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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Disses Rick Ross Again!

Sheesh! When it rains, it pours. It seems that 50 Cent must smell some kind of blood, because he has regularly had words for the Boss recently. Well, in a new interview with HardknockTV, 50 Cent goes in again. The actual whole interview is dope, but people have homed in on the “diss” of Rick Ross.

He basically says that Rick Ross is fake. Rappers need to rap what they experienced in real life. But, I argue…most rappers wouldn’t exist.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • dehova

    A year or 2 ago, no1 could tell me shit about Fif and on the Ross issue I stand firm but squashing beef with French was wack when you think brothers (rightly or wrongly) like Bang Em literally protected his life…. Anyway

  • Guest

    It’s a true statement if u rap about it u should live it even though it’s a lot who don’t. Not to single one person out but for example soulja boy talking bout water whippin and AK’s he gon go to the wrong city and get tried.

  • infinit221

    Ross is fake huh? Nah homie…go start beef with someone else to sell your shitty records

    • 8Galaxy5

      Of course Ross is fake.Everybody knows that.

      • infinit221

        Nope…plenty of people ride and vouch for William. If you don’t that’s cool. But if you hadn’t been around dude for the last 10 years it confuses me how you can draw that he’s a fake. Cause he was a CO and he lied about it? Like he owes us information about a job he had fresh out ta high school that people would attack him for? He probably met more goons on a daily basis than most of y’all have talked to in your whole lives.

      • Dadon850

        Dude, save your BS. Ross is CB4 and the only gangsta that will vouch for him is a dead broke one.

      • DJ7

        doubt it seriously but if we asked his lying ass…..well I guess you know the answer

    • DJ7

      yeah fat boy is 100% fake…

      • Matt Swan

        But he is really 450lbs of stacked sh*t

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  • Truknown

    thats sad, 50 cent is trying to feed of Rick Ross for publicity.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Dude asked him questions. If he didn’t answer nigga would say he’s scared. He can’t win.

      • Truknown

        what do you mean?

  • Clarksdale stand up,Rick is th Sh & everyone is J,he was at The Mayweather fight & Fifty wasn”t.

    • RMfag

      You actually used a quotation mark for an apostrophe.

  • Dadon850

    I’m not a 50 fan but Ross is faker than a 3 dollar bill. The lies he tell will eventually cost him his life. He’s going to get shot, you can bet the house on that.

    • Every rapper lies……Jay-Z is the biggest fraud while still being the biggest success……Ross lied but, you mean to tell me that this should haunt him for the rest of his life? This is the real reason why Hip-Hop is Fu%Ked up, because everyone is looking for realness, when at the end of the day REAL street dudes are LOCKED UP, which leave no one qualified to be a REAL rapper. You all are brain washed, it’s just music, get over it.

      • Dadon850

        I could care lees about Jay Z or Ross music, I’m speaking about Ross and his reckless mouth when it comes to real street business. Most fake rappers just rap and leave it at that. Ross doesn’t know when the fake ends and the real begins. He’s a confused dude.

      • Even if they fake raps were excused……and granted, kying in your rhymes is worse than lying on your 4-9-3-11, he lied in real life about the C.O. ‘chet, and went as far as to falsely trash another man to preserve his lie.

        That was a serious character flaw. That’s like stealing & blaming someone else, instead of just shutting up & letting them be blamed by mistake.

  • Negro Peligro

    Rick Ross is fake. BUT I’M TIRED OF New York niggas with DOWN SOUTH names in their mouth.

    • Banksy

      The south killed Hip Hop

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        the fans killed hip hop. not the souths fault that people wanted to buy their sh!tty records.

      • Banksy

        Well both sides are at the fault The South for producing all that wack product and the fans for supporting it.

      • infinit221

        More like the fans not buying records at all. Hip hop has the worst fans period.

      • RMfag

        I blame the North.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        I don’t agree. I say in a sense the east coast specifically New York killed hip hop. If you take a look anytime a coast gets hot New York emulates that coast style. It happened in the 90’s with west coast gangster rap and it’s happening now with the south. What’s great about hip hop is innovation. A copy is never as good as an original. The south has some great artist. Scarface krit outkast to name a few. New York is making a come back. I like Joey bad ass but Philly has been holding it down for the east coast for quite some time

      • Banksy

        I agree to a certain extent. If you’re talking about fake artists just trying to stay in the industry so they feel the need to conform to whats “hot” than that’s true. Artists like Asap Rocky, French Montanta etc. But over all artists from the south brought a whole new level of ignorance to the game that has never been seen before. Seriously for every 1 ignorant NY rapper ie the Jim jones and Max B types there are at least 10 artists from the South that make them ignorant dudes look like Physic Professors. That’s the truth as I and many people see it.

  • Herb_Bane

    fake or not.. Rick Ross was a CORRECTIONAL OFFICER!!! in a culture where snitchin is a death sentence and ANY type of interaction wit the police is a no no this ni99a was the police IN JAIL .. thats why people don’t bang wit Ross.. Plus when he got called out on it he tried to lie.. there’s something definetly fishy about officer ricky

    • I agree, but the pop audience and rap fans now don’t care

      • Herb_Bane

        And that’s why the music gets worse and worse.. all people want to hear is a beat

    • infinit221

      So you think he couldn’t be street while havin that job? I disagree, COs ain’t real cops and they basically babysit the nastiest niggas walking them streets. He lied, he made a mistake, but personally the only reason it came out was because of rap beef. Why give your competition ammo to destroy you, cause even if he came out and admitted it y’all still would have went at his neck…

    • Why don’t 50 speak on the reason why he called himself “50 Interscope Jackson” when THEY pushed his album back so many times, which allowed us all to believe that 50 cent is a worker and not a boss, just like any other rapper. Point is speak on your own material and don’t comment on anyone elses.The question was asked buth at 50’s level he should know how to re-route a question back to his material, which the last time I check was pushed back until 202222222222.

      • Herb_Bane

        I don’t think it’s fair to call 50 a worker and not a boss.. he has his own label (banks 1st record went 4x plat.. get rich or die tryin went 8x plat), clothing line, energy drink, book, movies, he used twitter to pump and dump stocks(which is VERY illegal BTW) and made hundreds of thousands in one afternoon and no one said nothing .. he’s worth over $200 million. When vitamin water approached him for an endorsement deal he turned down the cash and asked for 20% of the co. and turned that into 400mil!!!! thats boss ish!! Not a boss i think not..

