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Turk Flips The Script, Now Claims He Didn’t Suggest Wayne Was On Drugs

(AllHipHop News) Last week former Cash Money rapper Turk gave an interview to G14 Radio where he was directly asked about his former labelmate Lil Wayne’s line “hoes love me like Satan” from his song “B*tches Love Me.” Turk’s response to the question went into an explanation about drug use and how it “overpowers” people.

Here’s the exchange from the interview:

Interviewer: That line Wayne got like when said “them girls love me like Satan.” I can’t tell you how  many people I came across that come to me and be like “what’s up with that nigga man? What’s going in his mind?” Brothers that don’t know him, we don’t know him. But that line got to a lot of people, girls and dudes a like. Somebody even called and mentioned-  I swear I had a conversation about the shit just last week. We don’t know what’s going on with the Wayne situation. We all love him and wish him success. Hopefully, he’s recovering from all them seizures, but I know you can give some insight on what’s going on…

Turk: My whole thing with that situation, I used to be in a circle where I was caught up in drugs. Couldn’t nobody tell me nothing. I used to do heroin, cocaine. I used to shoot heroin and cocaine like an old nigga, when I was fifteen, sixteen years old, couldn’t nobody tell me nothing. So the only thing I can say about that situation is when you’re under the influence of anything that’s altering your mind, anything can come out your mouth. Don’t necessarily mean that’s the type of person that you is. It’s that drug that’s overpowering you. It’s them spirits that’s overpower you… I will say that anybody that’s under the influence of anything they out they mind. They not the person they are.

While it seems that responding to a question about Wayne’s choice of words on a song with stories of drug abuse and its tendency to make “anything can come out your mouth” would suggest that Turk was making the connection between Wayne’s controversial lyric and drug use, Turk is now claiming that was not the case.

Turk told TMZ, “not one time did I say that Lil Wayne is on drugs. I was talking about myself having a drug problem in the past and what my problem personally was.”

Turk also lashed out at the media on Twitter about the comments saying his words where purposely misconstrued.


The above tweet from Turk’s certified Twitter account was sent over 12 hours after news first broke about his interview with G14.

Earlier that day, Turk repeatedly tweeted articles about his Lil Wayne comments from various websites including one that was posted on

At that time, Turk did not make any public statements that the stories were inaccurate or misleading. His accusations that the media “twisted his words” did not become public until well after Turk promoted the story to his 30,000 followers throughout the day.




Lil Wayne is currently on probation for a 2009 conviction in New York. According to reports, stipulations of his probation prevent Wayne from consuming or possessing any illegal drugs or controlled substances. reached out to Turk’s representatives for a comment. Requests were not answered at the time this article was published.

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Listen to the G14 “The Cut” interview below.

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    like we needed Turk to find out Weezy is on drugs

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        Welcome to how the media has progressed jail boy !

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      Pretty much.

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    damn, someone done went and shook turk down..

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      no doubt

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    wayne is a “creative” addict that can afford his habit…not wit none of my $!

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    “Corniest article of the day!!!!”

    Yohance Kyles needs to step their journalistic game up.

  • He really didn’t say Wayne was on drugs, nor does he have too, but his words were an “innocent” way. He said under the influence, that could be drugs, or Birdman’s hugs.


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    fcuk illseed

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