Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Goes Ballistic On Katy Perry!

Chief Keef is a lot of things, but nice has never been one of them. Now, it seems like he may have his easiest beef ever…or the worst ever.

Seems like Katy Perry is no fan of Keefer. She tweeted something that she probably didn’t even know would lead back to a hardcore Chi Town Killer. She tweeted:

And Keef Turned All The Way UP:


There are times when its best to just ignore people.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    Chief Keef is garbage as hell. Katy Perry’s got some nice ass tits. that is all

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      And thats pretty much all I got out of this as well. lol

    • i gave u thumbs down bcz she got bomb pssy … down.. there @thaNorthStar

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  • restless

    Not a big fan of da kid or fif but i do like that song haha

    • andone

      that ish bangs!

      • wow he is really off beat & u thnk thats good.. ok , now u guna bump ross & drake & sayn THIS WHERE HIP HOP LIVES

      • andone

        yeah… and???

  • Gameboi107

    Let him dig his own grave…idiot

  • Dadon850

    I’ll bet two stacks Chief Keef a crack baby….

    • aaaahhh not a fair bet, bcz u kno your mom was his mom too so u got insider info……

    • Whatever is wrong with him, is no small thing.

  • Realist4200

    This kid’s mind is clouded to the highest level. And the big wigs in the offices are pumping the money and motivation right into his ignorant ways. He reminds me of myself as a teen, but the difference is I had to live with reality which made me wise up real fast. We all go through phases, but the sad thing is this kid has sponsors to keep the phase alive until he’s dead.

    • if u killd a bunch of people over nothn & didnt kno it was wrong bcz u were lil kid how do u think u wud b??

      • Realist4200

        Is that your impression of this dude? Smh.

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  • EQ

    why are they keeping this kid around? he clearly has no talent..

  • Blackout

    Run Katy, run!

    • plsDontreply

      she need to

      • Matt Swan

        From who? Cheif Queef?

      • plsDontreply

        You already know

  • remy730

    lyric for lyric Katy would body this guy.

  • Swiftest Fox

    It’s sad that I can understand Don Omar better than I can understand Chief Keef

    • ‘Chet, you don’t need to understand Don Omar!

      I thought “Bandeleros” was a love song…for years, till it found out it was some hard core G ‘chet! Rocked to that ‘chet even more once I learned the words / translation.

    • dominicancoke

      Dale..dale don dale/ pa que se active la yale/ pa que salgan lo abnormale y al que se resbale buster dale eh eh/

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  • PL

    Y’all heard Chief Keef’s Greatest Hits CD?…It’s a blank disc.

    • dominicancoke

      My favorite track is # 6

    • Matt Swan

      Good One. I’ll be on the lookout for it in the discount bin at Wallmart……NOT!!

  • dee


  • Is he really going after Katy Perry? He needs to get off his pedestal his rapping isn’t even that great compared to other rappers. He can’t be mad at Katy just for having an opinion plus, this is a feud he will lose. Katy Perry is a household name and Chief Keef is someone you know only if you’re into rap. He needs cases of Activia to help treat his anger.

    • Blackout

      Lol she apologized to him in three embarrassing tweets. #Sucks2beyou

      • I know I just found them. Katy should have kept it going so he could get some free publicity. Katy makin’ headlines with one tweet. BB will probably be slow as usual and post this tomorrow.

      • Blackout

        But really she’s so dumb (as much as I like her). She didn’t have to apologize. smh where is Rihanna when you need her?

      • I think she just didn’t want any bad blood. She should have just not replied or made a snappy comeback like I know she can. She needs to take ques from Rih and not give a damn.

      • Blackout

        Exactly, it’s idiotic that she apologized to a 16 year old thug. Embarrassing

      • Her PR team might have suggested that she do it.

      • God Body

        she should sack them. My opinion of her is now lower than it was before and that was pretty low anyways. NEVER EVER apologies to a simpleton when they act like a simpleton FOH.

      • plsDontreply

        yall must aint heard… fuk wit keef and you die. Stop living in the pop lilly white fairy tail land. Its cosequences for them words you speaking…… Love Sosa, burrrrrr

      • God Body

        LOL. you’re stupid

      • plsDontreply

        Dead bodies

      • adrianadear

        You kidding me, he’s a kidd who just got out of his jail time, which he begged not to go and cried like a baby to the judge

      • plsDontreply

        Kids kill too. Wake up

      • Matt Swan

        Stay in school.