      • You just coined it, 50 doesn’t have a problem making money, but the PROBLEM that 50 has is remaining the hottest rapper out right now, 50 feel off…..Count your money and keep it moving let Ross do his thing 50 is not GOD……I didn’t make up that line—You can’t call yourself “50 Interscope Jackson” as if you run things when embarassingly he didn’t because they shelved his ALBUM……Everything you mentioned is true, but my point is the fact that 50 does NOT RUN INTERSCOPE, he works for them. How do you have your own record label and you don’t have control over your album release? maybe 50 should speak on that and leave commenting on Ross for another time.

      • When 50 was hot he did run Interscope. He had Game’s shit delayed and somebody from the Lox’s album delayed. He constantly use to rip Jimmy Iovine. Once he cooled off Interscope didn’t let him call any shots and they dropped G-Unit as a whole.

      • EL_BARK

        50 lied about having 20 % ownership in vitamin water it was way less thrn that. Also he was viewed as a ahrewd business man for making 200 million alledgelly of the deal. While bring used by the TOP BOSSES to make billions off of him….
        Worker might be the right term for him. A rich worker but still a worker…. Also how much you think jimmy made off of him?? Exactly

      • Herb_Bane

        oh no im not denying that the people above him like the people at vitamin water and Jimmy I. are not more wealthy.. im sayin that in a rap context 50 is def a boss, he’s up there wit jay and diddy IMO..

    • Eny Daboss

      who u call when nigga wanna kill u 911 or gang meanin ur mom n dad

  • Guillaume Pilon

    its a old interview

  • Bumpy Johnson

    50 trippin, 2pac got better with the albums.


      Thank u agreed

    • Agreed, 50 cent is bored with Millions of dollars and nothing to do with it anymore, not even Money Mayweather is effing with him.

  • Peter Ruiz


    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      You act like he jumped in someone’s interview like Kanye West. They ASKED to interview him and he answered the questions they gave him.

    • I agree, 50 cent need to raise up off Rick Ross, everytime he mentions the rapper it’s the same story…….Rick Ross is a fake OKAY BIG DEAL…………So are most of the other rappers out there, T.I is just as fake and he is respected…..50 cent fell off and even though he still have money 50 cent is bitter that he is no longer the hottest thing in Hip-Hop…..ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND 50 CENT ACTS LIKE HE IS STILL LIVING IN THE PROJECTS WITH HIS EAR ATTACHED TO SOMEONES DOOR TRYING TO SNITCH……..50 cent is bored with Millions of dollars and nothing to do with it anymore, not even Money Mayweather is effing with him anymore.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I agree with both of ya’ll I been sayin this about 5-0 he’s like a female always thirsty 4 attention. SMH

      • What makes TI fake just out of curiosity?

  • $11625525

    He only spoke the truth; Ross car got shot up and he shit himself, called 911.

    Sure, that’s what the law gets paid for but he had a gun and didn’t discharge it. People who bring 2Pac into this gotta remember, when the chips were down (off duty cops shooting at him) he shot back. Ross isn’t about that life, 50 could have walked away from hip hop after he got shot up but he was determined to make a success of it, and he has.

    • did he shit himself tho??? lol

      • $11625525

        Figuratively speaking, yes. LOL

      • man you had my hopes up that he really shit himself.. lmffao.. that would be epic!!! hahaha

      • $11625525

        If that floats your boat, I wouldn’t wanna see it LOL

    • SO WHAT? WHY is 50 so concerned about ONE RAPPER NAMED RICK ROSS, when there are hundreds of Frauds like T.I, LIL WAYNE, JAY-Z, even Eminem talks all this supernatural bullshit that he himself never experienced…IT’S THE ART OF STORY TELLING DON’T YOU GET IT?Slick Rick used to be the master of “STORY TELLING” in Hip Hop and that was when Hip-Hop was meaningful…Nowadays fans want their favorite artists to be so REAL that they want them DEAD.

    • Pili Petteri

      So your telling me if you were driving your car and getting shot at, instead of speeding away from the attack you’ll reach for your gun and stick your head out and shoot back?YANO

      • $11625525

        I am saying, crashing into a building and essentially giving yourself “no way out” and not attempting to protect you and your passenger with the weapon that you are carrying just tells me you shouldn’t be carrying a weapon in the first place. Hire someone who’s job it is to use one and stop the posturing.

    • EL_BARK

      Yall give pac way too much credit… Self preservation is the number 1 law of nature…. Anybody in the right mind would shoot back if they getting shot at.
      Also he didnt shoot them cops, he buss shot off in the air i believe, i could ve wrong… & they were clearly under the influence.

      When the chips were down in quad, he retreated to the west coast asap.
      He was far from the gangster/ thug he personify in his raps.ijs

    • EL_BARK

      I going to need you to read my post & then read the article…
      The cops who were drunk start shooting first? Right???
      Ok then…

      Many of the details of the incident remained murky today, said police officials. Capt. Herb Carson of the Atlanta Police Department’s homicide division, which is investigating the case, said that so far the police were relying on the accounts of unnamed witnesses. Who Shot First?
      According to some of those accounts, it was one of the officers who first drew and possibly fired a gun, although no weapons have been recovered.

  • “But, I argue…most rappers wouldn’t exist.” So illseed thinks its ok to be a fake ass rapper, i guess cause he wouldnt have a job if he wasnt promoting fake ass rappers, as well promoting the very things that destroy the black community. But you kno thats just real talk and we all kno how being real is looked down on.. smh..

    • ant662

      i get what you are saying but i took it as most rappers r fake. which is true

      • TheRealSage

        Agreed, even 50 stole a gangster’s name, he n Rick Ross are the same, fake criminals making money glamorizing criminality and sending legions of their mindless fans to prisons that the two have never experienced.

      • $11625525

        There’s stretching the truth and there’s straight lying.

        RR is a straight liar. If he wasn’t hot he’d get his ho card pulled every day by the other big hitters in the game, but he can increase their standing by recording with them, so they keep him close.

