EXCLUSIVE: Clipse's No Malice Addresses Kanye's 'Yeezus' Title & Depiction Of Jesus Christ In Hip-Hop

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West knows that religion is a topic that always sparks conversation. Obviously, when one of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars decides to name his album Yeezus, many people are going to have an opinion.

While there have been conflicting reports to the actual title is, No Malice of The Clipse, has added to the discussion on the representation of Jesus Christ in Hip-Hop.

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“The Game’s Jesus Piece, Clipse’ Lord Willin’, Kanye’s album; before I had a personal knowledge and revelation of my Lord and Savior I was liable to do or say anything that a devout Christian may deem blasphemous,” No Malice told AllHipHop.com exclusively. “I put His head on a chain, flooded Him with diamonds then used that same chain to seduce women.”

No Malice rose in the music industry as one half of the Virginia based duo The Clipse. Along with his brother Pusha T (now a member of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music), Clipse were best known for their vivid tales of conquering and surviving the drug game like on the classic 2002 single “Grindin’.”

At that time No Malice was simply known as Malice, but in March of last year he announced on Twitter that Malice was “dead” and No Malice was born. Since then he has been outspoken about his relationship with Christ.

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While No Malice has no issue confessing his love for Jesus, he makes it clear that he does not claim to be a member of any religion or judge those who choose to live their lives different from his.

“I dare not point the finger and say who has crossed religious lines because I do not subscribe to religion. Rather I subscribe to a personal relationship with Christ the King,” says No Malice.

For No Malice the fact that Jesus Christ is being spoken about is the most important thing, not the intent of the speaker.

“Depending on how personal He is to you is indicative of what light you portray Him in,” explains No Malice. “I tend to align myself with the Apostle Paul when he says, ‘But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or in truth, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice (Philippians 1:18)’.”

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No Malice will be releasing his debut solo album Hear Ye Him on July 2nd. Watch a trailer for the LP below.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur contributed to this story.

  • Banksy

    So is someone said Jesus didn’t exist he would cosign that statement? I know what he’s trying to say but his logic seems flawed to me.

    • I read this in Bane’s voice.

      • Chris

        Applaud this man.

      • ImFred ImRico

        word. that was a good one

      • PhilTheGreat

        Lol yes!

      • Banksy

        That was the idea

    • InTheNightKitchen

      I didn’t get that he co-signed the statement or use of the Lords name. I just took it as he’s not going to point the finger/throw stones/not judge anyone that’s all. IDK!

      • Jason Barnes

        Judging someone would be to condemn them to hell. But as a believer you have every right to correct someone in love from the standpoint of there well being and the well being of listeners. This is not a game thats what people don’t understand.

      • It’s him respecting other people’s beliefs basically. ” I know people don’t feel the same way I do and that’s okay, but here’s how I feel”.

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Intrigued by his trailer, I’m looking forward to his album now

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  • 7yoyo7

     “I put His head on a chain, flooded Him with diamonds then used that same chain to seduce women.”
    I dont believe in any religion but that’s a dope interpretation.

    I’ll be waiting for his next project too, dude has always been a straight lyricist to me since the Re-Up Gang series.

  • Tony G.

    Oh hell..he threw the eye up at the end..now everyone will say he’s illuminati…

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      He is! The eye man…the EYE!!!

    • young boy

      actually he was dissing the illuminati if you pay attention

  • Montezuma1

    A political response. You don’t have to judge but even in your faith and personal relationship you require a guide/code to live by. Is what Kanye did something you’d do? Yes or no? And if not why? The whole “messianic” fixation in hip hop is merely an overgrowth from what happens in life itself. Through a need to see God, interact directly with God we create an image of God then emulate that image and finally impersonate that image. It’s clear what stage Kanye is in. Is it right or wrong is for the individual to determine. I see it as a consistent pattern in humanity created by need in a vacuum. Interpret it as you wish.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This reminds me of that Snoop Dogg skit on the “Doggystyle” album…”I want to be a motherf@ckin hustler! Ya better ask somebody.”

  • Vash the Stampede

    SHET UP!! aaaand SED’DOWN!!! (HAHAHAHAHAHA) I wish I could do that to any/everybody who says some stupid shit..