      • plsDontreply

        For what? I have a masters

      • justshutUP2

        Blackout, you’re hilarious….. I LOL at your comments even if I haven’t read the story! (You know what’s up)

      • Blackout

        HA! I’m glad I made you laugh 😉

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        he apologized too.

  • Bigblakk

    I have serious hate for this Kid…

  • Banksy

    “hardcore Chi Town Killer” Really my nigga? Seriously it lames like you that give these little idiots heart by massaging their ego and praising their stupid behavior

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    id rather just smash Katie perry and as im laying there turn on the TV to found out the Chi Town killers got Kweef! *yawns* Turns off the TV and proceeds to fuckin her again. 0 FUCKS GIVEN FOR CHIEF KWEEF!

  • Odell caine

    stupid af Chief!

  • I hope katy perry ethers him on a track!!

    • OSBKE3000

      very insightful .. lol .. I can only imagine lol

  • plsDontreply

    Love sosa, burrrrrrrr

  • hoeyuno

    Katy Perry is top 5 celeb bitches I’d kfed…all day!!

  • How can she diss him when she kissed Nicki Minaj at the VMAs the other year. Glorifys homosexuality FOH

    • adrianadear

      wtf, so what if she did

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        That gay shit is destroying society and not only is it bad it’s abnormal.

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  • SheLOVEStheDnoTo

    It’s 2013 and this dude is thinking a diss track? And she aint even diss him, she made a remark bout a song on the radio…its the same as when Justin Bieber came out with “Baby” its shitty music, and I have doubts about the world with music like bieber or keef.

  • dude raps off beat & she kno more about how to rap then him so?? sumthn wrong w that?? either i misundrstood or thiswriter doesnt know hiphop if he thinks this is news… @thaNorthStar

  • wilson

    I agree w keef

    • Guest

      Wilson – I bet you do – same dumb ass nigga

      • wilson

        gary yo daddy is dead

      • Celz

        Why your account always say Guest Gary?

  • jay

    keef is hot garbage

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      HOT, HOT garbage and ignorant as f@ck.

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  • Lyve Wire

    she diss him. he reacts… he get hated on… hmmm

    • She reacted to a song that I tend to believe is very ignorant based on reasonable analysis. He could have just made a better song and kept it movin’. What he did wasn’t even called for… And that’s exactly the type of behavior that’s going to lead to his downfall.

      • OffBreed

        She stated her opinion and he shared his thoughts….you can’t say he’s in the wrong while not criticizing her. I bet she’ll look up who’s she’s commenting on next time before she tweets.

      • Celz

        Google “Terroristic Threats” I don’t where the f you live but you will go to PRISON. not Juvie or County for that shyt in Cali. It’s worse than battery. But young niccas (not you jus in general) on that monkey see shyt won’t find out till they gettin that 18 months with half plea bargain when it’s only the second offense..

        That’s why these new rappers is sucka ass fake niccas.. Lil Homie on the block can’t marry a jump off and shyt will be all good like Kanye. Wiz, and Tyga. If your main piece is a jump she’s attracted to ballers and she will run into niccas who’s doin it up. Most jump offs will slip at least a couple times. If you tell a white girl at ya local community college that you finna slap the shyt outta her on twitter and you’re a felon. YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL PERIOD. There is no ifs ands or buts about it.

        And lastly she can talk all the shyt about Keef she wants the lil nicca can’t do shyt.. She got niccas wit burners on payroll too. Hers is just off duty cops. I bet they bench press more an got better aim too..

      • OffBreed

        So you’re basically saying that white people can say what ever they want on twitter….but if a black male says something negative we’re going to be charged as terrorists? Even if that’s true(which I don’t believe) there’s nothing wrong with that picture to you…..Going by your logic Keef should just except whatever a white person says about him and take it in stride because he don’t wanna retaliate and upset massa huh?

      • A white person? That’s not what this is about, man.

      • Celz

        When did I say that? You puttin words in my mouth and getting offended when I never said anything offensive to you.