        50 relies on his loyal following to stay relevant in music, so he says what he thinks they want to hear.

      • Then you should be blaming 50 for being such a bully that most rappers are really scared of making music because they don’t feel like being bothered with this rich bully (50) who is now using his money to stop artists from doing what they do which is simply trying to tell a story, whether it is real or fake.

      • brotha_man

        but at least 50 lived the the life he raps about….where as rick ross stole somebody’s whole life story (lifetime channel type ish)

      • Same product different person, 50 and Ross’s material are very similar….Just because 50 cent bust real guns don’t make him a better story teller..50 has a fat bank account because he sold us his story, now that he doesn’t have anything else to say, he attacks others….It’s no one’s fault that 50 is out of new material….Is this the real reason why 50 cent struggle so hard to “get rich or die trying? no that he is rich, there is nothing else to do but block others from succeeding?

      • Eny Daboss

        wat life

      • Herb_Bane

        i don’t know 50 personally, and i’m not condoning “gangsterdom” but 50 is certified in the streets.. when his first album was out he was on hot 97 challenging the city to call up and prove him fake.. ish was silent.. plus didn’t 50 give the real 50 cent credit for the name.. and p.s.s 50 did do time in prison(crack)

      • EL_BARK

        Lol 50 didnt do time in a prison. He went to boot camp and did 9 months….

      • Herb_Bane

        lol.. sometimes u gotta take that SHOCK

      • Agreed…I actually blame 50 for being such a bully that most rappers are really scared of making music because they don’t feel like beign bothered with this rich bully (50) who is now using his money to stop artists from doing what they do which is simply trying to tell a story, whether it is real or fake.

      • BigHomie337

        Dude, u sound soft and u are the face of what pop hop is. How can 50 bully ppl from a distance. It’s not like he’s running up on these dudes. Plus if u scared to say something in a song because of 50, it’s shows the insecurities of that rapper. Thing you guys are missing from the interview, was that 50 was saying is that it’s cool to be yourself. Plus the music will come easier to you because it’s not forced. J.Cole, Andre 3000, Common, Em and etc. have been successful without being gangster rappers. He’s saying there’s a lane for everything in rap but don’t try and be something you are not. Being a gangsta rapper, will have real gangstas check and see if u bout that. All rappers lie we can argue, but to have a picture of u in your C.O. Uniform and u still deny it, just shows the lack of integrity Ross has. That’s the difference between assuming a rapper is lying and knowing he is lying.

      • Tyfromthechi

        50 stole a street name Rick Ross stole a goverment name a real name and dude still living and suing him for it 50 was really about that life he got shot he sold drugs he robbed people he had guns he went to jail Rick false worked in the jail he went to college point is be real in your raps of you not about that life don’t rap about it aint nothing wrong with being yourself nelly will smith outkast eminiem ludacris kanye common sold millions off being they self you can make good music without rapping about drugs and violence

      • It’s all about the hustle and the success that follows….I hate the fact that over the last 5-6 years everytime 50 has something to say, it’s about dissing some other rapper….Just do you and get over Ross…Ross is a fraud yeah, yeah, yeah, what else? Even Ross’s beats are harder than 50’s entire catalog….There are so many other comparions besides being real or fake.

      • Herb_Bane

        preach!! Em is a perfect example

      • commonsense


      • Eny Daboss

        what life ??? only him was saying he was selling or his entourage…you never heard real niggas in ny like suprem ot fat cat talking about dude… even some guys was saying smurf was the shit not 50

      • EL_BARK

        So true….. Lol
        Clears throat……..

        On the whole 50 Cent deal Preme broke it down in Vibe, “Kid, you’ve never been through nothing. I was around wolves, man. I walked among giants, he said and recently in XXL 50 fired back

      • EL_BARK

        Since whrn did getting shots, mean you bout that life?
        And i assuming you was with 50 when he did these robberies?

      • TheRealSage

        If the degree of the crime is what earns u more respect, then what is more criminal, stealing a fake name or a govt name? I guess that makes Ross more criminal and by ur measure that should rank him higher since living “that life” is what counts to u. And just a note, Ricky Ross lost the case already. So Williams is free to use the name.

    • TheGreatGazoo2012

      Somebody once said you can go to a movie and watch Pachino shoot up the screen and know he’s not a gangster and be ok with it. Someone else said if rappers did half the things they rapped about they’d all be dead from gunshots or alchol poisoning. If we looked at the music as an art form or entertainment and not looking at the artist for guidance or roll models we’d be better off. I think this is part of the reason our generation abuses alcohol and drugs.

  • see 50 dont even need to drop music to stay relevant all he need to do is speak lol… droppin jewels of wisdom, and all these lame ass rappers better listen up!!!

    • That is not wisdom, 50 cent did the same thing Ross did, sold a bunch of negativity “shootem up” music in our communities, the only difference is that 50 lived it and ross didn’t…..Same products different people. Remy Ma shot her so-called friend in the stomach of some silly ish, she is considered to be REAL right, but where is she now? Locked up missing out on 8 yeasr of her life and no one gives two craps about her….That’s the REALNESS that you all respect? I can’t.

      • did you listen to what 50 said? being REAL doesnt really mean being a REAL gangster it means being who you really are and NOT acting like you live a life you do not and have not

      • And 50 is contradicting because that’s EXACTLY how he came up in Hip-Hop.It’s all about story telling, it doesn’t matter who lived it, as long as it’s executed properly……..If 50 really means that then his quality of music should be the same, and it’s not his music sucks because he is not a great story teller, i mean his personal story was easy for him to tell, but can he tell us another story and package it in a multi-platinum musical album like he did before?