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  • HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$

    thats whats up tho!!…good to see someone doin something positive even after comin from a negative environment and changing his life around

    • Jason Barnes

      God and positive is not the same thing. God is truth, so following Him you live in truth, not positiveness. Positiveness is an illusion. Russell Simmons talks about positiveness, you can’t do good until He cleans you up and makes you good!

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    smh christians stay confused

    • Darren Myt Collins

      what did he say that was confusing?

    • Betty O’Donnell

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    • Jason Barnes

      It’s Christian who have the problem? Thats sad to me because what it shows is that satan steadily has you deceived. The sin that you are in right now, the things that you struggle with can you stop them? Did you create yourself? Did you create the planets or stars? Did God make you a gun toting, weed smoking, girl chasing dude? HECK NO! We were all born into this, and when it blows you better be on the right side or else. And I’m saying it to you in love. Praying for you man!

  • This is what more people need to act like. Just because somebody disagrees about religion doesn’t mean you throw holy water at them. Good Job No Malice

    • Jason Barnes

      Its not religion. That’s what you don’t understand, this is about relationship! All who don’t know Him are going to really wish they had. You can’t tell someone you love them and not tell them the truth, it doesn’t add up because HE IS LOVE and HE IS TRUTH! So you would rather see a person go to hell than tell them the truth? Too many try and be politically correct. Guess what I love you and I’m going to be offensive in love because I don’t wanna see no one go to hell when its all said and done. Cowards run and hide. People get persecuted everyday, everyday because they profess Christ and live for Him!

      • It’s a religion. It’s a glorified opinion. Your beliefs aren’t automatically right just because that’s how you and a group of people feel. There’s a limit I love talking to people about all religions Wicken, Cults, Muslims, Catholics, but I don’t like being forcefully fed faith down my throat.

      • Jason Barnes

        Religion is a set of rituals. Relationship is knowing God, knowing the One who created you and everything that we see. I like when you said you love to talk religion, because thats exactly what those are. Religion says I don’t have to change, I can just stay how I am, offer some sacrifices, follow some rules and I’m cool. I encourage to get to know Him. Start with small questions. Get personal, ask yourself, why am I sinful? I’m sure God didn’t create me to do the things that I do. I pray that He shows you truth. God Bless You man!

      • I like to talk about religion purely as a theory. Just like say science fiction It’s just interesting to hear about for me it had nothing to do with being religious I’m actually a hard agnostic

      • Lance Bertrand

        So in other words, you’re confused. You have no solid beliefs, besides I’m not sure if a higher power exists or not. Agnosticism does mean “without knowledge”, am I correct?

      • I’m not confused I have a solid belief it’s called ” There’s no god” now that’s for me personally and if you’re a religious person more power to you I’m genuinly envious of the comfort you must feel knowing in your hear tthere’s a higher power watching over you. It’s a beautiful thing.

      • Lance Bertrand

        That would make you an ATHEIST then, not a hard agnostic. How are you gonna claim something and you really don’t know what it’s called? As for the religious folk, nah fam, it’s not more power to them, they’re still lost.

        Here’s the reason why I know the Trinity is real. I was filled with the Holy Spirit 3 years ago and have spoken in tongues. I have physically seen angels with my own eyes. 3rd, I’ve seen the changes that have taken place in my own and others lives because of the strong belief and faith and relationship that they have with our Lord and Savior and BIG BROTHER, Jesus Christ.

        The only reason bro that you don’t have a relationship with Him is because you insult Him by calling Him a religion and because you’ve simply chosen not to seek Him. If you’re not scared of what you’ll find, then seek Him. Literally ask Him one night to reveal Himself and who He is. Heck, what ya got to lose?

      • Sure whatever man good job I don’t care, I float between but whatever.

        Yeah okay for you personally you believe in god. Once again there’s no world wide physical proof, and once again I have a problem with you religious people having a pompous attitude, but you’ll dismiss it as being proud of your beliefs or whatever fine. I’m not going to try to even dispute why you belief partly because I don’t care and partly because once again I’m happy for anybody whose on a spiritual journey, hats off to you.

