French Montana Birdman and Crew

PICS: Oodles Of Memorial Day Pics With Birdman, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Teyana Taylor

Miami was crackling over the Memorial Day weekend. Over the weekend, the city was in total party mode and the celebs were out to play. King Of Diamonds, the acclaimed strip club, held court to luminaries like Lil Wayne, French Montana, KK Holliday, Birdman, Gillie Da Kid and Young Jeezy. TURN UP!

On top of that, May 25th had CTE’s own Young Jeezy celebrating the release of his new liquor Avion. People like Gillie Da Kid, Pusha T And others celebrated.

At yet another party. Gucci Mane and Teyana Taylor partied with the Hennessy family in Miami at club Play. Teyana was spotted flirting with the Hennessy V.S girls, but you didn’t hear that from us. Ace Hood kicked rocked Club Iguana.

Check out all the pics below!

Ace Hood performing Ace Hood Crowd Shot DJ Scream Gucci Mane Jeezy arriving Teyana and Hennessy Girls Teyana Taylor Abs shot Teyana Taylor and Hennessy Girls Yo Gotti and white Bentley Yo Gotti Young Jeezy dancing Young Jeezy Young Jeezy's custom shirt Young Jeezy's Porsche

Birdman 2 Birdman  French Montana and Manager French Montana Birdman and Crew French Montana Lil Wayne French Montana Gillie Da Kid and Young Jeezy Gillie Da Kid KK Holliday Jeezy and crew Jeezy Crowd 2 Jeezy Crowd Jeezy red car  Lil Wayne Young Jeezy

  • Been there before, they do it every Memorial Day Weekend, the fleet of luxury rental cars, the jewelry, the hoes, and the cash being thrown all over the place….I gets kinda tired after a while. Lil Wayne looks likes he got at least 5 different STD’s, all the disease infested vaginas rubbing up on everyone and anything….We all know the story when the cars, money, and free liquor stops then the crowd gets smaller and smaller.

    • Big Dog

      Sounds like you are jealous you were not there… Hater

      • I am speaking from experience, that’s all….I go there EVERY year it’s just tired that’s all I am saying. Half those dudes are the same ones who can’t pay their taxes, and are late in child support. No matter how you look at it I am good.

      • Blaq_Boi

        So if someone goes to say, church (religious ppl STFU, it’s an example)… And tithes stacks of money but doesn’t pay child support or they miss taxes, would you be up in arms still? Different strokes for different folks. Just cause you had YOUR fair share doesn’t mean those still doing it now have something wrong with em. It’s not for YOU so turn the other cheek. But don’t go around concluding that folk got STD’s just cause they live a lifestyle YOU don’t approve of. That’s what we call hypocritical.

    • Blaq_Boi

      It REALLY sounds like you’re jealous dude. What? Do you want STD’s as well? Let niggaz live. It don’t put bread on your table how these dudes conduct themselves, so lax, be happy with your own life and let dudes be.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    what in the hell is Jeezy wearin

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      What is with the clearly gay guy in the scarf next to him?

  • Delly

    Detroit in was in that bitch. Doughboyz Cashout all day bitch.

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  • Tony G.

    Actually Dior is right on this one..shyt gets played out pretty quick…..not only memorial day..but everytime u see them at the club its the same thing…u don’t have to go to Miami to see this shyt…its the same thing everywhere…

    • I am not even hating it’s just that these dudes gather and drink and smoke like life is so grand and great, when on the real half of these people don’t own anything or owe everyone from the IRS to Child Support. The women are even worse, they are so thirsty, they will do ANYTHING for a few dollars.

    • Betty O’Donnell

      սptil I lοοk℮d аt tհ℮ pаycհ℮ck fοr $4809, I հаv℮ fаitհ tհаt my ո℮igհbοսr wοz lik℮ tհ℮y ѕаy аctսаli℮ tаkiոg հοm℮ mοո℮y pаrt tim℮ οո tհ℮ir lаptοp.. tհ℮r℮ аսոt հаѕ b℮℮ո dοiոg tհiѕ fοr l℮ѕѕ tհаո ѕ℮v℮ո mοոtհѕ аոd by ոοw pаid tհ℮ lοаոѕ οո tհ℮r℮ plаc℮ аոd bοսgհt а brаոd ո℮w ѕааb 99 Tսrbο. gο tο

  • Synista

    The chick with Gillie look like a ghetto smurfette.

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