Chief Keef Arrested in Georgia

(AllHipHop News) Teenage rapper Chief Keef was arrested for disorderly conduct in Dekalb County, Georgia. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Keef was busted for allegedly smoking weed at a fancy hotel.

The 17-year-old rapper tweeted soon after his release:

Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k.”

This isn’t the first time Keef’s been in trouble with the law. He was recently sued for child support but his teenage baby mama and spent time is jail for a parole violation.
  • Stay Phokus

    he’s going back to jail
    I got 3 hunna on it

    • MrNoName2K

      Yea I tried yo have hope for the lil nigga but guess he gotta learn the hard way..tough luck

      Btw..Knicks got worked lol told u son

      • Yeah man!

        Those refs are unbeatable.

      • Stay Phokus

        I wouldn’t say worked lol
        that game could have gone either way in the fourth

  • Tony G.

    clown shit..

  • TruthSerum

    Dumbass act like he couldnt take a walk around the corner to smoke that, people get arrested for the dumbest shit.

    • Or stay in a cheaper hotel where he would be respected.

      A nice mom & pop Jawnt that needed his business.

    • damdzl

      Pure stupidity I’ve smoked in 5star hotels in vegas.
      Never ever ever had a problem.Caesars,Bellagio,Aria and the cosmopolitian. Come on mane! FOH!


    Wow!!! Didn’t take long for the new Brick Squad member to get arrested in Georgia. I guess his initiation is complete.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      say wasnt there some cats from ATL sayin they gone beat his ass up or was it lil reese


    I thought they just charged u extra to get the smell out

    • Tre C

      na, not in this new ATL…they call the police and pray you have more in the room

  • one

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    • hoeyuno

      ..You know everytime you ppls talk this shit it’s always a third hand story… your uncles best friend and your roommates mother in law.. get tha fucc outta here spam bitch.. and I know that aint your ugly ass never leaving home pic.

  • ChiefN*gger

    this stupid ass n*gger (yea i said n*gger cause that’s exactly what he is) IS A CANCER to black people.

    • MrNoName2K

      And what does that make you talkin all that ignorant shit you just said?

    • Celz

      You makin the world a better place bro, keep it up.. /s

  • Andre Terrell-Dartavius Smith

    who cares!!!

  • chippc

    I’m gonna start calling this shit TWIT HOP. I’m convinced that these cats get arrested and hope like hell every known media outlet grabs hold to the story, and when they don’t, niggas tweet about it in a nonchalant way to ensure EVERYBODY know. TWIT HOP publicity 101.

  • He either loves this news or he needs this news as he is not grown. If he did not have a ghetto mother, he could haven been raised better. The Jews should be ashamed of themselves for using this young man.

  • brotha_man

    I thought jay was watchin youngin

  • Mike Swiff

    Isn’t this the same dude that CRIED when he was arrested? Punk ass fake thug!

  • dominicancoke

    they have this pen where u put your kush in and it smells like nothing when you exhale the smell of ganja gives u away n thats why i dont smoke

  • Reblogged this on ashanti's_view and commented:
    Chief keef arrested again! Im pretty sure many are not surprised. He should change his career from rapper to being an inmate

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  • digitallife

    Wet towel behind the door to the hallway kiddo..

  • dehova

    I hope he lives long. Seems like older black people wanna bash him and the system want to stash him. Remember, he’s one of many young brothers in Chicago that needs to be shown a better way. It’s so easy to diss our brothers but it’s harder to be patient and help. To that end, I’m trying to retrain in teaching. If you think kids in Chicago are messed up, you should try the UK right now. All tight jean wearing homo gangsters

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      How do you know that someone hasn’t tried to show him a better way?

      • dehova

        His actions speak for themselves although, I guess it does not mean someone hasn’t tried to show him, just that he’s not taken heed of any positive lessons people have tried to give him.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        why would he ?? he goes to jail then comes home to porches raris getting to be in rooms with other millionares … he makes music video smoking tree and talking about doing violent things … and get rewarded with an interscope deal thats worth millions … everytime he does something bad they reward him …. so again i ask why would he ??

      • dehova

        I guess that was a rhetorical question? Valid point though.

    • Jeremey Pope

      I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully he gets wiser in time, He needs to surround himself with better people.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if he cant see a better way by now this kid never will ijs hes SIGNED TO INTERSCOPE how many people get that oppurtunity ?? def not many

  • Sean Taylor

    Well good for him for going to jail.