        Point is if a nicca run up Keef when he on the block wit his niccas and say hey nicca ya song is wack, that’s serious disrespect because of the ACTION not the words. If someone says the song is wack without being racist, vulgar, or disrespectful on the net ALL YOU CAN DO IS RESPECT IT. There is no retaliation because THERE WAS NEVER AN ATTACK. You can respond back if you want but it should be similar to the first statement no disrespect no threats of violence.

        MIllions of lil niccas is watchin Keef. They see him spaz on ol girl an think it’s swag. But Keef got lawyers and she’s a stranger in another city/ state. So if they spaz on a chick in they city and her pops calls the cops they could be facin deep shyt. Keef already got locked for bein careless online fam.

        You don’t gotta believe me, ask some a ya big homies, or google it. I’m jus sayin what’s real based on experiences I’ve had… You can’t hate on that.. And lastly I don’t fucc wit cops, I’ve sued cops/ courts before and won. You just have to know your rights (legal and streets) and know when they are bein violated. Keef decided to make songs for a living if he threatens everyone says they don’t like it he’s not goin far..

      • Chief Keef would get found somewhere outside of Chicago hung upside down gettin’ his booty spanked with a firey switch behind puttin’ his hands on this woman. LoL

      • OffBreed, naw bro… I ain’t signing off on that. It was his fault and his fault alone as a man for what he said… This isn’t about who said what first.

      • Lyve Wire

        yea, and her music is just great for the youth. no. she makes music for her fan base, and he does the same. if she don’t like him, don’t like to it. turn it off. don’t get on twitter and attacks someone’s creativity. dude is 17 years old. what would you’d say if he called one of her songs trash first? this website would still be on his @$$. yall just hate the dude.

    • God Body

      Come on it wasn’t a diss. It was her opinion. and she’s welcome to it. By the way it is a dumb ass record in my opinion too. Does this require a bunch of stupid responses from people who like it. No. They don’t care and neither should he. He makes a diss record and NO ONE will care especially since he ain’t exactly lyrical or witty. He’ll just explain to everyone that he wants to be violent towards a woman with an opinion and that will be it. Some weak minded bs. Perry bodyguards will still eff him up regardless if he even so much as breathed on her. reeeeealtalk.

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        That nobody care shit is bs. I don’t like Chief Keef at all musically and I still have interest in him. Gucci signed him, Kanye used his record as his own, 50 wanted to mentor him, Jay shouted him out…the interest is definitely there. After Katy disrespecting Beyonce and denying it, having a problem with Rihanna getting back with CB, and making that tasteless joke about Kanye when they received that award….don’t be surprised if the rumors accumulate in a way that create a backlash. I honestly felt that several of her singles were remixed and made to get cheap hip hop appeal.

      • Lyve Wire

        her opinion could’ve stayed to herself. I don’t really listen to his music, but it’s the principle. where he’s from, you don’t throw shit out the like that if you don’t want shit to be thrown at you. it gives her no right to call dude out. did she think the song was about something else? can she not read the title? she wanted attention and got some. and again, lets not forget where’s from… her body guards are human, just like he is. only difference is, they protect her from a few dudes with cameras, he live among the highest crime rate In the country. I doubt he’s worried about them. that’s real talk.

    • Guest

      Lyve Wire – reacts? – you call the dumbing of “I’ll wup yo ass” – in a worldly public stage reacting? – that’s as dumb as what keef had to say.

      • Lyve Wire

        did I say he reacted with kindness? I just said he reacted. she called him out, not the other way around. why do we always have to turn the other cheek? just like I am supposed to react to the way you reacted to my comment? stop talking in circles.

      • Guest

        Lyve Wire – react with kindness? turn the other cheek? – you didn’t read where I suggested any ot those – my complaint was reacting with Dumbness, on a public stage – like “suck my dick” etc. – he don’t have to be kind – just say something more informative – open your mind from the cirlcles of stupidity. – like he’s response was – and yours.

      • Lyve Wire

        stfu. you came at me twice with the slick talk. did I not leave a comment on a ‘public stage’? ironically, you’re doing the same thing he did,

  • Lyve Wire

    she is about a synthetic as he is. why is he getting that back lash for responding? she cant sing or dance, but she’s a super star… she is created by the industry, like he is. no wonder hip hop is doomed. its the so called fans that kill it by agreeing with everything haters say about it. like it or not, chief keef represents the inner city, and i’m sure she feels the same way about all ‘urban people’. but since she has a decent face and big boobs, she ‘O’Tay’ with that comment. gtfoh.