      • firehawk17

        50 quality of music hasn’t changed at all… same stories and lyrics.. YOu obviously dont like 50 which is cool but your allowing your opinion to override your logic.. 50 is a good song writer..if you understand the writing process…His production has changed dramatically which hurts his music..but the lyrics and stories are there.. Ross has some of the best production rap has seen over the past 3-5 years.. If 50 had that he’d be called one of greats.. Rap isn’t all about story telling because ross doesn’t tell stories.. his raps are as predictable as i’ve even seen.. but his raps are catching and flamboyant which caters to people who are materialistic and shallow.and thats a lot of people

      • You are right in some areas…I look at it like this, when I look for “REALNESS” in Hip-Hop 50 and Ross are the same, “RealNess” to me is uplifting, spirtual, positivity, which I can’t think of any rapper who has it right now….But When I am in a club or blasting a Hip-Hop song in my benz, or smoking something illegal (lol)then I am not thinking about, omg is this true, did he really write it?, all I want is something to blast for the moment to put me in a zone that won’t force me to go doing it myself…I get what your saying but I just hate differenciating 50 with Ross because their music is very similar.To me Ross just tells stories about the criminals he might have conversed with while working as a CO, but it’s still stories that people want to hear, who is 50 cent to say that Ross is wrong for doing so? 50 needs to relax, if it’s that serious then 50 need to step to him and just fight it out, never the less 50 still has to get over it.

      • “And 50 is contradicting because that’s EXACTLY how he came up in Hip-Hop” what?? 50 came up rapping about his life wtf are you talkiing about??? lol.. and again did you watch the interview? he talked about going multi-plat again and why things will never be the same… and 50 raps about the shit he lives.. try again troll. and as for story telling go listen to baltimore love thing, awesome track, wrote if from the perspective of herion lol..

      • You know what I am talking about…You are defending a person that is making it hard for any rapper to just try to make a few songs and profit…..It’s not mean’t to be that serious, every rapper has a purpose at this point, 50 need to stop acting like he is the best thing to ever happen Hip-Hop.50 has great music much like a lot of other rappers, 50 has wack music much like other rappers…Hip Hop would be a better place if rappers promote only their music and or material and not comment on others. It’s that simple.

      • “You are defending a person that is making it hard for any rapper to just try to make a few songs and profit” huh? wtf are talking about? lol anyway rick ross is fake, thats why he is going at him and yo ross started the whole shit so seek knowledge homie

      • I will tell you what I am talking about….Fat Joe, Ja Rule, even Lil Kim etc; have all kind off put their own music on hold after 50 decided to play Hip-Hop god on them….50 did everything in his power from trying to break up Terror Squad with Remy Ma, to killing Ja Rule’s entire empire, after that some rappers just lost the motivation…….Yes they can fight back and attack him like he did to them, but all they were trying to do was make a few hits, and cash in from it, and now because of 50 we lost some great Hip-Hop acts much like Terror Squad, and Murder Inc…….Say what you want to say about the groups but they added a different variety back them Hip-Hop contained supergroups, G-unit is the last super group that been so succesful, so that’s my point, some rappers don’t even want to bothered anymore because 50 dam cent is always around trying to expose and diss other artists.

      • rap is a compettion, thats what makes it good, if you are wack and cant hang then you get exposed. and ja rule started his beef with 50, fat joe as well, he teamed up with ja, and terror squad was lost after pun died lets behinest, fat joe is corny and a dick rider, and he could still make music he s still around but since he is corny and a dick rider most dont care for him, 50 only goes in when he has a reason. and thats what makes hip hop great, beef if intertwined with it if you dont understand that then you dont understand rap.

      • the 50 and ja beef was street beef so if you transfer that over into hip hop murder inc was getting 50 black balled from working with certain labels and rappers by saying he was a loose cannon and would bring trouble to any label. then when 50 hooked up with em and dre that gave him his shot and financial backing to go at ja and irv . HE is only doing what he has learned in the business and the streets

      • i think all 50 is saying is when you rap about certain things and lifestyles there are stupid people that actually believe all of it and some are crazy enough to try u too see if u really are about what u rap about.

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  • Pouria Pars

    LOOL the end bit about rick ross had me on the floor.. 50 is too jokes

  • I hate the way you people think, 50 cent should thank his lucky stars that he is alive to tell the sad story of how he got shot 9 times…..Think about it like this; all the so-called REAL rappers are DEAD, BIG, PAC, etc; which leaves us with nothing……Just because you got shot a bunch of times doesn’t mean that you should promote it in your neighborhood just to cash in, I personally find 50 cent’s come up story just as bad as Ross……….You all really mean to tell me that because you have some rap skills you would rather experience the worst life EVER just so people can respect you? Or just tell a story and keep it moving?

    • His life is his life, but what he was saying is that when dudes front, they bring that negative energy that they aren’t prepared for.

      • And Ross’s life is Ross’s life as well…50 may not like it but fans don’t care, they obviously just want that smoking hot gangsta music, which Ross currently has and 50 doesn’t…..I personally think that 50 cent would give it back just to be that smoking hot artist all over again…Don’t get me wrong Ross’s time is coming to an end too, but 50 cent is mad that almost everything that Ross has successfully done, 50 did it too, but Ross didn;t have to get shot 9 times over it. Ross is lucky to enter Hip-Hop with the appearance like the Notorious B.I.G but with a modern twist, which is what the industry was lacking.

      • firehawk17

        what makes you think Rick Ross is a success? He barely goes gold.. a few of his albums didnt even go gold when they were originally released… Ross can rap but his whole deal is a farce…It would be ok if he would say hey this is just entertainment.. but he passes it off as his lifestyle.

      • I don’t use this word alot but, I would have to call you a “hater” if you don’t think that Ross isn’t a success….Point is if Ross wasn’t a success then 50 cent would not care about anything that Ross is doing. period…..Just to prove my point because the entire G-Unit eventually became unsuccessful now 50 cent doesn’t even mention G-Unit…..Ross never worked with 50 and 50 cent has more interest in Ross than his own dismantled crew.

      • Eny Daboss

        he got 4 gold album on 5 so wat u talking about

      • infinit221

        Which one didn’t hit gold though
        1 . Port of Miami; Certified gold, over a million world wide
        2. Trilla; gold
        3. Deeper than rap; gold
        4. Teflon don; gold
        5. GFID; gold

        Some of these would go to platinum if digital sales were included

      • johnblacksad

        You have no idea how much it hurts me to say this but MMG has had more success than ILL WILL records…

        You may like Nas, but you gotta admit ILL WILL never took off… and vice versa, you may not like Ross, but don’t say he ain’t somehow successful

        “I put my n!ggaz on, my n!ggaz put their n!ggaz on”

        Hov – Do U Wana Ride

      • atle fjeldstad

        rick ross is touring the world..
        just because he “only” goes gold in the u.s. doesn`t mean he isn`t a success!
        Besides, rappers make money off shows not record sales.
        Stop talking that bullshit…

      • Pili Petteri

        Money off shows? Please.. show money aren’t even half of what they earn from selling records.