        The reason I don’t have a relationship with him is because he doesn’t exist, to me. once again you’re forcing your spirituality on me and let’s be honest it’s just speculation, you say you know, but that’s like me saying ” I know unicorns exist , I’ve seen them , I’ve seen people ride them”

      • Lance Bertrand

        That made no sense at all bro, first you say you’re an agnostic then you say you’re an atheist, then you revert to agnosticism again, so which one is it? Not being sarcastic, being very serious. It’s like you’re confusing yourself. I don’t have a pompous attitude at all. It’s amazing to me that whenever I run into nonbelievers, that they’re everything that they claim us to be ESPECIALLY disrespectful and sarcastic like the way you’re being now. Isn’t it odd that someone would come at you and try to put you in check, alllll the while they’re feeding you the exact same stuff (mirror check). Religious people? What religion? I’m not a Muslim, not a Buddhist, not a Jew, not a Catholic. I’m a Christian. Actually, unicorns do exist. If we’re referring to REAL unicorns and not the mythical creature in fairy tales. I suggest doing your research. “Let’s be honest, it just speculation”. Let’s be honest, no it’s not just speculation, there’s proof of Him, you just have personally chosen to reject any proof that He could use because you refuse to even give it a chance. I’m not forcing anything on ya, I simply gave you a dare. You seem like you feel there’s nothing to lose. I mean YOLO, right? What harm’s gonna be done?

      • It doesn’t matter! like honestly is the difference significant enough for us to even keep mentioning it? I don’t care enough to define it.
        Lol you just told me unicorns exist knowing full well I meant the mythical kind. That’s not pompous or condescending. And no it’s speculation. You separate yourself from those other religions and they are just that religions, but they have proof of their god too and when you get down to it and look in broad terms, most of the religions are the same. I said outloud ” God Reveal yourself to me” nothing, guess he’s busy not giving food to starving african children.
        And I’m not rejecting proof, I don’t see any. And that’s not because I’m ignoring proof I genuinly haven’t seen in signs hence my lack of faith, nobody is raised christian and doesn’t question their faith at some point.

      • Aaron

        God is NEVER too busy for you. Some things just take time.

      • that’s a cop-out answer i don’t except that. and I was being sarcastic I am firm in my belief that there’s no god in the traditonal or any sense and if you belief more power to you

  • As an atheist I appreciate the way he states his opinion.
    He clearly says it’s his belief and he doesn’t offend
    anybody with a different opinion. If a large portion in
    society would think his way, there would be more peace
    on earth.

    • Arthur Coronado

      As a fellow atheist, I concur.

    • Jason Barnes

      That’s the problem! If he chose a side rather than straddling the fence then you probably wouldn’t be a atheist. Christians get persecuted everyday because they wouldn’t stop proclaiming His name. Guess what we are going to offend somebody because truth is offensive when your on the other side of it. I got a real problem with people not sharing the truth because when Jesus arrived that’s all He did because He is truth. Praying that you come to know Him homie!

      • Christians persecuted a lot of Atheists and Scientists.
        When Scientists were jailed and tortured for claiming
        that earth is round. Even today we Atheists are told
        we will go to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ.
        We take that with a smile. But on the other hand we
        also understand most Christians are still thinking
        they are the biggest group in numbers on this earth.
        They just forget 4 Billion people on this planet (China,
        India, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan and many more)
        have no interest in Christianity.

      • Jason Barnes

        That’s where your wrong. China has a huge population of devoted Christians, so does every other country. Ask yourself, what if I’m wrong? How else do you explain the planets, waking up every morning, plants growing etc, Someone had to create them. Atheist believe there is no god and really what your saying is that I’m my own god, correct? I feel sorry for nonbelievers and its out of love. I don’t want to see anyone going to hell thats real talk. God Bless you man!

      • NTPDeux

        I’m sorry how is “SAYING that you will go to hell”, persecution? There is a difference between stating something and an act. Persecuting someone is an act. It takes a physical action of some sorts to persecute you. If you tell me that I am wrong for what I believe, you are stating your opinion, which does not cause me any hurt or harm, just as a Christian say that you’re going to hell (which isn’t right by the way). If someone tells you that, it is your choice to believe it or not. But even then, how can you be an atheist and even rationalize the concept of hell? Just curious.

      • Ju1 †

        A doctor tell u you got cancer and he’s caring. A Christian tells you that without Jesus you’re going to hell and that’s hatred. Stop being overly sensitive, reality is a harsh thing. The truth sometimes is hurts. The doctor got to do things that hurts before he can cure you. The medicine sometimes tastes bitter but the result of it is life.