    • She isn’t my cup of tea, but with that said… Katy Perry records some hot records, dude. She is a factor. You really gotta step outside this hip-hop culture every now and then.

    • God Body

      No one is defending perry. what we’re looking at is the stupid response from the hiphop guy. Is this what we’re about now?

  • OSBKE3000

    real talk .. I ain’t never heard a Keef song til the other day .. I wanted to shoot myself for even allowing my ears to hear that shit ..

    I’ve listened to some shit ass rappers but listened cuz that’s my west coast shit .. but it was never that bad .. his shit appeals to a certain person and it ain’t me

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  • He just basically ended any business connections (that matter, anyway) that he may have been able to develop out of L.A. Who cares what Katy Perry says… Nigga, she tweeted the title of your song! Dumbass! All exposure is good exposure. But then you do something even stupider… You basically say the most mysoginystic shit that you can say? Thoroughly stupid. He could have really just wrote a love song to Katy Perry if he really wanted to make a splash, and just totally 2Pac’d the situation. But nope, he obviously isn’t that insightful.

    • God Body

      Why is it that these industry people back an obvious simpleton like the cheef. Maybe it’s because easily manipulated and will be broke and husked out in approximately 2 years from now. Someones sending their kids through college off whatever the simp generates right now. If there ever was an example of a real life Gangstalicous….this guy or maybe Gucci…or or or Trini #IJS

      • Matt Swan

        You’re being too nice to Queef. I don’t think he’ll make it another album before he’s done

    • tra mo

      U act like he ain’t 17 he still a kid wit childish ways later on he gon realize his mistakes

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        don’t blame everything on age. When I was his age I was never that inclined to violence or agression.

      • I feel you, but with this niggas criminal behavior? Obviously an illseed. I got no remorse for cats like that. Age be damned.

    • adrianadear

      Yeah he could’ve done it like Eminem would have

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        The Warning? Superman? Kim?

    • Ronald Allen Booher

      2pac was extremely disrespectful to some women. Queen Pen, Lil Kim and most notably Dolores Tucker.

      • Pac never said, “Bitch, imma beat yo’ ass and write a whole diss song about you.” His mentioning Dolores Tucker was politically motivated, anyhow. Totally different context.

  • dominicancoke

    Heres basically how chief keefs katey perry song will sound like

    i hate katy perry..that hoe will get burried..
    300 otf my nigguz is scurry/
    She aint bout that ac-tion..hit her with my mac 10/
    When i whent to jail and i was crying it was ac-ting

    • RichFromBX

      hmm, you sure you ain’t his ghost writer…lol…

    • Bumpy Johnson

      pretty say that 10 times with a southern beat in teh back ground..all these kids will buy the track n u gone sell out + get 1mill+ views on youtube.

      on the cool tho i like chief att.

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  • Not a fan of either, but people need to stay in their lane.

    • God Body

      people also need to call bs on things that are bs. no matter which lane it’s in

  • D_Ably

    Katy Perrys the last one who has any right to comment on crap music

    • Ronald Allen Booher

      Katy Perry used to have a job where all she did was listen to people’s demos all day and uoeno it?

  • Tre C

    shout out to Illseed giving Chief Keef the title of “hardcore Chi Town killer”. for real?

  • Isn´t this the same guy who cried infront of the judge when he got his 60 days . . . Katy Perry already won. .. . ROFL

  • MrNoName2K

    Of all the people that be going in on Chief Keef, he gonna take aim at Katy Perry.. lol wow..

    • brotha_man

      true story

  • RichFromBX

    this b!tch ain’t smackin’ the sh!t out of anyone…dude tries to run the street like he’s a modern day Wee-Bey but couldn’t put 60 days on his chest in juve, all crying and sh!t…b!tch didn’t even @ mention her on his response…can we please stop giving this child so much attention

  • junj03

    Bang Bang!! lmao

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  • ceelo727

    Chief keef muisc only appeal to ppl who live at home with there parents walking around in there underwear’s eating animal cracker all day.