      • mademan3000

        U my friend are absulutley 110% wrong records sells is just to try to recoup the money spent on the project…ie videos, producers and advancements! The artist are the last ones to see a check off of record sells homie!

      • mademan3000


      • Pili Petteri

        Out of the 5 albums he released 4 of them were certified Gold.

      • mademan3000

        Hmmm, I’d say those 6 to 8mil a yr he’s pulling says he’s a success!!! At least to me it does, but hey u may think otherwise, everyone has their own opinion!!! (Google it before u start calling me a liar)

      • infinit221

        Ross has sold over 7 million records world wide, two platinum singles, and all at a time that digital sales weren’t included. Dude lives in a mansion worth 12Ms, and had prime seats at that may weather fight. So his lifestyle is top notch

      • I think if $00.50 had to make a choice….he’d rather be rich than famous.


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  • I am sorry for trying to argue, but 50 cent lost my respect when he teamed up with wack people like Soulja Boy, and Pauly D, then turn around and speak about REALNESS…50 didn’t need to work with the artists I’ve mentioned because 50 was super rich before that, but why continue to block some fake rappers, and support other fake rappers? Thats why I am mad…lol

    • johnblacksad

      Agree again… if anything, Fif should try to bring G-Unit back… there might be a window to get a nice lil buzz goin… Yayo, Banks, and even Buck and Game… it’s been like 10 years now… the back then fans/stans would eat this project up…
      Don’t know what Buck really did to Fif behind closed doors but if it ain’t that serious, make peace with the n!gga… i believe he learned the lesson..
      As far as game, if they make peace, of course they’ll beef again somewhere down the line, but hey… call it a double buzz

  • Truknown

    All that bullshit yall niggaz talking about, real this, real that, rick ross is laughing at the bank. 50 cent is mad because rick ross is where he wants to be when it comes to music.

    • Agreed, 50 is so successful that he is beyond Hip-Hop, but 50 still has that Ghetto mentality to still continue to fight for peanuts when you have already past that level…….50 is in a class with folks like Jay, and Diddy, and Dre, and none of which gets caught up or even have time to be bitching about Rick Ross, it’s either you wanna call Ross up to work together or not, any way you look at it you are good 50 dam…But to sit here and keep going back and forth with Ross, especially when Ross is even playing the bigger person by not responding, just makes 50 seem like a donkey.

      • Truknown

        I agree with it, but I guess it’s the same as kim K and ray J. Ross fed of 50 cent when he was at his peek, so 50 cent takes a bite at him every chance he gets because he knows that people will talk about it. The problem every time 50 cent throw a jab at rick ross, Ross drops another good song.

      • johnblacksad


        You nailed it… i think Fif has had it so hard he still behaves like he tryin to come up… relax, kick your feet up…

    • ST8Real

      You stupid, look at everything 50 is doing right now. Granted I like Ross’s beats, so I get the instrumentals. Look at the facts, majority of people that listen to Ross are in highschool who believe that as long it sounds good, I will listen to it. Hip hop use to be skill, talent that put you ahead of everybody else. Example: Eminem, no one can beet him in a battle, the “great” Jay Z had his head taken off on the renegade, so did Wayne, Drake, even T.I has all fallen short to Eminem. Now 50 verses Ross, I am all for it. Im tired of hearing this Gorilla screaming boss when his baby mother is playing house with 50. Look at his son’s tweets, “Curtis is like the father I never had”. Ross is a sucka and deserves to get taken out. What do you think would happen if fifty featured Eminem dissing Ross with a beat by Dre, he wouldn’t survive the shots. He made correctional officer of the year, WTF and hes real and 50’s fake. All of you are dumb as hell and need to do your homework. 50 is a business man and a musical genus, he can’t be stopped, also don’t take that spot on forbes as him losing money because look at all his ventures, if everything goes right for him he could end up on Dr.Dre’s level or pass it.

      • Truknown

        get off 50 cent dick. why did Dr. Dre decide to work with Rick Ross if he is so bad. Why did interscope drop loyd banks, tony yayo, and 50. 50 cent music sounds like noise.

  • Guest

    if gangsta rap is killing the so called black community then why isn’t it killing the white community? when their the reason why most of these rappers go platinum or sell successfully ..please stop with the weak excuses people..

  • Eny Daboss

    50 you the biggest faker you said you a gangster and dont go to without the cops around you and mos of hem are white??? bitch please, what kind of shit is that, we didnt see u in he hood since u played smurf, so please bitch be quiet… you a fraud all your stories are fat or suprem stories … you got shot cause you talk to much (snitchin in your song about real niggas) you never shot nobody… you went at black child wit a gun he beat u up and stabbed you … you mad cause they were wit floyd lol…. awww poor thing

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  • Truknown

    I could care less about who’s real or who’s fake I just want to hear good music, I think a lot of you cats are mad not because Rick Ross is not real, but because he is getting paid. For example; the situation with the GD’s they’re not making money of the brand, so somebody had to.

    • The Thug’s Coat

      So…you perfectly ok for a muthafucka to lie to you?

      • johnblacksad

        honestly, as far as i’m concerned, it’s not always, constantly about being real to the fullest… sometimes i just like words that are nicely put together and that convey emotion… don’t matter if you pulled the trigger, if you just witnessed it, or if you just made that sh!t up… my op.

      • Yes indeed…..Just tell the story add a crazy beat to it and keep it moving…..Hip-Hop songs don’t last as long as they used to, so why put so much energy into every single detail?…Real Talk

      • DJ7

        Because that’s what HIP HOP IS….. Everybody screaming it’s dead & bring the blah blah blah….it’s fans with thoughts like you guys that killed it….accepting anything then get mad when they flood you with it but then do nothing about it…SMH

      • Truknown

        I like music. I want to be entertained. It’s no different than watching a movie. All of them rappers be lying, all that gangster shit that 50 cent be talking about he don’t live that no more. I would of respect him more if he talked about what was going on in his life at the moment. Far as me being lied to, it doesn’t matter because I am not following rick Ross or 50 cent. I just like rick Ross music over 50 cent. At the end of the day, it’s just music. People know that and that’s why Rick Ross still have a lot of support amongst so many haters. I respect 50 as a business, but not as rapper. You ever notice that everyone that on his label is wacker than him. Except for Loyd Banks of course, but still he suppressed him and got rid of everybody that was better than him. %0 cent was never a good rapper, his music was just an opportunity at the right time.

