    Clothing lines are still using that “It is a way of is a philosophy.” cliche in 2013?

  • The red and black checkered shirt is the one I want for my husband, do they have any online store?