    • fabbidavisjr

      I thought bitches love SOSA

    • Irvin Findlay


    • MrNoName2K

      LMAO!!!! You got that one



  • junj03

    Chief Keef Katy Perry Song Lyrics:

    F**** Katy, that’s that sh*t I don’t like, nah
    A snitch B*****,that’s that sh*t I don’t like, nah
    B***** Katy,that’s that sh*t I don’t like, nah
    Sneak dissers that’s that sh*t I don’t like
    Don’t like, like, don’t like, like
    Katy Perry, that’s that sh*t I don’t like, nah
    Don’t like, like,don’t like, like
    B***** Katy, that’s that sh*t I don’t like, nah


      That was hot poop smh

      • junj03

        what can i say, when your right, your right lol

      • Who’sthis?

        next time include some lines that are at least semi funny. You can do it I believe in you

  • chippc

    He went “ballistic”? 2 wack ass tweets?

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    didn’t she have the “i kissed a girl” song?? hypocritical bitch needs to sit down

    • Ronald Allen Booher

      there is a difference between one experimental sexual experience and promoting a lifeystlye to where you never have your full mental faculties.

      • tRoy

        She’s still a hypocrite, she promotes partying, & all that BS.

        As Jamie Foxx would say, “She’s not a Whore, but she is Whore-ish.”

      • brotha_man

        i agree

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      pull the penis out your mouth for a minute and understand that dude is pure garbage

      • Willuminati☆Imortali

        I aint saying anything about Keef’s talent, or lack there of….he is horrible…but really this broad shouldn’t be calling the kettle black

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Dude needs to grow up…

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    She’s right tho.

    • roqefyrodiw

      мy ɴeιɢнвor’ѕ ѕιѕтer-ιɴ-lαw мαĸeѕ $60 αɴ нoυr oɴ тнe ιɴтerɴeт. ѕнe нαѕ вeeɴ lαιd oғғ ғor 7 мoɴтнѕ вυт lαѕт мoɴтн нer pαyмeɴт wαѕ $20675 jυѕт worĸιɴɢ oɴ тнe ιɴтerɴeт ғor α ғew нoυrѕ. ɢo тo тнιѕ weв ѕιтe αɴd reαd мore Zap2­2­.c­o&shym&shy

  • sixnoxrecords

    The first tweet was hilarious. Wish he’d have stopped there.

  • Who’sthis?

    so saying you gonna hit a female is cool these days ? Ok……

    • This nigga is so pathetic for everything he said. I’m a player. I would have instantly wrote her a love song and put it out on the wire. Would have been a big deal. That’s how you handle something like that. Public school ain’t teaching kids much in Chicago, I see.

  • NoGuts_NoGlory

    watch Katy Perry do a better dis track than this fool!

    • brotha_man

      if he gets ether’d by katy perry….it could happen

  • brotha_man

    she probably has no idea who he is. she heard a song that was garbage and commented on it….happens all the time. even here in AHH

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Katy Perry’s career > Keef’s life

    • PL

      Katy Perry’s tits > Young Chop’s tits

  • greeneyedbandit

    I heard E-40 say before, that if a small fry diss you, you just ignore it…but if a person with a big name diss you, you suppose to respond!

    • How you’re taking that and turning that into justifying what this dumb kid is talkin’ about? Irresponsible, lol. And 40 most likely wasn’t talkin’ about physical violence against a woman, either.

      • greeneyedbandit

        I’m not justifying what he said….but she don’t get a pass because she Katy f***in Perry either!

      • greeneyedbandit

        He’s young and has a lot of growing up to do….look where he came from! I’m not a fan of his, but I read about the young man all the time. I wish him the best in his personal life and his music career.

      • God Body

        she get’s a pass just because what she said was true nothing more. she still makes trash music herself (ironically) but most right minded people agree with her tweet

      • greeneyedbandit


  • trilltalk1

    this lil nigga has a bunch of CHILDISH ass grown men running with him. thats why the lil nigga stay making some dumb ass choices. by the way the song is BULLSHIT, WIZ or 50 couldn’t help that shit.


    first thing I thought when I read his tweets… grow up youngin get some game about yourself. what you gonna do when she call you a crybaby for crying in court?

  • Q.

    Ironically, Katy and Keef are on the same tier of Trash Music. They might as well collab.

    • God Body


    • Willuminati☆Imortali


  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    Katie Perry is the Chief Keef of the pop world