      • I love your train of thoughts: your words are music to my ears….No one is looking for any role models in Hip-Hop…Just make your music and keep it moving. If anyone is looking for “Realness” Hip Hop is not the place…Finally 90% of us on this website understands what it is really about.

      • commonsense

        only if we as a ppl can apply that same concept in every aspect
        of our lives and in this world, I think we wouldn’t be in this mess, glad to know that some of us are using the full compactly of our brains.

      • digitallife

        You’d think Ross lied to people about the meaning of life. I would understand people taking it to heart if he was pretending to be a doctor and doing surgeries. If he was pretending to be a helicopter pilot and flying chopper tours. He’s a musician..one of many. Perhaps its time to either let it go or move on and support someone else. Hip-Hop is full of liars on many levels.

      • commonsense

        that went over his head….

  • Trujudah

    i dont care about someone telling stories or creating a persona or entertaining me.. i do have a problem if in these songs you also brag on how real you are and others are fake, and real nigga this and the truth that and you bout that life and how you hate fake shit…… then,, if it is clear you really havent lived that life,, your card should be pulled.. otherwise who gives a shit i only listen and watch to be entertained. real street shit is only in the streets. period! it never ever ever goes down on camera or tape unless someone is getting indicted.

    • Truknown

      I agree with you and rick Ross card did get pulled, but the money never stopped coming

  • digitallife

    Cube was whoridin’ while pursuing a degree. Dr.Dre used to spin disco, use jerri curl juice, eye liner and lace shirts. Tupac was into Ballet and Shakespearean acting. Lil Jon was once considered above acute towards advanced mathematics. The list goes on and on and on. Now the difference with old school rappers. Krs-One said he was a janitor. Salt N’ Pepa worked at a sears. Biz Markie used to deliver groceries. Nowadays everyone needs to come into the game with a pre-built story. That’s why we end up with folks like Ross not admitting they are intelligent black males who strove to provide better sorroundings for them and brighter future for their kids. There is nothing bashful about the reality we have a lot of rappers acting ignorant as hell in public that actually are articulate and intelligent. Props to folks like: Mos, Talib, Hi-Tek, Action Live who didn’t go that route and just kept it real as well as the old school folks who let the music speak for itself and had fun with the genre.

    • bigmarz

      Back in the day there were very few fake rappers but now its not like that. Them No Limit Soldiers was too real, the FBI had files on the Wu tang, ODB was shot on 3 seperate occasions, Mac Dre was real before rap, MC Eiht was really out there doin shit, B Real took a bullet, Spice 1 was always gettin shot at and why u act like Tupac wasnt real? His whole family had FBI files on them, his mom, his step dad, his step aunt, him and his godfather Geronimo Pratt. Pac went to a good school cuz he was smart and he took ballet like we
      had to play Volleyball for p.e. class. Pac really did take 5 shots, Pac
      really did shoot at undercovers, Pac really did go to prison (not work at
      one), pac really did get killed. BG, Gucci, Jeezy and Keef is the rare real ones out right now.

      • Eny Daboss

        jeezzy???? is a snitch errbody know that

      • infinit221

        Yeah, but he a crip and errbody know that. Them Macon boys ride tough with him

      • digitallife

        At no time did I bash tupac, but the association that because his family members were considered radicals makes him real is benign. By the time Pac was born that chapter of his family was virtually over with the exception of some folks being incarcerated. In many ways its like claiming Malcolm X’s kids were real by association. There is a reason why Tupac was friends with people like Cher, Sting, Madonna, etc and that was because he was a genuinely intelligent and well spoken individual. Something he only portrayed in candid moments when in defense mode over his artistic image.

    • Amen…..50 cent is a great business man, but he is no different from any other rapper that promote negativity…..I think that 50 cent is not happy with all his money, the man got to live his dreams and looking down at the average rapper, 50 cent wants to mingle, but 50 cent needs to stay in his lane and hang with people on his level like Jay-Z, Diddy, and even Master P

      • Eny Daboss

        he is not even on P level wat you talking about dude got played by coca cola they gave him 1% when he could have get 10%, dude got his fortune from coca cola thats it … jay’z n diddy got it from other ventures so 50 need to stop nobody cares about his music or sms lol ik this dude after 6 years gonna close the brand like he did with his clothing line

      • Well, I give him some credit…50 did try to put on a lot of artists in the past…..But at this point once you hit the ceiling there is only one direction to go, and that’s down…I agree

    • Eny Daboss

      n fitty was snitchin and workin as song writer for murder inc n bad boy

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Here we GO with that snitch bullshit again.

      • Eny Daboss

        did i lie? so foh dude a snitch

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Show me where. And please don’t talk about that song…

      • EL_BARK

        He didnt snitch in court no.

        But we all know there is an hip hop police, & yes he directly pointed attention to preme & murder inc.

        Extortion is a crime. Its a fed crime i believe saying preme was extorting irv and all that “dry snitching” on his music then lead to wth happening. Irv & preme indicted & irv hot hit with what?
        Money laundering indictement….

        Um you seen how extortion & money laundering go hand & hand…. Before that preme was under the radar to most people outside of new york….

      • Eny Daboss

        go to smoking gun n type 50 cent u gonna find all the statement and documents cuz allhiphop keep blockin the link

    • DJ7

      ^5 co-mudder fuggin sign

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  • Franky Babylon

    Musically I prefer 50 to Ross but I cant and wont lie that Ross be having some beats thats crazy and he make his lies sound good.