        We ain’t telling nobody go to hell. That would be hatred. Our message is we were off to hell as well, but through Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf we found life and liberation from our sinful ways and you can find that same freedom as well, if you only trust in him. What we are, are beggars telling other beggars where there’s bread. That’s not hating, that’s simply loving.

      • AMEN!!!!

      • Trace

        Dang bro! Very well said!

    • Lance Bertrand

      Question for you, if you don’t mind answering, when did you decide to become or accept the beliefs of an atheist?

      • I was 10 years old. I was a Mormon, because my mother brought me into the church at age 6. I was told to do mission on all my friends or break contact with them if I don’t see results. I started talking to my neighbor about god and immediately when I did this I had the feeling why should I convince people to believe into something I am not sure of myself. So I stopped. I apologized and from this time on I started questioning whatever people take for granted. Not just religion.
        Why should I believe something just because it’s written in a book. But there is no other evidence than a book and spoken word, while there is evidence for everything else in this world. There is nothing in this world we cannot test to get results. A lot of questions base on other questions, so the solution has to be approached step by step. This is why something that was in theory 100 years ago can be proven now by using a modern microscope.

      • Lance Bertrand

        Man that really sucks. I can relate to you very much with “convincing people to believe into something I am not sure of”. I was raised Roman Catholic and although Catholics are not taught to evangelize, they’re also not taught much truth (just like Mormons). I stopped being a Catholic many many years ago and in between becoming a Christian and that time, I was just a believer in the Trinity. Wasn’t living for Christ, just believe that God existed.

        However I have some disagreements with you, “but there is no other evidence than a book and spoken word, while there is evidence for everything else in this world”. This is not true. There is plenty of evidence that God doe exist (not just something bigger than us or a higher as people wanna call it). I myself have seen demons, as well as angels and have even encountered divine healing of someone’s body, personally. Science can’t explain that. Here’s what CAN’T go together… science and religion. Here’s what CAN work together when done properly, science and spirituality or God.

      • I understand what you are saying. But from a logical point of view it makes no sense. Which evidence apart from books and hearsay do you have there is a god? When using the word evidence I’m talking about some theory. And then there are ways towards defining it by finding evidence. So that anybody in this world can do the same experiment and the solution works.
        Once something works, I don’t need to believe it works. It works without wishful thinking. For example creationists say there was no evolution. But as far as you can dig you can find skelletons in the earth of the entire biological chain. But Christians will just dismiss all that. On the other hand, there are no traces that can prove creationists are right. Same for many events in the bible. Can anyone prove how water was turned to wine, by a middle eastern caveman? They actually lived in caves.

        I know black people all around the world are still mental slaves, so others can take advantage of the fact an entire race is not partcipating in a competition. Just following sheep. Just consuming what they are served.

      • Lance Bertrand

        Start from the bottom lol (Drake tease)… black people all around the world are still mental slaves. I admit that that is unfortunately true, not for all but yes too many are. I agree that the bones being found are GENUINE, but that doesn’t mean scientists are right about how old they are. Secondly, please do not disrespect Jesus by calling Him a middle eastern caveman. That’s an insult. Jesus did in fact turn water into grape juice, but you can’t rely on logic for everything. Divine miracles are not a result of logic, they are a result of divine power. Faith is not hopeful wishing. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God (meaning you can’t get anything done without faith. Here’s a big issue, science was never meant to boot God out in order to explain something. Here’s one thing I’ve learned since I’ve been going to Bible college. Churches these days have majored in the flesh (sinful nature, condemnation), schools and science major in the soul (mind, will, emotions), yet why is no one studying REAL spirituality and not this New Age or Charmed/Supernatural crap you see on TV?

      • Lance Bertrand

        Let me share this as well:
        John 4:48 ” Jesus said unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe”. Jesus made it CLEAR that signs and wonders are for unbelievers because he understood the makeup of man and how it was corrupted because of Adam’s mess up. Before you’re born again, your body and soul lead you. If you don’t see it physically, your body wont’ believe it and if you can’t understand it without logic or reasoning, you won’t believe it. However there’s no way in the world you can reject a divine miracle before your eyes. That’s what the Pharisees did, they didn’t deny He wasn’t doing miracles, they just refused to accredit Him properly and said that He got His powers from the devil.

