AHH REVIEW: Prodigy x Alchemist’s “Albert Einstein”

In their second collaboration since Return of the Mac, Prodigy brings back the Dun Language, and Alchemist comes through with a sick beat for every track.  Alchemist has been working with Mobb Deep since 1999’s Murda Muzik (Thug Muzik, The Realest). With the exception of master producer Havoc, there is no better compliment to Prodigy’s rhymes than the ALC. That being said my favorite song from these two are “Keep it Thoro” off of Prodigy’s HNIC.  I am going out on a ledge here saying Einstein is the best effort since HNIC for Prodigy. No holds barred rawness harks back to the mid/late 90s Mobb, where those one-liners would give you those “oh sh*t” moments.

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Since we are talking legendary Mobb Deep here, the bar is set to the stratosphere for any new album by Havoc or Prodigy. Granted, since the mid 2000s Prodigy’s lyrical has not been as vicious as what it was out the gate in ’95.  However, from what I felt was a severe drop off with HNIC2 and HNIC3 both lyrically and production-wise, this latest effort brings back not only the vintage dark beats (thank you ALC! A top 10 producer to me), but straight raw lyrical with Prodigy’s quiet “storm” flow. Ever so calm, but the message is quite menacing. I knew old P was back with the first track “Imdkv ( Infamous Mobb Deep King Vulture) “hand me the nail hammer and the baseball bat….”.  Over ALCs piano, muffled drums, and cymbal hits, it fits perfectly with the flow. This only continues throughout the album.  R.I.P. for instance with Hav and the legendary Raekwon. “You play yourself out of pocket, I get vicious”. How can you not knock your head to this up tempo drum beat and synth (definitely out of the pocket a bit for ALC, but to me a welcome sound).

This album is for the fans of the original Mobb sound of the late 90s. To me, Alchemist is the unofficial third member.  His sound fits perfectly to the Mobb lyrical directive.  Solid P of old.   For the most part sick signature Alchemist beats, with the addition of some new sounds that are just right.


AHH’s Ratings:

Lyricism –8/10

Production –9/10

Album Cohesiveness –6/10

Replay value –6/10

Overall –8/10

Personal Favorite Tracks: Lmdkv, Stay Dope, R.I.P.

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  • Blackkingishere

    That brother look old past it down to your kids son

    • Chris M. McDade

      Well, he’s not old. And what does age have to do with anything? It’s music, not sports. He can do this for as long as he wants.

  • Naledge77

    I never understood why Rich rap dudes want to always pose for pictures with ice grills. These dudes have money, they should be smiling for that damn camera.

    Ma$e did it all the time!

    • Guest

      Everybody doesn’t care for smiling in pictures. Rich or not.

    • Who’sthis?

      gotta keep ya G imiage up cause if it ain’t real at least you can pretend it is.


  • acapwn

    That Curb Ya Dog joint went off!

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    prodigy beginning to look like jim jones

    • Who’sthis?

      they’re both half black half Puerto Riccan uhhm sorry i meant to say Spico Riccan. Am I funny ?

      If I don’t stop bsing on the internet I will start talking shity in real life and lose jobs

  • Who’sthis?

    Prodigy looks likea white dude with big lips and darker skin. You really can see the spanish

    • John

      How did your last album do?

      • Who’sthis?

        what album ? Also I apologize for bsing on the net, just some harmelss trolling for entertainment. I don’t want potential employers to read any bs I wrote just for fun. Sorry. That is if anybody took bs I wrote serious.

      • John

        I gotcha. Im a fan of hip hop and when I see someone making fun of looks…and not the material…well you know. Thanks no worries.

      • Who’sthis?

        I was stating that generaly. Prodigy does look part white cause he is (being puerto riccan), well we all look alike.

        And I wasn’t making fun of his looks just comenting on them

        however osme other comments I made round here were pure bs

      • RMfag

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      • Who’sthis?

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  • This album is extremely dope. Agree his best album next to HNIC 1 but don’t get it twisted, much love for Alchemist but Big Noyd will always be the unofficial 3rd member of Mobb