    The thing is its more than music that Im looking at. I remember how this beef started; Ross said that 50 didnt show him any love at a event. 50 said that they never seen each other at that event. Ross then started making all types of disses because 50 didnt show him any attention. 50 then pointed out he is a fraud and was a correctional officer; Ross denied it. I remember him being interviewed on MTV and he said “NO, 50 is lying about everything!” Ross even turned violent towards people for asking him the question. Then 50 released a pic; Ross said it was photoshopped. Then 50 released even more info and Ross folded and admitted the truth.

    Now I can look at rap as partial truths and lots of entertainment, but Ross took it too far for me to believe anything he says. Ross showed a weak mentality. He lied about being him, he denied his own truths, he lied about having a good ass job. He had a clean record, a good job, and he denied it all to pretend he was the Real Rick Ross his whole life. So he lied on 50 to start fake beef, beef started letting out his truths and he lied about them, he then lied about 50 and other creditability to preserve his lie.

    50 wont let this Ross shit ride because he feels Ross came at him and for him to back off is showing weakness. He helped GAME rocket to stardom and GAME being GAME started acting bipolar. 50 helped BUCK get rich and BUCK was living beyond his income and 50 helped him and then he wanted even more help and started dissing when 50 wouldnt give more money. 50 and JaRule is real street beef.

    Now both 50 and Ross has had and is having success, though 50 is in a whole different class. Ross has showed he is willing to deny himself, and fight and slander others to achieve a fraction of 50s empire.

    • It doesn’t matter when the beef started….If you are on top of fortune 500 then-thats about 500 reasons to end your beef and count your money…I think that the beefing, and constant drama is what is hurting 50’s career (In Hip-Hop).

      • DJ7

        disagree….that’s what made him…you mean to tell me people don’t want or need a “bad guy” in hip hop anymore? hog wash….who’s gonna check these lying ass rappers then….Jay Z? Nas? Wiz? Snoop? I got it, Birdman & Drake will…..GTFOH, this dude’s antics are needed in hip hop more than ever now, this sh*t has gotten way outta pocket!!

    • Eny Daboss

      fifty is a fraud where are all the artists signed by him??? dude went at buck cause errbody was saying that buck is the only relevant dude in his team n that should let buck run the biz a week later he dropped a tape about buck crying… only cops tapin ppl foh 50 is a fraud

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  • Montezuma1

    It’s entertainment. It doesn’t have to be real. 50 took another man’s handle like Ross and hijacked the exploits of everyone in Queens. His biopic was not his life. All these fake ni99as talking about who’s real. Make your music. Get your paper. Live your life.

    • Thank you…You all are starting to make sense….50 cent is rich because of the bullshit beefs and negativity that he forced down our throats…..But most of us don’t care, just give us some music and don’t speak directly to us, we are not looking for any role models in Hip Hop.

      • DJ7

        50 cent is rich b/c of the lucrative recording contract he signed & investments he’s made….the formula of beefing played out awhile ago but as soon as one springs up…..watch how the comment board light up….ie…now

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  • BillyBobJohn

    i hate fake rappers

    • Then you hate 90% of all rappers…lol

    • brotha_man

      *escorts Billybob to the front door*

  • Bish please

    Blah Blah Blah…as if 50 has killed 25 niggas

  • Truknown

    50 cent is fake and rick Ross is fake, all they do is exploit the black community with their poisons. People might say that they have no influence, but they would lie to protect their pockets. More proof is in the putting with the Reebok incident


    We called this lifting a niggah skirt….. Funny how 50 cents couldnt rebutall what preme said.

    So he told the niggah shut up???? You pose to be on trial. Lol
    And diverted attention to the fact preme might had a fed PD??? Smh

    As everyone know 50 Cent was shot 9 times in front of his grandmother’s house in Jamaica Queens. He went on to rap about surviving the attack and even raised the question in verse of whether Preme had anything to do with it. “This dude sensationalizes everything. All his statements are incendiary.” Preme said in Vibe. “The government believes every lyric and then he (tells the police), ‘read my lyrics.’ Where I come from, that’s dry snitching.” And in the Murder Inc trial super snitch Jon “Love” Ragin who worked on the Crime Partners DVD with Supreme testified that Supreme told him he put the hit on 50. The whole scenario will most likely be replayed in the upcoming trial. Could 50 Cent make an appearance? On the whole 50 Cent deal Preme broke it down in Vibe, “Kid, you’ve never been through nothing. I was around wolves, man. I walked among giants, he said and recently in XXL 50 fired back.
    “He fuckin on trial. He shouldn’t be talking. He should be keeping his fuckin mouth shut. I’m sure if he had a lawyer his lawyer would tell him not to have that fuckin article.” 50 said alluding to the fact that Preme has a public defender representing him and in the same interview.

    • piff

      as youd know if you look up the police report, he was only hit with 3 shots..shot at 9 times

      • EL_BARK

        That post went over your head….

      • DJ7

        I see you EL….it’s a lot of young saltine kids going to bat for a cat (50 Cent) that they don’t even know & NEVER WILL….you know…the ones that never lived amongst the “real” wolves but stay tryna kick knowledge about the hood….I’ve never seen this Priscilla weirdo b4 but I believe she’s a worldstarr product….she’s needs to stay over there b/c over here her feelings will get crushed….I got you fam

    • Yea its me

      Go to bed weirdo. This guy has no life on here writing books and shit lmao. Nobody reading that shit Americano babaca.

      • Truknown


      • DJ7

        Whoa whoa there slim….that’s EL Bark the homie…he’s a resident here on AHH….always coming through adding on with credible post unlike your weirdo pop up here & there ass….go back to worldstarr if reading is a challenge for you….most of the info in the comment section be on point & if not we have a community of intelligent brothas & sistas to set it straight….get on board or bounce

      • EL_BARK

        Lol i was thinking the same shet. Once they went to disquss,
        All the lames started popping up.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol bitsh kill your self..

        So you took time out your life to comment on a post, that was written by a person with no life.????

        Reading in fundamental, you silly dumb hoe. That was an excerpt
        From an vibe interview…. It took many about 3 seconds to copy & paste it….. Smh

        Who left the door open for u off brand sensitive faggs that pop up all but hurt. The internet has provided a platform from bitshes & lame niggas to talk reckless, & not be held accountable for it.

        I bet my last dollar you or any niggahs you roll with, wouldnt darw utter a word of disrespect in my vincinty in real life.