      • You and I are living in 2 different worlds. I will never agree with you and you will never agree with me. You have chosen to live inside the matrix and you’re comfortable. While I live indeed outside of the Matrix. A black guy somewhere in China can indeed call himself to live outside of the matrix.

      • Lance Bertrand

        I don’t agree with you bro, but out of respect, I will digress.

      • What is your personal connection to a fictional character called Jesus. There was never a person known by that name. The same story existed long before in India. Actually the early life of Jesus has been just copied from Hare Krishna. And there were various other stories in Egypt and Greece of the same nature. But they will not teach you these things in the United States of misinformation. Even the majority of Humans have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. I live in China where 1.4 billion people don’t care about Christ. so do 1.3 billion Indians. In China it might be a fashion statement to go to church one in a life time. But most people don’t care. It is absurd how a human being can still believe in such fairytales. They were lucky they didn’t mention any dragons in the Bible or the Koran. Do you know how big the universe is? For any grain of sand on our planet there are stars like ours. Meaning zillions of possible planets bearing life.
        So Christians want to tell us there is a god that only loves those who believe in him?
        Come on!

      • Lance Bertrand

        Again, do not bash or disrespect who Jesus is because of your choice to disbelieve. I have yet to bash what you believe in or how you live, that is very disrespectful. Let’s clarify these things though. Nothing about Jesus has been truly copied from other places, that’s simply Satan doing his best to cause confusion… that’s what he does. You’re sitting there probably shaking your head saying I’ve heard it all before, but I know you haven’t nor have you experienced it. I know a huge reason why other people don’t want anything to do with Jesus… it’s because of the Christians that you just mentioned, the one’s who don’t love, but who condemn and do it in Jesus’ name. Jesus never told us to preach condemnation and hell and damnation. So many Christians don’t read the Bible for themselves, they go off of what they’ve been taught or hear-say and they just start. God never ok’d that, but it’s always a matter of free will. God does love everyone, it’s the acts that people commit that He doesn’t like. And I definitely know how big the planet is, what does that have to do with anything?

        Here’s a tip, next time you come across a Christian, ask them to back up IN CONTEXT the gospel or teachings that they share. You’ll be surprised by how many of them are incapable of truly doing that (I’m praying for the many).

      • Trace

        The lies of Zeitgeist (movie) anyone?

      • Not an atheist since the Zeitgeist movie. I was 10 in 88 when I quit religion. And it’s proven way before the Jesus story shows many inconsistencies. Or do you believe the miracles etc are true? When was the new Testament written? By whom and where? In Greece. 60-100 years after the alleged Jesus events happened, by people who by no means were eyewitnesses, rather followers of a story that was told to them to believe.

      • Trace

        I respect your views & beliefs, but the Bible out of all the books of antiquity is the most reliable… Bar-none! That’s highly accepted by a myriad of scholars, not just bible scholars. The struggle for some is to accept it as a book to live by. I humbly encourage you to see “The Daniel Project”. If you have Netflix it should be on there (Don’t know if they have Netflix in China). Also Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” is interesting, it’s a book and movie.

      • Aaron

        God loves everyone. Not just those who believe.

      • I respect your opinions and thoughts. I do want to point out Secular and Christian facts that Jesus walked this worth. Now whether you want to call him Lord is up to you. There isn’t a scholar ever that can deny Jesus didn’t walk this earth. Instead they will tell you it’s a Fact.

      • Lance Bertrand

        Also, let me ask you a question. You clearly have stated that you were raised under false pretenses and lies. Instead of rebuilding the foundation with correct information why disregard it altogether and leave it damaged? If you’re hurt in a relationship, do you leave relationships alone altogether and say screw it I’m just gonna be alone (that’s unhealthy), if your barber messes your hair up, do you lose trust in barbers altogether? I’m sure you wouldn’t because that would be foolish to base a general view of something or someone because one group of people or something in particular or a lie let you down.

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  • Chris White

    I’m praying.

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    it time to mock the ‘world’ also brother..its time to make the world look foolish…Start by making shirts of their famous “eye” icon cry,literally…

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