Hip-Hop Rumors: Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly Cause of Death? JD Rumors And Pictures!

WOW. The Mac Daddy of Kriss Kross is dead. Once upon a time there were these things called kid rappers and they actually rapped like kids. Well Kriss Kross were kid rappers. They weren’t like Keef or the other “kids” like Lil Poop or whatever the f**k is out there now. Those guys are kids age wise but adults in content. Anyway, RIP Chris Kelly. Dude left his mark. TMZ is reporting that Chris’s death may have something to do with drugs. As of press time, nobody really knows, but there is nothing natural about a 34 year old dying so I don’t want to hear about it being that.

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I ain’t gonna lie, Chris had me trippin’ with a fan caught him out in the town like this.

But, he was pretty cool like that. He took that internet clowning with a grain of salt and kept pushing along.

And, the mainstream media got it wrong again and momentarily had people thinking JD died.:

Here are some other pics.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    michael loved the kids.

    • RMfag


  • Kris GodsSon Hale

    I heard he had cancer and that would explain the hair loss then the complete shaven head

    • WhatupJ

      and him dying at 34. Assuming drugs without evidence is a bit disrespectful especially cause he has cancer.


    I don’t remember exactly, but recall Chris. K having some sort of disease or deficiency that kept him sick at times, similar to Prodigy’s sickle-cell problems. #iWonder

    • Yeah and he was obviously balding at an alarming rate. Disappointing to see people deteriorate like that. R.I.P

  • MrNoName2K

    The fan had you trippin??? The dude had cancer! Wouldn’t even be funny if it wasnt Chris Kelly and just another chill ass person out in the town enjoying their day Damn, niggas done took clowning to a whole nother level. Grow up..

    • WhatupJ

      You dead on. For real tho making fun of a cancer patient, thats pathetic shit. Also wouldnt him having cancer possibly be a cause of death rather than drug use? Seems like all the reporting done on this story is horrible and wrong, including the f*cking picture of him for the story. They were better off putting a picture of chris when he was a kid then putting up JD.

      • MrNoName2K

        i know right, i dont see the logic behind putting that pic out there or what it has to even do with the story for that matter…someone f*ckin up hard

    • Guest

      no cancer, he addressed it in a video. he had Alopecia, it causes hair loss.

  • so nbc couldn’t get a picture of Chris but found 1 of JD ? OK so I just pasted in google “Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly” and found a picture of Chris, so the person at nbc couldn’t do that properly ? that’s fuckin pathetic.
    R.I.P. Chris

    • therealest1

      They always do that, put pictures of the wrong person when they’re dead. I guess they’re going off that all black people lookalike logic perhaps.

    • ONE

      It was clearly done as a sign of disrespect

    • WhatupJ

      I dunno how you could f*ck up a picture, i mean JD and Chris of Kriss Kross arent even close name wise so i dunno how you mess that up with a google search. I think its done on purpose, for what reason i dont know. Maybe they couldnt find a pic of Chris so they put someone black and bald from hip hop up there and hoped we wouldnt notice. Its clear “journalists” today are retarded, the amount of spelling mistakes in a world where you have spell check is insane. Putting up the wrong persons pic when you are doing a story about someone being dead is in my view a pretty big mistake.

  • ZUBU

    Blessings to Chris and his family. Anybody clowning him because he battled cancer or any other serious illness, well “laugh now cry later.”

  • hoeyuno

    He had alopecia. But they may have just been telling ppls that to hide cancer or something… sad shit tho. Had my mini me’s listening to “jump” and “I missed the bus” last night.

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  • RIP

  • ONE

    TMZ is full of shit, they always have to seek out some form of negativity in any given situation to get more publcity, because people would rather see the glass half empty rather than half full. Regardless of whether he did drugs or not why cant people just be at peace with the fact that this man is in a better place. SMH

    • RMfag

      Thats people in general. Always react positively to the negative.
      Thats what sells.

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  • WhatupJ

    How do you get a pic of JD instead of the actual guy. Thats gotta be a planned thing right? Like a f* ck you to kriss kross for some reason. Otherwise i dont know what you put in google to find a pic of kriss kross (well Kriss) and come up with JD. Maybe bald black hip hop guys?

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Came up on these dudes..R.I.P.

  • Open Eyez

    First off, R.I.P. to Chris Kelly, very sad news, But damn, did anyone notice that Michael is throwing up “the beast” in that pic of them as kids for no apparent reason? The industry man…damn shame.

    • n n

      What the hell are you talking about that sign had nothing to do man never mind you folks are ignorant

    • Naledge77

      I think your eyes are too open. Yeah he may have been part of that shit, but what’s the point of exposing that fact if, 1. He’s already dead and 2. No one here really cares!

      Illuminati will never go away as long as we, work their jobs, user their money, learn from their school systems, etc………………..

      So really no point on speaking of those topics on a site like this to be honest.
      Good effort, but the herd of cattle (some, not all) on this site cannot be moved.

      Hence, look at the comment below mine and you should understand what I mean.

      • Open Eyez

        Just thought it was interesting and noteworthy, that’s all. Says mounds about the industry and what every artist associated with it is required to do, even (especially) the most successful ones. It’s a sign that represents the artists bondage/slavery/loyalty to their record label/illuminati/the beast ect… One’s eyes can never be too open. Holla!

    • ANDREherringbig


    • Q.

      That was back when MJ was heavy under mind control. He eventually broke out of it…to a degree.

  • Naledge77

    RIP migitty mac daddy!

  • Mob BanCster

    Damn, I woulda hadta kut my shit bald if I was losing my hair like that. My granddad told me use Sulfur 8 if you start losing your hair. But R.I.P. to Chris. And if anybody thinks what I said was some type of diss, look at my face —> -_-

    • ANDREherringbig

      I ss

      • Mob BanCster


    • BigHomie337

      He had that hair disease that makes your shit go away like that. I think it’s call halopitia. Don’t kill me for spelling it wrong tho

      • Mob BanCster

        Yeah, I ain’t the type of nigga to trip on somebody for a misspelling…But umm, yeah, I think Steve Harvey has that too.

      • joeyjoejoejr

        You were close playa. It’s alopecia. I got that shit but not the kind he has. I got the shit happening now for the first timein ten years. I have alopecia areata. He has the totalis version look like where your shit is done with you completly. This concludes today’s lesson in bald ass niggas. R.i.p pimpin

  • Guest

    RIP Chris Kelly

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Didn’t he have sickle cell anemia or lupus one of those … either one could kill a 34 yr old man…

    • jay

      alopecia. causes hair loss.

    • Negro Peligro

      If you look at the pic when he’s bald as a kid you can see it.

  • Michael Callan

    is it tru jermane dupri was molesting these boys then paid them 2 shut up about in court ??????? that would kill a 34 year old man

    • JD was just 4-5 years older than Kriss Kross at that time.
      Why should he molest anybody?

    • Negro Peligro

      man you stupid. They say everybody molest everybody. Jermaine Dupri likes grown women. Which means I don’t see him messing with little boys.

  • jay

    “mac daddy baby, totally crossed out catchin all the ladies” RIP