      • Eny Daboss

        bitch please

    • Eny Daboss

      he got shot for snitchin … not for drug dealin but snitchin … is dat gangsta? cops turn gangsters and gangsters turn rat so idk i think if its gangsta to snitch than ross got more credits than 50

      • Anthony Vasquez

        he didnt snitch smurf even said it in a interview

  • speedy37

    Best interview i seen in a while.

  • Vic Sage

    Fif will always be that nicca..”

  • YaheardSyndicate

    They need to inform the public better on the SMS brand. It could be good but what is it? Its headphones right? Ive never seen a pair for sale.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I agree. If you aint hit a rough spot, write about your life.


  • Illseed, we wouldn’t suddenly have a lack of rappers. We would have ACTUAL HIP HOP. We would have HIP HOP ARTISTS opposed to fake rappers. We would have more J. Coles, more Mos Def’s, more Kanye West’s and we could get rid of all of the Lil Wayne/Rick Ross GARBAGE that’s out there. Your “argument” doesn’t hold water kid. Come back when you have thought it through.

    • I love it…..We demand more from Hip-Hop….I been reading all the comments and the majority seem to feel like Hip-Hop is not the place to look for role models or inspiration, it’s just entertainment.

      • DJ7

        thanks to the white man & his brand of trick knowledge…do your research, hip hop was doing ok for itself until they entered the scene….the $$ might not of been there but the love was….what’s more important than that? A hot beat & BS lyrics to entertain you weak minded infidels

      • A.T.

        Your racist.

      • DJ7

        You’re uniformed….a black man can NOT be considered a racist per definition…a bigot maybe…racist…not by a long shot…I stand by my previous post 1000000%…next time you want to chime in on a post I make, don’t wait until the thread is buried, it makes you look like a sucka…I will not reply to any more rebuttals pertaining to this thread as I have moved on to the next….I advise you to do the same. ..good day sir!!!

    • commonsense

      I disagree with you, I don’t disagree that some are better than
      others, but for you to think if a 2 chainz goes away that all of the sudden we
      would have a wave of conscious rappers, J.Cole said it, Kanye West said it, ppl
      like Wayne and chains are necessary, honestly I don’t want to listen to 300 j.coles rapping about the same stuff for the rest of my life, it’ll get boring….keep this in mind we the ppl created those ppl that you think is garbage…..

      • DJ7

        I disagree with you on the ppl creating these coons today!! They are apart of a marketing scheme to tear down traditional hip hop & the product of big wig white men in corner offices….no one asked for the Soulja Boys & D4Ls of modern rap….nobody!!

      • commonsense

        here’s my thing, and you can call me simple for my way of thinking, you got Mos Def and you got Soulja boy, let’s say, Mos def (Astronomy, Definition) and soulja boy’s (crank that) Crank that will outsell both of those songs, no marketing scheme needed there, if i’m wrong on this particular point let me know! i Love Mos and what he stands for, but ppl nowadays ain’t trying to hear Conscious hip-hop songs, I don’t think marketing plays as big as a role as you think it does, at the end of the day, if you fit what most of society is looking for then you selling but if you don’t then you don’t sell. if ppl stop buying music that we consider to be garbage then record companies and these rappers have no choice but to change or find a new gig, just imagine if we stop using you tube for a day or facbook or twitter…..

      • so your rather listen to 300 2 Chains instead? Cause thats what we have. Every “Trap” Rapper sounds like these guys. They all have the same material and it’s just gotten to the point where I almost don’t want to get into any new hip hop. J. Cole, Kanye and Mos Def are all different in style and subject matter because when you are rapping about who you really are you get to see the Individuality of that person opposed to “Whats Hot” Let’s stop supporting a negative image for image sake and start supporting rappers who have the guts to be themselves on a record.

      • commonsense

        No,not at all, I think we are forgetting a really important point, which is no one is the same; I mean can you imagine if we were all the same??? my point is a simple one, ppl like two chainz is necessary, I love Cole, K.Dot, def and Kanye and a few others but dude every now and then I want to bump some loud stuff in my Camry, and that loud stuff makes no sense and I’ve never and will never live that life style but it feels good just to let it bang through my speaks…then I put Kanye back on, that’s all that I’m trying to say.

        I don’t own or will I ever own a 2 chainz or a Wayne or 50, or jeezy album, but
        I’ve heard there music and some of their songs are hot.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    you shouldnt have to kill niggaz to be a real nigga in the game.I feel if you can spit it’s all good.i dont care if you lived it or not

    • WhatupJ

      Exactly. If these rappers were honestly killers they would be in jail. You dont think the hip hop police would be looking at their biackground? Being real doesnt involve death, its doing what you’re saying and being talented. Now dont go out of your way to make up fairy tales, everyone has their own story just find a way to make it interesting. Just stand on your own without 20 guys backing you up cause you are to scared to be yourself and handle your own business.You dont get points for getting your stupid boys to beat down someone. Defend yourself, defend your honor but thats it. Everything else is just words coming from the cowardly ones (aka the ones who the loudest).

  • Give it up 50. It’s over.

    • fifty is in the top position how is he over lmaooo silly negro

  • nolaboy

    this is crazy bout who is real and who is fake……so u mean to tell a real rapper will be truthful bout everything he raps bout, well im sorry a real rapper never exist! rapping is music, music is lyrics with a beat behind it….so i ask what makes a hit song, a song with lyrics that speaks bout someones life or a song with a nice hook and beat! the problem is that soo many people look up to rappers instead of just liking their music, i can careless bout someone i dont know but i might like their music. thats the problem people for in love with the person instead of the music, so if a rapper is real cause he rap bout shit he do then im sorry their isnt a real rapper, cause in that case every rapper has lied on a track, believe that!

    • bro wtf are u talking bout theirs a difference between storytelling and lieing real mc story tell and fake rappers tell lies their you go

  • dayleedumped

    i hate it when rappers talk real shit.. its not why i listen to your music!! let me get back to this rick ross

    • Irvin Findlay

      so you like rappers taking fake shit which with most of the popular ones nowadays is the SAME SHIT? you’re a dumbass

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  • jefe941

    How you don’t know he really started in a box chevy…….then he got the blue lexus???

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  • Alicky

    donkey is in diet. 50 your time is over.

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