EXCLUSIVE: Three Six Mafia Reunites, But There Is A Catch…

(AllHipHop News) The original members of the Three Six Mafia have decided to reconvene for an epic reunion that has started to buzz voraciously over the internet.

Rap mistress Gangsta Boo confirmed her involvement with the reunion with AllHipHop.com. She expressed excitement after getting a call from founding member DJ Paul and jumped at the notion.

But, there is a catch and a big one.

Juicy J, who has experienced a resurgence as a solo artist, has not jumped on board with the new project.

Juice J’s motivation for holding out may be hard, cold cash. He recently told DJ Big Bink that he would be willing to do it for the right price.

“When Columbia Records sit us down and cut that check, its going down,” Juicy said. “They cut that check, magic’s gonna happen.”

At press time, the new incarnation of the Three Six Mafia is called Da Mafia 6 and includes Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Blak, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and DJ Paul.

The album will be released through Scale-A-Ton Entertainment, which is owned by DJ Paul.

The Three Six Mafia was founded over 20 years ago and they last collaborated as a collective on 2000′s When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1.

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46 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Three Six Mafia Reunites, But There Is A Catch…”

      • TruthSerum

        He & Paul produced it all together, they were the production team for all of hypnotized minds. I still think Paul was the one behind the Darker material tho, even before 3-6 Paul and his brother were in a group called “Serial Killaz” and were dropping tapes called Come with me to Hell lol Juice probably brought the balance in with the stuff like “Ridin Spinners” and the more club type vibe. They made a great team

      • Michael Gregory

        Playa Fly was never an official member. He was an affiliate.

      • andone

        i know that, but @ least a ft tho… dude was instrumental on many of their albums/records and should have some type of placement imo, that is if they are still on good terms?

      • Dadon850

        Don’t forget, Pat is Juicy J brother so he has always been affiliated with the mafia. I really don’t know if he was ever a contracted member.

      • Jason Landrum Sr.

        I thought he was DJ Paul’s brother.

      • TruthSerum

        Lord Infamous is Pauls Brother. Pat was Juicy Brother.

  1. Dadon850

    Can’t have a reunion without Juicy J. Damn, Gsngsta Boo?? That’s a name from the past. I remember “where them dollars at” then she disappeared. That was a hot track. I like 3-6 and hope they can make it happen. Why the hell not??

  2. Eli Pinilla

    “I gots to get mine man/ robbin was the crime man/ that a ngga did but I done served my time man/ put that all behind me/ get back on this grind man/ serve some of this crack in the streets or my rhymes man” project patta

  3. admafia210

    Juicy j needs to sign on and give the fans what they want…stop being greedy…all the mafia fans that was down since the beggining will cop it because it what we been missing….mafia foe life hoe!…

  4. Madstacks520

    Juicy wants that cash but I know this will sell more than stay trippy just for the fact that all there real fans have been want to hear them on the same tracks together long over due but finally it’s here!!! Mafia!!!

  5. TruthSerum

    I’m looking forward to it, I always loved Three 6 with the original members back when they made that dark hardcore music. Once they hit the mainstream, Koop, Scarecrow & Boo Left and they became soft as hell and I stopped following them after a while.

  6. Ray C

    I think Juicy should do this no matter what, but I understand where he is coming from. A lot of people were hatin when he first said he wanted Columbia to put money behind the album but why not. If that album has one song that gets really popular like most 3-6 songs that end up with a vidoeo, Bandz, 5-Star, Sho Nuff, or any other big hit to come out of Memphis, it’s going to sell big. The amount of money Juicy asked them to put behind is nothing or at least on par with what companies spend on recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, and promoting albums anyway. Even if they don’t put the 15 behind it Juicy wanted, they should put 8-10 behind it. Juicy should do it either way though. It’s not like he’s losing anything by doing it. Yes, he won’t make as much money if they don’t put the money behind it, but he’s not losing anything by doing it. Plus, if Juicy doesn’t do it, then Pat doesn’t do it, and probably Chat won’t be on it either. Now they’re saying he might be on the next one. Maybe they should just do it as a mixed tape until they can get Juicy on. I’m interested in seeing who is going to feature since Paul and Juicy have worked with so many names in the industry since they start doing more solo albums. Also, Paul has squashed the beef with a lot of rappers in Memphis.

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